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Lauren Mason

As I’m new to this site, I suppose I must begin by telling you about the Society of the Black Swan. It was in this community, this group, that my sexuality blossomed as my inhibitions were broken down.

You see, I had been working at the University in the library after graduation and though I had only been there a year, I could feel myself becoming tense and restless. Desire had begun to command my body. My panties would become wet for seemingly no reason. Beneath my bra, my nipples had become so sensitive, that I had to touch them every time I went to the bathroom. Something inside me was changing.
I fought against my body. I had been raised so conservatively. From an early age, my mother forced me to wear high collared shirts to hide my breasts that had matured much earlier than I did. So, I felt shameful about my full and heavy bosom. At the girls’ school I attended, I hid my enormous brown eyes behind out of date glasses. It seemed I was always biting at my plump lips to make them seem smaller. Then, in my freshman year at university, after having read DH Lawrence, I wanted to know more about the human heart and my tragically human body.

I had always felt self conscious about my body, my sexuality, and so that is why I plunged my mind into the world of ideas, art, and literature. I wanted to understand flesh as sculptors understood it. I focused on interpreting my fascination with sex, the body, and relationships by proxy of my education, almost as if I could make the unpredictable sensual drives of human beings into some sort of objective science. But really, it was all to control my own longings that I did not understand. There were a few outbursts of my decidedly hedonistic nature in college, but I denied them as wild and unpremeditated flukes. But then, at the age of 25, restocking a book on The Flora of the Galapagos Islands, my body began to rebel against the limits of the slouchy sweaters and frumpy jeans that hid my shape. I ached inside.

As soon as my shift ended, I hopped on my bicycle and rode back to my flat. I could barely get through the front door when I peeled off my baggy clothing, and pull my traditional white cotton panties into a thong, pulling the fabric into my ass. I scooped my breasts out of the architecturally significant bra I was forced to wear and allowed my dark pink nipples to be exposed. My nipples had become so sensitive, that I squeezed them and tickled them as I paced like a lion into my bedroom. It was like I was becoming another person as I scoured my closet for something to wear that would express the dark, delicious yearning that was driving me mad.

I found a pair of three inch black heels that I had kept from a Halloween costume, and put them on. I stood in front of the mirror, and removed my glasses. In one motion, I released my dark hair that had been twisted into a chignon and then rubbed my long hair over my melon breasts. Teasing my nipples more, my hands then floated down my stomach, between my legs. I tugged at my panties that had become soaked with my anticipation. Cautiously, I dipped my middle finger into my juices and gasped as I lost myself in the soft pinkness of my pussy. Close to coming, I withdrew my finger and brought it to my mouth. The mouth that I had tried so hard to minimize now wrapped its lips around my wet finger. I looked into the mirror and imagined that the finger was a cock, and then brought the index finger into my mouth as well. It was all I could do to stay in my room alone. "Fuck me, please. I’ll be good," I whispered into the late afternoon light of the bedroom. Who was I talking to? Anyone. I was in such heat I would have fucked any man that appeared.

On the dresser, I spied my round bristled brush and felt the soft rubber handle. Purple, soft and just wide enough, I was overwhelmed with the naughty impulse to fuck myself with it. First, I teased my clit with the end of handle, nearly coming from the soft and steady pressure. Then, I lie back on the bed and pushed the rubber brush handle into my pussy. My god, it felt so good. Even though I knew I could take more width, I rubbed the handle in and out of my dark wet entry. I flicked my nipples with my other hand, and then brought my hand to my clit. Fucking myself with the handle, and rubbing my clit, I tried to stop before I came, just to prolong my pleasure. But, I couldn’t wait anymore. My hips started to buck and thrust into my caressing hands and I orgasmed with force.

I wish I could tell you that was the end of it, but that night lasted on and on. About 2am, I lost track of how many orgasms I had given myself. My pussy felt sore, but to my great and exhausted surprise still craved more contact. As I reluctantly fell asleep, naked, wet and smelling of sex, I knew something had changed. A beast inside me had been unleashed and nothing would ever be the same again.

The next morning, I couldn’t bring myself to feel normal. There was a slim fitting pencil skirt that I had bought on a whim but never had worn in the back of the closet. After I showered the sweat and juice off my body from the night before, I slipped the skirt over my curvy hips, foregoing underwear. I couldn’t bear to shroud my sensitive mound in so much material. My baggy white collared shirt wouldn’t do as it was, so I opened the buttons to expose my cleavage and accented it with a pearl necklace. After tying the bottom of the shirt into a knot to hug, my waist, I tousled my long hair and wore it loose. I wanted to find a man in the library aisles and fuck him behind the stacks. Finally, knowing I wouldn’t be able to ride my bike, I slipped on the heels from the night before and relished as my pussy lips rubbed together on the long walk to the library.

Please do not ask me how I existed until lunch time, as I fantasized that someone would come up from behind, pull up my skirt and fuck my pussy anonymously. All of my most slutty desires had been released from the intellectual slumber I had used to repress them. My mouth sucked on my own tongue as I yearned to suck someone, anyone’s big fat dick. I was becoming desperate.

At four o’clock, I went to the special collections room to restock the books that the researchers used as reference but could not check out of the library. When I first entered the glassed in room on the third floor, I thought that it was as deserted as the rest of the aisles I passed to reach it. I picked up three heavy volumes and walked behind one of the shelves on the outer edge of the room to put them away. He didn’t even look up. My Mentor sat at a study desk, perusing a volume on Rubens.

He ran a hand through his graying blonde hair and looked at me with Germanic blue eyes. "You know they say the master appears when the pupil is ready," he said in a deep and comforting voice.

"I’m sorry?"

"When you are ready, dial this number." He handed me a cream business card with a telephone number and an icon of a black swan.

"Ready for what?"

"Your education," he said in an amused tone.

"Sir, I already have an advanced degree from this university. I’m quite sure you don’t think that I need an education."

"When you are ready to experience the full range of your desires, call."

I looked at the card again, and then back at the desk. He was gone. Without pause, I called the number on the card as soon as I burst through the door of my place. As soon as the telephone rang, a voice picked up at the end of the line.

"Ms. Nekane, you have been selected for entry into a most discriminating and exhilarating club. If you choose to join, your body will feel pleasure it has never experienced before. You will be exposed to sensuality and sexual situations beyond your wildest dreams. If you choose to join, you join for life. The only way you may break your membership is by saying one word. However, if you say the word, the situation you are in will end and you will be expected to leave the premises."

"What is the word?" I asked.

"Arachnid." The voice then added, "There is no cost to join this club, it is by invitation only and is completely secret. Your employers have been notified that you will not be attending work tomorrow. If you choose to come for your induction, please be at the curb in front of your house at eight am sharp. Otherwise, enjoy the paid holiday."

I stood on the curb outside my building at 7:45 anxious with curiosity. At exactly 7:59am, a town car with tinted windows pulled in front of me. A driver stepped out, opened the door for me, and then shut it when I climbed in. The leather seats were cool against the crepe of my suit. I wore interview clothes, as I expected some sort of interview. Looking back now, I laugh at how na? I was.

We arrived at an elegant building in an expensive area of town. The driver opened the door for me and then I was met by a door man, who welcomed me with a broad white smile, and pointed me into the lobby. There, an exceedingly gorgeous woman sat at an elevated reception desk. She greeted me by name and then asked me to wait a moment.

Before I could sit, another woman who had a kind of Betty Page aesthetic emerged from behind the heavy wooden door that led into the club.

"Calandria!" Betty exclaimed.

I didn’t really know what to say, as I had never met her before. She told me to please follow her, and this was easy as I was drawn to her bubble shaped behind that animated her black mini skirt. We entered into an office with two wingback chairs and a small table. Everything was very modern but comfortable, and the lighting made everyone’s skin look amazing. We sat down and she said that she would explain some details that I would need to know. First, I would be giving a blood and urine sample right away for analysis. Everyone at the club must remain disease free to keep the integrity of the club. Second, this club was for enjoyment and that a mandatory contraceptive shot would be given to me today and then regularly from now on. Next, I would sign a waiver, and give information for an emergency contact in the event that I had ‘a little too much fun and needed minding.’ Finally, she reminded me that once I join, I join for life. She asked me if I remembered the word that I must speak to break my membership and end my participation immediately. I whispered it. She then reminded me that I must never again say that word in the club or with any club member, or I would be immediately dropped. I nodded and a woman in white scrubs entered and gently took my blood and gave me the shot.

Betty then said that I would need to be groomed and prepared for the initiation. She showed me to a beautifully appointed marble bathroom, and explained about the other sample. I did that one too, and the nurse returned to retrieve it. Suddenly I felt a wave of excitement and panic. Some sort of serious shit was happening here to get fluid samples before 9am.

Before I had too long to think about it, I was taken to a locker room that reminded me of a very expensive spa I went to once. I opened the mahogany door of the locker, and did as I was instructed: removed all of my clothing and jewelry, and put on the silk robe in the locker. An attendant met me and led me into a room with a salt water Jacuzzi. She told me that her name was Nan and that my body would be prepared and groomed for the most exciting day of my life. Before she left, she asked me to enter the warm water and allow myself to just relax for a few moments. After the intensity of the past hour, I gladly shed my robe and allowed my body to be enveloped by the heat of the water. I loved the way that water beaded on my body and my breasts floated a bit in the bubbly water. It felt so freeing just to be nude with so much sensation on every inch of my body.

Nan returned and showed me to a room with a table where I was asked to lay down. I did and then two women entered to wash me, rinse me and pat my body dry with soft warm towels. Nan returned and told me that the next part was optional, but suggested. She said that smooth bodies often enjoy their experiences at the club much more. At this point, I was game for whatever came next.
With a quickness and precision I had never known before, the two women quickly massaged a numbing lotion onto my legs, underarms, and genitals. Before I knew what was happening exactly, I was completely soft, and smooth. My pussy had never been bare before, and I was impressed with the coolness and wetness that overcame me as I realized they had given me a full Brazilian. They slipped me back into my robe and led me to another room where a very slight woman offered me a seat in front of her. She blew my hair straight and applied light make up to my face. The transformation was magical. I looked like a woman in an adult film, not the librarian I had been two days before.

Nan saw me and giggled. She told me that I was beautiful and that it was almost time to begin. In the next room, there was a small lunch prepared for me. Nan said that I would be very busy for the rest of the afternoon and that I should prepare myself and gather some strength. I was strangely calm, and waited for the next thing to happen.

A woman with dark auburn hair and slim hips entered the resting room. She wore a white robe like mine, and smiled when she spoke. She asked me if I was ready, and I nodded. I followed her down a long carpeted hallway past impressionist paintings in gold frames. We arrived at the double doors leading to the main meeting room. She knocked three times, and two handsome men opened the doors.
The main meeting room, as I would come to learn, was a flexible space that would become a party hall, a king’s bedroom, a dungeon…whatever the fantasy was that day the membership wanted to explore. This day, it was dimly lit, and was arranged for my induction.

One of the men asked me for my robe, and a bit nervously, I gave it to him. My bare pussy was on display for everyone to see. He smiled as he looked at me with approval. The other man then spoke, telling me that the membership would be exploring the new member today. I was to allow anyone to touch me anywhere that he or she wanted. I was to allow any member to enter any orifice with his cock, or her hand or toy. This scared me, and made me excited at once. The first man asked if I was ready, and I nodded. He escorted me to the middle of the room where my arms were tethered to soft silk straps above me, and my legs were tied apart.

I couldn’t move to cover my breasts or pussy. I was at the complete mercy of whatever came next. I was blindfolded, and then I heard the doors open and footsteps. It sounded as though a group of maybe twenty people entered the room. I sensed people surrounding me beyond the darkness of the blindfold. With relief, I felt the first hands on my ankles. The hands were warm and slippery with some kind of oil. Then more hands on my calves, thighs, buttocks, stomach, arms, all warm and soft with oil. My nipples got hard and my pussy started to ache. It felt so good to be handled, and I wanted the hands to touch my breasts, my slit. And that’s what happened finally. Strong masculine hands oiled my tits and circled my nipples, squeezing them, flicking them. Firm feminine hands oiled between my thighs and massaged the lips of my pussy. Hairless and vulnerable, the lips parted as the hands worked into the folds of my cunt and pressed inside me to stroke my G spot. I nearly came from all the sensation, but just as I would moan in agony, the hands would ease off. My juices mingled with the oil and my hot cunt poured over the hands that touched me. They teased me for what seemed like hours.

The teasing turned in a new direction, one that was definitely more intense. The hands brought my tethered hands down to my sides and then tied them in front of me. I felt a cool chain loosely fall around my neck and my legs were released from their ties. Still blindfolded, I followed as the chain around my neck tugged me forward and then down to my knees. The quality of the touch became more forceful, but not rough. I felt a fingers circle my fat lips and push between my teeth. I was to open my mouth. First there was one finger then two, then three fingers sliding in and out of my mouth. I began to feel self conscious and my face turned red with humiliation. Why would this make me feel so dirty and hot?

Of course, through the blind fold I did not see the men and women lounging around me on the soft mats. Stroking their cocks and playing with their tits, getting off on watching me be violated one hole at a time. They all knew what was going to happen next. My cunt has already been opened, and now my ass was to be initiated as well.

Someone tickled me between my pussy hole, and my ass and I tensed. I began to moan and plead. "No." Please. But I knew what I had signed up for. The only thing to stop this was the word, and though I was anguishing in humiliation, I couldn’t bring myself to make it stop.

I first felt a small, oily pinky rim my asshole. It was such an intensely erotic feeling that it was difficult for me to know what to think. The pinky slipped inside my anus and began to pulse in and out slowly. To my complete surprise, I felt so dirty, so incredibly slutty that I started to move to meet the pinky. As soon as I expressed pleasure, I felt a slippery middle finger switch out from the pinky and then I was red faced and ashamed but full of lust as the finger fucked my ass. I cried out with pleasure and I suddenly felt hands and mouths come to my tits. The mouths sucked and bit at my nipples while that finger still slipped in and out. I knew what was coming next. Like an animal, my hips bucked and thrust as two slippery fingers spread my asshole. There were sounds coming out of my mouth that were primal and completely erotic. I felt the group close the circle closer to me.

I should have expected it, but when it happened I was completely surprised. The chain around my neck pulled me forward and I came to all fours. The fingers were still fucking me in the ass, and then a thick cock spread my cunt in two. He thrust against my pussy gently, and got more forceful with my ass. I knew I was a whore, and was so ashamed, but I wanted that cock in my pussy, my ass and my mouth. I didn’t know it was my mentor and his thick delicious cock that got his way with me first. I felt him pull out of my pussy and then I knew it was coming. Slowly, he put the tip of the oiled cock in my ass and I tensed. He stroked my buttocks and said, "Shhh. It’s going to be alright." I relax and he pushed his inside me to his balls. I arched my back and met him at each stroke.

He pulled the chain so I would come up to my knees and straddle him so my back was rubbing on his bare smooth chest. I felt him reach around me and cup my tits, squeezing the nipples and then tickling them again and again. He positioned my legs a little further apart still with his cock in my ass and then I felt another set of hands on my tits. Another man pressed against my front and kneeling in front of me, he opened my cunt with his stiff member. Oh god. I was being taken from both sides. I could only say ‘please’ over and over again. A moment passed and I felt a hand turn my face to the side. A hard cock opened my mouth and slowly began to fuck my throat. I curled my lips to add tension to the member in my mouth, spitting on it to glide more easily in and out of my mouth and throat.

All three of these men were fucking me in rhythm. They were fucking me hard, but it didn’t feel violent. However, it was if they were reading my mind when they began to talk to me.

"Come on, you dirty slut. Open up for me baby."

"That’s what you like whore. Take all that cock deep in you. You’re a dirty bitch you know that."

They were speaking to that part of me that had to cover up, pretend she didn’t have a fucking sexy body, who had to pretend she didn’t like sex for too too long. Then, they started to say, ‘come on bitch, are you going to come for me?’ I was so beyond an orgasm, or so I thought.

I then felt hands work their way to my nipples, and another hand move between me and the man who was fucking my pussy. He or she or whoever began to shake my clit and I wanted to cry out. I couldn’t cry out because that big cock was drilling my throat. I whimpered and bore down on the dick that was fucking my ass and the dick that was pounding my cunt. Like an electrical short circuit my hips began to convulse. I started shaking and a white hot heat burned from my cunt all through my body. I came like I had never come before. And they kept fucking my holes. A moment passed and the shocks began again. My whimpering got higher pitched. That dick was now being merciless in my ass. The thrusts were hard and sure. The fingers pinching my nipples squeezed hard. I wanted someone to hit my buttocks or tits…hit me somewhere. And I shuddered with a fucking orgasm that could have broken through time itself when my Mentor slapped both my ass cheeks so hard that he later told me he worried he really hurt me. He did really hurt me and I felt like such a dirty whore for loving it.

The dick in my mouth was about to pop and I wanted to drink his cum until it was dry. He exploded into my mouth and I swallowed the cum sucking the cock for more. The circle closed in closer. My Mentor pulled out of my ass and stroked his cock while he pulled the chain to make me lie on my back. I could hear him breathe heavily as he stroked his cock above me. He cried out when he jizzed all over my face. The man fucking my cunt groaned, his thrusts going longer and deeper. Suddenly I realized that there were at least six other men kneeling over me, masturbating their cocks. Like fireworks, one by one and then two at a time, and then the rest came all over my body. The last guy fucking my cunt was crying out as I felt all the hands all over me again, rubbing the hot juices into my body. I don’t know from where, but finger emerged and quickly rubbed at my clit, I came one last time as the last man groaned and sank himself deep inside me to fill be with hot cum.

I was conscious for maybe another two seconds, and then I blacked out. When I awoke, Nan was holding my head above water in the salt water Jacuzzi. She stroked my head and said that they were very happy with me. The rest of my training would be easier than today in many ways, but also much more intense. How much more intense could it get? You have no idea about the Black Swans, and I didn’t either… but I’m going to tell you. I promise.

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