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Michael Peterson

They’d been friends for a long time, were comfortable with each other, and traveled well together, even though he preferred to fly and she preferred the car. They were due to arrive in Vermont that evening at the lodge where they had reservations for two rooms. She assured him that he would love it, being in the heart of the Green Mountains at the height of foliage season was her favorite thing in the world, she loved everything about it; from the crisp morning air to the cool evenings, the smell of wood smoke from fireplaces burning fragrant pine logs, the gleam of the stars shining so brightly in the frosty autumn night, fresh apple cider, hot fresh donuts, fields of pumpkins just about ready for the Halloween fun later in the month. Yes, fall in Vermont was her place and time to enjoy to the fullest, she felt most alive then, and as they got closer to the lodge, she had a feeling that something was going to happen that would change her life.

They arrived at the lodge just after full dark, which comes early in the mountains of Vermont, and parked the car to go in and register. Everything seemed fine until the clerk announced that yes he had both their names, but the reservation was for one room, not two. They looked at each other and then at the clerk and she asked doubtfully if there was a second room available. The clerk laughed and told them there probably wasn’t another room anywhere on the mountain. Again they exchanged glances, and nodded their acceptance of the room to the clerk, both wondering how this was going to work out. They got checked in and pulled the car around to the back parking lot and took their bags in and to their room. The room itself was charming, done log style in soft golden pine with a fieldstone fireplace, a pair of comfortable chairs and a single huge bed covered by an equally large patchwork quilt.

As the door closed behind them, they set their bags down and went to the chairs, where they sat to talk about the situation. They agreed that they could manage, though privately both were thinking about bedtime, sleeping arrangements, and the single bed in the room. She was wondering what she would do, since she slept nude at home and didn’t even own a pair of pajamas, and all she had brought was a warm robe. He was thinking about the discomfort of sleeping in his underwear, since he also customarily slept nude. They skirted around the issue, and decided to go and get some dinner, leaving the bags where they’d dropped them, and heading for the restaurant just off the main lobby of the lodge.

They decided to have wine with dinner, which put both of them more at ease and they were soon laughing and joking as usual, the situation of the room pushed to the back of their minds for the moment. Dinner was relaxing and quite enjoyable, and they were feeling good by the time they were finished. They decided to stop in the bar for a nightcap before going back to the room, and both ended up having a couple of drinks as they sat and she told him stories about Vermont; the countryside, history, and people as she knew them from growing up there. They laughed together at her tales of the area, relaxing further as they just enjoyed each others company and the lovely surroundings. She promised to take him to some gorgeous places the next day, saying as he’d often heard her say, that the beauty of Vermont lay in the small intimate places one stumbled on unexpectedly, rather than grand vistas. Another two hours flew by, and before they knew it, it was getting close to midnight. As the day began to catch up to them, they decided to head back to their room and try to get some rest.

She headed straight into the bathroom when they got to the room, grabbing her bag as she passed it and taking it with her. He put his bag off to one side after pulling out what he needed for the night. When she came out of the bathroom, she was wrapped snugly in her robe, and he teased her about looking cute but like she was freezing as he went into the bathroom and closed the door. When he came back out, she was curled on her side under the covers, already sound asleep. He noticed that she still wore the robe, but that it had loosened, letting him glimpse the curve of a breast. He quietly shut off the lights and slid under the comforter and between the cold sheets on his side of the bed, stopping himself from cuddling closer to her warm shape, and after some tossing and turning, finally fell asleep.

As sometimes happens, as they slept, their bodies gradually moved towards the warmth of the other, and they ended up cuddled close in the center of the bed. She still faced away from him and he was curled closely to her back with one arm wrapped around her, his hand having slid inside the robe and found a breast to cup as they slept. She was the first to awake, feeling amorous and knowing only in her half awake state that someone was curled close, his semi erect cock pushing against her ass, his hand holding her breast. She instinctively settled her hips back more firmly against him, and felt his hand tighten briefly around her breast before sliding away down the front of her, to find the hot wet entrance of her womanhood and stroke her there. Desire flared in her and she again moved against him, this time realizing that he was also awake now as he began to kiss the nape of her neck, and his fingers played around her clit, causing her to jump and twitch.

"Take off your robe," he whispered in her ear, his own hands going to the tee shirt and underwear he had worn to bed and stripping them off. He felt the cloth of her robe brush away from him, and then her gloriously soft skin was touching his, her body was pressed back against him, and she was squirming as his hands roamed over her. He turned her so she was on her back, leaning over her to kiss her mouth, his tongue probing between her lips, his hand moving back to a breast to tweak and pinch the nipple. He let his lips trail softly over her cheeks and found her ear, nibbling gently and blowing lightly before letting them travel down over her neck and upper chest. His tongue circled the hardened nipple that his fingers had been playing with, tasting the slightly salty tang of her skin, and those fingers found her other nipple, lovingly teasing it into hardness to match what his lips, tongue and teeth did to the other.

Her hands found his hair, playing in it before grabbing his head and holding his mouth tight to her breasts, encouraging him to feast even more avidly. He sucked hard on her nipple, drawing as much of her breast flesh into his mouth as he could, letting his hands start to drift over the rest of her body, finding and stroking all the little spots that made her desire flame higher. He slowly moved his head down, licking and kissing every inch of her front and sides, his mouth slowly following his hands as he played her body, fed her desire until it raged through her and she began to moan and push against him insistently. His fingers played around but did not touch her clit, moving back and forth between the swollen lips of her fiery hot, dripping wet pussy, and as he made his way down her torso, his hands settled under her ass cheeks to lift her to his eager mouth for his first taste of her hot sweet juices.

Gently he ran his tongue over the outside of her lips, up and down several times, and then slightly parting them as his tongue delved deeper on each stroke. He used his fingers to unsheathe and expose her clit to his gaze. He thought it was the most beautiful he’d seen, and his tongue flicked it before he took it between his lips and made her groan with need by sucking on it. He nibbled gently on it as he slowly slid a finger into her wetness, causing her hips to bounce upward. She was again holding his head, trying to push his face further into her pussy as she started to lose herself in the sensations he was inducing in her. He knew she was ready for more, as he was. His cock was rock hard and throbbing, and he wanted desperately to feel her surrounding him.

He moved back up and over her, positioning himself at her pussy, the head of his cock teasing her lips lightly as she tried to lift and meet him. He held still for a few moments, enjoying the feel of the heat coming off her, smelling her arousal as her hips danced beneath him. He lowered himself down until he was resting firmly against her, their bodies stretched together chest to chest, groin to groin, and his hard cock nestled between her legs. Her heat drew him and he slowly entered her, easing himself in an inch at a time. She was so tight, in spite of her wetness, that he felt every ridge of her pussy clasping him. He used short gentle strokes, pushing further into her with each thrust until he was buried to the hilt. He stopped and just enjoyed the feel of her surrounding him, hot and wet, and oh so tight.

When he began to move, it was with long slow strokes that brought him all the way out of her until just the very tip of his cock was between her swollen pussy lips, and then sent him back in to the hilt. They both reveled in the feelings and sensations their coupling was producing, letting their desire spiral higher and higher as they began to move faster together, the force of their bodies meeting making slapping sounds that echoed through the room. They could both feel the release building, knew that they were so close, and they moved faster together, their breathing ragged and hearts pounding. And then they reached the peak, together as never before, both shuddering with the release and the ecstasy, holding each other tightly as they rode the waves of pleasure together. As they came down from the heights of their passion, they both knew that everything between them was different now.

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