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Erica Soto

All she wants is his body; he wants all his dreams to come true.

He doesn’t realize that she has plans for his homecoming, big plans, often they confide in each other, their deepest darkest fantasies, things that no one else in the world knows. They have an unspoken connection, tight, raw, and deep.

He arrives to her house, she greets him at the door in a gown, underneath giving a peek of a corset, suspenders, fishnets, and heels, her full milky breasts straining against the tightness and her waist pulled in tight, making her already curvaceous figure even more so.

He wants to take her then and there, he wasn’t expecting her to look so good, he wants to release her breasts from the trap they seem to be in, he wants to take her fullness in his mouth and drink from her, taste her, have part of her go through him.

He reaches out, she slaps his hands, he’s taken aback, not sure what to do, he is usually the dominant one, usually the one that takes control; she lets him do anything, why isn’t she doing this now?

He goes to question her, she puts a finger to his lips to shush him and from under the robe she pulls out a piece of satin. He is excited, he wasn’t prepared for this, he had all these ideas about what to do tonight, and he knows that they will not be happening, he knows he needs to let go and let her take control for tonight. She ties the satin around his head like a blindfold, covering his eyes, tied tight, he can’t see and his other senses kick in.

The house is silent, and all he can smell is her perfume, god she smells so good, she always smells good. She puts a collar around his neck, he has never been collared before and it takes a second to realize what she is doing, next she handcuffs his hands in front of him and then attaches the lead to the collar. She tugs on the lead and he knows that he must follow; he knows they will end up in her bedroom, and he is ordered to climb up on the bed.

He is uncuffed and ordered to lie on his stomach, his legs and arms are bound to each corner of the bed. He becomes aware that there is more than one person in the room, how many? 2? 3? The uncertainty nerves him a little, but excites him more.

The hands start exploring his body, his neck, back, shoulders, his butt, thighs and calves, he cant count how many pairs of hands there are, he’s beyond caring, he relaxes and enjoys the hands, enjoys the caressing and the exploring.

Hands start spreading his buttocks, fingers start probing his anus, stroking his balls and if he wasn’t hard as a rock before he is definitely hard now, someone enters him from behind, he is confused, is it real? Is it a dildo? He’s never been taken in this way before, it scares him, it excites him, his emotions run wild and his blood runs fast. The way that the person is moving on top of him, he knows it’s a man, he’s getting kissed from behind, and can feel the stubble of the cheeks, he’s unsure. But he loves it. The slow sensual strokes start moving to hard fast pumping, he starts panting, it feels so good, the feeling of being so full of another mans hard cock.

He is paying so much attention to being taken from behind that he doesn’t realize that someone is positioned right next to his face, while he is panting a large hard cock is thrust into his mouth, he has never had this, is unsure of what to do, but starts licking, sucking, tasting, the cock is thrusting hard and he chokes a few times, its his wildest fantasy, being helpless, having no say, being unaware of surroundings and circumstances. It is better than he imagined, so much better.

The strokes from inside of him and the panting from behind him increases, he feels the heat of the orgasm inside of him, feels full and wet and is left craving more, almost straight away he is entered from behind again, rammed hard, it must be a different person, it must, surely someone cannot get that hard again so soon.

His mouth starts to ache, he is tasting a man, and he is enjoying it, he is slurping the cock, licking the leaking juices, enjoying it being thrusted into his mouth, harder and faster. The cock gets harder, he feels the thrusting increase more passionately, and the cum squirts down his throat, filling his mouth, covering his tongue. He is made to clean off all the cum off the cock, he has never had it before, but now has a taste and now wants more.

He realizes that he has been concentrated so much on the men taking him, he has lost scent of where she has gone, is she there? Is she watching? The man fucking him from behind cums with a great explosion, he can feel his cum running between his legs; he can feel him climb off him. He suddenly feels on his own. Alone. No one has said anything this whole time, there has been no noise, he isn’t used to that.

Then he hears her, she kisses him softly on the cheek, and tells him she is going to untie him and remove the blindfold. It takes him a while to adjust to his surroundings, he sees his girl, smiles at what she has done for him, and he sees the men, hungry, horny, well hung men. He never thought he would have a man. And now he wants more.

The men climb up on the bed, their heads between his legs, and both together they start to lick, suck and nibble his cock, as soon as they start he is close to cumming, he has never cummed so hard and so fast, they blow him until he cant handle it anymore, just too sensitive to go on, he wants more, but she tells him to stop being greedy. This is a taste and something to keep him coming back to her; he knows that she is right. And all he wants now is to snuggle next to her and play with her breasts.

The men leave; it is just him and her on their own, for the first time in a long time. So much to catch up on. But for now nothing needs to be said. They fall asleep in each others arms, she feels him shuddering in ecstasy all night long, soft moans escaping from his lips.

She thinks that she needs to start planning for next time sooner than she thinks……

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