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Adam Niko

The kind of perfect spooning position that you could never pull off if awake. Her soft hands were cradling mine against her smooth skin. She pressed the one to her breast. Heavy breaths and low moans escaped her lips as she worked the fingers of the other deep inside the drenched hole between her legs. It was that initial sensation of her wetness, and the force with which she began to manipulate my hands, that first awakened me.

The sleep I was in, was of the deepest variety. I hard day, coupled with the recent passion filled evening had exhausted me. The first sense roused, was of course, touch. The second, with the desperate sounds of want echoing from my lover’s body, was hearing. I did not need my sight, the curves of her body were playing on repeat in my memory, so for the moment my eyes remained firmly shut. I was still naked from earlier. My cock hardened to its fullest, nestled deep between her ample cheeks. My mind wandered, as she had her own pleasure firmly in hand at the moment, back to the previous day.

(The Previous evening)
It was a hard day. I stepped into my semi-detached shop off of the south end of our house. I needed a shower badly, so I headed to the large shower I had begun installing in a back corner of the building. The plumbing had been run and the concrete floor was in, but it was still far from a finished product. I leaned forward, hand against the wall to steady myself. I let the near scalding water strip the dirt and stress from my body. My mind had quieted substantially when I felt 2 arms reach around my waist, and a cool body press against my back. She had come out to find me, and had decided I deserved to be surprised. She had quietly taken off her clothes and was now hugging me tightly. She gave several small kisses to my back, and moved her hands along the various parts of my body that were within her reach. Her left hand rested immediately below my chiseled but sore abs, tempting my body to increase the blood flow to my soft member. Her right hand scratched my chest, calming me, but all the while getting incrementally closer to my nipples. Soon she brushed them nonchalantly, making me catch my breath. I could feel her smile, as her face was still pressed against my back.

She knew what she was doing.

Switching it up, she dropped her right hand and pressed it between my now throbbing cock and my right thigh. Teasing me yet again.

I wanted her. My mind was spinning and my heart was racing as she massaged my nipples with her left hand. I reached my hands back and tried to gently move her around my body.

****** I wanted to kiss those lips that pressed into my back. I wanted to force my tongue into her mouth, and press my body against hers. I wanted to take in the sight of her naked body, and latch my mouth onto one of those engorged nipples that I knew she had right now. I wanted to hear her moan with pleasure as I massaged each of her breasts. Beyond that, I desperately wanted to push her against the wall, and fuck her from behind. My cock ached for her soft pussy. I was desperate to feel that gentle slap against my pelvis as I thrust myself against her sumptuous ass. I wanted to hear and feel as her orgasm steadily built up, and finally exploded. I needed the release that would come with that eruption of semen into her silky hole.******

But she was having none of that, as she firmly held her place behind me. This was her show, and it was going to be her finale.

As if to signal the start of her grand finish, she cupped my tender balls with her hand. A momentary massage led to a tight grip on my shaft. She jerked me quickly for several seconds, but then slowed to a steady and even rhythm. All of the teasing had already gotten me halfway to the edge of that proverbial cliff, and her stimulation now pushed me ever faster towards the point of no return. She had
become quite good at reading my body in the years we had been together, and was about to show me just how well.

Stopping suddenly, she finally release her hold and walked around me. She now faced me. I quickly pulled her face to mine, and kissed her harder than I could ever remember. She turned my back to the stream of water, and dropped into a squat. Grabbing the base of my shaft with her right hand and pushed her other onto my right ass cheek, forcing my throbbing dick into the mouth I had just assailed with my kiss. Swirling her tongue against my sensitive head she maintained what seemed like an unreal level of suction. I could feel my precum oozing into her mouth. She pulled me out and licked a large bead that was starting to form on the tip. She smiled up at me and began to stroke me slowly with her talented hands. She lowered her head again, to take one of my balls into her mouth, massaging gently with her tongue. Backing off, she smiled again, and looking me straight in the eyes, she uttered the first words I’d heard since I returned home….

"I’m going to make you cum now… And I want to taste it."

In an instant, she returned my cock to her mouth. No more teasing. It was time for her reward. As she pumped with her hand and laid my ready head on her tongue, she collected that prize. I spewed thick strings of cum into her mouth, onto her face, and watched them run down her chin onto her chest.

She squeezed the last few drops from my still solid dick onto her lips, swallowing the mass that had accumulated on her tongue. As she stood up, she wiped her chin with her fingertips, and quickly shoved her cum covered digits into her dripping pussy. Her body shivered momentarily with pleasure as her slippery fingers brushed her sensitive clitoris.

Still coming down from the unreal high I was on, I quickly jerked her fingers from her sex…

"Not so fast," I said, "it’s my turn now.


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