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Gold and silver are two metals that have marked the history of mankind. Considered as metals of values, the jewellers love them. They were once among the emblematic and symbolic objects of the history of antiquity, but even better, gold was the currency of several countries. And even though today it has lost this function, it remains the most remarkable object in the modern world by virtues and characteristics.

Global presentations

Gold and silver are metals highly regarded as valiant. The history of gold goes back from the dawn of time and continues to the present day. It has been the subject of considerable global success and for a country, having a lot of gold within it is a sign of world power. For ages, the use of gold even went as far as currency exchanges until it was replaced by the notes. However, despite everything, gold remains a factor of economic power for a country, which has earned it the reputation of being the first raw material worthy of being the object of trading all over the world. Gold trades against the U.S. dollar. In the world of trade, its symbol is the XAUUSD. However, the price of gold remains highly volatile, mainly influenced by inflation, which every trader must analyze before embarking on it. The strong variations between supply and demand also influence the price of gold as well as major political and economic crises within a country. As for silver, it is known to be less valuable and therefore cheaper than gold. It is symbolized by XAGUSD on the market. Commodity trading has taken hold in recent years, especially as financial crises around the world are prompting investors to take shelter on these commodities.

The benefits of trading gold and silver

The gold and silver trading system is simple: just buy raw materials virtually and hope to resell it more expensively afterwards. There are several CFD contracts that deal with gold and silver trading. The advantages of trading gold and silver are numerous. First of all, gold is always a safe value, then it is negotiable using different currencies which implies that it allows an investor to vary his wallet. Trading time is not limited, it can be done 24 hours a day. But don't forget either, you can trade gold and silver on forex. What's getting even more interest, among other things:

  • Transaction costs are lower on forex since there is no brokerage commission.

  • Then the trading is done in a nice place, a quiet and friendly environment.

  • The leverage is very broad.

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