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They were always close, nicknamed the 3 Musketeers by many of their peers. They each knew which girls the others liked, and they talked about everything. The three of these guys grew up in a small but nice town—one of those towns where the high school football team is the most popular thing around. Brock, Chris, and Cory just happened to be the stars of the team. All three of them had that real all-American, Abercrombie & Fitch look. Dusty blonde hair, tan skin, tall with athletic physiques. Of course, all the girls loved them.

One night it was beautiful weather and the football team had a big game. It was the championships, and it seemed like the whole town turned out to support. The bleachers were filled, and the team ran out on to the field running and screaming, their adrenaline rushing. The game was intense, and in the end, the home team won. Brock was named MVP, and Cory and Chris also received a lot of praise.

After being congratulated, the team headed back to the locker room. Like any typical bunch of guys, the locker room was a place to joke around, have fun, whip each other with towels, and talk about anything-especially sex. The kinds of things people said were "Dude, I went to the Bahamas with Courtney on spring break, and I totally got some hot ass everyday!" or "I was watching this porno, and man, this chick was fucking amazing. I came so hard watching her." There were also all the guys who always had to brag about how big their dicks were and how small everybody else was.

The showers were definitely the place which all the guys loved most. It wasn’t that the team was gay, but they all knew each other so well they didn’t mind being naked around each other. They would smack each others asses and just do stupid shit like that. That night of the big game, everybody was pretty wiped out and wanted to just head home and sleep. Cory, Brock, and Chris all lived nearby one another, and they carpooled home. Brock’s parents called him though and told him that they were coming home from the city and they were stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic. They would not get there for over an hour. This was O.K. though—the three guys could just hang out and talk. Plus, this meant that they got extra shower time.

After showering, they wrapped towels around themselves and all took a seat. There were two benches right across from each other, and on one Chris and Brock sat, and on the other sat Cory, so they were all facing each other. The locker room was still filled with steam and it swirled around the guys. The three guys had their towels so that their faint, blonde treasure trails were running down and you could almost see the top of the pubic hair. They began talking, mostly about sports and stuff. Then they started talking about Brock’s girlfriend, and how often they have sex and is it good. They were all getting excited, and could see the tents in the towels start to rise.

Brock was telling them about his girlfriend’s tits and how round they were and the way she rubs them on his dick when she gives him head. "That’s it, I’m so horny" said Chris. Cory agreed. "Man, we still have over an hour to wait…I gotta get home and rub one off!" the other two laughed and nodded and said that what they were going to do too.

Then Brock said, "Hey…don’t get the wrong idea, but we could just jerk it here. I mean, we’ve all seen each others junk before" Cory and Chris both laughed, but then said "Hey, why not?!" They all stood up and took off their towels. Their hard dicks popped up and beads of water rolled down their firm chests, then down their muscular things and round, toned, smooth asses. They then sat again and simply started jerking off. The locker room was filled with moans and groans of pleasure. They started looking at each other, their hands all stroking their cocks up and down. It was getting them all even hotter. After several minute of this, Chris said, "what the hell…" and he got up and walked over to Brock. Brock smirked and took Chris’s cock in his hand. Cory watched, amazed, as Brock jerked off Chris. Then Cory, feeling left out, went over and took Brock’s big dick. "Just don’t tell anybody, and this will be great" said Brock.

They went on like this for a few minutes when finally Brock grabbed Chris’s ass and pulled him forward, shoving his cock into his mouth. Chris threw his head back in pleasure, only to meet Cory’s cock in his face. He replied by taking it in his mouth as well. The three of them remained like that, sucking each other off. Brock loved the feeling of having his mouth filled with a hard, pulsing cock. He felt the pre cum trickle into his mouth and down his throat. Then, overcome by excitement, her pulled Chris’s cock out of his mouth, stood up, and walked behind Chris, who was still blowing Cory. Cory watched as Brock circled behind Chris, his ass flexing when he stepped. With one hand, Brock grabbed Chris’s hip, and with the other he pushed down on Chris’s back, forcing him to bend over. Then he took his hand and spit on it and rubbed his cock with it. he started jerking off and kneeled down so his face was close to Chris’s ass. He spread his cheeks apart and dove his tongue into his asshole. The view of seeing Brocks face digging inside Chris’s hairless, smooth ass drove Cory crazy. Cory all of a sudden blew a load right into Chris’s mouth. Chris swallowed some of it, and the rest dribbled down his chin, neck, and chest.

Brock was still at work on his ass, but then stood up and aligned his dick with Chris’s asshole. He gently pushed forward so his dick head was just pressing into his ass. The, with one swift motion, Brock shoved his whole cock into Chris. Chris moaned…it felt amazing. Them Cory went underneath Chris and started sucking him off. Now Chris was being sucked and fucked. Brock was pounding Chris hard, pulling Chris’s shoulders as he thrust his cock in the tight hole. Then Cory saw Brocks face twist and tighten, and knew he was gonna come. He pushed Brock out of Chris and said, "Hey, not so fast." Cory led Brock to a bench where Brock layed down on his back, his cock up in the air. Cory straddled Brock and slowly lowered his body until he was sitting on Brocks manhood. Cory bounced up and down with Brock inside him, and Chris straddled Brock’s head so that Brock was tea bagging him. Brock licked Chris’s balls and fucked Cory for a long time. He let his tongue swirl around each of Chris’s nuts and licked the line that runs up the middle of the ball sac. Chris couldn’t take it anymore and exploded cum all over Brock’s face, chest, and Cory’s back.

Once again, Brock’s big hard cock and the feeling of jizz running down his back sent Cory over the edge. He blew a second load onto Brock’s legs and the bench. Then Brock, who had been holding in a huge orgasm, finally screamed and let loose in Cory’s ass. His warm cum filled his ass and when he pulled Cory off him, cum was dripping out of him.

The 3 Musketeers all stood up and looked at each other, each one dripping with sweat and cum. They laughed when they heard Brock’s cell phone ring. "Yeah, we’ll be out in a minute" said Brock into the phone.

"I hope we make it to the championships again next season," said Cory. They all laughed, got dressed, and walked out of the locker room.

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