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Mary Patzner

The longer the date progressed, the harder and harder it became to keep from smiling, laughing, and dare she say even enjoying herself. Every grin slipped free easier than the last, and was all the brighter.

The Roman Forum was bustling with life, with citizens in togas and tunics buying and selling merchandise from across the empire with coins bearing the face of Caesar. Helena moved through the mental projection, amazed by everything from the smell of fresh fruits to the calls of wild animals. The air itself was rich with culture, with Helena wishing she really could travel back in time and insert herself into this web of life. She jumped when she felt Xavier put his arm around her.

"Look at that handsome bastard go."

He was pointing at someone through the crowd, and Helena’s eyes widened realized it was his past self. Dressed in the clothes of the citizens, the young Xavier was gambling in the street and winning gold from his opponents with every roll of the dice. He looked exactly as he did now, but he spoke in Latin when he bragged and told the losers to pay up.

Sitting on the back of the scooter, Helena was struggling to work up her courage. Goddammit, this was humiliating. She tugged on his sleeve. Xavier pulled over and turned to her. She shied away, unable to believe she was about to ask something from him. The look on her face was the one she had worn all day when he placed that vibrating hex on her panties.

"Can… can we go to St. Peter’s Basilica? It’s just over there."

She expected him to laugh or ridicule her in some way, but instead he simply nodded. "Of course."

They drove over to the Vatican, parking in the tourist garage, and made their way inside. The cavernous cathedral left her breathless, the beauty of the walls, floor, and ceiling filling her with warmth. She didn’t even bother to hide her smile, feeling like she was going to start crying in joy.

Xavier placed his hand on her shoulder. "Is this your first time coming here?"

"No, Rosewood University has yearly fieldtrips here for every class. This is just my favorite place in the world. Ever since I was a little girl, I knew that I would end up here as a member of the Swiss Guard. When I’m here, I truly feel…"

She trailed off.

"You were going to say "I truly feel God’s love" or something like that, weren’t you?"

She swatted his hand off his shoulder. "Someone like you doesn’t deserve to be here. You should have burst into flames the moment you stepped inside."

Xavier looked around, watching the other tourists pass by. "You know, when I take over the world, I think I’ll make this place my office. I’ll set up a desk under the main altar and play World of Warcraft. You could be MY Swiss Guard." Helena just sighed in annoyance and Xavier gave another look around. "Sometimes when I’m bored, I’ll send a threatening letter to the Pope. And I get bored A LOT." Making sure no one could see, he drew forth a piece of paper from nonexistence. "This was my most recent. Take a look."

Knowing that he would keep bothering her until she read it, she gave another sigh and started reading.

‘Dear Chief Replacement,

I wanted to send you this friendly little letter to remind you of your imminent demise. If you’re curious as to the frequency in which I’ve sent these letters, it is merely to instill as much fear as I can. As if basting a turkey. Which I will then proceed to have sex with.

That’s right.

I’m going to FUCK the fear turkey.

Follow me @themanofsin!’

Helena was not proud of how hard she laughed and the scene she caused.

"It’s this way, they sell some really cool stuff here."

Xavier was leading Helena through the back roads, wanting to show her an obscure shop hidden amongst the buildings. Wandering the crooked streets, he stopped when her footfalls became silent. She was looking down a narrow alley at four men, ganging up on a woman. At least one of them had a knife and she was removing all of her jewelry. Helena was shivering in uncertainty, her hands balled tightly into fists. Wretched sinners, she wanted to bash their skulls in, but Xavier would probably stop her. Hell, he’d probably join the men and they’d gang rape her.

"Well? What are you waiting for?"

She turned to Xavier, jumping at the sound of his voice. "What?"

"Why haven’t you pounced on them? Isn’t this what you normally do in situations like this?"

"W-well I… I just thought that you…"

"Have you ever thought before doing this? You don’t need my permission to go wild."

She had spent the day working with all of her will to resist smiling, but now, she flashed a savage grin. Her heart calm in the face of what was about to happen, she sprinted into the alley with her cobalt eyes spotting angles and openings. One of the men noticed her, his upward glance and mumbling confusion giving her away. Regardless, she jumped into the air, and as the man before her turned around, she connected her foot to his temple and sent him crashing into the wall. Cursing her in Italian, one of the men reached out to punch her, but she deflected his fist, caught his arm, and twisted it to send him to his knees. Before she could deliver an attack, the slash of a knife forced her retreat. She had a tiny scratch on her cheek, faint but trickling blood. The man with the knife lunged, making clumsy slashes to try and cut her throat.

Blocking one of his swings, she used her free hand to slam him under the arm, then spun around and punched him in the face. He staggered back and she finished with a kick to the chest, sending him flying through the air. The second and fourth charged towards her, leaving no room for her to maneuver in the cramped alley. Zooming past her, Xavier jumped into the air and planted both feet in the forth man’s face, breaking his nose and creating an opening. Wait, he was helping her?! She pushed that confusion aside and slipped through, avoiding the sweeping arms of the second man, and countered with a kick to the back of the knee. As he fell, she knocked him out with an elbow to the side of the head.

Behind her, Xavier and the third man had both gotten to their feet. The man drew a gun and pointed it at him, and for a moment, Helena’s heart stopped. With speed beyond her own, he grabbed the gun and pushed forward, removing the slide. He spun the piece of metal around in his hand and stabbed the man in the forehead, failing to kill him but fracturing his skull. As she turned to him, the first man she had attacked charged towards her. She sidestepped around his arm and grabbed it, using her leverage to snap it at the elbow. The man with the knife stood back up, and drunk with bloodlust, he threw the switchblade at her. His face calm but stern, Xavier wrapped his arm around Helena’s waist and intercepted. Using his other hand, he caught the flying blade with inhuman ease, spun around for momentum and with Helena in his embrace, and threw the blade back at the owner. It pierced his chest and he fell to the ground, his blood pouring out onto the cobblestone.

The men were all down for the count and the woman stared at the two teens in stunned amazement. Helena was panting, looking up and down and realizing that Xavier was holding her against him in a tango-like embrace. Had… had he just saved her life? She thought back to the man with a gun, how when he pointed it at Xavier, she felt like a giant rock had been dropped into her stomach. Had she actually… been afraid for him? Oh God, what was happening to her?!

He turned to her, having yet to let go of her slender figure. "How about we go get lunch?"

Having returned to the livelier part of Rome, Xavier was treating Helena to lunch at one of the best restaurants in the city. They ate outside in the shade, Xavier with a big plate of pasta and chicken Parmesan and Helena with a salad and bowl of soup. The meal was awkward, as once again, Helena was in Xavier’s debt. He had really saved her life, twice in one fight, and she still couldn’t get over her embarrassment for the fear she felt when a gun had been pointing at him. Not only that, but when he jumped into the fray, she had been relieved, happy even.

"You should really be eating more, you need calories and carbs."
His words shook her from her thoughts and reminded her that she was still his hostage. Her posture was rigid and she refused to look at him as she ate. "I want to keep my figure and be in good shape."

"For the Swiss Guard you mean?"

"That’s right."

"Well how do you expect to get in if you’re too weak to pass the physical exam?" He cut up a piece of chicken and held it out to her on the end of his fork. She continued to ignore him, even as he brought it close to her face. "Helena, I am more than prepared to hold my arm out like this until the check comes. How long do you think you can ignore me?"

"As long as it takes."

"Even if I do this?"

He started poking her in the lips with the piece of meat, reddening them with the sauce. People at other tables were watching them and snickering. It only took a few pokes for her to snap in embarrassment.

"Stop making fun of me!"

"Stop being rude and just eat the chicken."

Helena sighed and pulled it off with her teeth, careful not to let her lips touch his fork. The moment she started chewing it, she realized how unsatisfying soup and salad were for lunch.

"It’s good, isn’t it?"

She looked away and blushed. "I guess."

"Want the rest? You can have it if you like."

She just wanted to scream, feeling herself being driven crazy by that smug tone of his. "…Yes please."

After touring a few other locations, Xavier suggested a walk through the park for a change of pace. As long as it meant not getting on the scooter, Helena agreed. He took her to Villa Doria Pamphili, a villa-turned museum with the grounds serving as the largest park in Rome. They orbited the white building, sticking to the shade of the trees as they enjoyed the beauty of the day.

"You know, there is something that I never got an answer for…" Helena turned to him, afraid of what he would ask. "Why DO you try so hard to hide your accent? You’re a true daughter of the emerald isle, but I can tell with every word you speak that you try to hide it. It’s almost like a fake American accent, what you do."

As she had again and again, she averted his gaze, unable to look him in the eyes. It was a question that she didn’t want to answer, but what perplexed her was his tone. It was not mocking, but pure curiosity. He wasn’t asking her as the Antichrist to his hostage… but as a man to a woman.

"I just… don’t like that I’m Irish."

"No, it’s more than that. The only people who try to erase or fake an accent are hipsters, guys trying to get laid, and people who want to completely sever the past and either can’t or won’t go home. So what is it? Come on, tell me your story."

Helena clutched herself, seething with anger. "You don’t get to ask me that."

They stared at each other for several moments, the sun on their shoulders.

"Very well."

They continued walking, but after twenty steps, they stopped. A married couple was walking down the same path with a golden doodle on a leash, panting with hair over his eyes.

Xavier approached them, speaking in Italian. "Excuse me, may I pet your dog?"

They smiled and nodded, and Helena watched in amazement as he got down on one knee and began rubbing the pooch’s fluffy body with a grin. The dog wagged his tail and chewed on his hands, with Xavier… laughing. She had only seen him like this three times: when they were in the pool together, when he was flirting with her… and in that photo album. He was actually finding joy in something other than torture. She didn’t know why, but it made her smile, the last smile needed for her to lose the bet.

Xavier thanked the couple returned to Helena. Once they left, she turned to him. "I’m surprised to see you like that. I never thought that you of all people would be a dog lover."

"Hey, even I’m not THAT evil. Of course I love dogs." This only heightened her confusion and amazement. "Well I am half-human after all. There is a touch of good in me."

"But when you bring about the End of Days, won’t that cause a lot of dogs to die?"

"I don’t want to destroy the world, I simply want to rule it. World domination, just hearing it kind of makes your heart skip a beat."

"Why do you want to rule the world?"

"Because I’m bored. I’ve seen the world and I want to finally settle down on a throne with the earth in the palm of my hand. I have the ability to conquer, and besides, wouldn’t a new world order be interesting? Don’t you think mankind needs a new shift?"

"Not like that!"

"Well what do you want?"

She stepped back. "Huh?"

"What did you think I meant when I asked you to be my queen? We’d take over the world together. If there is something you want or a change you’ve always wanted to make, go ahead. Want to break Ireland from the UK? You could do that in an afternoon. You want to end world hunger? There will be nothing stopping you."

She grasped his hand and stopped him, a surprising act for her. He looked into her eyes, beautifully blue and trembling in uncertainty. "You have good in you, so why can’t you just be good? You haven’t done anything cruel or evil today. You even healed Father Hauser and saved my life. I’m willing to admit that even before today, you’ve been kind and charming, so please, tell me, why can’t you treat others the way you treat me?"

Xavier chuckled. "Now this is curious. Are you trying to save me? Trying to redeem me and turn me on to the path of good? Have you completely forgotten all the horrible things I’ve done to you and your friend?"

She pulled away and turned around, flushed with embarrassment.

He stood behind her and grasped her arms. He whispered in her ear, relishing the way it made her shiver. "The only reason why you would ask is because you either forgive me for everything I’ve done or you want to forgive me. You want to forget that I’ve hurt you, that I’ve hurt the people around you, because you have feelings for me but you need a way to justify them. If you can change me, then you can forgive me, and if you can forgive me, you won’t have to ignore your feelings out of guilt. Why is it so hard to for you to listen to your heart? To your body? You want to be my queen. You want to rule the world at my side. You want to share my bed and feel our bodies become joined throughout the night."

She pulled herself free from his grip, her eyes wet with angry tears. "Take me home. I don’t care if I have to get back on that red deathtrap, take me home right now."

The sun was setting as they rode back to the university. Helena was exhausted from the day, both physically and emotionally. She hated Xavier, but as he drove, she leaned against his back, wanting to simply fall asleep. She was strangely comfortable, feeling his coat to her cheek. She didn’t expect him to return to the scooter, but she honestly didn’t care. During the ride, she was able to calm down and let her anger settle. Arriving at the school, he walked her back to her dorm.

"If people see you with me, they may get the wrong idea."

"Relax, I’m cloaking us so that we’re invisible."

They went inside and he followed her up to her dorm room. They stopped at the door and she turned to him. "You aren’t coming inside."

"I know. I just wanted to say goodnight."

She placed her hand on the doorknob, but stopped. "Thank you… for everything today. You saved both Father Hauser and me. So thank you."

"Well if you really want to thank me, do you know how many times you smiled today?"

Helena clutched herself and cast her gaze to the ground, unable to look at him. She had made a deal that she would kiss him if he got her to smile ten times, and she had. She had to follow through. But… it was her first kiss, and with HIM. But a deal was a deal. She looked up at him, hoping he wouldn’t see her terror and humiliation. She closed her eyes and pursed her lips, waiting to feel his. Instead, he leaned in and kissed her on the forehead.

She opened her eyes, utterly lost. "I thought I had to kiss you on the lips."

"Don’t get me wrong, your first kiss will be with me. But like your virginity, I’ll claim it when you happily give it to me." He then cupped her cheek, wiping away her tears. When did she start crying? "Body, mind, and soul; you will be mine and you will give yourself to me, and in turn, I will give you a future of happiness."

He gave her another kiss, this time on the cheek. He walked away, leaving Helena standing alone in the hallway. As soon as he was gone, she fell to her knees, her body devoid of strength.

‘Oh God, what the Hell is he going to do to me?’

A month ago, had Helena woken up the way had she was now, she might scream, thrash, and likely have a panic attack. Now, she was just little scared but mostly annoyed. She was kneeling on the floor, tied up with binds stretching from her collar and securing her wrists and ankles behind her. She was wearing nothing except a strip of cloth over her eyes and some kind of gag. Instead of a ball, it used a metal ring that held her mouth open.

She was certain she was still in her dorm room from the feel of the carpet, and while she instinctively wanted to scream, she knew that of course, Xavier was using his powers to soundproof the room. Hell, she couldn’t even wake up Sophie if she wanted to. She didn’t know which was worse: the binds, her nudity, the mask, or the gag. With the binds, she couldn’t move or fight back; with her nudity, she felt nothing protecting her from Xavier’s eyes; with the mask, she couldn’t tell where he was or what he was doing; with the gag, she couldn’t stop herself from drooling with her tongue hanging out and there was no telling what he would put in her mouth. Plus the posture wasn’t very comfortable.

A shiver ran through her as he lifted her chin, feeling his breath on her face. "My, my, your heart is so calm. Your pulse is racing, but it’s not nearly as erratic as it would have been a while ago. You aren’t excited out of fear, but out of arousal."

Helena angrily groaned, unable to form any kind of words. Without her gag, she would have let loose a stream of swears that would have even made the Devil blush.

"Relax, I’m not going to do anything terrible to you. Remember that conversation we had at lunch? You really should be eating more."

He inserted his fingers into her mouth, playing with her tongue. She tried to pull away, both with her body and the wet tendril. With his other hand, Xavier held the leash to her collar, keeping her from leaning back. By holding his lower jaw, he was able to keep her from shaking her head. Against her pride, she gave in and let her body go limp. Her hatred for Xavier had reached new heights, the feeling of his fingers in her mouth made her want to throw up. At least he had done a thorough job in washing his hands. She didn’t taste any oils or sweat, and from the feel of it, he had manicured his nails.

He soon pulled his fingers from her mouth. "I’ve noticed that the school places a heavy workload of really complex stuff on us students. I’m surprised you kids aren’t pulling your hair out over your homework. If you want to keep up, you need to give your body what it requires. Your brain needs glucose in order to function."

He reinserted fingers, but now there was something sticky on them. It tasted really sweet. Was it… honey? Her tongue moved against her will and lapped it away, while he stirred his fingers and smeared the thick dew around her mouth. It was strange to taste pure honey without anything to absorb the flavor. It was so concentrated and delicious. Once she finished licking his fingers clean, he lathered them in more honey. This time, she didn’t bother trying to resist him. She simply allowed him to play with her tongue while she basked in the sweet taste.

"I’ve also noticed that you’re under a lot of stress. I think that you should work a little harder to protect your mood. Did you know that chocolate cures depression?"

As per his words, when he put his fingers in her mouth, she could taste chocolate, like he had just dipped them in some hot fudge. Helena absolutely loved chocolate, and as it swirled in her mouth, she felt her hatred of the situation wane. It continued on like that for some unknown length of time, with Xavier painting his fingers with different foods and letting Helena slurp it up. She tasted all kinds of chocolate, jams and jellies of different berries, whipped cream and frosting, and even peanut butter. As if reading her mind, he would pour different beverages down her throat whenever she got thirsty, to help her wash down the dessert. She eventually got used to the situation, deciding she might as well try to look on the bright side and get some enjoyment out of it. Before long, her chin, chest, and stomach were sticky from the drool running from her mouth.

At last, Xavier picked her up and laid her on her bed. She struggled a little bit, hating the feeling of her naked body touching his. Lying on her back with her legs spread against her will, she wondered what he was going to do with her now. The answer came with the sensation of something cold on her lips, being moved back and forth. It was melting, the drops falling into her mouth. She tasted… blueberry? It was a blue Popsicle. A lot of the things Xavier had fed her were foods that she had never tasted before, and this was something to add to that list. He slid it up and down in her mouth, letting her bask in the delicious flavor. He would sometimes push it in poke the back of her throat, but normally just rolled it around the insides of her cheeks.

Chuckling, he pulled away, leaving Helena to wonder what was going on. A few seconds passed by in which she began to get scared. Bound, gagged, and blindfolded; she felt more vulnerable than ever in her life, and there was no telling what he was doing into the background. She then yelped as she felt him press the Popsicle down on her left areola, as if he was putting out a cigarette. It felt so cold and stung the sensitive nerve endings in her nipple. He dragged it across her chest, making her shiver before pressing it down on her right areola. He moved back and forth, teasing her with the frozen desert until her nipples stood like pencil erasers. Unable to see what was going on, the touch of the cold treat felt a thousand times more intense than it would before. Her mind was heightening the sensations, being used against her. So this was why he had blindfolded her…

He put it back in her mouth, letting her suck away the melting drops. After again having her deep-throat it, he pulled it out and dragged it down her chest, continuing on to leave a blue line down her belly. She writhed and struggled, knowing what he was going to do. Using his powers to keep her pinned, he at last brushed the Popsicle against her vagina, making her whole body tense up. To feel such cold temperatures at that spot made her want to cry out. The sensations she felt weren’t exactly painful, but they were strange.

He continued moving it back and forth against her labia, teasing her and sometimes prodding her clit. Then, he began to insert it. Helena screamed through the metal ring, unable to shape the words to beg him not to take her virginity like this. He stopped after only spreading her lips, simply wanting to expose her interior to the cold. She could feel the Popsicle melting, unable to withstand the heat of her pussy. Its cold, sticky drips were running down and dripped from her pussy as well as her unwanted arousal.

Xavier removed the treat and she could hear him slurping up the taste of her femininity from it, mixed in with the artificial blueberry taste. He continued toying with her in this manner, dragging it across her body and then taking turns with her to taste it. During her turns, she would have her deep-throat it as a substitute phallus, while he would stir his fingers around in her honeypot. Once it was nothing more than a cold stick, she knew something new was going to happen.

"Now, it’s time for MY treat."

Instead of putting anything in her mouth, he drizzled something across her chest, and from the smell of it, Helena could tell it was chocolate syrup. He certainly wasn’t stingy around her breasts and pussy. She lay there, dressed in a sticky black web. Oh God, was he going to…?

Xavier leaned down and lapped up the chocolate syrup on her stomach, making her shudder from the touch of his tongue. He continued to licking her, savoring the taste of her body more than the chocolate. She tried to contain her disgust, the feeling of his molestation. In a way it was worse than when he had his fingers in her mouth.

"My, my, your skin is just so soft and delicious."

He came up to her chest and she writhed as he felt him paint her breasts with his tongue. She could not deny the pleasure she was feeling. The way he was playing with her areolas, massaging them with his tongue, it felt even better than when she played with them herself. Then, when he closed his lips around her right nipple, an unintentional moan slipped out. Knowing he had struck a nerve, Xavier continued sucking on her breasts, pulling the whines of euphoria out of her. Soon enough though, he got bored and decided to continue on his way. He moved down, kissing her naked body as he did so. She knew where he was going, and if he continued the way he was, she didn’t know how long she would be able to retain what little dignity she had left.

Soon enough, he arrived at her pussy. He immediately went to work, licking up every small drop of chocolate syrup. Then, once she was mostly clean, he flitted his tongue between the lips, making her shudder. The feel of his sinful mouth tasting her innocence made her sick. Smiling to himself, he began to kiss it, her lips against his, while he worked his tongue inside her. His mouth roamed her womanhood, switching back and forth between her erect clit, to the entrance, to her depths. She was certain that his tongue was longer than it should have been. She could feel it slithering through her deepest recesses like some unholy serpent.

Everything she was feeling went beyond any other sensation in her life. This made masturbation feel like scratching a bug bite. It felt… it felt… so GOOD! She never wanted it to end! She prayed to God, begging him not to stop Xavier, but to forgive her for how much she was enjoying getting eaten out like this. It took only a few minutes for her to cum, easily causing her the greatest orgasm of her life. Even after she reached her climax, he didn’t stop.

She didn’t know how long it went on like that, how long he continued to work his tongue and lips against her gate of paradise. It felt like hours, and she had no doubt that it was close to that. She had no idea how many orgasms she had, but each one was better than the last. Xavier just kept going, never tiring. He simply drank in her arousal like wine out of a glass. Every time she came, she felt her mind growing weaker, her memories fading. After a while, it was a struggle for her to remember who she was.

Finally, Xavier sat up and cricked his neck. "Ah, delicious. Well, I think it’s time I let you get some rest. I’m going to go put my tongue on ice."

He snapped his fingers and her restraints disappeared, along with her gag and blindfold. She was too tired to do anything, even open her eyes. Xavier leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead. "Soon, you shall give yourself to me, and I won’t need to tie you up to feast on you. I can’t wait for that day to arrive."

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