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5 Ways to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

There are many tips for improving your essay writing skills, including getting your essays reviewed by a professional. As much as it is good for you to improve your writing skills, it is worth mentioning that there are many online writing companies that will provide you with a free essay writer,  who will style and edit your first essay for free.

Read Good to Write Good

This is the first advice that a writer will give. Writing of all kinds is improved with reading other writers’ work. To be good at essay writing, what better way to do it than reading works of the renowned essayist. You can find many essays online ranging from personal problems to problems of the world. 

You can add something extra to the write my essay for me that have incredible chronicled functions as their subjects and those that are composed during those occasions. You will get to know-how arguments and ideas are molded to explain the subject and even justify it.

One should read other general essays on subjects of education, politics, and culture too. Politics & the English Language, an essay by Orwell tells the reader through the power of persuasion, amongst other things, how vague use of the English Language is used to keep the people aloof of politics.

Essays on writing itself will teach you how to write as well as show you how to present thoughts and ideas on such a subject. Essays such as “Reflections on Writing” by Henry Miller and “Why I Keep a Notebook” by Joan Didion.

Emulate the writers as much as you like. Delve into as many voices as possible until you find your own unique voice and style.

Active Voice

A piece of advice that cannot be emphasized enough. Active voice is how we speak in real life, passive voice, however, is the stuff of theaters and plays. 

Go on try to say a sentence in a passive voice and you will see what I mean. 

Passive sentence circles around the subjects before connecting the action to them. While active voice is headed by the subject leading to fast-paced writing that promotes a free flow of ideas and arguments. 

A writer needs to grab onto the attention of the reader and lead them to various ideas and conclusions, with the action is done upon the narration and not the other way around. An essayist needs the authority to command the readers, only with an active voice can he or she do that.

Strong Word Choice

You can stress over having your write my essay loaded up with solid and significant words after you are finished with the underlying composition. While revising and editing you will scan your sentences for extra words and baggage and discard them. Remember that if something can be communicated in lesser words than is no need to elongate a sentence. 

The choice of strong words starts with identifying them. You can then use a thesaurus to find other choices that fit the sentence. Another way to make your sentences short and strong is to include strong action verbs. Usually, verbs that are followed or preceded by adverbs are weak verbs. It is always a good practice to scan for the ‘-ly’ words and discard them.

Online Writing Courses

The online learning experience is vast and effective. Sites like Coursera and EdX are frontrunners of online learning. You can participate in various essay writing courses and get assessed through marked assignments. It is a great way to brush up and add to your writing skills.

Proofreading and Editing tools

Progressed apparatuses additionally help the free essay writer with appropriate accentuation, word decision, and right voice. These tools come as add-ons and can scan the document you are working on for errors while you are working on them.

Advanced tools also help the writer with proper punctuation, word choice, and correct voice. Tools such as ‘Grammarly’, ‘The Hemingway Editor’, and ‘Polish My Writing’ are one of the best to work with. This will save you time that you can spend on perfecting other parts of the essay.


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