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Jon Dhiman

I closed my yes for a few moments and luxuriated.

"I want you to play with my ass, Alan. Do whatever you want with it." She purred when she came up for air again.
I was teetering on the brink of orgasm… I clenched hard to save myself. At last, I realty had something worth saving myself for! I recovered myself by pushing her away from my cock. I pulled her up, and then we both clambered onto the big bed. A wide-open space of sexual intent.

"Let’s not rush this… we’ve got plenty of time," I said.
I brought out a wooden box from under the bed, and gave it too her. It was about two feet long, six inches deep, like a specimen case. She unsnapped the clasps, and lifted the lid. Her smile widened, and her eyes burned happily as she looked at the contents. Several dildos, a couple of butt plugs, and a rubber fist, clenched, the size of a woman’s hand brought little cries and wows of surprise from Nina’s mouth. There was also a fresh bottle of lube. Nina bit her lip, and ran her fingers over the collection, pausing at the fist. She looked up at me, and I could see an expression that I would soon come to know so clearly. She wanted to be fisted. And with Nina, I quickly learned that if no one else was available, she was quite happy to service herself!

"God, I’d love one of those!" She said, picking it up, sniffing it… "It’s a problem when I’m fisting myself… I can’t get as far in as I’d like… one of these… I could steer it! She wobbled it. The fist rocking on its flexible wrist.
I had bought it for my last girlfriend, but she left it with me when she returned to Holland and her husband.

"Well, why don’t you two get acquainted…" I picked up one of the joints I had rolled while she was alone in the bathroom. "And while you’re doing that, let’s gild the lily," I said, flicking the lighter.

What heaven, to smoke a joint while the woman who turns you on more than any other living creature lays back against the pillows, spreads her thighs, and starts to trickle lube over her pubis. I lit up, and took a long drag. My free hand lightly stroked my prick, which was hard, but comfortable. I moved over, and shared puffs of the spliff with Nina, while she played with herself, pulling her fleshy outer lips apart, fingering deep with fingers from both hands, then pulling her inner lips open… A few moments later she was clasping the rubber arm, holding the fist to her open-blossomed vulva, and rubbing its knuckles over the slippery membranes. She let go a long held lungful of grass smoke, and lifted one leg. The clenched fist was suddenly swallowed. Her leg dropped, trapping the fist, and a wicked smile played over her lips. Phenomenal!

It was all I could do not to tear out the simulacrum, and replace it with the real thing, but I was deliciously conscious that we had prepared for anal pleasure, new ground, and this was just a prelude, a delicious little display that obviously felt as good for her as it looked to me.
"Mmmm… it’s a lovely toy, but I still prefer the real thing," she purred, lightly fucking herself while inhaling more grass. She passed the last centimetre of the joint back to me. I took one more hit, and crushed it.

"Here’s a thought…" I said, suddenly inspired. "Roll over… squat down onto the fist… I want to try something…"
Would Nina take directions?
No problem, she rolled over, keeping the fist inside, and braced the ‘elbow’ end of it on the bed. It wiggled and squished a bit, but it looked great.
I lubed up my cock, and crouched behind Nina’s round, slippery ass. Oil had spilled from her cunt in quantity. I pressed my rigid glans into the soft, tightness of the rosebud, and thrust, with steady, constant strength.
"Milk my cock into your ass, Nina."
"Ahh… ahhh… mmmm… ahhh… like that?"
"Yesssss…. Just like that… Jesus… where did you learn that?!"
She was sucking my cock in, first in millimetres, then centimetres… the heat in their was delicious. I held her hips and thrust. In one awesome swoop, the last three inches of my seven inch cock entered the her arse, which then clamped tightly around it. She was getting even hotter, and I could feel the hard, shifting shape of the rubber fist, which she was still working a little in her cunt.

"I want to use my own fist… I want my fingers to feel your cock inside me…" Nina husked, upping the temperature another couple of degrees. We were both pretty stoned now, sensual waves sloshing between us; our utter freedom with each other’s desires was like a drug in its own right. I pulled my cock slowly out, Nina clasping it rhythmically as it departed. She eased out the rubber fist, rolled over to get comfortable, and then fed her own hand into her cunt. To do so, she sat up on one elbow, tucked her other arm in front of her cocked back leg, and lightly closing her fingers, slid them into her still slightly gaping vulva. A little twist to set the lips right, and then a loose, graceful thrust took her hand halfway in. A lift of her left leg – this seemed to be a special movement with her, a little key I would remember it – another thrust, and it was all the way in, to the bend of her wrist.

Below it, her arsehole pouted lewdly, shiny and red… I shuffled up on the bed, pushed her up against the bed head, and lifted her hips as I lined up my cock again. I could feel her wrist rocking back and forth as I thrust. My cock sank into her heavenly bowels in three hot swoops. I felt the back of her hand against my shaft. It felt wicked, bizarre, intense… and Nina and I had truly embarked on our great sexual odyssey. I buggered her happily for a couple of minutes while she rubbed and caressed me from within. We kept on smiling at each other, chuckling at the rudeness of our position. She was shiny with lube from her waist to halfway down her inner thighs. My cock moved slickly, shafting deep, but we became uncomfortable, and instead of the usual awkwardness about saying it wasn’t working, and could we move, Nina spoke up first.

"Why don’t I kneel on the floor, and you can just get to the main attraction?"
"What makes you such a wonderful slut?" I asked, shaking my head.
"Experience I suppose… I know the difference between good sex and bad sex, and I won’t accept second best."
I couldn’t add anything to that.
Nina drew out her hand, clambered onto the floor, and knelt so that she could brace herself on the edge of the bed. Her tits were hanging down temptingly, nipples distended, the heavy swing of them as she spread her legs and settled made me want to feel them around my cock.
"And I know that what I want is to feel your fist in my cunt while you fuck my ass…" She added as if it was a harmless afterthought.
"Working your way up to that feeling a size at a time…" I commented, seeing through her little game.
She gave dirty giggle, and waggled her buttocks at me enticingly.
"I have to remember that I don’t need to play those games with you, do I?" Nina asked, with a new note of tenderness in her voice.
"Only if you want to carry on giving me pleasant surprises," I replied.
I took the bottle of lube, and squirted it liberally on and in her cunt, added some more to her ass, and with a sigh of happy satisfaction, a gave her four fingers, straight in. She felt so soft and easy… her hips swaying back and forth onto my thrusts. I twisted and turned my hand, spreading the lube, so that her cunt was making lovely sticky sloppy little sounds, and widening her for the bigger stretch to come.
Nina was cooing and ooing with pleasure. I tucked in my thumb.
"Oh yesssss… oh yessss…" Nina hissed, and I felt that now familiar gulping motion on my fingers… I let her open for me, until we got the widest stretch, and then I gave a firm twisting push, and moaned along with her as my hand sank smoothly in. Now I could really learn her cunt… I remembered my own words; there was no hurry. She was so comfortable with my fist. I wouldn’t have to move quickly, like I was often forced to do, keeping one step ahead of my partner’s pain threshold.

"God made you for fisting, Nina," I said, and began pulling my fist right back to the rim, and sinking it deep, again and again. The sheer elasticity of the woman was awesome! I loved the way her cunt-lips expanded. When I drew back so that my fist was almost out, my knuckles were clearly delineated as they slid from side to side beneath the gossamer-stretched skin. I had the luxury of gazing on this utterly wanton sight for as long as I wanted, until I thrust in once more, a glistening line creeping further and further down my wrist as I dug under Nina’s cervix , pushing it, reaching into the softness, making her groan and arch, breasts as taut as her nipples.

It was time to bugger my beautiful Nina. I turned my hand palm up, and nuzzled my glans into the slippery eye of her anus. Resting her tits on the bed, she reached back, and guided me, pulling my cock into herself. It was nice to be wanted like that! I felt the heat of her like a jungle mist, smelling her cunt, her sweat; the perfume she wore that always gave me what I knew now were premonitory shivers. I groaned as I felt my cock rubbing over my hand, inside her, stretching the membranes until it was as if I was fucking my flesh-mittened palm! I could actually fondle my own cock through her inner walls! It was the most outrageous sensation I had ever encountered!

With a hoarse cry of abandon, I began to fuck her ass and fist her cunt simultaneously. The enema and the lube made her bowels a slippery, clinging, stretching sheath for my pumping cock. Nina began to shudder every few seconds, I realised she seemed to go into a kind of trance when we reached the extremes. Her breathing was harsh, almost rattling, her face when she turned it me was a mask of concentrated desire.
"Beautiful… yes… oh god Alan… I… I dreamed and hoped… I wished… oh God… and… mmmmm… my wish came true…" She gasped, as I rode her mercilessly.
I felt nature wanting to speed me up, and let the pace quicken, pushing Nina before the rising tide of my lust. My hand was almost wanking my plunging cock, fingers clutching at it through her rectum… and that made Nina yowl like a cat and cum.

Her orgasm was a magnificent thing, a construction of dazzling concept. She tore at her clit yammering with ecstasy, her cunt and ass muscles milking me until I felt the beginnings of bruises on cock and wrist. I had the promise of her luscious mouth before me, and it was beyond my strength to ignore that whim! I rode her through her spasms, clenching and unclenching my fist, trying to grip my cock through her. She squealed, froze, and then jolted, hard, three times, gutteral cries of rapture torn from her lungs. I eased her down gently, my cock aching with denial. I withdrew my shaft slowly, hearing her sigh, and then loving the last, helpless cry as my fist then passed through her vulva. She clutched herself, moaning loudly, rocking almost epileptically. I was in torment. I HAD to cum!

As soon as she had recovered a semblance of sanity, I threw her on her back on the bed, and straddled her. Her luscious breasts swayed and invited me. She saw my eyes on them, and held them up, then pressed them temptingly together. My cock was slick with lube from her ass… With a groan of delight, I felt her soft warm globes enclose me. Nina’s wonderful tits held me in a floating sea of pleasure. She pressed me tight and I fucked, hard… jamming my cock between the softly bulging globes. In seconds I felt my scrotum tightening. Bliss flooded my senses, and with a rapturous roar, I let go. Nina tilted her head, and her mouth opened as I unleashed the first jet. It supersonic’ed straight up her neck and splattered hard under her chin. She grabbed my cock like lightning, and jerked the next spurt out, all over her face. Then she found her aim, and as I jolted and wailed in the glory of orgasm, she stroked and sucked a stupendous load from my balls. Our eyes met, and I saw into the soul of a woman who loved what she was doing, what I was giving her… My hoarse cries quietened as my streams of cum diminished. She rubbed my still dribbling cock all over her sperm-wet face, siphoned out a few final drops, sucking so hard it made me moan and shudder convulsively, then swallowed with a moan of satisfaction.

For the second time in three hours, Nina was painted with my cum. Just to see my essence spilling from the corners of her mouth… the trickle down her strong chin… was pure heaven. I rubbed my cock over her breasts, and drank in her beauty to the full.

chapter 3

We needed to eat, we needed to take a few moments where we weren’t having sex or preparing for sex.
"I’ve said it before, but this is scary… I’ve never had sex… quite like this," said Nina, a warm throb in her voice. "I mean, I’ve done all that stuff before… though not necessarily in the same order… but it’s… its never felt so… well… good… I mean inside… oh crap… in my… my soul, is what I mean."
I took Nina’s hand as she spoke, and rubbed her fingers gently.
"It all fits, doesn’t it? Like a jigsaw you’ve had all the pieces to for ages, but one, the one that completes the picture."
"Mmmm… the way you fit into me…" Purred Nina, bringing it back to sex, but for all the right reasons. "Strictly speaking, there are a couple more bits of the jigsaw still missing, though I think I can see the whole picture now…"
"Missing? What’s that?" I asked, slightly alarmed. I was in such a delicious haze of happiness that any hint of dissatisfaction concerned me.
"You haven’t fisted my ass… and I haven’t fisted yours." Her eyes looked into mine, candidly, searching for repulsion, fear, or shock. She found only the latter. I blushed scarlet. It wasn’t so much the idea of fistingher ass that made me blush, it was the intimation that she wanted to fist mine!

I lifted her hand to my lips and kissed it to cover my confusion. I looked at that hand… average size, strong fingers, short nails… I moaned as I suddenly had the image of her hand entering my body through the back door. I had never dared confess this desire to any woman for fear of rejection and disgust. I had always wanted to know, to feel what they felt, or at least, in its masculine version. That was why I had hung on to the rubber fist, to the dildos and butt-plugs. They weren’t just for my girlfriends.

An overwhelming wave of emotion made me sob in my throat. I took Nina in my arms.
"Is it too soon to say that I love you?" I husked.
"Not even by a second…" Nina whispered, and our mouths met in a true lovers kiss.

"How did you guess I want to try it too?" I asked, a while later.
"The kind of man you are… I can tell that you’re in touch with your feminine side… the way you use your fist inside me tells me that you’re thinking of how it feels for me, not just for you. You’re thinking of where your fist really is, what it is really doing… Not just ramming it in to satisfy some violent male dominant urge. And if thinking that way gives you pleasure, the next step is natural, really. But of course you have just the one option of where a woman’s fist would go. I’m the lucky one… and as I’ve been prepared, and so wonderfully warmed up by your lovely cock, I think, in a little while… I’d like you to be… the very first man to fist my arse!"

"But I thought…"
"You thought I would’ve done that already… well, true, I’ve fisted my own arse often enough, but I’ve never trusted a man… or met a man I could trust… to do it. It’s not something you just do on the spur of the moment, with any old lover. I mean nor is the other fisting, but I feel more in control of that."
"I think I understand you." I said, so pleased that Nina could express herself to me in this way.

We finished snacking on the deli I luckily had in the fridge, and I rolled us more spliffs while Nina cleared the debris, and returning, snuggled down against me on the sofa. We were still naked, and Nina had had another quick shower to wash away the crusted cum.

After the better part of a year with only my hand and the toys for sexual relief, having a real live, vibrant sexy woman in closest proximity was like a complete aphrodisiac. Just seeing the way Nina’s legs shifted, exposing her dark pubic triangle, the way her breasts swung, lolled, and bobbed… was enough to send a third wave of blood flooding into my groin. Nina was my ultimate playground, the perfect expression of my kinkiest desires. Whatever uncertainties the future might hold, I would remember this night, when everything came together, when everything… as Nina said… fitted.

I was feeling deliciously stoned and sensual again, one of Nina’s warm breasts in my hand, my thumb flicking back and forth over her India rubber nipple, when she smiled at me and taking my semi-erect cock in her hand, she slipped to the floor between my legs, and looking at me conspiratorially, she lowered her mouth over my cock. I felt it stiffen in heavy pulses as she sucked me sweetly in, her tongue caressing my glans almost dreamily. I put my hands either side of her head, and with a ragged sigh of pleasure, I pulled her head down onto myself, my cock pressing the roof of her mouth, sliding back to the entrance to her throat… I would have stopped the moment she resisted, but instead, I felt a gulping sensation against my cock-head, and the Nina’s throat opened to me. My inspiration had proved to be true. Of course a woman like Nina would be able to deep throat! How silly of me to even begin to doubt it! I groaned with heartfelt satisfaction as I writhed my hips, while her lips clamped tight around the base of my cock, I could feel hot breath expelling slowly from her nose, tingling in my pubes. I closed my eyes for a few moments, and thrust luxuriously, reaming out Nina’s gulping throat. After a minute or two, she pulled back a little, and I felt her rhythm change. When I looked, I saw that she was reaching behind herself with one hand, angling her hips so that she was able to finger her own arse. Three were already steadily pumping in and out. I reached for the lube, and leaning forwards, I dribbled a stream between her buttocks. I heard the sticky slippy sounds of penetration increasing in volume.

She divided her duties successfully between my cock and her own arse for a couple of minutes, the pace intensifying gradually. And then I saw her arm tense up. Her head lifted from my cock, face in a tight grimace as she thrust hard.
"Gnnnnnn…. Ahhhhhhhh!!" She exclaimed. Her eyes flew open, a glistening smile replaced the grimace, and her arm moved suddenly downwards as her whole hand slid in! She was anally fisting herself! Her eyes caught mine in a headlight beam. I read her pleasure, and the secrets of that pleasure, which I yearned to share. I slid from the sofa, leaving her on her knees, working her arse. I wanted to watch from close up. I wanted to enjoy it in pornographic detail. Nina understood, and with little sighs and moans of self-inflicted gratification, she fisted her arse for me, arching to gain a better angle, digging her hand in until her anus was around her wrist. She let out little grunts of desire asshe jerked the hand hard into herself, as far as she body would let her. It looked so incredibly perverse, so beautiful… my cock was achingly erect, but all I could do was watch, and know that my turn would come. I caressed Nina all over as she sent herself into her now familiar fisting trance. I fondled her breasts, tugged on her swollen teats like I was trying to gently milk them. She began to shudder and groan louder. Her cries intensified, becoming more animal, and less controlled… She arched right back, and began to draw and thrust , pulling her hand almost all the way out, and then thrusting it firmly back in. I enjoyed every moment of it. I stroked her ass, dribbled more lube onto her, slid a couple of fingers into her open vulva, feeling the movement of her hand on the other side of the wall… And then, catching her breath, she held it for a moment, exhaled slowly, and drew out her hand all the way, at the same time. Once her arsehole had widened fully around her fist and begun to close again, it seemed only natural that I would replace her emerging fingers with my own.

"Oh fuck… Alan… oh yes… that’s it…" She murmured thickly as my thicker digits held her open, and the three within the sphincter stretched apart. Into the dark space I squirted more lube, until it was dripping out of her. I made the special cone with my hand, and kneeling behind her, I began to ream the cone into her arsehole. I placed a hand on the small of her back, and felt her trembling slightly, while the other dug and twisted powerfully at her back door. I was trembling too. I’d been wanting to do this for so long… Though I had fisted quite a few women vaginally, none had succumbed to my urging to try it the other way. Now Nina was literally begging me to fist her voluptuous, succulent arsehole!
"Ahhhhh… god… yessss… more… open it up… oh Alannn… I want your fist inside me soooo much!!" She gibbered, swaying back onto my thrusts, squirming her arse hard against my widening hand.
I wondered about this incredible, sexy woman, who had obviously in her short life explored sexual horizons that would shock and perhaps even disgust many of us. As my hand turned slowly in the encroaching tightness, my fingers deep in her rectum, I offered up a prayer of thanks that life had sent Nina my way!

"Oh shit… it’s…. ohhhhhh… good… another like that… my god…. It’s sooooo biggg!! Oaaaaaawwwwwaahhhh!!!"
With a howl, and an urgent thrust of her hips, Nina speared her arse on my hand, and at last the rim began to slide over my wide knuckles. I edged forwards carefully while Nina let out a high-pitched squeal and then jerked her hips at me. Once I had passed the apex, the rest of my hand slid in with a satisfying squelch. I turned it over as it sank, eyes unblinking to enjoy to the full the sight of the first time my hand had penetrated a female fundament. It felt glorious on my skin. Hot, moist, so slippery even in the amazing, clinging tightness of it. I could feel her inner shape, the hollow of her bowels as my fingers explored. And her moans, now soft, quiescent, sweet. She yelped when I probed too hard, cooed when I got it right. Her elbows were resting on the sofa, and she began to sway to the rhythm of my hand.

Soon myy fingers were able to curl in, and I made a fist inside Nina’s arse, a hard, masculine fist that I proceeded to fuck her with.
"MMMmmmm… yessss…. I’ve got… a man’s fist… in my bottom!" Gasped Nina, with a gurgle of delight.
"Yes, you’ve got my fist in your bottom," I confirmed, giving it a thrusting twirl that took me deeper into that fabulous heat. She squirmed hard onto me, gasping, quivering, her arse tightening, relaxing, tightening, relaxing, while she mewed like a cat on heat. I had never felt such perfection.
"And now my fist is going to fuck your arse, Nina, it’s going to fuck it until you cum, and then it’ll carry fucking you…"
"You say… the most… wonderful… things!" Nina panted, and now her arse had learned something of my hand, she began to ride it, slowly at first, moving her hips, arching and bending her back as she sought the best angles. I kept fairly steady, and let her use my fist as she thought best. I felt privileged to be with her, to be her instrument of lust, to see, hear and participate in this exquisitely perverse, strangely natural celebration of desire. Feeling her need growing, I began to fist her harder, forcing her towards her limits, noting the hoarse cries and the wildness in her eyes as she slipped over the edge again into her fisting world. The more intensely I fucked her, the more she lurched back onto me, almost frightening me with the power of her fist-hunger. Her left hand reached between her legs, caressed my wrist briefly, and then settled on her clit, rubbing, in a blur. I lengthened my strokes, drawing back so that her sphincter was stretched in a fine line around the thickness of my hand, then plunging back in, until I found that I had bored out an incredible tunnel through her, and to keep it that way, I reamed it again and again as I felt her body gather itself for orgasm. She threw her head back hard, eyes staring in a rictus of mad rapture.

"HRRRRRR!!! HURRRRRR!!!! GNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!" She shrieked. My hair stood on end, her cry pieced my soul, and I wept with joy as she came. Body wrenching spasms flinging her onto me until I was scarily deep. I felt incredible rippling convulsions inside her, tensing and jolting along my forearm. It was as if my life had led only up to this point.

I fucked her through it, wincing with pain from her rectal contractions. She was weeping too.
"I love you Nina."
"I love you Alan!"
Four hours ago Nina had been an annoying employee, admittedly attractive, but only in my fantasies, no more than that. We were now inextricably joined, and not just by my slowly pumping fist in her now softened, trembling anal tunnel. With a sob of sorrow and joy that it had to happen, I came, thrashing my cock, spurting up her back, over her arse, into her hair, such was the force of it. My cum was thin, almost clear, but despite having so little time to replenish, I still soaked her.

She moaned with such tenderness as I gently extracted inches of forearm, and then my hand from her arse. I held her open for a few moments, gazing enraptured into my lover’s body, Then I drew out my fingers, and watched the stretched out hole slowly closing, while Nina just rested, panting, chuckling with glee.
"I don’t think I’ve ever looked this far into to girl before," I husked, impressed.
A final clenching pulse eventually hid her interior from my view. I sighed, happily, and lifted her onto the sofa.

We fell asleep amidst the funk and mess of our coupling, brand new lovers, resting only so that we could do it all over again as soon as possible.

She never came back to work for me again, but she moved in that same weekend.


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