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She had sat near the back of the train tonight, hoping to get some release privately yet in a public place. She quickly darts her black eyes around, then slowly slips her hand down her red and black Tripp pants cupping her young hot pussy. She studies the highly erotic picture in the book she had found in her attic last night. She had took it to work today, only for this moment.

The red hue of the man was so vivid, he stood naked with his huge cock plowing into a woman on her hands and knees in front of him, a look of pure rapture on her face. A young girl, laying on her back under the other woman, was sucking his big ball sac hungrily. His body heavily muscled and his skin had a faint smoky quality to it. His eyes, black as night, seemed to be actually looking at her. A long forked tongue slithered from his full sensual mouth.

She starts to finger her hole fast, moaning and imagining his huge fat cock shoved up her cunt, pounding into her ruthlessly. She can feel her tight pussy burning from being over stuffed and fucked roughly by his massive cock. He growls loudly and unloads a huge gush of cum into her. When he pulls his thick meat from her, a river of cum runs down her thighs. Suddenly, he appears at her head, shoving his cum covered dick in her mouth. He forces his swollen head down her throat, holding her head with both of his large hands to throat fuck her hard and fast. In reality, her body starts to tremble, cumming hard and fast. Her hot nectar gushes from her fuck hole soaking her pants. She opens her eyes slowly, sliding her glistening hand out of her cum soaked Tripps. She glances around again, shock freezing her movements.

A devastatingly handsome red-headed man, dressed completely in black, is staring at her with hungry eyes. The huge bulge in his Tripps a sure sign he had been watching her finger fuck herself. A shiver runs up her spine, noticing that his eyes looked oddly familiar. Shaking her head, she shoves the book in her safty-pin ladded bag and stumbles awkwardly to the exit.

She exits the train about two blocks from her house, praying the strange man won't follow but then again maybe that is what she wants secretly. She swears she hears footsteps behind her but when she looks there is no one there. Her imagination must be running wild tonight. She just shakes her head and hurries home.

Breathing a sigh of relief, she runs up her porch steps and stumbles through her door. Locking it securely, immediately peeling her wet clothes off as she heads to her bedroom. She goes into the attached bathroom and takes a long, hot shower, the water flushing her pale skin pink. She steps out and dries her softly curved body quickly. Paying special attention on her silky smooth pussy.

As she enters her room she notices her window is open. The cool air feels so good, but she can't recall ever opening it. The breeze makes her plump pierced nipples harden and her pale tattooed skin tingle. She closes her black eyes, just enjoying the sensual feeling. Suddenly, the breeze is gone, the window clicking closed.

She opens her eyes warily, crying out when she sees the stranger leaning against the window sill. It is definitely the man from the train but something was different. His eyes were glowing slightly, barely noticeable. He grins at her slowly and casually slips his black shirt off, revealing a smooth, tattooed, muscled chest and abs.

She let's out a soft moan of appreciation involuntarily, her hands clenching at her sides, black nails digging into her palms. Her pussy starts to throb hotly, her juices flowing freely. He raises his nose into the air and takes a deep breath, a loud growl rumbles deep in his chest his black eyes flashed dangerously from under his messy red hair.

"Your scent is so very intoxicating, my sweet. I haven't been affected this deeply in a very long time." his voice is mesmerizing, so deep and masculine. His eyes are flashing brightly, a deep growl filling the room.

Shocking herself, she crawls into her bed and spreads her thick thighs for him willingly. He kneels beside her bed, and turns her until her dripping pussy is just inches from his face, he guides her legs to hook over his broad shoulders. He slides his tongue up and down her slit slowly, licking her juices up like a starving man. She moans loudly, her hands gripping his silky blood red hair. Grinding her cunt against his mouth, she silently begs for more. He roughly shoves his tongue into her hole, somehow making it vibrate. Her whole body starts to quake as her climax hits hard. He grunts and starts tongue fucking her trembling pussy frantically. Sucking every bit of cum out.

The reality hits her as she slowly comes down from her orgasm, he is not human. No man has a tongue like that but she cant make herself stop him. His tongue continues to flick around in her wet cunt fast, his thumb now rubbing her clit just as fast. Deep growls rumble in his chest as her cum gushes into his waiting mouth once again.

After expertly sucking her cunt empty of cum, he stands up, looking at her with pure lust. He shreds his Tripp pants, frantic to get them off. Her eyes pop wide open and she lets out a long moan, staring at the massive cock sticking straight up. His skin subtly brightens into a vivid red, his muscles become more defined. Her breathing becomes fast and shallow, now realizing who he is.

He laughs deeply, seeing her shock. Starting to stroke his monster cock slowly for her as she stares at it, her mouth watering more with each stroke.

"Want a taste of this, little one?" his voice sending liquid fire to pool between her legs. She scoots to the edge of the bed and starts sucking and licking all over his huge balls. He tasted like toasted cinnamon His groan of pleasure urges her to go at it like the hungry slut she is. She looks up into his eyes, sliding her tongue up his huge throbbing shaft, swirling it around his swollen head. He grunts loudly and grabs her head. She surprises him when she shoves ten inches in, his head nestled in her throat. He growls loud and long, his head thrown back. His cock swells even larger as she sucks on him fast and hard, squeezing his ball sac firmly. His body suddenly starts to jerk and freezes, his thick hot cum flooding her throat. She hungrily tries to keep it all, but some spills down her chin to drip on her heaving chest.

He slides his still rigid cock out of her mouth, allowing her to gulp in much needed air. Her whole body is on fire for him and his cock.

"Please fuck me! I need it now!" she whimpers up to him.

His eyes flash an intense pure red as he lays her back, surprisingly gentle. Quickly he crawls up between her legs and rubs his cock up and down her cunt, and with one smooth shove he buries half his cock into her.

"OH FUCK!" she screams. His rod stretches her sheath painfully but she loves it. He starts to pump in and out slowly, growling with each push. His eyes lock onto hers as her legs wrap around his waist, lifting her ass off the bed. He grabs her shoulders and starts to power fuck her hard. Her huge tits bouncing wildly, the barbels in her nipples gleam happily , she screams as her cunt grips him tightly and her cum gushes out around his fast pumping cock. He thrusts even faster and harder, shooting his cum deep in her womb. He lets out a growl that shakes the whole house.

He pulls her up to sit on his thighs, forcing his cock deeper. He kisses her deeply and passionately, her arms holding onto him desperately, not wanting him to leave.

"You are my queen, my sweet. I want you to come with me, rule hell with me. Be my consort for all time." his voice now soft and gentle. Her heart swells with fierce love for this demon. She willingly gives herself to him and presses into him possessively.

"Take me away from here, my dark king. My place is with you, and always will be." her voice cracking with emotion.

He holds her tightly and speaks in a beautifully poetic language. The fire flames up, surrounding them with dry, crackling energy. As the flames flicker, the devil and his new mistress travel to their kingdom in the darkest pits of hell.

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