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Michele Colon

A knight, whose shimmering armor could be seen glinting in a distance from the light of the sun, was making his way through what looked like a war-torn countryside. His helmet’s visor hid the grimace on his face as he rode by burning buildings and charred bodies.

Ser Alec Longstroke (his last name a call to an ancestor who used a spear-like sword to defeat a foe one) had been riding his horse, which was wearing a white and red cloth caparison and who’s name was Fira, for almost a week now. He was a knight of a guild and he specialized in hunting what had done this to the countryside, dragons. His destination was the Castle Rooker, a place that a dragon would have rested before it moved on. It was his hope that the dragon was still there and that the stone of the castle would bathe in its blood. Alec sighed, hoping that one dragon didn’t happen to be many. Such things happened and the knight at that point would be overwhelmed.

One of his missions, besides slaying the perpetrating dragon of the country’s destruction as to look for survivors. The beast had been thorough; even children lay charred on the road side. He was approaching the smoldering remains of a town that surrounded the hill which Castle Rooker stood. As he made his way through the desolate town, Alec felt a surge of rage within him. After slaying the beast, he would surely come back and at least put up a grave marker or something for the dead here.

The road he traveled on eventually made it’s way to a moat dug at the base of the hill and walled by bricks that disappeared into the water. He went parallel to the castle until he hit a drawbridge. The thing was thankfully down and unmolested by fire. The horses hooves would echo on the wooden bridge, and so Alec dismounted his horse and led her to a beam of wood that once belonged to a house.

"I have to leave you here. If I don’t return, mourn for me," he said, holding out a handful of oats for her consumption. She took the treat with enthusiasm and after the snack, Alec tied his horse to the pole before heading across the bridge. The scene past the gates had an even more apocalyptic setting. Where the once gray walls had been, everything was black and covered in soot. When the knight stepped upon the soot, there was a cry, and he found himself in the midst of attack.

The creatures were small and lizard like. They were kobolds and the swarming variety. The Knight was barely able to get his shield up before an onslaught of small stones, and spears bounced off of its shimmering surface. He drew his sword, a regular knight’s swords, and he began his counter attack.

The air quickly filled with screams as his sword bit into flesh. It was called ‘Piercer’ after its ability to somehow find it’s way into weak armor areas. Too bad for the kobolds that they wore little armor and so the steel ripped through the leathery skin. Alec lost himself in battle like most men of violence did. He found himself almost always itching for a fight and when this current fight was over, he felt a sense of having been robbed by such a quick battle.

Bodies of the fallen kobolds lay everywhere in the courtyard of the castle. It was only when Alec stopped to see the efforts of his exertion. There were much more dead bodies that Alec would have guessed there was. He wasn’t sure, but he could tell that this troupe was left her for an overwhelming ambush. Luck had been on his side. His armor had deflected so many blows that if he hadn’t been wearing the polished steel around his body, there was a chance he would have been overwhelmed. It also meant another disastrous moment to, the dragon knew he was here.

Re-sheathing his sword, the knight took out a potion and drank it as quickly as he could. The thing was bitter, but it was infused with nutrients that would restore both his constitution and stamina. Once it was gone, he tossed the glass vial to the ground and headed up to the door of the castle.

The doors of the castle were made of thick wood that stretched tall. On the door was open, but not far enough to allow sight into the castle. Sighing, Alec was sure the whole thing was a trap, and so he drew his sword and squeezed between the doors and into the castle.

Fires flickered lazily as they burned in the corners of the courtroom. Castle Rooker had a design that the main doors led straight into the throne room. It was a castle of meeting, and though no king called the place home, it was kept up for ceremony by a group of dedicated clerics and protected my a garrison of troops. The town was established to help keep Castle Rooker relevant with trade and served as a halfway point between the capital and border cities.

The interior of the castle was bathed in firelight. Where once the place probably sported ornate tapestries and items that would speak of wealth, there was nothing. Everything was bare, and there were spots where it seemed great care had been given by the dragon with its flames. Alec wasn’t surprised at all. If it glittered or shimmered, it always caught a dragon’s eye. Shield in front and sword at the ready, Ser Alec made his way down the court’s hall.

Smoke started to thicken, and the smell of charring fleshed filled his nostrils. Across his path, obscured by the smoke, was one of the pillars that ran along the entire length of the court. It was too massive to climb over, and so he looked for a way around. Luckily when the column had fallen, it had left some space between it and what used to be its base. When Ser Alec crept around the pillar and made it to the other side, he was greeted by a wonderfully impressive sight.

There in the middle of the court between the fallen pillar and the throne was a pile of tapestries and gold. Ser Alec was often accused of having dragon’s eyes himself and the sight of the valuable pile almost made him forget why he was there. After he took care of the dragon, Alec wouldn’t even be able to touch the hoard of treasure. If he were caught, the guild would lose face and crimes like that would put a bounty on his head.

He approached the horde of gold cautiously. The dragon was here somewhere. Dragon’s never abandoned their horde and he looked around the room carefully. When he arrived at the horde, it was, of course, arranged in what looked like a particular order. Jewels were in the middle and then the coins. On the outside was anything that held a pleasant glare and in one the silver plates, Alec spied the glow of yellow eyes behind him. They were watching him, but he didn’t give any indication that he had spotted the dragon watching him from its perch on the fallen column. This dragon was smart; it had lured him expertly into a trap and Alec continued walking around the pile slowly trying to formulate a plan.

"It’s lovely isn’t it knight?" it said. Its voice was slithered and when Alec rounded the pile, he looked at the eyes of the dragon cautiously from behind his massive shield.

"Indeed. You have been a busy beast."

There was a hiss.

"My minion helped me, but I think you took care of them."

Alec’s grip on his sword tightened, he waited for an attack.

"You should relax knight. If I wanted you dead, surely I would have done so before you looked at my pile of treasure."

It was right. Dragons were notoriously covetous so why had this one even allowed him near the gold. He did not relax but instead took a step forward towards the dragon.

"I am Ser Alec Longstroke sent by the Order of Beast Slayers. Beast, I will allow you last words before I slay you."

The hisses sounded, and Alec realized that it was laughter.

"You are amusing my knight. So for that, I will tell you my name. I am the terror of the sky, she who death rides with. I am the queen of Kobolds and a member of the Trinity Order. I am Sehocha."

Alec almost dropped his sword at the mention of her gender. He was in trouble now. Female dragons were big. Massive. So big that they dwarfed a male dragon by almost four times the size. Male dragons were about three times the size of his horse Fira.

"Sehocha, why did you do this deed. This castle and village was peaceful and offered nothing but a small pile of treasure for you."

The knight saw the eyes of the dragon narrow at him. His insult had the desired effect on her, but Alec was playing a more dangerous game than he probably gave himself credit for.

"I do not wish to have the treasure."

A dragon that didn’t want treasure?

"I have done all of this to lure a knight here," she said.

Alec did not believe such a statement.

"Dragons don’t part with their gold."

There was more hissing laughter.

"Knight, a female dragon is not like a male one. We can see past the allure of shimmering things if there is something more tantalizing."

"What’s more tantalizing that gold?" Alec said. He kicked one of the plates away from the pile. A bit of flame licked out at him, and he jumped back. That little bit of light was enough to see the entire silhouette of the dragon.

"I advise you not to try my patience knight. I am more than happy to converse, but you will garner my ire if you continue to play with my dragon instincts."

"Pray then dragon, for I am ready."

More hissing laughter sounded throughout the area. Alec’s eyes were beginning to water from the smoke.

"Ser Alec Longstroke, I have a proposition for you."

"You can tell me, but whatever you offer, I will deny."

"My order need a human knight."

It was an odd request.

"What does a beast need a knight for?"

"It’s actually beasts."

Alec was intrigued. It was a reason different from what he would be expected to hear.

"I will not be apart of such things."

"Even with all that treasure right there?"


"How about I sweeten the deal?"

"With what?"

Again, her hissing laughter sounded.

"You slew my minions, so I happen to be inclined to off you favors of a very enjoyable kind."

"I am not interested. I was sent here by my guild to deal with you."

"And so you are. I just need you for a quest and it will be so beneficial to us both."

"Why me?"

"Honestly, it could have been anyone, though you are the only one so far who has made it thus far."

"There were others?"

"Kobolds can be useful."

Alec should have been paying attention. When his leg went out from underneath him, he was left trying to gather himself. He lost his sword and barely have enough of a chance to see a flash of red heading his way. His fist connected with the red and but it was not enough to stop the momentum of whatever was headed his way. Yellow eyes glowed brightly before they were blocked by his raised shied. Pushed back and without a sword, Alec drew a dagger, but his arm was quickly wrapped in her tail. He yelled once on defiance before finding himself slammed against a pillar and staring into the yellow eyes of the dragoness. Another punch, this time, his fist connecting with her snout feebly made her throw him. The last thought Ser Alec had before he hit the pile of treasure is that he was regretting this day.

When Ser Alec regained consciousness, it was to the feeling of being cold. He awoke with a shiver and a headache. His moans signaled the dragoness, who quickly wrapped the knight with her tail except for his head. The warmth of her scales was enough to bring Alec fully back into the land of the living, and he opened his eyes to find that he was staring down a dragon snout and into the yellow serpentine-like eyes of Sehocha.

"You haven’t killed me?"

"I know Knight. Surprisingly too. I was going to, but when you fought me with your bare fists, you became more than qualified for helping me."

"So you lied?"

"No, not at all, but how would I know your fighting skills just off of kobolds?"

He scoffed at her.

"Just kill me."

"Are you sure? My offer still stands."

Alec’s gaze dropped.

"You don’t understand."

"Let me guess. Dragon killed your whole family?"

"Worse. Destroyed my entire village and left me alone to wonder as a child through a desert."

"That sounds terrible Ser Alec, why don’t I offer myself as repayment for that transgression."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, all of this killing and gold has stirred the pot as it were and this dragon could use some loving."

"What are you asking me?"

"Ser Alec, I am asking you to join my Order and me in a quest for the gold in this room and more. I am also asking you to become my lover."

"You’re a dragon."

"Yes, Ser Alec and you are a human."

"You’d be okay with this?"

"Will you?"

He was silent.

"Come now knight, doesn’t the idea hold some appeal?"

"We have to make a contract."

The words surprised her.

"I am a knight in a guild. If I am going to work mainly for you, I need a contract to spell out exactly what we are doing and what the compensation will be."

Her eyes narrowed, but she agreed to his terms.

"Why the change of heart Ser?"

"Seeing how I have ben left with little choice in the matter. You also have let me live thus far, and you did offer to make up for your kinds past transgression."

The tail loosened and Alec found himself standing in almost the dark.

"One second Ser Knight. I will have the paperwork drawn up."


Torches lit up all at once, and Alec saw that they were still in the courtroom of Castle Rooker. The light that the torches gave off was enough for him to see Sehocha in her full glory.

The dragoness was immense. How she managed to fit between the pillars was completely beyond him. Her red scales danced in the flickering fires. Her underbelly was yellow, almost gold like her eyes. The triangular spines she had were an orange hue and complemented everything about the dragons slender curves. Before he knew it, the dragon was back with two parchment papers and a quill pen.


"Dragons are magic knight; it’s a simple thing to accomplish."

He signed both copies, and so did she. Hers disappeared in a whiff of smoke and Alec rolled his up before putting it into a parchment carried he had in an armor slot.

"Now what?" he asked.

"Now we seal the deal. You will service me, and I will service you."


"Of course my knight."

There was a shifting from the dragon, and he soon found himself staring completely at her yellow underbelly.

"Take your armor off Knight, stay awhile in my comforts."

The contract was signed, but in no way had he agreed to be her lover. It was such a disgusting prospect, and he hesitated.

"Oh knight, you didn’t read the contract, we are lovers by the papers."

He saw it when he signed, he knew it too. How had he just ignored such a part of the contracting? His fate was sealed. Bound by his word and bound by his guild, Ser Alec found himself left with little choice in the matter now. Sighing, he began to remove his armor by putting down his shield. The rest soon followed and before long Ser Alec was almost naked.

The last piece of clothing that he wore was his trousers, and as he pulled those down, he thought about everything that was going to happen within the next few moments. Sex was appealing, whatever it happened to be, but he was having a hard time dealing with the full implications of having sex with a full-size dragon. When he looked up, he found himself staring at her mound.

Where her belly was yellow, the mound was an even more golden color. It almost seemed to shimmer like gold too. The only weird this is that there was a huge ruby colored bump in the middle of her fleshy lips.

"That red spot is where you need to kiss Ser."

"Why there?"

A clawed hand appeared over the oversized female sex that was in front of him. That hands rested right above the mound before two black clawed fingers spread it wider.

"Because Ser, a lady wants to know she can trust her knight."

Alec wasn’t above servicing a woman, granted it was a woman. The dragon was asking much of him, but again, what was he to do? Any action from this point on that violated the contract would be a mark against him. Though he was dealing with the dragon in her way, and that meant both of them could live without suffering much. That is if Alec could get over his disgust at being reduced to a dragon’s plaything. In the end, Alec decided that he wanted to live and possess the small fortune that the dragoness had promised him.

The heat from her loins wafted off of her with a pleasant odor. As Alec poised to begin "kissing" her sex, he found that he was able to stifle a gag in his throat. At first, he touched the nub softly with his lips, hoping the action would be enough so sate the dragons’ request.

"Oh Ser, you do me a kindness, but please sample more of this dragon’s honey."

He licked his lips at the request, a response that he didn’t expect but he tasted her musk, and it tasted sweet. So he indulged her want and leaned into her furnace again. This time, he kissed ruby colored nub longer and harder. The temperature hitting his face seemed to increase tenfold, but when he finally for a good taste of her, Alec found that he could not keep himself from her honey hive anymore.

The amount of eagerness in him changed almost immediately, and he began to find that his tongue lapped up her flowing juices as quick as he could. The taste was sweet, and he was addicted. His dragon lover shook and shuddered, her moans rumbling above him through her belly. Many of his worries about the past quickly melted away. He tried to get a better handle on balance and ended up slipping and arm up to his shoulder into the slippery tight tunnel of the dragon.

The both went rigid. Her because she wasn’t sure if he meant to take their lovemaking to such a level. He went rigid in fear that his accident pushed the dragon into anger. She shifted and Alec braced himself to be burned alive.

"You know, if you move it in, and it feels so much better than just having it in."

Her hot depths squeezed as if to emphasize her comment. So in reprieve, he made a fist and began jackhammering his arm into her. Sehocha encouraged him by leaning her serpentine head forward and towards his crotch. She saw his manliness fully erect, and her thick forked tongue swirled out of her mouth to wrap the sexual appendage.

When Alec felt warmth and wetness envelope his cock, his heart stopped. He looked down Sehocha’s snout and into her yellow eyes and realized the dragon was returning the favor. The knight breathed an audible sigh of relief before deciding that he was okay with the situation now. His original idea was that the dragon was just going to use him as a sexual object for her pleasure. The agreement was mutual, and it made the reserved knight relax with his predicament. In fact, Alec couldn’t lie to himself that what the dragon was doing wasn’t pleasurable. It had been too long since he had shared the comforts with any female companionship and often that was only because often gold paid for it. He had been with an elf once, call it an exotic outing from his younger days which he had never repeated. Not wanting to be outdone by a dragon, Alec planted his lips back on her ruby core and began pistoning his arm.

They were both moaning into each other's sex. Their sex had quickly turned into a contest to make the other finish first, though each didn’t know that’s what they are working towards. Alec worked up a sweat trying to get the dragon to let up with her squeezing tongue. The effort failed, but only because the tip of her tongue rubbed against his cock in just the right way and sent him into a mind-blowing finish. Stars swam in his vision as he bathed her black tongue in sticky cum. She drank down the treat withdrawn out moans, and after Alec had finished finishing, he went back to punishing her for making a knight ‘weak.’

The first inkling that something crazy was going to happen was the fact that the dragon shifted a lot. Spasms started to rack the dragon, and before Alec could figure out what was going out, her pussy erupted in heat and gooey juice. It was yellow and quickly covered his entire body as the dragon came. She never let go of his cock, and when she finally did, he was hard again.

"Oh, my Ser Knight. I haven’t finished like that in a long time. You know how to touch a dragon well."

"I uh," Alec stammered. A compliment from a beast only hours before he was ready to slay had just bathed him in what was a sticky slime.

"We need to mate now knight."

He laughed.

"Sehocha, I don’t think you’ve noticed, but my rod isn’t going to be big enough to do anything for you."

"Well, it’s too shiny to give up. The gleam of you has caught my eye and so let me do something to help."

Ser Alec thought she meant she was going to use her magic and somehow increase his ‘manliness’ to monumental proportions. Instead, the dragon shifted and began to shrink in size, much to Alec’s surprise. Before he knew it, instead of having a giant dragon in front of him, he was staring into a more humanoid face.

Sehocha’s form still had many dragon qualities about it. Instead of being completely covered in red scales, her flesh was pink and red spots of thick armor almost dotted her body. Upon further inspection, the spots of red thickness weren’t sporadic but were in vital places. Second, she had long straight and red hair out of which, two long horns protruded. Matched by two long ears, longer than an elves. Her lips, nipples, and sex were all gold and Alec was impressed at the dragon;s beauty.

"You have breasts?" he said finally.

"I am female ser."

"I know, but what dragon needs breasts, especially huge ones?"

She looked down at her chest to see his point.

"Well, I did have a lot of mass, and it had to go somewhere…"

"Indeed, it did. You put almost every hucow I’ve ever seen to shame. Do they work?"

"You mean lactate? Only gold and when I want them too Ser. Enough talk, let’s mate."

She turned around, and Alec looked at her tail.

"We aren’t going to do it, you know, the usual way?"

Sehocha laughed at the knight.

"You called me a beast. It's made me want to fuck like one. Now, get over here and mount me Ser."

The words hung in the air, but she got on all fours and her tail went straight up. To Alec, the sight was beyond the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He bountiful ass spread by clawed fingers and both her arse hole and pussy winked at him promising golden delights. Whatever spell the dragon had cast on him had worked, and there were no more protests from him. Instead, he bent down behind her and ‘mounted’ the dragon.

The knight had never had sex like this before and was unable to get himself into her golden furnace. He felt the sharp points of her clawed hands, but he didn’t find himself nervous with her touch. She guided him in, and Ser Alec Longstroke found himself in pure bliss in her depths.

"Ser knight, we have been joined. We can do this now whenever you want and for as long as you want. As long as we are lovers, you will never age."

"So not only are you heavenly, but you’re also a fountain of youth?"

"And much more. Keep complimenting a dragon and well, who know; I may bless you more."

Alec laughed, but when Sehocha bounced herself against him, he had to hold himself steady, or he would lose his balance.

"Oh yeah, well foul beast, be prepared to be slain."

"Oh, such words my."

And Alec cut her words off by humping her as hard and fast as he could. Ass cheeks rippled with each meeting of their bodies. The sex was animalistic, and Sehocha repeatedly asked Alec if he was more beast than her. His only answer was to grab her horns and use them as leverage as he plowed himself in and out of her. Slapping filled the court of Castle Rooker and in it, a dragon was cumming.

The second time Alec made Sehocha finish, she again leaked the gooey golden fluid. It recoated his waste but dripped to the floor where it pooled at their feet. It took Alec a long tome to reach his finish but by the time he did, he fell back in utter exhaustion onto stone floor below. It was warm, no doubt something to do with her oozing sex.

"My gods Ser Knight, consider my slain. I don’t think I’ll be able to walk for a week."

She collapsed onto the floor, her tail blocking most of his view fo her. He almost expected her to revert to her original form after they finished, but he dragon just laid in front of him.

"Do you know why humans are so much fun?"

"No why?"

"Male dragons are primarily selfish. Getting one of them to part with their horde long enough to mate is a feat in itself. Humans, humans will do you for a small price and often for just the fun."

"Been with many humans?"

"You’re the first Ser. though hopefully there won’t be a need for another for a long time. You are the most precious treasure in my collection now."

"I am not an object."

"Neither am I, but we are lovers and almost mates. If you bed another, I’ll take you out of the collection."

The warning sent chills through Ser Alec. He wouldn’t ever dream of upsetting a dragon, but he hoped in one aspect that Sehocha wasn’t the jealous type. Her words said otherwise, but somehow he knew those words meant more of a matter of the heart. Don’t fall in love with another it what they meant.

"So what now?" Alec asked.


"We have to leave. Without a report soon, the guilds will start looking into this place."

"I hadn’t thought of that. We need to go."


"We can fly anywhere we need to."

"I can’t leave my horse."

It's not that he couldn’t replace Fira, but the horse would be mistreated by anyone who picked her up. He doubted his guild would even
take care of her and would instead sell the horse for some profit.

"Oh, I didn’t realize you had one. I’m hungry."

"Not for a horse," Alec said before getting up. He found a water skin and began to wash himself off.

"A horse makes traveling slow."

"I know, but you said yourself you were too weak to walk. You can ride Fira; she won’t mind."

"That is a fitting name for a horse for a dragon to ride."

They both laughed.

"You’ll need a disguise."


"This country is especially fearful of monsters, and there were rumors about a dragon about."

"There was one, though."

"No, only a group of kobolds and if we spin it that way, we will have an easier time. We have to avoid people as much as possible. Where are we going?"

"Our destination is the mountain range to the West."

"Are we trying for Uchar’s pass?"

Sehocha didn’t answer right away, but it gave Alec enough time to finish getting his armor back on. She went and gathered up the trove of treasure, which disappeared in a whiff of smoke. She turned to him.


"Then where?"

"There is a hidden passage, but we will have to be careful. There are things there I can not protect us from."

"Which is one of the reasons you need me?"

"Yes, and we will be meeting the rest of my order in some ruins in the middle of the pass."

"What are we doing?"

"I can’t tell you yet. As much as I want to, I don’t have all of the details."

"We aren’t saving the world are we?"

She laughed and the couple headed out from the ruins of Castle Rooker. Sehocha had covered herself in a makeshift robe of the tapestries. Fire accepted the dragon and the two made their way to the unknown passage.

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