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Term Paper Topics

Agamemnon: Variations in Homer and Aeschylus.

This undergraduate paper according to the writers from coursework writing service compares the character Agamemnon in Homer's "Iliad" with the character Agamemnon in Aeschylus' play of that name, and examines in what ways the Agamemnon of Homer is consistent with the Agamemnon of Aeschylus, and in what ways are they not consistent.

Age does Not Always Equal Maturity.

This paper analyzes the character Nora in Henrik Ibsen's "Doll House". The writer of this paper argues that Nora was emotionally stunted and was actually more like a child than an adult until she decides to walk out on her husband. There were six sources used to complete this paper.

Alberto Moravia.

Choosing this undergraduate paper topic to write my paper a writer discusses three Italian writers and their literary styles. All the three have been renowned novelists while Pasolini was a multi-talented person who was more popularly known as a filmmaker. The paper focuses on the radical views and unorthodox approach of the three Italian authors.

Alexander Pope's Epistle II: To A Lady Of The Characters Of Women, How Pope Viewed His Women.

This paper discuss the theme of Women in Alexander Pope's Epistle II: To a Lady of the Characters of Women, written in 1733 and published in 1735. Main themes discussed are how he views women of his time, possibly those he has been intimate with both in a good way and in bad way.

Alexander Pushkin

This is a paper for humanities, not a literature course. It responds to a question of whether Pushkin's Eugene Onegin is a comedy or tragedy. Paper moves through plot and the way the novel is written in often amusing verse but showing its deeply moral themes, the tragedy of a lifelong love between a common dandy, who later repents, and a provincial girl to have professed her love, years before, which later moves in aristocratic society.

Alexandre Dumas

This paper will discuss and examine the influences Alexandre Dumas had on 19th century France and the contributions he made. Dumas is regarded one of the best French writers of his time and is highly regarded as an author to this day. He was the son of a Haitian Slave and worked his way out of poverty to reach the stature of one of the greatest writers of his times. Also to be discussed in the paper is if Dumas writings were that influential and as great as past and present critics regard them

Alice Munro's Boys and Girls

This undergraduate level paper is a brief examination of setting in the title story. It looks at how the narrator shifts from an external/outside world to an internal/inside world. She shifts between the two as she grows up over the course of the story.

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