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Dwartney Valentino

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She was a single mother and she did what she had to do to keep food on the table. However she actually loved her job. She loved the attention she’d get from horny men as she’d tease them into taking their money. She loved all of the spotlight on her. She loved to show her sexuality as she took that stage and flashed her tits for the entire club to see.

One night when she was working, the club had a very slow night. There was only a handful of people in the club – hardly enough to pay her bills! So she shook her money maker and then left the stage. Andrea counted her money she had made and it was one of the worst nights she had in her entire career! She was feeling pretty forlorn about the upcoming electric bill she had to pay.

Just then the bar manager approached her:

"Andrea, you have a fan outside. He said he wants to make you an offer. But do it on your own time. We don’t allow no sex in this joint!" Her boss ordered.

"Yeah Lou, I know. It’s probably some idiot, but I’ll talk to him. Tell him I’ll be out in a minute," Andrea replied.

Andrea gathered her duffle bag of her work clothes and got ready to leave the club for the evening. As she came out from the dressing room, she met the stranger with the proposition.

"Hello, my name is Gary. Can I buy you a drink and we can talk?"

Andrea was taken aback. Not only did this guy sound normal, but he was very good looking! She immediately took him up on his offer and they both took a seat in the back of the bar.

"I’m looking for a beautiful girl, such as yourself, to spend the night with me. Now don’t get me wrong. There will be no sex. I just loved your ass and how you shook it on that stage and please forgive me for saying this, but I’d really like to take you over my knee and give that ass a good spanking." Gary offered.

Andrea froze for a minute. "Are you serious? You’re gonna pay me to get spanked? That’s it? No sex?"

"Yes, and just to make sure you’re safe, why don’t we ask one of the bouncers here to accompany us to my place," Gary replied.

Andrea knew she had hit the jackpot! This was going to be the easiest money she had ever made! Not only did she not have to get fully nude, but she didn’t even have to have sex with the guy!

"Okay, let’s go! I’ll ask Bruce to accompany us." Andrea said.
Andrea, Bruce and Gary headed over to Gary’s place. It was a mansion! It was in the upscale part of town and in the driveway there was a variety of cars from Mercedes Benz to Porsches. Andrea had never seen such a house and she was beginning to really like her new friend!

Gary said, "Come on in, my dear. Make yourself at home. I have a full wet bar. Can I get you two anything to drink?"

Andrea and Bruce both declined the offer, they both wanted to be alert and at their full senses in case this stranger tried to pull anything funny. They both thought the whole offer was just too good to be true and were still leery at Gary’s intentions.

"Well then if I can’t get you anything to drink, let’s get started." Gary said as he patted his lap. "Come over here and drop your pants."

Andrea was a bit hesitant but after all, that’s what she came to do and she needed the money. She slid her jeans off but left on her thong panties. As she approached Gary, she had a sense of fear starting to come over her. She didn’t know what to expect next.

"What a tight ass. I’m going to redden it very good!" Gary exclaimed.

Andrea bent over Gary’s lap. Gary started rubbing her cheeks with guilty pleasure. He felt her tense up in anticipation of not knowing when he was going to strike. It turned him on having such power over her. Then he took the first stroke.


"Ow!" Andrea screamed.

"Oh come on, that didn’t even hurt and we’re just getting started so you better just calm down." Gary chided.

Andrea had began to wonder what she had gotten herself into. This was gonna hurt! And the humiliation in front of Bruce! What kind of stories was he going to be telling all of the other girls back at the club about this?

Gary slapped Andrea’s ass several more times. Andrea felt tears well up in her eyes.

"Are you starting to enjoy this yet? I am!" Gary smiled as he pushed his crotch up into Andrea. She could feel his rock hard cock on her stomach.

"It’s really starting to hurt!" Andrea cried. "How long are we going to do this for?"

"Now don’t you worry about that, my princess. Just a little while longer. Your ass is just now starting to turn red." Gary explained.

All of a sudden, Gary started to spank Andrea wildly. Andrea hollered and struggled. Her ass was on fire and she was really starting to cry. Memories of being a child and getting spanked by her father were coming back to her. She wasn’t much for pain and this was really starting to get to her.

"I can see you’ve just about had enough." Gary said. "Okay, I’ll let you off the hook. However, I want to point something out."

Gary pulled Andrea’s thong to the side and starting rubbing her pussy.

"Check this wet pussy out, Bruce. Someone here enjoyed their punishment!"

Andrea noticed that after the spanking stopped, she did feel very excited. In fact, she wanted more! Her clit was swollen just thinking about getting slapped on the ass a few more times.

"Yeah, I am very turned on," Andrea said.

Well, I am a gentleman, and gentlemen don’t sleep with ladies on their first date. So I am going to pay you for your services and get my limo driver to escort you both home.

Gary disappeared into his office and then came back holding a check for ten thousand dollars!

"Just fill in your name, dear." He instructed.

Andrea was speechless. She had never held anything worth ten grand in her life! Not even her car was worth that much!

"I can’t accept this much from you, Gary. I was only here for an hour!" she humbly said.

"Nonsense. I asked you to come, and I hope you’ll come back in the future. I can afford it and I would like to see you again." Gary explained.

Andrea accepted the check and the next day quit her job at the strip club. She visited Gary once a week for her corporal punishments and got paid handsomely every time. Not only was she earning a lot of money, but she was also starting to enjoy the humiliation and pain at the hands of Gary. Andrea had finally found her pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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