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Amanda Lynn

When she was younger all she thought about was sex and how great it would feel. As she grew she started having darker fantasies and didn't know how to control them. Every night she would masturbate while thinking about men using her; forcing her to do things for their pleasure. But now, just thinking about being used isn't enough.

 She didn't know if she could really go through with finding a man and letting him do things to her but deep down she really knew this needed to happen. She decided to go online and make a profile on a well known BDSM site where she could look for an older Daddy Dom. She talked to quite a few men and met a couple of them but only got as far as giving them head in an empty parking lot. She loved the experience of giving a complete stranger a blow job out in public but she still needed more. After some time she finally found a man who she thought could be her Daddy and they decided to meet.

 The day had finally come to meet her new Daddy, she was so excited and kept thinking about the things that he had told her to do when she got to their meeting place. They decided to meet in a cheap hourly rate motel, she had told him that it turned her on to think about going to a sleazy motel and getting fucked. She was to get there before him and get completely naked then put on nipple clamps that she had bought a couple days ago. She put the first clamp on her left nipple and felt the rush of pain and pleasure mixed together and then more pain as she put the other clamp on her right nipple. She pulled on the chain connecting the clamps and moaned, she then started rubbing her pussy lips and feeling how wet she was. She started to lick the juices off of her fingers and then there was a knock on the door.

 Her Daddy had told her that she was to be completely naked when she answered the door. As she stood there in front of the door with her hand stretched towards the handle she wondered if it was actually him or someone else. She stood there for a second totally scared and then she heard a knock again and opened the door. There stood her Daddy, the man who would do whatever he wanted to her and she smiled at him. He walked into the room and closed the door then looked her up and down, "hello baby," he said then held the back of her head and pulled her into himself. He kissed her like she had never been kissed, she felt chills through out her body and thought that she would buckle to the ground if he let go of her. 

 "Get on the bed and bend over," he told her. She does just what he says and then she feels his hands run up and down her body, he rubs her butt and spreads her cheeks apart so he has a clear view of both her holes. He unzips his pants and pulls out his cock then says, "I'm pretty sure you know what to do with this right?" 

"Yes Daddy," she says. 

 She slides her tongue around the head of his cock and sucks on it then slides her tongue down his dick to the balls. She licks and sucks on his balls while she jerks his dick. He grabs his cock and slides it into her mouth then holds the back of her head. He slides his cock in and out of her mouth then shoves it all the way to the back of her throat making her choke. 

 He then gets behind her and rubs his hard cock up and down between her pussy lips and feels how soaked she is. He grabs onto her hips then slams his dick deep in her wet hole. She screams from being stretched open and starts to moan and grind up on his dick. He begins to slap her ass hard making it bright red, "oh yes, take my cock you fucking whore." He slams in and out of her while she begs for more. He demands her to tell him what a whore she is. She moans and says, "I'm a cheap worthless whore Daddy, I love being your whore and taking your cock." 

 He pulls his dick out of her pussy then pushes the head into her asshole. As he pushes the rest of his cock inside her he moans and says, "god dammit you are the tightest bitch I've ever had!" He begins to fuck her ass as he pulls her body up towards his and grabs her tits with the nipple clamps still attached. Her breasts are on fire and she wants him to let go but doesn't say anything and continues to take his cock. Then he pulls out and asks her if she brought the butt plug like he asked and she says yes. 

 He slides the butt plug deep into her asshole then makes her get on her back. He spreads her legs apart and slaps her pussy hard, she doesn't expect it and screams then he slaps it again. He shoves two fingers into her pussy hole and starts to slide them in and out, he pushes another finger in then another. He starts to fuck her with his four fingers while he pulls on the chain connected to the clamps. She moans and grinds on his fingers and then starts to rub her clit but then he slaps her hand hard, "did I tell you to do that? You don't do anything unless I say you can! Everytime I slap your clitoris you are to say you're sorry." He slaps her clit hard and she apologizes. He slaps her clit again, and again, and again, then one more time as hard as he can. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry Daddy," she screams almost in tears.

 He pushes her legs up and towards her head then slams his cock into her pussy and starts pounding her as hard as he can. She's screaming and moaning, "fuck me Daddy, fuck your whore, please use my pussy." His cock is sliding in and out of her while he rubs his thumb against her clit. "I'm going to cum inside your cunt whore and I know that you need to cum but you can't until I say you can. Now beg me to cum inside you or I'll just dump my jizz on your face and leave." She grinds against him and says, "Oh Daddy, please cum in me, I need your cum inside me so badly. All I think about is being filled with your sperm. I was born to be your cum dumpster, please fill me up." He fucks her harder as he gets ready to unload in her cunt. "You fucking nasty cum dump, you're going to cum right after I fill you with my seed." He slams inside her one last time and starts to cum in her, he cums so much it begins to pour out of her. She feels him ejaculate inside her and she starts to orgasm, she moans loud and feels shivers through out her entire body. 

 "Now thank me for cumming inside you and allowing you to orgasm then bend over and shove your head in the pillow and stay there." She thanks him and does just as he says, she thinks that they're done and doesn't understand what's going on now. Right then she hears knocking on the door and hears it open, her Daddy says hello to someone and then she hears another man's voice, "so this is the cock hungry whore you were talking about huh?" . . .

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