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Roderick Owens

We all slowly slid into bed. We were super excited. Jenny went immediate to suck on my dick. We lay on our sides as I pulled her pussy to me. My tongue went crazy licking her pussy and clit. My heart was pounding as I felt her lick my dick up and down. I couldn’t wait to put my dick in her sweet pussy. I felt both her and Ron’s fingers all over my pussy as she put my dick in her mouth as far at it would go. Ron’s soft hand felt my tits so good, gently rolling my nipples. It gave me chills of joy.

His other hand joined my tongue in Jenny’s wet pussy. I could feel his big boner between my legs as Jenny played with it, getting it all wet. I wanted it in my pussy bad…but first I wanted my dick in Jenny’s hot pussy. Ron and I both gently turned her around and on her back. She twitched hard as she wanted my dick in her. She grabbed my head and in went her tongue….then out, gasping for air. Her fingers shook as she tried to put my dick in her pussy.

Jenny wild thoughts…..
This was the wildest thing I had ever done. I’d been with two women before. We were stoned and kissed and felt our tits and pussy’s. I got brave and for the first time slid down and licked the girls wet pussy. She held my head and guided it to her liking. It was exciting and very hot. This was my first time so I just did what I knew felt good on me. I ran my fingers in her pussy and felt for her G spot and found it right away.

She started humping her clit on my tongue until she climaxed real big. She passed out and never got to lick me. The next girl. We were both drunk and went 69 on each other. I got to feel a woman lick my pussy as I licked hers. It was wild, but nothing like having a nice dick in my pussy. I want Janice’s dick in me and now! To tongue kiss her and feel her tits has got me in a frenzy. My hand is shaking as I’m trying to get her dick in me…

Janice’s thoughts at the same time….
Feeling Jenny’s hot body and nice tits as she try’s to put my dick in her, has got me super charged with hot feelings. I want to give her the best fuck of her life. I know just how to fuck her pussy and rub the head of my dick on her G spot. My fingers are on her hot clit and I’m going to massage it till I hear her scream. I love our together moans as we build up our climax’s to new high’s.
I felt Ron’s warm hand on my dick, guiding it in Jenny. Almost at the same time I felt his boner sliding in my pussy deep. We were now all locked together. My pussy lubed Ron’s boner with each stroke. He and Jenny held my tits and we became a three-way fucking machine. Ron kissed Jenny and I both at the side of our twisting tongues. All our breathing was out of control, gasping, kissing, moaning and feeling us all. I pinched Jenny nipple as I fucked her and worked her clit. Ron pinched my nipples causing me to moan in Jenny’s mouth and Ron’s.
"Air!"…I begged to their deaf ears. Everything was in motion and nothing was going to stop three big cum’s racing up in us. Ron and Jenny both pulled my head to themselves in a kissing moaning frenzy. I pushed my dick so far in Jenny, I touched bottom with each stroke. Ron reached under me an squeezed my clit firm! I yelled with a pleasure shock.

Ron’s mind was spinning with thoughts…
I had fucked girls before from behind, but never as exciting as this. I got to feel four great tits as I started fucking Janice. I reached down with one hand and found Janice’s clit. It was red hot and pulsing in my fingers. I held it firm as I massaged it. She let out a yell of pleasure like I’d never heard. I felt Jenny’s legs come way up and hook in my legs. I had to cum, and cum big now……

Janice’s feelings when the earth shook….

Ron moaned that moan that only means one thing…‘He’s Cumming!’…his balls banged against my pussy lips as I felt him lock up and shoot a huge hot load in me. I unloaded a huge shot of cum in Jenny. Jenny shook and squeezed her pussy tight on my dick and I shot another load…..just lost it as my dick came by itself, over and over. I yelled some crazy things as my pussy had a climax to die for. My ass backed up to Ron’s shooting dick over and over. I wanted all his cum in me.

We all made strange sounds as the cum high just stayed until we could stand no more pleasure. I felt like a climax sandwich. Pleasure from behind me in my pussy, and pleasure in my dick shooting in Jenny. I shot more than I ever had, ever. I didn’t know I had that much cum to shoot. Our twitching went on and on. Ron began to massage my tits and nipples, as my ass kept arching back up on his dick. Jenny, on the bottom was flooded with double cum plus her own wetness. She moaned and moaned along with me. Ron just kept cuming and feel both our tits. The feeling of two very hot bodies, above and below me was awesome. It can’t be described. Both of them trembling in new pleasure and I could feel both of them, and they could feel me.
Last month, we all rented a big house together.
We’re all a little sore all the time, but….nobody complains……
The young couple next door say they like to open their bedroom window at night. They say they like to hear us moan…..

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