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Lexmark Barcodes now in ShopSavvy!

The folks from Lexmark shared pictures of their latest ‘Scan with ShopSavvy’ program. These will be seen in retailers like Sam’s Club.

We launched our ‘Scan with ShopSavvy‘ program a year ago and told retailers and brands they could use the program for free. As a result hundreds of retailers and brands are leveraging QR codes in their product and store packaging. Use of the ‘Scan with ShopSavvy’ badge around a QR code can increase the scan rate by up-to 30%. Most Americans are still in the dark about QR codes and need a little help understanding how to interact with them. The ‘Scan with ShopSavvy’ program is a very simple way to provide a ‘hint’ to consumers.

Are you a retailer or brand? Here are the program details: QR Codes are all the rage in retail, but most consumers have no idea what those strange 2D barcodes are all about. Our Scan with ShopSavvy program helps consumers bridge the gap between 1D and 2D barcodes. Retailers and Brands who have used our branding program have seen interaction with their QR codes by 30% or more. There is no cost for the program, simply use the ‘Scan with ShopSavvy’ badge over your custom QR Code (we can create the code for you if you like for free) and you are ready to go. The program helps promote the use of ShopSavvy which is good for us and helps retailers instruct the consumer how to engage with your QR codes. Download the ‘Scan with ShopSavvy‘ art today (we love to see the program in action so please send us a picture of how you used the badge).

Our $300 App Experiment – 9 Months Later

Almost a year ago we released our barcode scanner SDK publicly, allowing anyone to create a barcode scanning scanning app for ipad for iOS or Android. Nine months ago, without working with our internal developers, I decided to hire a contractor to incorporate our SDK in a VERY simple app. My instructions to the developer were to create an app with a single screen and one ad unit. $300 later I had an app called the QR Code Reader and Scanner. I released it for free in the iTunes market. Here are the stats for the last nine months:

- 382,211 total downloads.
- 2,000-3,000 downloads per day currently.
- 563,909 iAd impressions
- 19.61% iAd fill rate
- $27.69 Average iAd eCPM
- 29,147 iAd Clicks
- 5.17 iAd CTR
- $15,613.79 iAd Profit
- $75.80 iAd Profit Per Day

Based on the current run-rate of the app we should generate another $20,000 in iAd profit by year end. That’s +/- $35,000 after investing $300 (plus using our freely available SDK). While no one is getting rich I think it is a perfect example of how ANY developer can make money building and releasing free applications for smartphones.

Home Depot Barcodes now in ShopSavvy!

The Home Depot is now using QR codes in their shelf and circulars. The DIY retailer uses the codes to help consumers link to additional information about their products. Just open up ShopSavvy and start scanning and the app will deliver you directly to the information. Here is an example of their latest QR code (Update: Scanlife has announced they are doing clickthru tracking on the codes).

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