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1. Omar marries Jane and the story goes in that direction.
2. Steve marries Hanna , take her back to the USA.
3. Steve goes back home is computer co. needs help, he hires a woman but then bring her back to Dubai to train as a slave to run his business.

If you have another direction you would like me to go in let me know.
If you help me out let me know if you are male or female. Should I go deeper into the sex parts.

I just started writing to help me with my writing, I do not mind you saying what I am doing wrong or right. If you have a chance drop me a line.

i had to ad part1 to get enough words.
so you do not need to read any more

Slaver or collector

My name is Steve and I am a collector, some people call me a slaver.
I do not run around looking for young female to kidnap just to send over seas to sell.
You might ask why I do this? Money, money,money.
So far I have sold 6 women for 1 million dollars each.
That money is in a number bank account in an Arab country that the US Government knows nothing about it.
How did I get into this business?
A few years ago I was a computer geek, had my own business doing computer network and security work. One weekend I was in Vegas at a computer electronics show looking at the new things out on the market. The first booth I was at had some old out of date equipment but the guys were good at sales. There was a man in the booth they were giving a good sale pitch to, he looked like he was Arab . I left that booth and looked around going from booth to booth looking at cameras, computers and other new items. About an hour and many booths later I ran into the Arab guy from the first booth. I asked him if he had purchased anything in the other booth, He said no but he was looking into it. I said he would be wasting his money, the system was old and had many problems. He asked how I knew? I gave one of my cards and told him that that's what I do for a living. He asked if I could help him find a system for his palace and maybe set the system up for him! I would be glad to! I need the blue prints for your house and what type system you want. He said when he gets back home he would send everything by e-mail and maybe we could do business.
Weeks went by, no e-mail. Then a large e-mail came with everything I had asked for. I looked it over, came up with some ideas, e-mailed him back with my proposals. He e-mailed me back, said that I needed to come over to see his place and start installing the system.
Weeks later I had purchased everything, booked a plane and was off to Dubai. A limo picked me up, in an hour we pulled up at this big palace, the Arab man from the show opened the limo door and showed me into a large living room. There were 2 women sitting on a rug in burkas waiting for us to sit down to talk things over. Omar the Arab man offered me a drink, introduced his wife Sasha and the other woman Hanna. We talked for a while then he said that I must need some sleep! He told Hanna to show me my room, make sure I was ok, to give me anything I needed. Hanna got up walked down this long hall, opened this big door and showed me into this great bedroom. She then said master is there anything you need! I said no, no, no, I am not your master! She said that in this country I was and she was here to serve me. I said thanks for showing me my room and I would see her later. She started to take her burka off, I said wait a minute Hanna! She continued to undress and wow what a pretty girl she was! Hanna what are you doing? My master said I was to make you happy and to take care of your needs. Hanna you do not have to stay here with me! You can go! She said that if she did not make me happy she would get in trouble with her master and be punished. She then said she would give me a great massage to help me get to sleep. Ok that will work! that way you will not get in trouble.
I went into the bath room, took my cloths off except for my tee shirt, under pants, wrapped a large towel around me and went back out to the bedroom. Hanna was down to her underwear, wow what a great body she had! I asked her how can a pretty Arab girl would have a name like Hanna. She said that is not her given name but a name her master gave her, she really like it. She then says that I needed to take the rest of my cloths off and get under the sheet on the bed so she could start with her massage. I took the tee shirt and under wear off, got under the sheet and Hanna got on top of my ass and sat there. She pulled the sheet down exposing my back, took some lotion and started to give me a massage. Her fingers were very strong, worked on all the muscles in my neck, back and arms. Then she moved down, sat on my legs, pulled the sheet down lower below my ass, put more lotion on my back and down on my ass. She rubbed my back, moved her hand down on my ass, up and down my crack. She was good at what she was doing! My cock was getting bigger each time her fingers went in the crack of my ass. Then she put more lotion on my ass, moved her fingers into my ass. I had never felt anything like this before, she kept moving a finger in and out of my ass. God this was great! Hanna’s other hand went down, started to massage my nuts, reached under, started massaging my cock, I was ready to come and she knew it. She then turned me over put her mouth over my cock, started to suck taking more and more of my cock into her mouth. Just then I shot my load into her mouth, she took every bit, kept sucking until I was done. She then looks up at me and asks if I was happy! God yes I am! Hanna then moved up next to me, pulls the sheet over both of us, hugged me and says she likes me. We went to sleep.
The next day I woke up feeling Hanna playing with my cock! When she sees that I am awake she gets up on my cock, slides her pussy down over it, start rocking up and down. What else can this pretty Arab girl do! Up, down faster and faster. I am going to shooting my load again! she knows exacting when, she pushes down, my cock hit her cervix just as my sperm shoots out and into her. She has to be the best fuck I ever had! She keeps her pussy pushed down until I finish shooting. she then gets off, puts me into her mouth and sucks me dry.
Hanna then gets up, put her hand out for me, pulls me up out of the bed and guides me into the bath room. Turns the water on in the shower, pulls me into the water and start scrubbing me. All over my body, I try to wash her but she says no it is her job to clean me. When done she get a big towel, drys every part of my body. Again I try to do her and again she says no! Then she says that while I am here you are my master! I will do anything to make you happy! I give up! I can't fight city hall.
I start dressing, Hanna puts her burka back on, that pretty girl is gone under that thing, all I see is her eyes. We go back out to where Omar is, he looks at me and asks if Hanna was ok last night. I said she was more that just ok.
Oven the next week I wire, install cameras and hook the whole palace up with one of the best systems ever. One day Omar is talking to me and asks if I have a girlfriend? I tell him yes I do and she is very beautiful, I open my wallet to show him some picture of her. Omar looks at her and said she is one of the most beautiful girl he ever saw. I said yes she is but some times she is a real bitch! Omar says that next month when you have to come back to finish up the system, why don't you bring her, I think she will like it here! I said I will think about it but will Hanna cause trouble? She will not dare!
Everyday for the week Hanna is mine! She sucks, fucks, massages and all kinds of other erotic things. I am going to hate to say goodbye.
Well I am done, it is time for me to go, Hanna says she has one more tread for me. In my bedroom she starts a massage, starts moving down my back, her fingers are at my ass but this time she opens my ass cheeks and starts tonguing my ass hole. Her tongue goes in and start moving around, my cock is erect, she has a towel under my cock. Her tongue is going in and out, then it goes all the way in, my cock erupts and is coming, coming and coming. She pulls herself up and says she wanted to save the best to last. Boy did she!
Back home every time I have sex with my girlfriend I think of Hanna! I ask Jane if she would like to go visit Dubai next month when I have to go back to finish my job. She says she sure would! Now let me tell you about my girl! She is 22 years old 36d 23 38. blonde hair, the brightest blue eyes you have ever saw. You just look at her and fall in love. But as I said some days she is a real bitch, she thinks she is always right and she will not let anyone talk down to her.
Next month we get on a plane and fly to Dubai. When we walk into the palace Omar looks at Jane and knows she is one of the most beautiful woman he ever saw. Omar introduces his wife and Hanna. They are both in their burkas, Jane is taken back by them. How could a woman wear one of those things! When we are in the bed room Jane tell me that she can not believe a woman would wear one of the burkas! I tell her that Omar's wife wants to take you out shopping the next day to show you some of the local customs. Jane say she would like that and maybe she can convince her to leave the burka behind.
The next day there is a knock on our door, it is Omar's wife in her full burka. Jane follow her to the limo, then asks her is she could take the burka off. She says no it is part of her life and she has no interest in taking it off. She then reaches over and hand Jane a cup, says it is some local tea, she will like it. Jane takes a big sip, says it is really good! Sasha tells her to keep on drinking. The limo pulls up to this little shop, Sasha and Jane go in and move to the back room, Sasha takes her burka off, Hands Jane some more tea. Jane is feeling real funny and mellow. Sasha goes over to Jane and whispers in her ear that she should try on a burka just to see what it feels like. Jane says not in her life! Sasha hands Jane some more tea, she take a big sip and again Sasha whisper into her ear to try on a burka, this time Jane is not so much against it. Sasha hand her another cup of tea, this time Jane says she will try on a burka. Sasha takes a new burka shows it to Jane and tell her to take her cloths off. Jane starts undressing down to her panties and bra, Sasha says you have to take everything off. She takes her bra off then her panties. Sasha looks at her and says that she needs some trimming. Jane pussy has lots of blonde hair! She has never trimmed it and never thought about it. Sasha starts putting the under garments on Jane, then takes the burka puts in on her but doesn't close the top. Jane says that the burka fells good. Sasha hands her some more tea to drink. Then she closes the top so you just see Janes eyes. Sasha says how do you feel! different but ok! Now we are going to do something different! We are going to take this travel mug with this long plastic tube, put it under the burka so you can drink the tea without anyone seeing you. Sasha puts her burka on, they both go for a walk into a mall. Everyone seeing the 2 of them bow their heads to them as they walk by. Jane leans over and ask Sasha why is everyone bowing to them? Sasha says that her burka show that she is the wife of the prince. Jane says that they are bowing to her too! Well Sasha says that I dressed you in number 2 wife burka. But I am not number 2 wife! Sasha say she knows but that was the only burka there. They walk around for a while, every so often Sasha tell Jane to drink some more tea and she does.
Back at the palace Steve is doing the final things on the system. Omar tell Steve that he would like to buy Jane! Steve says that she is not for sale you can not buy people. Omar says that in this country you can! I will give you 1 million dollars!
Steve: I can't do that!
Omar: Look you said she was a real bitch sometimes. I tell you what Steve if she decides to stay here I will pay you 1 million dollars. Ok!
Steve: I know she will not want to stay here.
The girls get back into the limo to head back to the palace. Back at the palace they go into Sasha’s private room, Sasha keeps tell Jane to sip the tea. They take the burkas off, Sasha says it is time for Jane to get a spa treatment! Hanna comes in, they take Jane into the spa area, start bathing her, when she is out of the bath, Hanna dries her, lays her down, start rubbing lotion all over her. She put lotion down on her pussy hair, then they start trimming her pussy hair. They get the hair nice and short then put on some clear liquid, let it sit for a few minutes then they wash it off. Jane's pussy now looks like a new born babies pussy. No hair.
Tonight we are going to have a special dinner! It is going to be you, my husband, Steve, Hanna and myself. At this dinner you are not allowed to speak! So we are going to put this little ball gag in your mouth, it has a hole in it where we put a tube so you can drink. You will be drinking some more of the great tea you were drinking all day. We will be in our burkas, you will do as I tell you. Ok? Jane says yes anything you say.
Omar tell Steve that tonight at dinner he will be surprised! Just go with the flow ok! Steve says ok.
Steve and Omar go sit down for dinner, the door opens, in walks 3 woman in burkas. Steve can not believe what he sees! Jane in a burka! No way! The 3 woman come over sit on the rug and just look a head. A 3 piece band set up in the corner, start playing fast music. Then they play a slow song, Omar gets up, goes over to Jane, holds his hand out to dance, she takes his hand and they start to dance. Jane feels something inside her burka, then she feel Omar hand on her pussy. His finger is moving up and down her pussy slit, she start to back away from him but he pulls her closer. His finger is at the top of her pussy playing with her clit, moving up, down back and forth. Omar moves his mouth next to her ear, you are beautiful!, tells her she is getting turned on by his finger, she loves the way his finger feels rubbing her pussy. she is getting so turn on he tells her to come, she starts to shake and is have an orgasm. She can not stand any longer so Omar holds her up until she can stand. The song ends, Omar escorts her back to where she was sitting, she sits, Sasha leans over, tells her to drinks some tea. Her head is floating, she feels like she is in never, never land. Steve looks but can not believe what is going on. In a few minutes another slow song, Omar goes over to Jane again to dance, she gets up, goes with Omar, start dancing. Again she feels his hand on her pussy! Omar start talking to her asking her to stay and be his number 2 wife. He tells her that Sasha can not have children and he want Jane to stay to bear him children. She start to back away from him but he pulls her close again. He then says I want you to come! Again she start to shake, another orgasm, she leans into him again, he holds her up. Omar takes her back to where she was sitting, Sasha leaned over, tells her to drink more tea. A little while later another slow dance, Omar has Jane dancing again. His hand is on her pussy again but this time she is pushing into his hand. He looks her in the eye and says that he wants her to stay! She looks at him and shake her head yes! He says that she will love it here! Now I want you to have another orgasm, she shake, shakes and shakes. When she finishes her orgasm Omar dances with her a little while longer. He tells her tonight he wants her to go back to Steve’s room and fuck his brains out. Tell him that she is going to stay here to get married.
After the dinner they take Jane to Sasha’s private room, take the ball gag out of her mouth, give her some more tea then tell her to go back to Steve’s room in her burka. For the night he is her master, fuck, suck and to anal if he wants.
Back at Steve’s room there is a knock on his door, he goes over, opens the door and there is Jane in her burka. She says master can I pleasure you! She walks in, takes off her burka, Steve sees her clean pussy, she will not look him in the eye any more. Steve looks at her, pulls his pants down, says blow me. She gets down on her knees in front of him, takes is cock in her mouth and proceeds to give him the best blow job he has ever gotten from her. Next he got her up on top of him, had her fuck, fuck and fuck. He can not figure out what they did to her but what a great lay she is. All night long they fuck, suck and he even fucked in the ass.
The next day she tells him that she has decided to stay, marry Omar and have his children. Steve can not believe it.
They dress, Jane back into her burka, she now loves it. They go out to see Omar. Omar hand Steve a check for 1 million dollars
This is the first girl Steve sold! Omar has some papers for Jane to sign. He gives a copy to Steve so he can show everyone that Jane stayed willingly. Jane goes back to Sasha’s private room, takes her burka off, Hanna starts giving her a massage, Sasha comes in and kisses Jane. Jane is now so much in love with Sasha, Omar and Hanna she just feels so peaceful and warm! She takes another sip of tea and smiles.

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