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Hank Russo

On the way to
school I had my hand on her legs and
she was smiling all the way. Once we
arrived she went to the guest's area and I was with my classmates. My
mind was on my mom the entire time
and I kept looking at her. I ignored
Patty almost completely but then I
remembered that I shouldn't give any
clue to anybody that I was having an affair with my mom. "Patty I am sorry but I was upset the
my dad was not going to come!" I lied. "I am sorry T but I missed you and I
can't wait to see you alone. I have
been thinking about you all weekend.
I will see you this weekend right?" "Yeah! Of course I want to see you
too!" I noticed that my mom was looking at
me with a jealous eye. I just couldn't
wait to get in her pussy again. Not that
I wouldn't want to get in to Patty's
virgin pussy but my mother new how
to please me more than a young girl. On the way back I slipped my hand
under my mother's dress. "Mm! T I see you haven't got enough
of me yet!" "Enough? I don't think I would ever
get enough of you!" "You will some day but that will be
Ok!" "Maybe you will mom but I won't" "I see Patty is looking at you like she
would eat you at the moment!" "Mom I will dump her if you don't
want me to see her again!" "No sweetheart! We have to keep our
secret well hidden. I will do it with
your father if he asks me! I can't hold
back because he knows that I have a
very big sex drive." "Mom I will do whatever it takes to be
your lover!" "We just have to be careful when your
father is around. Any suspicious move
and we are both history!" When we arrived instead of jumping
on my mom I decided to keep on with
my exercise and build up my
anticipation and let hers be build up
again. She looked me surprised with a
smile and I kissed her on her cheek and took of for a ride on my bike. I did a good one hour ride with a hard
on as a rock and on my way back I
saw Patty waiting in my back yard. I
knew she was going to see my hard
on but I didn't do anything to hide it
and had the right excuse for it. "Hey Pat! What are you doing here?" "I had to see you so I came! I hope its
ok? Your mother told me you would
be back and she apologized to go and
take a bath because she felt tired. So I
waited here." "Sure I just wasn't expecting you and
I am full of sweat so I need to take a
shower." "T, what is that?" she said looking at
my hard on. "Well you want me to be honest?" "Of course I do!" "Well I was thinking of you when you
said you want to be alone with me!" "For me?" she pulled my head down
and gave me a teasing fast tongue kiss
and said: "I hope you have that on the
weekend too! I will call you on
Friday!" When she left I headed straight to the
bathroom when I got there my mom
was in the tub with her head back as if
she was sleeping. I guessed she was
really sleeping but when I turned to
go to the shower... "Hey! Where do you think you are
going?" "Mom I thought you were sleeping
and I just wanted to let you relax!" "Get that hard cock and body over
here!" I went back to the tub and she
kneeled and took off my tights and
pulled me from my cock in the tub. She
didn't let me sit in the water but on the
side of the tub. With out a second
word she took my cock in her mouth. It was already in full length and she
was sucking on it and looking me
straight in the eyes very sexy. "Oh Mom, suck my cock! I love your
mouth mom! Your mouth is so warm
and soft! I want to suck and lick your
pussy too!" "You want to suck mommy's pussy?" "I want to suck it now!" I placed her right away where I was
sitting and sat in the tub with my head
between her legs. I took action in a
second. I grabbed with my lips her
labia and sucked them softly. "Oh! T suck mommy's pussy, lick
mommy's clit! Yes that feels so good." "Mom your pussy smells like heaven!" I spread her labia and licked her clit. "Ah! Sweetheart that tongue feels so
good on my clit!" I was circling my tongue on her clit in
very slow motion and she moaned
loud while her hands were fondling
my hair. Then when she started breathing and
moaning faster I took her clit in my
mouth and sucked on it while I was
sliding my tongue up and down in a
very fast motion now. "T you are going to make mommy
come! I'm coming! I'm coming! Ah!
Ah! Ah!" She dug her hands in my head and
pulled my hair at the same time and
came so violently. I stopped once she
finished but I didn't let go of her clit.
When she started to relax I let go and
kissed her exploring once again with my tongue her mouth. "T you are a magnificent lover. Now let
mommy suck her boy's cock!" "Mommy I want to fuck you now! I
want to fuck you for ever! I wish I
could fuck you without stopping for
the rest of my life." "Let's go to my room!" She took my cock with her hand and
led me to the bed and made me sit on
the edge and then she kneeled once
again and took my cock again in her
mouth. "Mom I need your pussy! I love your
mouth but I need your pussy!" "You want to put that big hard cock of
yours in mommy's pussy?" "Yes mom, I want it now!" "You promise to make mommy come
again?" "I will mommy; I will fuck you again
and again till I can't breathe!" She got up and lied on the bed and
opened her legs and with her hands
she opened wide her labia and asked
me: "Is this were you want to get in?" I lost my mind with the dirty way she
was talking and treating me today! "Yes mommy that is where I want to
get in!" I positioned my cock in front of her
hole and shoved it all the way in! I was
going to come and she knew it too but
that was not going to keep me from
fucking her! "Oh mom your pussy is so firing hot! I
am going to come in your pussy mom
now!" "Yes darling come in mommy's pussy!
Fuck mommy and come in her pussy!" "I'm coming mom! Oh..." I came very slowly but I didn't stop
fucking her. My come in her pussy
with her juices felt so good. I was
looking at her in the eyes and she was
in ecstasy moaning. My cock was still
hard as a rock and I couldn't explain why. I had this since I was
masturbating. Even though I finished I
had to finish two times before it would
go soft. "T you are so wonderful! Fuck
mommy's pussy!" I slowed down my pace and fucked
her steady and hard! It got slippery
and sticky at the same time. I was
fucking her putting pressure on the
upper side of her pussy. I could hear
her moans getting louder. "T, fuck mommy like that, don't stop,
yes sweetheart, mommy's coming!" I didn't say a word and kept fucking
her in the same pace, slowly and hard. "Yes, yes... T you're so wonderful... T
mommy is cominggggg... ahhhhhh!" She kept screaming and I kept fucking
her in the same pace. 20 seconds later
she got louder again. "T...! Ahhh... Again... I'm coming
again... Yes, Ye...!" She trembled and shivered while her
orgasm lasted and kept going while I
could see that she was enjoying my
slow hard pace. She grabbed my head
and kissed me like a nymphomaniac
that hadn't fucked for years. "Oh my... I am going to come again...
T... Aaaaaaaaaah..." I made her come like that 4 times and
then she rapped her legs around my
waist. "Mommy I am coming too, I'm gonna
come again in your PUSSY!" "Yes T come in mommy's pussy again!
Give mommy your love!" I finished in her and remained inside
her while we kissed each other very
gently trying to relax. "T, that was amazing and that has
never happened to me before in my
entire life!" "What do you mean mom?" "You made me come 4 times! Multiple
orgasms? And from my son? I can't
believe it! That was the most intense
orgasm or rather say orgasms I had in
my life!" "Mom I will make love to you anytime
you like and I will do this again if I
can!" "You sure can and I know you will do
it again!" We fell asleep and I woke up with my
mothers light crying. "Mom...? What is wrong?" "I hope everything will be O.K.
because on my urge to make love with
you I forgot to take my pill the last two
days." "So you mean that you could be
pregnant?" "Well, not likely but possible because
your sperm is young and strong! And
you came inside many times and you
pumped me a lot inside my Vagina." "Mom I don't know much about that
but..." "T, if I am pregnant and your father
doesn't have any sex with me the
following week when he comes, then
he will know that I cheated on him." "So you will have an abortion?" "I can't do that and you know that!" "Mom I don't know if I am bad or
good but I am praying that you would
have a baby from me!" "Sweetheart that would be crazy but I
like the idea of you wanting to have a
baby with your mother. It will also be
your brother!" "I will be there for you no matter what
happens!" It was late at night but I really didn't
care about sleeping again because I
had no school for tomorrow and for a
long time till I would start college. I
was already accepted from a very well
known University but that was out of town and I was troubled that I
wouldn't see my mother that often
and that she wouldn't be the same
when I was back. "T what are you thinking about? You
look so sad and in deep thoughts?" "I am thinking what is going to
happen when I leave for college and
come back? Will you still want me?" "Don't be silly sweetheart, how can I
reject my own creation?" That phrase made me shiver and hug
her so tight. I kissed her very gently
on her lips and got up. "Mom, I am going to get a "bite"! Do
you want me to bring you anything?" "Let me come down and make
something for both of us. Or should
we order a pepperoni pizza?" "Yes! My favorite food is pizza and I
can't deny that!" "Done, I'll order it now and we could a
movie from the movies I bought last
week from the "club"!" I ran butt naked to my room and
pulled out a pair of boxers for change
instead of my tights. I washed my face
and brushed my teeth. I still was
thinking about all that had happened
and to be honest, I wasn't worried if my mom would get pregnant. Maybe I
was "loosing" it but I was emotionally
involved with her after all this. And not
just as a mom but as a woman and
lover. My thoughts were interrupted by my
mom's voice: "T, the door bell is ringing! Can you go
and open? I left the money on the
kitchen table. I am not dressed up
enough to open. You can give him all
the money and the change as a tip." "Ok, mom!" I got the pizza and sat on the couch
with a bottle of Pepsi and waited for
my mom to come and sit next to me.
She came with one of her see through
gowns and no under wear and sat
next to me. I was already getting hard but I was not going to jump in like a
hungry pervert. I know she would not
say nothing if I did but she definitely
like it to go slow. "Ready sweetheart?" "Sure am!" She pushed the play button on the
remote and the movie started. It was a
romance movie with brief nudity
which I found very stimulating. The
entire movie I wanted to look at my
mom's treasures but I didn't. I watched the whole thing without even
stealing a glance and eating slowly as
we both like our family size pepperoni
pizza. When it finished it was about 1 after
midnight. "Want to watch the next one or are
you tired?" I felt something in the way she said it
like she was "cooking" something. So
I went along with it. "Sure mom, I want to spend time as
much as I can with you!" "You are a sweetheart, and I love
you." She changed movie and when she
pressed play I freaked when I saw
what she had in the video. It was an
old movie that she had and I already
have seen without anyone knowing
because it had strong sex scenes. Not hardcore but softcore. I was going to
follow her guiding. "I hope you don't feel uncomfortable
with the movie?" "Not at all mom, maybe I can learn
some things?" "You don't need to learn anything
sweetheart it just gives a little "spice"
in couple's lives." This time she didn't sit next to me but
on the sofa that was to my right. I
didn't protest but got in to the movie
that I hadn't seen for a while and liked
ever since I first found it in my parents
closet. My mom, watching too and her legs
were half spread and her hand was on
her thigh. Her mouth was just opened
and could see that she was getting
horny. I looked back at the movie and
saw this big breasted lady masturbating. I couldn't see her
opening but her bush was clearly
visible. Then I looked without turning my
head and saw my mom with her legs
wide open and her finger rubbing her
clit. Her nipples were pointing out her
see through nightgown. Her eyes
were half way close and full of ecstasy. I placed my own hand in my boxer
and started rubbing my cock. I forgot
about the movie and turned staring at
my mom masturbating. She noticed me
and gave me a nasty smile and lifted
her gown over her head to complete nakedness. "Why don't you take off your
boxers?" I took them off and continued my
rubbing with my eyes glued on her tits
and pussy. Then she got up and came
and sat on the table in front of me.
With her legs spread and her hands
playing with her labia and clit I was reaching to grab her. "No, just look at me as I look at you!" Even though I wanted to rape her that
instant I just obeyed. "You want to put your hard cock in my
pussy again?" "Yes mom I want to make love to
you!" "You want to make love to mommy or
fuck mommy?" I felt strange with that question but I
knew the answer. "I want to do both, mom! I want you
like crazy. Can't you see my cock
going crazy?" "Of course I do sweetheart but
wouldn't you like to fuck my tits
instead?" "I would love to do that! It is one of
my fantasy's ever since, I first
fantasized about you!" "So you want to fuck my tits?" "But wouldn't you rather fuck my ass
instead of my tits?" She was teasing me very good and I
was pumping my cock and I knew I
wasn't going to last much in any hole
so I was going to go for her big tits
that would not bring me to an orgasm
so fast. "I want my cock between your
beautiful tits mom!" She got up without a saying a word
and left the room. I was surprised until
she came back with a bottle of baby oil
in her hands. "We have to lubricate my breasts so
that it would be pleasant for both of
us." She rubbed my cock with the oil and
then she loaded her inner breast with
a lot of oil also. Then she kneeled in front of me and
sucked the head of my cock like a fast
kiss. She placed him between her tits.
She started fucking my cock with her
tits slowly and gradually getting faster. "Oh Mom your tits are so big and soft!
You have the most luscious tits in the
world!" "Is mommy, making her little boy
feeling good?" "Mom, don't stop rubbing those
beautiful tits on my cock!" "Sweetheart, are you ready to come
on mommy's tits?" "Not yet mommy, I love this feeling!" "You want mommy to suck your cock
and then come in her mouth?" Her dirty talk was bringing me to a
peak and my balls were getting tight
and ready to explode. "Mom, I am going to come... I'm
coming... I'm coming on your tits
mommy!" She grabbed my cock before I shot the
load and jacked me off on her nipples. "Mom it feels so good don't stop! Oh
mom I'm coming on your nipples and
tits! Oh, mom!" "Yes sweetheart come on mommy's
nipples!" After she rubbed my cock on her tits
and nipples she took him in her mouth
and sucked him clean. "You want to fuck mommy's pussy
now?" I was still hard as a rock and I couldn't
get my mind off her pussy. "Mom I want to fuck your pussy now,
I can't wait!" "You really want to fuck mommy's
pussy now?" She said that and sat on the table and
opened her labia to show me her hole
once again! "Oh mom I want you all the time! You
have the most beautiful pussy in the
world!" "You like mommy's pussy lips? Aren't
they kind of big and saggy?" "No they're not! They are perfect and
want to eat that pussy also so bad!" "So what do you really want to do
now? You want to fuck my pussy or
do you want to lick it?" My mind was going crazy with her
teasing. My mom was such a slut in
bed; I don't know how she has been
faithful to my father with her sex drive
because I know my dad was not like
her. I didn't say a word and just kneeled in front of her and buried my
head in her pussy. I licked her entire
area like crazy. "Mmm! Mom your pussy tastes and
smells like heaven!" "Oh, sweetheart you are making
mommy feel so... good... oh... yes... lick
my clit... yes... oh yes suck my clit like
that... aaa..." I then went down to her anus and
stuck my tongue inside. "Aaa... I love... that... yes in my ass
hole... oh... my... my lover..." I then went back to her pussy and
loaded her clit with saliva and then
played with it with my lips while I
stuck my thumb in her ass. "Oh sweetheart you make your
mommy feel so good!" I sucked her clit and pumped my
thumb in her ass and was bringing her
to climax. She stopped sighing and
her breathing became fast and violent
and her legs were spreading more
and her hands were holding my head with all her strength. "Mommy's coming... Oh... A... I'm...
com..." She came and fucked my face like she
was fucking my cock! Then after a few
seconds of relaxation she looked at
me in the eyes: "I want your cock in my pussy now!" Not a second thought I was on top of
her with my cock in front of her
opening. She grabbed my cock and
stroked him slowly holding me from
penetrating her. "You want to fuck me? Or do you want
me to blow you? Maybe you want to
fuck my ass? Or do you want me to
jerk you of on my pussy?" "Mom you are driving me crazy, let me
inside you now please?" She guided my cock to her entrance
and with her other hand on my ass
she pulled me inside her. "Oh... Mom... you are so wet and hot... I
can't hold on any longer..." "Come on sweetheart let it go! Come in
mommy's pussy!" "Yes in your pussy mom... Oh... aaa..." I came again and again like I had a
river inside her and then I
remembered that she may get
pregnant. But that didn't make me
stop and pull out. I wanted to get her
pregnant and she knew that as well. She kissed me while I was trembling
all over her. I was shaking like a virgin
that just had his first orgasm. "Mom I came in you again..." "Its ok baby, I am back on my pill and
if I am pregnant we can't do anything
about that anymore! So don't worry
and lets enjoy this moment for as long
as it lasts." I can't believe how horny I was
because my cock was still like a rock. I
picked her up without removing my
cock for her come filled pussy and sat
on the coach behind me. We
continued kissing while she gradually increased her speed fucking me. Then
I took her nipples one by one in my
mouth tasting my own come that was
dry on her. "Baby suck my nipples... bite them
gently... oh yes like that... oh
sweetheart your cock is a machine..." "Just like your pussy mommy, a
machine..." "I can feel you touching my deepest
spot... Oh... Yes... Fuck me... Fuck me..." "I love fucking you mom, I love being
inside your pussy! I love coming in
there! It feels like that is the best place
to be in. Oh mom you make me so
horny and hard!" We fucked in that position for at least
ten minutes when she started
moaning out of pleasure. "Oh... I can't believe I'm coming
again... Oh yes, yes... yeeeeeeeees..." She screamed loud during her climax
and I pulled her ass down on my cock
causing my dick to hit the bottom of
her vagina. While she kept moving my
cock exploded in her depths. "Mom... Inside your pussy again... Oh it
is so... Ahhhhhhh..." "Yes darling, I can feel your warm
sperm inside me and it feels good." Are tongues met once again and
remained like that kissing. A few
moments later I felt my cock shrinking
and our come running down my cock
giving me a great sensation. "Sweetheart I think we should go rest!
Let's go to my room after a nice warm
shower and go to sleep!" "I can sleep like this mom too. I don't
want to get out of your pussy because
I am afraid that I will never have this
opportunity again." "Of course you will! I told you that this
will be our secret for as long as you
like and want me." We took a nice warm shower and then
headed with towels around our waists
to her bed and she went to get some
panties to wear on but I stopped her. "Mommy don't put anything on, I want
to sleep naked with you." "Ok my little horny stud! She laughed." We fell on the bed with her back
towards me and my arm around her
and my hand on her breast. My cock
was half erected and in her labia. I
didn't want to fuck her but just sleep
with my cock in her "most wanting nest". And that is how we fell asleep... To Be Continued...

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