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Keisha Alexander

It had come this morning with a note that read; Open at 7:00 p.m. All day she had watched it, willing it to whisper to her of what might be inside. He had seemed angry with her the night before and told her she would be sorry for her greediness, so the present was completely unexpected. She went about her day, doing everything that needed to be done, but always the pink box drew her, pulled at her. At 6:45 she sat trembling in panties that were soaked in the juices of anticipation. Pulling the box onto her lap she looked at the clock again. She could feel him watching the clock with her. Knew he would be smiling right now in his perverse joy at her barely there patience and his confidence in her restraint. Finally the last minute dragged by and she slowly lifted the lid and pushed aside the hot pink tissue paper.

A plethora of emotions ripped through her, anger, shock, fear and undeniable abject desire. Her heart pounded up into her neck and shoulders and her face surpassed the color of the pretty box by at least three shades. With shaking hands she reached in and pulled up the papier mache half mask with the pink forehead and cheeks, tiny black eyes and darker pink snout of a pig. Her eyes filled with tears and she let out an involuntary gasp at what lay under it. The coiled tail attached to a plug looked vulgar and mean. Her skin peppered with gooseflesh and again her face carried the heat of her body’s response. A black envelope lay glaring up at her from the now garish tissue. Picking it up with shaking hands she tore into and groaned at the curt note inside.

You have one hour, pig, prepare yourself accordingly.

Glancing at the clock almost made her cry, she had been sitting here almost 20 minutes. The next 30 went by as quickly as she prepared herself. Her skin was soft and smooth, glowing from the quick hot shower and warm cocoa butter. Her hair was pulled up on top of her head in two high pigtails, folded into loops and she smiled at the little "ears" and the capitulation into her own humiliation. She lifted the mask to her face and the world dimmed. She loved the feel of the soft black felt against her cheeks and forehead. Fixed the strap snugly and turned this way and that. The tiny eye holes were covered with a black fabric that she could see through as if she were looking through a thick dark fog. Quickly falling away from the full length mirror she leaned against the wall almost panting and she knew she needed to calm herself.

Straightening on shaky legs she picked the tail up, bent and twisted to the side she pressed the plug against her lips, which immediately opened and coated it with honey. Moaning at the touch she trembled again. Time was running out, she knew she needed to be ready. Taking a deep breath she spread herself and pushed the plug against her tight pouting ass. As the thickest part of it finally passed the tight ring of her pulsing ass she sighed and squirmed. In the mirror she was glad that her sight was dimmed, but glanced back yet again just the same, hoping to see the swirl of tail.

The clock said she had one minute and just in time she sank to her knees in the middle of the floor. As the door hinges creaked she lifted her head, knowing better than to hide and his shadowy form entered. He walked slowly around her, touching her "ears" and laughing lightly. Bending he placed a leash and collar around her neck and pulled, walking her around the room. On hands and knees she followed, the tail moving and shifting as she crawled. His voice was low and seemed far away as he talked, almost to himself.
"Greedy little pig, you look all pink and shiny clean. I know better though." And he squatted next to her shoving his hand into the slick wetness between her legs. "Filthy little fuck." She moaned and dropped her head as he wiped his wet fingers on her hip and back then stood. She was very still as he shed his own clothes and then stood next to her again.

The first stinging blow from the crop made her jump and gasp. "Squeal, pig." He said loudly as he covered her shoulders, back, ass and thighs with swat after swat. Her high pitched squeals were rich in surprise and pain. He kept swinging as she crawled around and around him until she was panting and grunting and snorting between squeals. She fell to the floor twisting and turning under his blows. The crop lands mercilessly wherever skin is exposed, breasts, stomach legs and hips, back and thighs, feet and ass as she rolled and thrashed on the floor.

"What, PIG, had enough? You have enough yet, greedy bitch?" Falling on her as she lay on her back he lifted her legs and held them wide. The crop landed hatefully on her bare glistening pussy, and even slapping meanly at the tail protruding from her throbbing ass. In pure inexplicable rapture and torture she cried and whimpered in unintelligible words around the slobber and snot of her bawling. She was so far gone she barely noticed that he was no longer hitting her until his fingers invaded her crudely. Still bent and held in a spread between his body and arm he shoved fingers deep into the hot mire between her legs. "Wiggle that tail, little pig, let me feel it." He fingered her deep and she used her muscles in blind obedience to move the little swirl of tail, feeling the plug push and shift against his fingers.

She knew it was going to happen, she felt the building tingle and the uncontrollable urge to release as he slammed his fingers deep and then she screamed. "No, no, no" as the pressure built and erupted. The hot squirting shook her to the core and Master roared as it sprayed against his arm and chest. He pulled his fingers away and turned, shoving himself between her legs. She felt his hard cock pushing at her splayed lips and wiggled and squirmed, clenching her muscles trying to pull him inside.

He pushed his sloppy fingers into her mouth as he plunged his raging cock inside her cunt, and she let out a choking scream as she came again, shuddering against him. The strange tightness of his cock in her pussy and the plug in her ass was astonishing. The lower half of her face was covered in her own juice and his rude squeezing fingers and he lowered his head and bit the plump top of her left tit and growled into her skin. Thrusting and biting and moaning low and deep he filled her with hot bursts of his thick cream. She clutched at his thick hard arms and rolled on wave after wave of a pleasure so hard it was painful.

Rolling off her he lay on the floor on his back, chest moving heavily, body glistening in sweat and pig juice. She raised up onto her knees and greedily bent her head to lick at his stomach, thighs, balls and beautiful cock. She cleaned him lovingly and hungrily until he pulled her away by her hair and pulled her down into his arms. She curled against him as he removed the mask and ran his hand over her hot ravaged face.
"My pretty little fuck pig, still just as greedy."

He kissed the top of her head and ran his hands over her skin, which had her gasping in remembrance of the crop and the welts left behind. Pulling her across his body he held her against him and reached down to fondle the tail. She stiffened and tightened as he played with it, twisting and pulling until it was almost out and then pushing it back in. Within seconds she was grinding her crotch against his hip bone and making ridiculous noises. Her embarrassment was complete as he fucked her ass with the little butt plug until she thrust against him tossing her head and begging to cum. Just as she was on the edge of no return he pulled the plug from her and she cried out in a shaking orgasm.

He carried her to the shower and they washed each other silently, sweetly, his soapy, kneading hands on her welted flesh a lovely sting that made her smile in the deepest contentment. She lay in her bed where he tucked her after the shower, licking at the last sweet kiss he placed on her lips before leaving. She giggled quietly as sleep claimed her, the last thought through her mind …. And this little piggy stayed home.

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