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Joe Frost

She had seen him washing his car on the day she moved in, 6 ft. 3 approx., salt and pepper hair and dazzling eyes, what caught her attention the most had been the thick dark hair covering his chest and abdomen as well as the well-defined muscles , he had been shirtless that day after all.

"Hi, I am your neighbor" He spoke to her but she couldn’t process the words because her mind was on the image of his sexy chest. She then looked up at his eyes, he must think she is intellectually disabled.

"Oh hi, yes I saw you out washing your car when I first moved in, I am Christy"

"Hi Christy, I am Mike. "I hate to ask but may I borrow a cup of sugar?"

"Sure, I am sorry I’m still in my robe" Christy said as she tightened the sash a bit. She was a mature woman, late forties, full figure with an ample bosom. She started to walk into the kitchen when she felt his hand on her arm, she turned and looked up at him as he spoke.

"If I had known you were such a good looking woman I would have come for sugar sooner" Mike said as his hand moved up her arm slowly.

"I wish you would have Mike because I did notice that very sexy chest the day I saw you washing your car" She smiled impishly as goosebumps started to form on her body.

"Would you like to see my chest again Christy?" He said as his wandering hand moved over her shoulder and slowly up her neck, resting gently on her cheek. He slowly moved in and touched his lips to hers as his hands moved to cup her large breasts.

"Mike, No!" Christy had recovered from the spell she was under and moved away from him quickly.

"Oh wow Mike, you are so sexy but I am engaged, plus you are a complete stranger" Christy said as she started moving towards him, drawn like a moth to a flame. At the moment he removed his tee shirt and she was lost, that beautiful chest was right in front of her and all she wanted to do was run her fingers through the hair.

"I want to feel your naked breasts against my chest Christy" he said as he started pulling the sash on her robe. She quickly pulls away and steps back.

"Mike, no please, I can’t" she said as his hands moved over her naked breasts. Fire ran through her body as his thumb ran over a nipple.

"Maybe we can just hug and nothing else, I am in a relationship Mike" she whispered as she instinctively moved her body into his hands.

"That’s a start Christy, but I want more and so do you. Let me have you" Roughly he started pushing her robe off of her shoulders. Her hands are pushing at his chest.

"You are trying to push me away, but you want me as well" "I can see it in your face" He growls out as he quickly turns her around and bends her over the kitchen counter. Unclasping her bra with one hand he uses the other to squeeze her breast almost violently.

Christy was beginning to panic, not sure if she was in control of her body at the moment. Her body was betraying her as she felt the moisture build between her thighs.

"Mike stop, we shouldn’t do this" Christy says as he completely removes her robe and she can feel the cool air hit her naked ass.
He leans in and gently bites her neck and whispers in her ear "Christy, you know you want it, stop denying me" She is trembling from fear and desire as he starts to spread her ass cheeks, one finger easily slipping into her hot wet channel.

"Oh God Mike, please stop" she says but her body betrays her as she moves he ass back against his hand and feels his rock hard cock through his pants. His fingers are twisting deep inside her as she reaches back to feel his crotch.

"Christy, you want me. Your pussy is so wet" He says as he pushes his finger in roughly.

"Oh God Mike, this is wrong" She can feel the juices slowly running down her thighs as she moves in time with his fingers, feeling like the world is about to erupt.

She hears his zipper and then feels his naked thighs against her ass "This is so right baby" He pulls his fingers out of her wet pussy and rubs the wetness on the head of his cock and then reaches around and slowly rubs her mouth until she opens up and sucks her juice from his digits.
"I don’t have a condom here, you can’t cum in me Mike" she moans out as she feels his hard cock rubbing up and down her slit.

"I won’t cum inside you, I want to cum on your big tits sweetie" he says as he rams his cock into her hot pussy, not stopping until he hits bottom. He can feel her pussy closing around his shaft and squeezing. She cries out, he isn’t sure if it’s pleasure or pain but that doesn’t stop him as he pulls all the way out and rams into her again and again.

"Oh fuck Mike, you are too big, it hurts" she is panting but still pushing back onto his staff. "Please don’t cum in me, please" she moans out as he bends her over further so he can delve deeper.

"I promise baby, you are all mine now. You’re my slut Christy" he groans out as he pumps wildly into her wet pussy. He leans over and rubs his chest hair against her back and grabs her hips pulling her further onto his cock. Her pussy is now milking his cock and pulling him in even deeper
"Mike" she screams out "you’re hitting bottom, it fucking hurts but don’t stop" Those words are almost his undoing as he tries to hold on and make her scream his name over and over.

"Fuck Christy, you’re so tight" he feels her pussy contracting around him and her juices flood his balls , her eyes roll back in her head as she moans loudly. "Cum in me Mike, please give me your seed"

"No" he says as he pulls out and turns her around pushing her to her knees. "I’m going to cum on those beautiful tits". He starts stroking his cock and rubbing the head across her nipples. Christy grabs his ass and pulls him close, licking her cum off of his cock-loving how she tastes on him. He instinctively pushes deeper into her mouth, loving the feel of her hot mouth gliding up and down his shaft. He pulls out of her mouth and starts to stroke faster with his hand, she raises her face and the moment he sees her green eyes boring into his he shoots his hot cum all over her chest, squirt after squirt emptying his balls as he cried out.

"Oh fuck baby" he groaned as her mouth then wrapped back around his cock and cleaned him with her hot tongue.

Christy was surprised when Mike reached down and pulled her to her feet and prompted her to sit on the barstool. He then went down on his knees and attacker her pussy like a starving man. Sucking and biting her clit as she arched up into his mouth. His tongue was driving her mad from the extreme sensations. His tongue is deep in her now sucking her sweet juices as she grinds her pussy on his chin and mouth.

"Oh my God baby, I’m on fire I’m going to cum again" she screams out as he spreads her open wider and slides a finger into her ass.
"Cum for me sweetie, cum in my mouth" he says as his tongue starts to trace a circle right pattern around her clit. His finger slid deeper into her ass as he bit down on her clit.

"Ahhh Mike" she screamed out just as her sweet juices gushed out into his mouth, covering his mustache and chin. Mike lapped and sucked while she rode out her orgasm loudly. He keeps going even after he drains her.

"I want more cum slut" he says as he roughly bites the inside of her thigh and grips her ass cheeks tightly.

She moans and says "I want your big cock in my ass baby" Mike wasn’t the type of guy who needed to be told twice. He turned around against the counter again and rammed deep into her ass, she screamed and moaned and tried to pull away but he grabbed her hips and held her still while she became used to his size.

"Oh baby stop, it hurts" she whimpered pitifully. He leaned down and loving kissed her neck and started slowly moving inside her again. He reached around with his right hand and caressed her cheek and let her suck his fingers while his cock opened up her tight ass. The next sounds she made were of pleasure, not pain, and so he quickened and deepened his strokes. Moving his right hand down to her clit he starts rubbing it mercilessly as he pumps deep into her ass.

"Fuck baby that ass is so tight" Mike says as he feels his balls start to tighten. Christy is now pushing back on his cock as she grips the edge of the counter, her head is thrown back and a low keen is coming from deep within.

"Cum for me again baby, one more time" That’s all it took for Christy to let go and let the sensations overtake her. Just as the first wave of sensations hit her Mikes cock swelled even more, if that were possible, and then spurt after spurt of hit cum shot into her ass. Mikes hand moved over her clit again and she broke, gushing her hot cum onto his hand as she screamed and her body shook intensely.

It was probably the most erotic experience Christy had ever had, Mike was still buried in her breath hard. She pulled away from him and turned, leaning up to kiss him deeply and intimately. She helps him pull his pants up as she kisses his mouth and neck, needing for him to go as she is expecting Marc, her fiancée any minute now.

"Do you still need that sugar?" she says as she pushes him towards the door.

He looks at her and laughs as he is about to walk out the door. "We will do this again soon" he winks and walks away.

"Looking forward to it" she whispers to herself as she heads to the shower.

The End

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