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Kevin Goldyn

Parts will be fiction, and I will let it be your task to find out which parts are true and which aren’t.

The show was just about to start. It still surprised me why there weren’t any more people in the audience than the twenty-something people that had arrived. Judging by the looks of it, there were seats for at least fifty, maybe sixty people in front of the stage. Maybe there wasn’t that much of an interest in the up-coming belly dancer?
As a man, it is natural for me to find such a dancer alluring. Even more so when said man has a certain interest for women from these countries. Going to Turkey had to be one of the greatest ideas I’ve had in quite some time, and so far it had been worth the money. I was due to return back home two days from now, and after hearing about the belly dancing show, I was determined not to miss it.

The music started, and the dancer entered the stage. She was a tall, slender woman, wearing black silks and veils, alluringly moving in tune with the music. Her long black hair reached down to her waist, and behind the veil she used to cover most of her face, I spied a pair of dark eyes, eyeing her audience. My gaze immediately scanned her physique, and I caught myself admiring her stomach. I have always had a thing for bellies, and hers was one that definitely caught my eye. Beneath the tanned skin I was able to spot her abs, most likely a result from many a year of this sort of activity. She certainly had a knack for it. I watched her move and sway, how her hips gyrated from side to side and how her breasts followed suit. She was moving like water, and I flushed upon discovering that I had been staring with my mouth slightly opened. I don’t know how long I had been doing so, or how much she’d been watching me in return, but it seemed that something about me had caught her attention. She slowly moved off of the stage, and continued to dance through the audience. I noticed now that the seats were slowly filling up, mostly by a male audience, and that these were her main focus. She moved through the seats, and picked a couple of volunteers to join her on the stage. I felt myself boil with envy; imagine being able to dance so close to a creature as lovely as her! My envy was not needed, however, as it turned out that I had indeed caught her attention, and after picking the first two volunteers, she moved towards me.
"Join me on the stage." she asked in broken English. I was flushed at first, but who was I to turn down such an offer? I smiled as I got up and joined the other men at the stage.

At first, nothing in particular happened. She had us mimic her moves as well as we could, which was to say not very much. She made us move our hips in a sway, and I flushed deeper as I heard the audience laugh at our attempts. She made us shake our torsos, as if to shake our breasts, had we had any, and the laughing continued. Make no mistake: it was all in good fun, and all in all I quite enjoyed the experience.
The belly dancer then moved towards me, and turned her back on me. She grabbed my hands and placed them on her hips, while telling the other guys to form a line behind me. I, however, never heard her words. As soon as she had places my hands on her hips, I found it hard to resist rubbing her soft skin with my fingers, and I could’ve sworn I felt her tremble beneath my touch. She remained professional, however, and continued dancing with us in tow. We each followed her movements as best we could, and I could distinctly hear the audience laughing and taking pictures. Yet I still couldn’t take my eyes of the dancer. When it became to much, I ‘accidentally’ grinded my crotch against her ass, and whispered in her ear.
"You are so hot." The dancer looked at me over her shoulder, and a seductive smile formed on her lips.
"Come to my room after the show, and I will teach you another dance." she replied in her broken English, and resumed dancing. That slut! I nearly froze, but luckily the dancer in front of me and the guy behind me forced me to continue moving. Luckily the music ended quickly, and that was the end of the show. We each took a bow towards the audience before returning to our seats. When the host announced that that was the end of the show, I kept my eyes on the dancer as she left the stage. I silently followed her back to the hotel, and as she looked past her shoulder, I knew that she knew I was following her. She gave me a smile, before walking down the hallway and into what I assumed was her room. She left the door open for me to enter, and I did so without hesitating.

As soon as I closed the door behind me, I walked up towards her and pushed her against the wall. She gasped, seemingly startled at my enthusiasm, but the lustful look in her dark eyes told me that she liked it. I put my hands on her ass and sucked on her neck, drawing a moan from her lips.
"Naughty boy…" she whispered lustfully, and pushed me away. I looked at her, confused, but she still smiled as she walked towards me, and pushed me down on the bed before kneeling in front of me. She pulled down my shorts and stroked her fingers over my boxers, making my erection twitch in excitement. She giggled and smiled at me. "Don’t worry. I’ll help you out soon." she told me while she loosened her top. I marvelled at her body as she revealed her breasts. They were at least a C-cup, the perfect fit for my hands. She seemed to think so as well, because I only managed to think the thought, before she grabbed my hands and put them on her breasts. I groaned as I started rubbing her boobs, pinching her nipple and felt my erection twitch even more. She too moaned, and slowly pulled my boxers down and revealed my seven inch cock. She smiled, pleased, and began stroking me. I closed my eyes, but continued rubbing her breasts while she stroke my cock. "I can’t wait to feel it inside me…" she told me in a whisper, and gasped as I pinched her breasts harder. This was just too great. I never imagined that I would end up here with this Turkish beauty. She smiled at me, before slowly pushing my cock in between her lips, and caressed my cock with her tongue. I closed my eyes and groaned, and now felt forced to let go of her breasts. She didn’t seem to mind, though, and she continued going down on me. Her teeth gently scraped across my sensitive skin, and her tongue covered every inch of it with her saliva. I already felt my balls churn, and upon looking down at her as she slowly took more and more of my cock into her, it soon became too much for me.
"I’m gonna…!" I tried to warn her, but for naught. My balls contracted and shot two, three, four full spurts of my cum into her mouth. The dancer closed her lips around my cock and sucked harder, draining my balls for all they were worth. When cock stopped spurting, she swallowed my load and cleaned my cock with her tongue.
"Tasty." she announced with a grin at me, and once more put her hand on my cock and continued stroking. "But we’re not done yet. We still have plenty of time for you to please me." she continued slyly. I could only grin, as my erection slowly came back to life.

To be continued…

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