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Lauren Young

Begging for anal sex at least once a month and receiving disgusted denials has become standard. We have a young daughter, so our sex has to be timed for when she’s out or sound asleep. In other words, our sex life sucks.

This morning before sunrise, I awoke to my cock being furiously sucked under the sheets, and since a blowjob wasn’t due for three weeks, I was pleasantly surprised. She must have had a horny dream, because she was sucking my cock with vigor and moaning with enthusiasm. Of course. My wife hasn’t swallowed in ages, so I know to warn her, so she can suck my balls while I jerk off to finish. She doesn’t seem to mind that most of my cum lands on her cheeks. I love to see her face cum covered, but she’s pretty fast reaching for tissues.

As I began thrusting upwards to get deeper into her mouth, she shocked me by taking my cockhead deep into her throat and continued licking and sucking. As I whispered to her that I was ready to have my balls sucked so I could jerk to completion, she took me deep into her throat and moaned even louder. I was beyond the point of no return, so my cock went into spasm as I let the cum fly and listened as she gulped and swallowed until my balls were completely drained. My body completely relaxed and was ready for some cuddling, but when I reached for her, she scooted out of the bed and disappeared.

I must have fallen back to sleep, because I was awakened a couple of hours later, with my daughter jumping on to the bed and telling me breakfast would be ready in ten minutes. I got showered and dressed and headed downstairs, to give my wife a huge thank you hug and kiss for the special treatment.

When I walked into the kitchen, my daughter was plating breakfast and didn’t see my wife anywhere.

I asked her where her mom was, and she said that she was still asleep on the couch. Guess my throat fucking wore her out. I asked my daughter to go wake her mom for breakfast, and when she returned, her mom was yawning and said she’d skip breakfast and go upstairs to bed. I asked how come? She said that my snoring kept her awake and she decided to sleep on the couch last night.

Before my wife headed up the stairs, I asked her when she left for the couch this morning. She said that my snoring wouldn’t let her go to sleep, so she spent the night on the couch. What the fuck? How could that be?

She was gone up the stairs before I could ask anything else, so I sat down to eat. My daughter asked me if anything was wrong, because I must have looked perplexed. I told her that everything was great and thanked her for making me breakfast. She said, thank you dad for my treat this morning. I asked her what she meant, but was getting very nervous about what I might be about to hear. She said that she appreciated me letting her take care of my needs earlier.

Now I was in full panic mode and at a loss for words. She must have crawled under the sheets in the dark this morning and sucked me. Before I could utter any words, she asked me if I liked what she did for me.

Being stupefied and not knowing what to say, I got up and headed to the rec room to watch TV. My daughter thankfully didn’t follow, and she cleaned up the kitchen. As I channel surfed, my daughter came in and jumped into my lap and hugged me. She asked me if she did something wrong and if I was upset with her. I told her that what happened this morning was wrong, not to mention illegal and that we could never speak about it to anyone, including her mom. Her tears came next, and she told me that she wanted to make me happy, because she knew Mom couldn’t. Her crying, combined with her position in my lap caused my cock to stir uncontrollably and I knew she must feel it against her backside.

She told me that she could feel my cock hardening and asked if we could repeat the mornings treat. Before I could even respond, she put her hand under her backside and rubbed my engorged cock. I knew that this was so wrong, but her hand on my cock felt so good and I stayed silent. She sure was fast moving off my lap and tugging at my belt and pants trying to get my cock out. I stood and dropped my pants and told her we could do it one more time and then it had to stop.

I sat down again with my engorged cock in full view, and silently waited for her to start. She dropped to her knees and quickly had my cock head in her mouth. I closed my eyes and let her lick and kiss my cock and balls. I gently held her head and put a little pressure on it urging her to go deeper. As my cock slowly slid deeper into her mouth, I soon felt my balls resting on her chin. I looked down and saw that she had me completely deep throated and was beginning to bob her head, with each thrust feeling like I was close to cumming. As the speed of her head bobbing picked up, I could feel the cum shoot into her mouth and down her throat. She was moaning and still bobbing as I unloaded stream after stream of cum.I was basking in the afterglow of ejaculation with my eyes closed, and wondering how I could face her again.

Soon my pleasure turned to shock, as my wife entered the room and shouted what the fuck was going on. My cock shriveled and plopped out of my daughter’s mouth, as I stood to pull up my pants.

To be continued………….

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