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I’m a pretty average girl, 5’9, athletic stance , and have blonde hair and blue eyes. Everyone’s dream girl right? (Maybe, maybe not) I spend a lot of my free time playing the guitar or working out at the gym. All in all you could say I was a pretty average girl right?. Well, it all started when I became a senior in high school and I met a girl named Carmen.
We hit it off automatically became friends in a snap. I no longer had any free time because we were always together. My whole life I was looking for someone like Carmen. I felt like all my dreams were coming true. Unfortunately there was some what of a problem I had this deep dark secret not even my parents knew. I was so afraid for her to find out. It was tearing me up inside. What should I do.
It had been an awesome day we went to see a movie but I could hardly pay attention to it because my mind was spinning. After six months of being friends I knew today was the day that my secret would come out. After the movie Carmen said, ‘Well what now?’ ‘I don’t know Want to go to my house’? Sure! she said. No words were spoken as we drove down the road.

The intensity of my spinning head was growing. We finally arrived at my house. ‘How did you like the movie?’ Carmen asked ‘Um it was ok.’ Trying to avoid the subject due to the fact I didn’t pay any attention to the movie. ‘Lets go up to my room’ Alexia are your parents home? No they went out for there twentieth year anniversary. ‘Aw… That’s sweet’ said Carmen ‘I hope I meet someone I can spend the rest of my life with’ ‘Don’t worry’, I grabbed her hand ‘You will’ As I led her up stairs she said ‘I have to ask you something.’ We walked into my room and sat down onto the bed. ‘OK!‘ You can ask me anything. Damn does she know my secret? How could she, no one does.
I couldn’t let myself look at the only one in my life I have ever cared this much about. I was too ashamed, The only thing I could think about was that I should have told her when we met. Its O.K. she said, I know your secret. My heart sank, I then gazed into her beautiful eyes. She moved closer to me I then moved closer to her. Is this really happening? Our lips locked around each others, my hand slowly rose to her neck, I broke the kiss. How did you know I was gay? I’ve seen the way you’ve looked at me for the past six months. I smiled. I then watched as Carmen laid down onto the bed pulling me along with her. I grabbed her lips with my own and swirled into a world of bliss. Not caring how far it went I let myself go.

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‘I’m so horny!’ she screamed, ‘please fuck me, please lick my pussy‘. My pussy was on fire also, I could feel the flaps of my clit enlarge. Knowing how wet I was I had to ask, ‘Will you do the same for me?’ ‘Anything’ she screamed, ‘I will make it worth your while.’ I slowly made my way down to where she wanted me. I could smell the sweet nectar of what I had been longing for. I grabbed her warm, wet, panties and slid them off. I couldn’t help myself but to stare at her naked body in awe.

‘Hurry!’ she said, I could tell she was about to come, her hands were grabbing at the sheets and her moans were at the stage of complete satisfaction. I took a hold of her thighs and spread her legs wide open to see what she had to offer me. I moved my head down to her clit and began to caress her pussy with my tong. ‘Oh god! oh yeah!’ she moaned between breathes. She yelled as I nibbled on her. As I pleasured her clit with my tong I stuck two of my fingers in her cum dripping hole. Again she screamed ‘I…I…I’m coming!’ I then felt a rush of warm liquid pour onto my already cum soaked hand. Carmen then grabbed my hand and began to lick off every last drop of her cum while I continued to suck on her pussy. ‘UMMM… I taste so good.

That was amazing, I knew from the day I met you, you would be a great pussy licker.’ She did taste delicious, but I wanted to know. ‘Will you do the same for me now?’ I hesitated to ask but I knew I had been waiting very patiently, and my pussy needed to be licked clean from the sweet juices pouring out of it. ‘Hold on peaches’ she said, ‘you won’t get off that easily!’ She then made her way off the bed and over to her bag. ‘What’s going on?’ ‘You’ll see she said I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.’ Carmen then reached into her bag and pulled out a shiny object. ‘Where the hell you get a thing like that!’ She smiled widely and said ‘why the internet of course.’ Where did you think? I had never seen anything like it. Attached to it were straps in which she tide tightly around her .

Come over here Alexia and suck on it. Lets see the bad girl you really are. I made my way over to the 8’’ rubber cock and began to suck. Carmen then started to moan. AHHH….MMMM….OHHHHH Her moans were amazing they made me want to perform for her. I slid my tong up and down the rubber shaft and then sucked on the tip. ‘WOW! I never knew you would be a cock sucker too. The way I do things might be a little different than you are use to peaches, I like it doggie style.’ Feeling a little scared she leaned down and whispered ‘This might hurt’ in my ear then sealed it with a long passionate kiss. All of a sudden she rammed the 8 inch cock into my pussy with such abrupt force I screamed in agony. AHHHH…. Eventually we both had the same rhythm and I was trying to get her to go deeper and deeper inside of me. I could feel her pulsations as though it was really her inside of me. GO DEEPER …..AHHHH….YEAH.

‘Turn over she said, and I can.’ Without hesitation she had pushed me down to the position that she wanted me in and went as deep as she possibly could. She was going in and out, in and out, faster and faster then, within what felt like a second I had came about three times. ‘Lick it clean’ she said, as she straddled me in the perfect position for me to do so. As I licked the cock clean of all my sweet juices she massaged my tits in such a way that I came once again. Before I knew it, it was over and we were laying there naked and exhausted from what we had just done.

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