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They had become accustomed to the dark during the long walk down the city streets on the way to the restaurant. The scents from the dishes being prepared made my mouth water. My mouth had already been salivating from the smell her hair and perfume on the walk. Now I was hungry for what the restaurant had to offer, as well as her. This was a dangerous combination as I felt my instincts had grown stronger. As my eyes adjusted, I scanned the room. I looked for any sign of Angus, Carol, Vin or Priscilla. Once again, my eyes fell to her, and I gave her a once over. The black and blue dress she had modeled for me earlier, and which I had bought for her, looked stunning on her little body. Her long brown hair cascaded down her feminine shoulders and petite back. It highlighted the rest her soft curves and dainty features. Those beautiful chocolate eyes gleamed from the light above as we made eye contact. They begged for my approval. It was hard to tell if she was nervous, excited. She was probably a bit of both. But right then, it didn't matter. I moved in behind her, and wrapped my arms around her tightly. I placed my lips against the cartilage of her ear and whispered softly.

"Do you see anyone princess". To which she said, "I think I see Carol". She turned and walked toward her. I followed of course. I shook my head in amazement of her raw beauty and the scent of her, which was drifting into my nostrils as she walked in front of me. This little girl had no idea what she did to me. I watched her throw her arms around Carol and Angus, greeting them warmly. She was truly a sight to behold. She was something more special, more genuine, than she realized.

"You guys been waiting long"? I asked while giving Angus a hug. "Not really, but we do have a table…." Angus was cut off by a thunderous laugh that could only belong to Vinny. I turned around to greet him and Priscilla. "Hey Buddy, how’s it going… and hello to you Priscilla"
"Not bad, I just got off work actually". Vinny replied. "Well hey, you both look great, let’s eat huh" He said impatiently.

I followed behind, and joined everyone at the table. I sat down next to my guest as Carol, Shannon, and Priscilla quickly started their girl talk. I tried to follow all the conversations, but admittedly, my attention was partial to the conversation between Vin and Angus. "Work is going great. I actually just got a promotion. Which is great because I desperately need the extra money" Angus said. He smiled. I noticed how tired he was. I hadn’t seen him this exhausted before. He really was burning the candle from both ends, I thought. "Yeah, I’ve been putting in so many hours at the pit, I barely have time for her" Vinny said, motioning towards Priscilla.

My attention pulled away from Angus and Vinny and shifted to my lovely lady. She was still sitting beside me oblivious to the fact I was looking at her, admiring her cue little face. My mind briefly ran away with the thoughts of what I had in store for her later. My hand almost moved to her on it’s own. Before I knew it, my hand was on her thigh. Then, I found myself firmly and methodically caressing her from the knee upward . I allowed my hand to go higher and higher. My facial expression never changed as I continued to knead her supple and firm thigh. I ensured the conversation continued to flow at the table so as not to draw attention to my actions below the table.

She pushed my hand away and tried not to draw attention to the scene below. I nearly smirked in amusement. But I maintained my composure. I placed my hand back on her thigh, and slowly worked my hand higher until finally I slipped my hand beneath the fabric. I walked my fingers down her warm flesh until they found her. She was wet already, very wet. I gently began to draw circles around her clit with my middle finger as my desire burned for more.

"So what’s new with you Shannon, I haven’t heard from you in a minute?" Carol asked.
"Well…" she took a sharp breath as my finger slipped inside her. Shannon leaned forward trying not to display any indication of what was occurring below the table. Clever girl, I thought to myself.

"I’ve been well, just working a lot, really." She said, as she struggled to keep composure. "But honestly, I am reading a new book..." She knew this was a losing battle, but she couldn’t stop it when it felt so good. Her breaths became labored. I pretended to listen to the conversation going on between Angus and Vinny. Meanwhile I moved my fingers in and out of her tight little pussy.

"Excuse me. I need to use the ladies room" I pulled my fingers out of her, stood up, and moved alongside the booth, to let her out. When I stood up, I made sure she saw my fingers move to my mouth. I watched her, watch me, savor the taste of her. I concealed it from the rest of the group, as I had turned by back to them. But she was looking directly at me, incredulously.

She pushed the door open to the unisex bathroom. But before the door closed, I pushed it open and stepped inside. I locked it behind me and stared directly into her flustered little eyes.
"Ryan we can’t—" My lips cut her off, as they mashed up against hers. My left hand moved up to her neck, and my right, to the mess between her legs.

"Look how wet you are for me little girl. I’ve been craving you all night" I released my hand from her neck and pulled her hand to my crotch. "Feel what you are doing to me." I pulled Shannon over to the sink, and bent her over. I lifted her dress, and tugged her panties down.
"Ryan! We can’t, not here! Everyone is waiting for us!" I pulled out my cock and placed it against her swollen creamy lips and smeared her all over my head.

"Rya----" your words ended in a decrescendo and turned into a breathy moan as I shoved myself completely inside of you. "Do you really want me to stop princess? Are you sure you’re not enjoying this?" I pulled my cock all the way out, and slowly pushed it back in hearing her moan out my name. As the "Ry-hhhh" disappeared from her lips, her breath hitched. "Yes Princess?" My hips started to thrust into her harder and faster. My hands reached up, turned her head to the side, and moved her mouth to mine. My free hand moved around her and then my index and middle fingers pressed against her clit."

"Please Sir, may I cum? She begged. "No princess, that’s for later." I whispered in her ear. I pulled out of her and my cock dripped with her precum. I spun her around and pushed her to the floor. I placed my cock against her lips. "You’re going to have to clean me if you want to return to our date. After all you caused this princess. Remember?" I started to laugh, but that was quickly replaced with a moan, as I felt her tongue make contact with the base of my shaft and upward. "Fuck" I whispered to myself. I felt her hand cup my balls, as her tongue reached the tip.

"Oh, you seem to be enjoying this." She said. Then she engulfed the throbbing head inside her mouth and sucked hard. I lean back against the wall and looked down at my queen. My hands moved behind her head carefully, so as not to ruin her hair. I gripped what little I could of her head, and thrust into her mouth deeper. I let go of her and closed my eyes. I couldn’t help but savor the feeling, until suddenly my cock was met with the cold sensation of the bathroom air. I opened my eyes. She had stood up, and fixed the dress. "You better not ruin this dress Ryan" She said. I could tell she was serious.

"Now you wait here, while I return to the table." She moved toward the door, unlocked it, opened it slightly, and then looked me up and down with a smirk. "Oh and you might want do something about that." She laughed as she shut the door behind her.

I pulled my pants up, looked into the mirror, and laughed to myself. "God, I love this woman." I reached for the door and worked my way back to the table to join the others. I slid into my seat happy to see the appetizers had arrived at the table.

"You took awhile…" Angus said with a knowing look. I felt Shannon stiffen next to me.
"The bathroom was a little busier than I thought it would be" I smirked. The waitress then came to the table and stopped the conversation before it could go anywhere else.

"Did you enjoy dinner?" I asked sincerely with a smirk. "It was great to see everyone again, and nice to get out for a little bit" she replied, and bit her lip playfully. I could tell the suspense was starting to get to her. Her eyes gleamed from the dim light of the near full moon, as she hummed along to the song playing on the radio.

"How did I get so lucky?" I whispered to myself. "What did you say?" She said, as she turned her head, and smiled. "Nothing babe" I muttered. I felt my face burn red and realized that I had said that out loud. "Uh huh, sure." She replied playfully. She enjoyed that little exchange a bit too much. But, she dropped it, and went back to humming. I was quiet as I listened to her sing along with the radio until I pulled into the drive way.

"Wait here" I opened up the door, walking around to the other side of the car, and opened the door for her. I reached my hand inside to help her out of the car and closed the door behind her. As she stood, and straightened her dress I pushed her up against the side of the car. Hard.

"Don’t move" I leaned in and whispered in her ear. Then I got down on my knees and lifted up her dress looking at the wet mess, once again, between her thighs.
"No. Ryan, we’re outside my house." She started to counter. But the tone changed when I kissed along her inner thighs. "Please, let’s go inside." She pleaded. I moved her panties out of the way and ran my tongue up and down her sweet glistening lips.

"RYAN!" she whispered in exasperation. I ignored her and shoved my tongue deeper inside of her dripping orifice. I sucked her lips, and allowed my mouth to slurp against her opening as she threw her head back against the car frame trembling involuntarily. One of her legs raised up and wrapped itself around me. Her response elicited me to suck her folds even harder as I felt her tighten her grip around my head. My arms, wrapped around her body, and waist, trapping her arms, held her in place tightly. I imprisoned her, against her insincere attempts to push me away. My hands seduced her as she half-heartedly struggled against the side of the car. I stopped, lifted my head outside of her dress and stood up looking into her conflicted eyes. "We will not be going inside until you’ve cum at least 5 times, do you understand?" My tone had changed to one of a serious nature - I was not asking for permission.

"Y..yes sir." She looked down nervous and submissive. I moved my hand up and placed my thumb against her chin and lifted her lips to meet mine.

"Don’t worry, baby-girl, you’re going to enjoy what happens next," I said as I lowered myself back to the ground and moved my head between her thighs. My hands reached up to slide her panties down the length of her long legs while my tongue found its place. She tasted too sweet. It was as addictive as a drug and I could never have enough.

She seems to be relaxing a bit now, I thought to myself. I moved my thumb and pressed against her clit.

I inwardly smiled as I felt her thighs tighten around my head, as her first orgasm washed over her. Thoughts of continuing my assault on her clit were quickly dashed as she rode down the effects of her climax. Changing my tactic, I stood up, pressing her against the car, and shoved my full length inside her. She was clearly ready for me as I felt her pussy tighten on my cock. With a moan, and without giving her anytime to rest or catch her breath, I thrust into her as hard and fast as I could as I felt my climax approaching.

"You had better be fucking ready, little girl, ‘cause daddy’s going to fill that little pussy," My hand reached and around and grabbed her throat and forced her mouth to meet mine. Feeling my cock swell as I growled into her mouth, I pulled my face away and felt her clamp down on my length. I pulled out, and took a step back. Still bent over the car, I could tell she was trying to regain her composure. Her hair was disheveled; her dress pushed up a little bit. This gave me a nice view of my prize, which was now dripping with cum. She started to pull away from the car and began to pull her dress back down, thinking my assault was over. She took a step away before I grabbed her again.

"Oh, princess, we’re not done yet." I grinned, stepping around her back and pulling down the zipper of her new dress.
"Ry—" she began to protest. "Lift up your arms" My hand reached up to stop her from reaching for the hem of the dress. "Ryan. Please! What if someone sees---" "Well then I suggest we hurry up." I smiled and pulled the dress over her head, folded it, and placed it over the side mirror.
I pushed her back against the car door, and mashed my lips against hers. My hand traveled to hers and forced her to grab my semi-erect length. Then, I moved between her legs and slipping two fingers back inside her.

She began to press her wet pussy against my hand as my finger starts to work towards her next climax.

"You’ve been waiting to take me like this since dinner haven’t you, my love?" she moaned.

"And you’ve been waiting patiently to feel my cock inside you," I murmured as I lowered myself, pushing my cock to the entrance of her wet cunt.

"Just like this," I said as I thrust the head of my erect length inside her. I felt her fingers dig into my back, raking down to my hips pulling me into her.

"Ryan," she groans.

"I asked you a question, princess." The moment she opened her mouth to respond, I pushed my full length inside her, soliciting a cry.

"Don’t make me ask you again, little girl," I said with a smirk.

"That’s not fair, I can't think when you do tha-" I pulled back out, spinning her around and bent her over the hood of the car. I heard her squeal as the cold metal made contact with her skin. I started thrusting towards a mutual climax. My right hand grabbed hold of her hair, pulling back, as my free hand found its way between her thighs.

"I love how you’re tight pussy squeezes me out of you." I thrust into her hard and stopped. After reaching between her legs, I pushed my fingers into her mouth."How do you taste, princess?"

She was overwhelmed, and I felt her begin to convulse. She had a hard time holding up her own weight. I took my fingers out of her mouth, and pressed one slightly against her rear opening. I felt her stiffen and begin to push against me with new found energy.

"Relax baby" I said. I gently worked my finger inside her forbidden entrance. My cock was still thrusting in and out of her pussy. She began to relax, and I felt her start to push back against me. Then I pushed my finger deeper into her with each thrust. I added another finger and heard her feminine whimper. My hand pulled back on her hair as I leaned forward.

"Are you ready, princess? I am going to take all your holes tonight" I whispered.
I pulled out completely, and was met with whine of desperation. My fingers backed out of her ass and I quickly replaced them with my cock. My hand let go of her hair, and moved to her back. My throbbing head pushed against her hesitant entrance. Her entire body froze in anticipation of what she knew going to happen next.

"I’ll be gentle princess. If it hurts to much tell me, and I’ll stop." I spoke with a calmness in my voices, she turned her head and looked back to meet my gaze. I could see the fear in her eyes, but she nodded approvingly. I tried to work my way in, but was met with resistance. My hand moved around her body and began working her clit. I felt her body begin to loosen up, as I pushed my way inside her.

"You did so well, princess. I’m so proud of you." I said with genuine pride in my voice, and pulled myself in and out slowly until I started to feel her pushing back to meet my thrusts as we began to gradually meet in rhythm. I leaned forward as my body pushed up against her, feeling her skin on mine. I start to thrust wildly as I felt myself losing my composure.

"Do you like having me inside your ass, princess? Do you like knowing that I have had all your holes ...you belong to me now."

"Yes, yours. I'm always yours." My hands reached down, and I straightened up to pull her hips in to meet my thrusts. Finally, we both let go at the same time. We were both breathing hard. I slipped down to sit on the ground leaning against the cold car. She did the same, collapsing next to me, and leaned her head against my shoulder. For the first time, I noticed the sounds of the crickets and of the night. It was beautiful. Perfect.

"Looks like the bugs enjoyed our show" I said with a laugh. "My dress better not be ruined Ryan." She said with a huffy voice. "Can we please go inside now?" "You didn’t enjoy that?" I asked. She laughed, and moved her head from my shoulder. Standing up, she grabbed her dress and walked into the house. I watched her legs and ass as she made the final adjustments to her dress, and moved closer to the house. She stopped to look back. "What are you done with me already" She says teasingly.

"I’m insatiable when it comes to you little girl" I said with a tired yet smoldering smile. I rose to my feet and followed her into the house. She had many lessons ahead, and I had little time to waste.

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