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Matthew Oates

Though she was never intrigued by it, the idea was always something lurking around the back of my head. Then one night we were watching a porn flick and this girl was getting it by two guys. I noticed that beneath the blanket which covered us Julie was masturbating pretty hot and heavy. When I put my hand between her legs, her pussy and fingers were so wet, it didn't take long before we were both naked and fucking.

Well, the very next day, I asked Julie what she wanted for her birthday. She shyly asked if she could have anything she wanted, and I said sure. She went on to explain that there was this guy at work, John, she was really attracted to, and thought the idea of a threesome might intrigue him. I was floored. Here was my fantasy, kind of, come true. I thought about it a moment and said yes with one string attached. They would do everything I told them to.
She agreed, and the meeting was set up. We were both nervous when he showed up at the door, and I'd lie if I said a twinge of jealousy didn't hit me when I saw John. He was better looking than I was, but I had said yes and it was too late to turn back now.

We had a great dinner, with champagne passed around freely, and it was strange how quickly John and I became friends. As dinner finished we moved to the living room where Julie and I sat together on the couch, and John sat in a chair opposite us.

Finally, I couldn't stand it any longer. I told Julie to stand up and strip. She was hesitant I could tell, but as she pulled the soft sweater over her head, and slipped the skirt over her thin hips, I could tell she was getting into it. John was stroking his raging hard on through his pants as she reached behind her and released her small, but firm breasts. Julie has unbelievably large nipples and she moved close to John, tweaking them till they stood erect. His tongue passed over them and she wiggled that sweet ass of hers at me. I heard her sigh as she straightened up and slid her panties down. I thought John was going to burst through his pan ts staring at Julie's perfectly shaved pussy. Bending over, she spread her lips to show both of us just how wet she was. Finally she stood up, just sort of rocking back and forth until I said,

"Julie, I want you to suck his cock."

She looked at me nervously then made her way toward him. Kneeling, she slid open his zipper and lowered his pants and underwear. His cock sprung loose and I was amazed by its size.

"Turn the chair so I can watch."

After doing so, she ran her tongue up and down his enlarged member. John wanted her to swallow him, but Julie was an expert at oral sex and wouldn't give him what he wanted until she was ready. She played with his length, running her fingernails along his balls and up between his ass cheeks. Her tongue left long, wet lines up his cock, her teeth lightly biting at his hard skin. Reaching his tip, she kissed it, and opened her mouth wide. I watched as she swallowed him, sliding her mouth up and down his shaft. I could see her getting ready to deep throat him, slowly working down just a little further each time until she couldn't control herself anymore and his entire cock disappeared. My cock was so hard and lonely I opened my pants and began stroking my own meat.

It was amazing sitting there watching my girlfriend give this guy head. I could almost feel the way she was stroking him with one hand, while her mouth kept him more than lubricated. He was moaning and groaning, thrusting himself deeper into her mouth. John wrapped his fingers into her hair as I glanced at that dripping pussy of hers. My hand was stroking so fast I imagined what it would be like to be inside of her. I looked back at her mouth, her cheeks bulging out slightly when the head of his cock brushed them and wanted to be there.

I knew he must be ready to come by how short his breath was getting so I told Julie to stop. With a look of disappointment they turned to me. That disappointment vanished when I told them what I wanted next. I told John to get out of the chair and let Julie sit down. Spreading her legs wide, John and I gazed at her pink and wet pussy. Without needing to be told so, John buried his face in her. Instantly, Julie threw her head back with a look of unabashed pleasure. I told John to slide some fingers into her, and he did so. First one, then two and finally three as his tongue continued giving her clit a massage. When Julie screamed out and grabbed a hold of John's head, I told John to fuck her and fuck her hard. There was no hesitation on his part. John moved up her body, catching a nipple between his teeth and pulling hard. I then watched his massive slab of meat push apart the lips of her pussy and slide in. John grabbed the chair and thrust his hips furiously, sliding in and out of her, moving her whole body. I watched as Julie's breasts bounced and the chair rocked. Watching that cock disappear completely into her warm, wet hole was too much and I shot my load just as he thrust forward one last time filling her to the point that it dripped on to the chair.

He slid from her, still hard, and I told Julie to come over and suck me until I was hard. She hungrily licked the cum off me, before swallowing my flaccid member. She was an animal now, drinking and sucking what was left of my cum. Sooner than I had believed possible I felt myself getting hard in her mouth.

With Julie sucking my now hard cock with abandon, her warm lips and tongue pleasuring me, I instructed John to start fucking her again. One of our walls has a huge mirror, and it was there I watched Julie on hands and knees, sucking me at one end, and getting fucked by John at the other. She was going crazy, and I felt her shudder over and over as one orgasm after another ripped through her. John's motions were timed expertly, each forward thrust sending her mouth down on to my cock with force. I watched his hips swing hard into her ass, his hands gripping her skin tight. She was moaning like I'd never heard her before.

At last though, I had John lay on his back. He stroked his meat watching Julie straddle him, and then her dripping pussy swallowed his cock whole. While she rocked up and down on his pole I slid behind her, and taking out some oil, began working it back and forth between her ass cheeks. Slowly, carefully, I slid a finger into her ass. She groaned. As I inserted my second finger she began rocking her hips back and forth, swallowing my fingers deep into her. Anal sex has never been one of her favorites, but with as hot as she was, I didn't think she'd mind.

I told her to keep fucking him but to get her ass up in the air. She did so with such enthusiasm that I knew she wanted it as badly as I did. I poured the warm oil into my hand and ran it along my throbbing cock. I let my eyes look down and watched with pleasure as John's cock slipped in and out of her steaming pussy. She wiggled her ass as I ran my cock between her cheeks, and then pressing tight against her hole, I slid in. Her ass was so tight she moaned loudly, but with the oil, I was pumping in and out of her with ease in no time.

I again turned to the mirror, and what an amazing sight that was! Here was John, beneath her, pumping his cock hard and fast into her pussy, while I kneeled behind her ramming her ass. I gripped her hips and pounded with everything I could. I watched my cock slip from that tight little hole of hers before plunging back in. The wildest sensation was feeling John's cock, the both of us stroking back and forth. His hands had her tits held firm and I grabbed her by the hair as she screamed out in pleasure.

It seemed to go forever, but I felt my cock straining to keep its juices in. I heard John screaming something about coming, and I felt him press hard into her again and she shuddered as he exploded. By now she was nearly collapsing but I kept pumping, watching my cock slip in and out. I'd bring my cock all the way out to the head before pressing back till my belly touched her ass. By now John had turned over and was licking out her cum drenched pussy and playing with her clit. Her voice was muffled as she hungrily took his cock into his mouth, and though I can't be sure, I'm almost positive I felt John's warm tongue reach up and lick my balls. That, combined with watching his cock in her mouth again, was too much. I thrust forward hard, and let my cum fill that sweet ass of hers. She shuddered again, and we all collapsed.

We fucked several more times, and though John has since asked her for a repeat performance, she's declined repeatedly. Our sex life has improved immensely and we've tried all sorts of new things since that night.

Oh yeah. My birthday's coming soon. Maybe I'll write and let you know what happens then.

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