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Wendy Gallegos

Ada sat and soaked in the hotel room bath with Frank sitting on the closed toilet seat next to her. He had filled her pleasantly humming pussy prodigiously and now he followed her around the room like a puppy, shamelessly naked and sipping bourbon. She was becoming accustomed to the fact that almost every situation now had some sexual component, a charge to it that she knew was born of the satyr.

Frank seemed to put her at ease with all of it and she was taking the opportunity to finally tell someone the whole crazy story that had begun the day she returned to Corvallis. As she spoke she was conscious of something private and sexy in its own way. With frank on her heels since she rose from the bed she was loath to just sit on the toilet and push his load out of herself. Instead, she held it in and filled the tub. Now she was sitting and soaking in a very dilute solution of franks semen while he sat and listened to her. She imagined it seeping out of her into the water and that thought was interspersed with her narration, keeping her pace of telling it even and relaxed. She felt enormously sexy in all of it and wanted to touch herself but didn’t both because the satyr would interrupt her if she did that and because she wanted Frank to initiate the next move.

"And that brings us to here and now", she said. It had taken about an hour to relate the tale. Ada hadn’t hurried through it and Frank hadn’t interrupted her with questions that caused her to digress. At first Frank had been a bit distracted by her nakedness and she waited until his staring abated a bit before she began. She had heated the water up twice and he had shifted several times. At one point he had gotten up for a towel and she thought that he would finally cover himself but he had put it on the toilet seat instead. Apparently his ass cheeks were sticking uncomfortably to the plastic seat.

"You know I would not believe one word of that if I hadn’t seen that little fucker myself, not to mention feeling the affect you have on me every time I get near you. What next though, you say you can fetch him onto someone else and be rid of him like Mike did to you but you also love what he does to you don’t you? And you are getting the hang of it right? You can sort it out after a fashion." Ada noticed that this enunciation was better when he wasn’t excited and smiled inwardly at that. She thought it was cute.

"Oh he’s a trip alright and full of surprises. I’m just not sure what to do Frank. In not too many days I’m going to have to go back to work and I work around a lot of people. What would it be like at work with an active and powerful aphrodisiac that can’t be turned off? Don’t get me wrong, I like all the sex and especially how intense it is. I’m not looking forward to going back to the way it was. No steady guy and more than likely infrequent orgasms for me even when there is one. Sorry, but you guys are hit and miss in the please the ladies category. I’m getting cold again, grab a towel and dry my back will you Frank", she said as she rose.

"I’ll dry more than that" he laughed as he hurried to comply.

Ada just stood there and spread her arms, Frank was most attentive and diligent. He didn’t turn her to dry her front, he reached around and dried her in a semi embrace. Ada sighed and allowed him to do as he pleased. Having dried her of most of the water he took a fresh towel and threw it over his shoulder then he suddenly picked her up behind the knees and back. Ada squealed with delight and was whisked to the bed where Frank made a most thorough job of toweling her off with the soft white towel.

"See? Would you be my slave if it weren’t for the magic tattoo?" She asked as he toweled her feet.

He stopped and looked at her in earnest. She had goose bumps and he covered her with the blanket then looking directly at her asked, "What would you be like without him? Would you get all female crazy sometimes? All the time?"

"Well sometimes I might, you know how it is."

"Good, god I miss that in my life. I am more than ready to start fresh with a woman".

"You’re serious aren’t you?"

"Unless you think I’m too old."

"Well you’re older than me but you’re not old old. It’s not like you’re twice my age is it."

"Maybe it’s that whatsit and maybe I just need a change. Then again maybe you’re just what the doctor ordered. Whatever it is, yeah I’d take a shot at being your slave."

"Well I was kidding but I’ll remember that the offer is on the table."

"Speaking of that, you ready to eat?"

"Hell yeah I’m starving now that you mention it. What are you thinking about?"

"Naked pizza, what else?"

"Oh I just might be able to adore you!"

Frank called a number from memory and looking at Ada asked, "Anything you don’t like?"

"No anchovies and no jalapenos."

He laughed at that and speaking into the phone said "Joey, this is Frank up at the motel. I got an order for room 24 bring her the large cruise-in on regular crust and a two liter of coke." There was a pause and then he said," Hell yeah she’s in a hurry". He put the phone back on its cradle then turning to Ada he got into bed and under the blanket with her. "He wants to know if he has time to clean up. He thinks he is gonna score every time some chick wants a pizza. Nothing ever happens but that don’t stop him from telling some crazy story the next time I see him. Wait till he gets near you with that devil mojo you’re sporting. He’ll drop his teeth."

"I’m not going near that door naked and I’m not getting dressed. Neither are you. You answer the door in a towel and I’ll do the rest, trust me. You do trust me don’t you Frank?"

"I don’t have to trust you. I hear and obey my hot tamale." And at that he began to make out with her being careful to not go too far and bring out the ever present guest of honor.

Ada sighed and let him touch her, she put her hands on him lightly to show that it was OK. It was edgy but she kept her mind apart from the sex drive of the satyr. He had comforted her by listening so intently and she was beginning to see him as careful, thoughtful, and even respectful. ‘I could get used to him.’ She thought.

When the knock came at the door he rose and donning a towel went to the door with a twenty in his hand.

"Here ya go Joey", he said, trading the bill for the pizza box and soda. He was about to say more but Ada chimed in, "Common back Frank. We can eat later. Don’t stop now, please honey."

"I gotta build up some more strength baby. I gotta eat a little." He said over his shoulder. To Joey he said in low tones, "Twenty year olds, Jesus." And closed the door.

Joey wanted to try to peer in at the curtain but he was on the second floor overlooking the pool and it wouldn’t look right so he left burning with curiosity and jealousy.

Ada and Frank were in fits of laughter, eating naked on the bed. They ate, drank coke, laughed, and touched each other in such a casual and familiar way that it sparked something in her, something that wasn’t specifically sexual and perhaps not of the satyr.

At one point she asked, "Frank?"

"What is it HT?" he answered.

She smiled at that and said, "Oh I like that. Frank will you stay? I don’t want to be alone tonight."

"Wild horses HT, wild horses." Was all he answered.

They were quieter after that until Frank asked, "So you say I guy might feel what a woman feels if he has the beast and it is a fucking his lady tattoo?"

"That is pure speculation Frank. I actually have no idea and I don’t want you to try to find out so forget it."

"You’re damned right forget it, I ain’t talkin about me fer crissake. I’m thinking though, you know those guys that think they are god’s gift and then turn around and disrespect women like it’s the right and natural thing to do?"

"Do I? You have my full attention."

"Well what if you were to sic you’re little popinjay onto one o them?"

"That would be truly poetic but I would have to fuck one to do that wouldn’t I?"

"Well there are ways do most anything ya know. There are ways for a guy to have a woman if she isn’t careful to watch her drink and I would suppose that it’s true both ways. It’s just that guys don’t think of themselves as at risk and so don’t worry about such things."

Ada reached over and opened the bed table draw and asked, "Might these help?"

Frank did a double take and looking at her keenly asked, "Were those perhaps for me?"

"Well, were you a boy scout Frank?"

"Yeah, say no more. Those will definitely help!"

"So I take it you have someone in mind."

"God there’s a laundry list, but there is this one guy with tattoos. Naked women, large and small, and I doubt that I have seen the half of them. It should be a gold mine that your ever ready friend could never resist."

"Is this a friend of yours?"

"Uh no, I just know him and the kind of trouble that follows him."

"I guess I’ll take you up on it. I wasn’t thinking about doing anything so suddenly but I will have to do it sometime. The only other path I can think of is to keep him and try to learn to control him. I don’t think he is ever going to be reliably under control though which pretty much leaves me a nymphomaniac practically speaking."

"There’s no hurry, I’m not talking about setting anything up for tomorrow and probably not the next day either. Besides, have you ever used stuff like that?" he asked, nodding toward the restraints.

"No I’m a bondage virgin." She laughed.

"Then we had better get some practice."

"We! Are you volunteering to be my practice dummy?"

"Dummy wasn’t the word that came to mind but I’m on the inside now and I want to help any way I can so why not?"

"We are going to fuck, a lot and often. You are not going to be sorry you met me Frank."

"HT, if you walked out the door right now I wouldn’t be sorry I met you, not for a second."

At that she pounced on him to make good her promise on the spot. It had been about three hours since they had sex, between being naked together nonstop and the way they had been touching each other she could no longer resist the satyr’s influence anyway. Ada pushed him down and kissed him, holding his face in her hands. When he responded fully to that she reached her hand down to feel and stroke him. Frank hardened in her hand and he suddenly rose, breaking off their kissing. Then putting his hand on her shoulder he rolled her onto her back and shifted down to take her right nipple into his mouth. Her nipple was taught in his mouth and he played his tongue and teeth over it while he stroked her other breast, abdomen, and thighs with his right hand. Ada’s hands were in his hair and shifting about a little frantically in her increasing excitement. She could no longer reach his erection but she could feel it on her thigh above her knee. His hands on her were nice but it was not what she wanted. She shifted her ass in the bed trying to get his petting hand to engage with her vulva.

Frank was watching her tattoo, he had missed seeing it emerge earlier. He wanted to feel her and get his fingers into her wetness but he held back even though his self-control was little better than hers. Ada wanted him, she needed him and the wetness she felt on her leg told her that he was more than ready. Still he held back and her ass was warming on the sheet where it shifted about restlessly. That was when the satyr showed himself. Frank watched him come out and stand by the dot with crossed arms. He stayed that way, waiting impatiently for them to initiate a more overt sexual act. Frank didn’t know this was not the routine and Ada didn’t know he was out yet at all. The satyr reached into the dot and brought the geisha out but that was all, they both stood there. Frank’s concentration on the satyr was so intent that he began to lose his hardness, the thing was so bizarre to witness. He hardly realized that he was no longer sucking on Ada’s nipple to just stare at the satyr.

Finally the satyr did something. He took hold of the willing geisha and laid her on her stomach then he sat on her back facing her ass. Ada felt that but had no idea what was to come. The satyr reached down and pulling the kimono out of the way began to wail away at her ass, spanking her mercilessly. Ada yelped in shock but her shock quickly gave way to concern when the spanking didn’t abate after a few swats. She was watching by then and could see what the satyr was up to. The geisha was kicking her legs and wiggling as much as she could but she was as helpless as Ada to escape the open handed blows that rained relentlessly all over both ass cheeks. Ada remembered the red ass on Sassy Sally but it never occurred to her that this might happen to her, she had assumed that it happened to Sally within the dot. Her thoughts did not allow her to wonder what Mike had experienced, not in that moment a least. In that moment her ass was really beginning to feel it and it stung like fire.

"Ow, shit, ow, ow, dammit! Dammit! Frank do something! Get his fucking attention somehow!"

Ada lost her sense of the duration of it but it hadn’t even been thirty seconds when she finally yelled at frank. The satyr spanked the same way he fucked, full speed. Frank had frozen and had no idea what to do. She was becoming increasingly vocal with her Ows, shits, and dammits and she felt on the verge of crying. She feared that if she began to do that she would lose herself in the emotional response and perhaps limit her ability to act so she reached down to grab Frank’s member so as to force it into herself, she knew what got the little bastard’s attention. Frank had lost his erection though and looking at him in surprise at that she saw that he was trying not to laugh. Without any thought at all she took two fists full of his hair and forcing his face into her crotch with all of her strength she began bumping and grinding at it to stimulate her clit as much and as fast as she could.

Frank found his face buried and battered in her soaking pungent pussy. In self-defense he bit her outer lips, holding them in his teeth. That made her hold still until he pressed in and sucked her swollen clit into his lips. He worked at her clit like a baby nursing at a breast.

That did the trick. Satisfied that a qualified sex act was taking place the satyr hopped off of the geisha’s back and pulled her by the hips from behind to a kneeling position. He then rammed into her again and again, hammering himself at her sore ass. Ada, overwhelmed by her relief at the cessation of the sudden and intense spanking was able to focus on the dual attack on her vagina and clit.

Exhausted for the moment she lay there and felt what the satyr was doing from behind while Frank licked, sucked, and nibbled in front. It never seemed to matter what position she was in compared to the position of the geisha. She felt what the geisha felt, she felt the hairy legs and groin behind her as if she also was on her knees and if the situation was reversed she would feel him on her when she was in fact on her knees. Then the epiphany came to her, the magic sympathetic connection was inescapable Men would feel what their female tattoos felt, she was sure of it.

Soon Ada’s body began to respond to the satyr as it usually did. Her sexual tension began to build and she found herself pushing her bottom back into his thrusting. She alternated this with forcing her groin into Frank’s probing tongue. She had long since spread her legs for him. The satyr’s hands were pulling at her hips and her breasts felt neglected for once. A short time later when Frank heard her begin to moan and pant he reached up and tweaked her left nipple, rolling it between his thumb and fingers. That sent her over the top, she went ridged and made a high pitched mewling noise while her inner spasms took hold of her.

Frank rose to his knees on the bed and looked down at her after that. The satyr was still taking the geisha with a will and Ada was moving with it luxuriously. Frank saw that she seemed to love it but he also knew that she had very little choice in the matter. Between the sensations she couldn’t stop and the ever present compulsion of need she was subject to she was simply going to have sex every day, if not several times a day. Being this near to her he might also if he stayed. He wiped his face of her slick fluids with his hand and smeared it on his stiff member. He saw that she was watching him do that and smiling up at him expectantly. He smiled back and went down to her. He had used every trick he knew while he used his mouth on her and now he was going to take his time and enjoy it for himself. The satyr was fucking her fast while Frank fucked her slow and easy. Once again Ada could not help but to respond to the satyr’s galloping style which always left her a little breathless. She clung to Frank through it though and let him know with her hands and eyes that she wanted him on her and in her. Frank was certain that the satyr would never relent until she came at least once more so he waited for the rush of it, expecting it to be like before. When it happened she was so overtaken by it that he did more than come up to the tempo. He held her and touched her thinking to make it good for her. He must have because she lost herself in it to the point that she began to shout,

"I love you, I love you, Oh god I love you."

Hearing that from her in the depths of her passion did indeed make Frank her slave.

The satyr was back in his dot and Ada was on her face in bed. Frank could find no trace of redness on her ass cheeks, it was only sensation it seemed and it did not have any actual impact on her body. Even so she swore that her ass still stung. After that Frank set the alarm clock to get him up early for his shower before his morning shift.

They slept naked, him holding her from behind. They were both exhausted.

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