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As always let know what you think. LOVE PEACE AND HAIR GREASE.

I was so lost in the moment with the turn of events, I hadn't even notice Rina leave the room. Both Roxy and Cheyenne were both on their knees sucking me dry. I was so turned on my dick was still rock hard. I really couldn't believe my luck with all the events that had taken place. Thankfully Cheyenne wasn’t doing the sucking, I was sure to be in trouble considering her failed attempt earlier. Opening my eyes looking down I saw Chey looking attentively at the blow job Roxy was giving me. 'Yes grasshopper watch and take notes' I thought to myself.

I was so engulfed in the pleasure between my legs I didn't hear Rina come back in, nor did I pay anymind to the click click sound behind either. Roxy handed my mic over to the novice, and headed for my balls. I seriously flinched as she opened her mouth and leaned towards my wood. All that was going through my mind was the steam room episode. Luckily I was saved in that moment though or was I.

" Turn the fuck around you punk bitch!" Rina commanded.

"Huh?" I said a little confused.

"Bitch I said turn your ass around!"

I spun around to be looking down at a stunning woman in her birthday suit scowling at me all the while aiming a pistol at me. What a fucking situation I was in, I guess my luck had run out finally. The other two women were scurrying upon the bed behind me, I can only assume they were trying to seek shelter from fear of the gun.

"You bitches stop moving too!" she was obviosly livid.

'Fuck you are fine as hell' the awedacity of me to be thinking of how fine she was with her aiming a gun at me. 'How in the hell am I gonna get out of this one?' There was one angry as chick with a gun, two chicks scared shitless, then there was me. To top all of this off we were all still naked as hell, imagine walking in on a scene like this one. Somehow I had to defuse the situation and save three lives.

"Damn you are fine as hell Rina.........shit." I know it sounds bad and it was; I mean hell there was a gun in my face that’s what I chose to say. I really had my mind made up to say something totally different, but my subliminal thoughts are what came of my mouth.

" What the fuck is wrong with you???????? You mean to tell me I standing here getting ready to blast your monkey ass and all you can say is how fine I am. The nerve of your ass, fucked my bitch in my house and now this. Your ass is grass."

"Listen I didn't mean for those words to come out, but hell its true you are. Look I'm sorry for this whole predicament but I promise it’s not worth it to shoot me, or anybody in this room for that matter."

"Nigga please you done fucked my girl in my house, shit don’t get more disrespectful than that. The only thing that will make me feel better is pumping some lead into yo' ass."

This bitch was for real. The entire time up until this point my dick was standing at attention. To my surprise I caught her glance at it a time or two though. 'Whats good with all these dykes checkin me out' I thought to myself.

"Wait wait ....wait hold the hell up." I said having come to realization that she really didn't have any traction considering her own situation.

"Wait my ass. I'm getting fed up with you partner." she exclaimed.

"Listen damn it!" the authority in my voice commanded attention and sparked a change in her dmeanor. "Now we are all wrong in this room. I'm fucking her she fucking me and you fucking her too." I pointed out all parties involved. "Hell the only two that ain’t fucking is us. So yo ass is just as wrong as I am."

Rina sat back in her stance like women, which by the way reminds of ostrich legs. She lowered her pistol down to her waist, obviously pondering my last statement. The room had fallen deathly silent at this point, and all eyes were on Rina awaitng a response from her.

"You have a point" she said with a sigh.

"Yeah this is a fucked up triangle we got going on." I stated jockingly. The girls giggled behind me.

"This don't mean you in the clear playa!" she raised the 9mm aiming back at me as the words left her mouth. I was done being targeted at this point. As soon as she locked her arm in the up position I grabbed her wrist applied pressure and removed the weapon from her possession. She yelped at the pressure I applied. I spun her around and now her naked frame was pinned to my making it look as though I was embracing her behind. Talk about sexy, that just might have been the single most smoothest and sex move I put together in my life.

Leaning down into her ear I whispered "You one sexy mother fucker." With my free hand I gripped her titty and kissed her gingerly on her neck. I was amazed to hear her moan at my actions. "But I can’t let you shoot me baby girl."

"F f fuck you" she cooed back.

I kissed her on the cheek, grabbed my clothes, and walked out the room pistol in hand, and my confidence soaring. I looked back over my shoulder to have one final glance at the women. Chey and Roxy were back on the bed and furiously tearing into each other’s pussies, just 69ing away. Rina stood in the same spot I left her with a mean mugg on her face. I glanced her up and down and licked my lips. Her body had betrayed her so called lesbian sexuality life style, for the glistin of pussy juices running down her inner thighs was undeniable. ‘Lesbian my ass" I thought to myself as I chuckled.

I left the room with a villianous grin on my face after seeing the scene that I had left behind. I should have stayed and joined the other two horny women but Rina was just too unstable at the moment. Once I reached the bottom of the stairs I threw on my shorts and headed for the door. I wrapped the pistol in my shirt and was just about at the door when I was shoved into it from behind.

"Where the fuck you going asshole?" Rina had run me down.

"Ummmm I am going home" I responded.

"No sir not happining"

"The hell you mean. You and your women have to sort some things out, so like I said homie I'm headed to the crib. Dueces." I turned and reached for the door attemptiing to ride out.

"Wait...... Brandon right?"


"Listen 4 years ago I swore off men forever, I was in an abusive relationship. He beat me every way from Sunday; I guess that’s why I have such hatred towards you and men in general. I I I......... don’t know what you’ve done to me, but……….."

I couldn't let her continue; I shushed her and told her there was no need for her explain. I kissed her on the forehead and walked out to my car.


It had been a few days since the showdown over that took place Sunday morning and I was back to my everyday grind. Cheyene was all I could think about, well I lied. Hell I had all three women on the brain to tell the truth. Work had been completely uneventful so far this week in comparison to last week.

Here it was hump day again and I was still kicking myself for having left that house on Sunday. I wanted to call Chey so bad, but wouldn't allow myself to do so. I knew I had caused enough confusion in her life at this point and I didnt want to add to it. I tried doing my normal routine; you know work, gym, and hoop to clear mind of her. It didn't work though, hell the gym was same damn place we met. I even went so far as to try and look at another fitness center, but of course none of the neighboring facilities could compare as far as the amenities. Changing the gym was out of the question.

I went home after the gym and figured I whip me up a quick meal and watch Modern Family and catch up on some shit on the DVR. I took an abnormally long shower tonight, pondering what had happened to me the past week and a half. I thought of how uneventful my life would be in its duration after last week. Hands down it was by far the best week of my life; all the ass I could ask for, I met a real live squirtter, and I think I may have even flirted with the possibility of being in love with something other than sports. All these thoughts darted through my mind as I showered, but I found myself focusing in on one primary thought. How was a woman, able to come into my life and fuck my emotions up like she did? Yeah she was fine but I had fucked plenty of fine women before. What was it about her that had me so captivated, so intriuged; I hate to say but I was so in love with her and couldn’t even explain why.

As soon as I exited the shower my phone rang on the bed. Still soaking wet I ran over hoping for it to be Cheyenne. I damn near broke my neck on the slippery bathroom tile before reaching my phone only to be disappointed. It was Donna calling, I didn't bother answering though she probably just needed her weekly dose of dick. Disappointed I walked back to the bathroom to resume drying off, doing so I threw on some boxers and beater and headed to the kitchen.

Halfway finished preparing my meal the doorbell rang. Since that whole incident with Lisa I was on edge any time the bell rang. I went to the closet by the door and grabbed my Glock 23 just in case someone was up to some funny buisness. To tell the truth I really didn't have any enimies, at least that I was aware of but I kept a gun for my personal protection anyways. The world we live in is crazy.

"Who is it" I called from inside the closet.

"Its me" a voice called back.

"Well I dont't know a me"

"Brandon open the door already"

I opened the door the pistol in hand, only to look like a fool. It was my sister Margie, who I hadn't seen in weeks. She only visited when she needed something mainly cash. Although not thrilled she was here I have to admit it beat me having to use the tool in my hand.

"What the fuck boy you in some kind of trouble, put that shit away." She laughed as she said it.

"Naw heffa I ain't in no trouble. What doing over here on my side of town anyways and where is my niece and nephew?"

" Boy don't question me I'm a grown ass woman."

" Yeah what ever chick. What do want, or should I say how much do you want?" I stated sarcasticly.

"Well negro since you know me so well I need 200 hundred, and I promise I will get it back to you."

If I had a dollar for every time she said she would pay me back I would be fucking with Trump money right now. I ran up stairs to retrieve the cash from my in house stash I kept for emergencies and my sister sadly. As I was headed back down stairs the doorbell once again rang. I bypassed Margie and headed to the door. I opened the door to be staring at Chey.

"Ummmm hey there" I said surely with a puzzled look upon my face.

"Hello" she replied in her sweet tone. My heart like to melt in that very moment.

"Come on in love." She stepped in and instantly noticed my sister sitting on the sofa.

"Oh I'm sorry I see you have company, I'll come back another time."

"Oh no need, my sister is on her way out." I turned to Margie and gave her a knowing look. I escorted Chey over to the sofa and handed my sister the cash she had requested. I walked her to the door.

"Thanks so much little big brother I love." She kissed my cheek.

"Yeah yeah yeah." I said opening the door. The door was pushed out of my hand as I opened it slighly causing it to bang the wall. Rina stormed in straight towards Cheyenne not saying a word. Roxy trailed her with a big grin upon her face as she looked at me.

" What the fuck!" Margie said.

"Out" I commanded my sister. I slammed the door shut and hustled over to Rina and Chey. Rina was staring down at Chey with fire in her eyes.

"This don't look like the fucking store Cheyenne!" Rina yelled

"I know I'm sorry" Cheyenne said.

"I thought we talked about this and how it was just going to be the three of us." Rina was obviously hurt I could hear it in her words.

" I know but I just could help myself I had to see him I'm sorry, but you don't understand."

"Ok good you've seen him let’s go, and I do understand all men ain't worth shit point blank." Rina grabbed Cheyenne's wrist and pulled her toward the door. She must have doubled down on her hatred of men after I left her in that vulnerable state Sunday.

" Hold the fuck up" I interjected. "Somebody wanna tell me what the fuck is going on here?"

"Wellllllllllll Mr. Brandon we've decided to persue a relationship with three of us, being everything that’s gone one here lately" Roxy was as cheerful as ever as explained what was up.

" Umm wow uhhhhh ok." I was a bit baffeled by that, but I guess It wasn't too far fetched seeing as to how I had last saw Roxy and Chey on Sunday morning.

"Lets go" Rina commanded once more.

"Hold up you" I told Rina. "Let me get you damn pistol shit."

"Oh yeah preciate that. Never know when I might need to blast me a bitch."

I ran up to my closet and retrieved what was hers. When I came back down she was surprised to see it in a nice case. I had an extra case from a previous gun I owned so I decided to give it to her. Handing the gun over to her I grabbed her hand and looked into her eye.

"What's your deal Rina? Yes you were abused and oppressed by a man, but not all men are not that man that hurt you. Honestly right now you are just as bad as the man that hurt you. You've gone from beig oppressed to being oppressor that cant be healthy."

"Fuck you....... you know nothing ass hole."

"I know you dig me."

"Wrong asshole, I told you I swore off men I no longer swing your way partner."

I chuckled at her comment, I knew she was lying to her self. For one I saw how she looked at me the other day, and secondly how she moaned when I kissed her. Not to mention how she so willingly opened up to me after she chased me down. I walked in closer to her still looking her in the eye. I leaned over and kissed her lips while pulling her into my embrace. Dispite what her mind may have wanted her body spoke and different language; and I knew that language well. We kissed passionately infront of of Roxy and Chey as they stood in awe. Releasing her I grabbed Chey and we kissed with even more passion as she had been the woman my heart longed for all this time. Roxy was next in line and she damn near touched my tonsils the way she thrusted her tongue in my mouth.

Speechless we all stood at what had just happened. Nobody made a sound, then Rina pushed me onto the sofa and began feverishly kissing me like a mad woman. Out the corner of my eye I saw the other two swapping spit as well. We had to have been kissing for a good minute when the smoke detector in the kitchen went off in an ear peircing sound.

"Oh shit the chicken!"

I had completely forgotten about the chicken I put in the oven before I jumped in the shower. I ran to the kitchen and sure enough my chicken was beyond Cajun style. The girls followed me and all laughed when they saw my meal burned to a crisp.

"Ha ha very funny" I exclaimed.

"Let us treat you to dinner Brandon, besides we have alot to talk about and discuss would you agree ladies?" Rina eyed each woman and they both nodded in agreement.

"Well aight' let me put some clothes on."

"Let you take them off" Roxy quickly shot back.

"Allow me" came in Cheyenne.

In a matter of seconds I was naked in front of all three women, and they were all pulling at their garaments eager to join me in my nakedness. Roxy was the first to disrobe and she jumped into my arms, I swipped all of the items off of the kitchen island and laid her and all her ass down. I kissed her inner thighs and rubbed her breast, beginning my decent into her pussy. Cheyenne got up on the island as well and mounted Roxy's face. Rina had positioned her self between my legs and had my dick in hand slowly stroking and admiring my member.

"Its been a while but I sure its like riding a bike." Rina spoke with a confidence as though she knew what to do with the dick.

I dove my mouth into the pussy in front of and felt Roxy buck and quiver as I worked my tongue deep into her pussy. Chey was already shuttering as her first orgasm consumed her. I found Roxy clit and worked it something serious. Meanwhile my rod had found its way into Rina's mouth, which was exquisite I might add. She was by far the mosted talented of the three women as far as head was concerned. Hell I was still scared for Chey to kiss my dick. I felt Roxy begin to move spuradicly under my mouth I knew she was bound to lose control any second. Just then Rina deep throated me with three long strokes and on the last she gagged a little. I knew my time was soon coming. She must have known for grabbed my wood and put a rythm together of sucking and jacking.


At the same time my mouth was flooded with Roxy's juice as her the screams of her climax were muffled by Chey's pussy. I lifted my face as I was preparing for my own eruption and was shot in the face by Roxys's final squirt, I had forgoten she was a squirtter. I stood up and knew the time was now and tried to pull my dick from Rian's mouth and grasp but she pulled me back in deeper and that was all she wrote.

"AHHHHHHHH" I cried as the first wave left my body and my knees buckled. She didn't miss a beat Sucking me dry. I never experienced an explosion like that from receiving head, her mouth was magical.

"Damn girl" I heard Cheyenne say.

"Hell yeah I want some"Roxy joined in.

Handing my meat ove to Roxy, Rina said " I wasn't called the queen for nothing bitches."

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