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Annie Rodriguez

I trembled, my pussy growing hotter and hotter, my nervousness fading away before the hot caress of two juicy cunts on my thighs.

"Mmm, yes, yes, just suck her juices clean," moaned Jalila. Her lips were pressed almost against my ear. I felt her hot breath, shivered.

Genevieve licked my other ear. I whimpered about the dildo as she purred, "Mmm, yes, yes, I'm going to shove this in your cunt and make you go wild. You're going to be buzzing in delight when they call you on stage."

She ripped the dildo out of my mouth. I gasped and coughed, my tits heaving. Pussy juices trickled down my thighs. I shuddered as she turned on the dildo. She pressed it between my tits, the vibrations humming into my glittery breasts.

I gasped as she brushed a nipple.

"Sensitive," purred the cheerleader as she massaged it into my tit, swirling it around, making me shiver.

"Of course it's sensitive!" I moaned, my heart thudding as the tingles raced through her. "I'm so turned on. I got two naughty cheerleaders playing with my body while my fans watch.

"You're going to win, Denice!"



The shouts roared for a moment before dying back down. I shuddered, loving the adoration. Futas and girls were dancing around me, staring at me. My supporters weren't mobbing me, but they were waiting to. I spotted Stacie dancing with her girlfriend, Meaghan Carter.

Did the brassy-haired Meaghan know her futa-girlfriend had eaten me out and fucked me during Medieval History?

I hadn't even thought about her when I was in need.

I groaned as the vibrator descended down my stomach, the buzzing tip, wet with my saliva, traced down my stomach to my bellybutton. I gasped as it dipped in. My body trembled. Heat washed through me, making me shudder and my pussy clench.

Then it went lower, teasing me, my skin on fire. The two cheerleaders humped and ground their to cunts on me as mine grew even juicier. My bush felt soaked. My cream dribbled down my thighs. Over the perfume in the air, I smelled our hot cunts: tangy, tart, and spicy.

What a heavenly delight.

"Oh, goddess, yes!" I moaned, always at my most religious when I was feeling good. Like when a vibrator, wielded by a mischievous freshman cheerleader, rubbed up and down my pussy folds.

Genevieve jammed the buzzing toy into my cunt. I gasped, my pussy clenching down hard on it. I groaned as the rapture surged through me. My heart thudded in my chest. I whimpered as she stirred it around, rubbing the humming shaft into my pussy and rolling it around inside of me.

She churned me to a froth. I shuddered between the two cheerleaders. I threw my head back, my blonde braid swaying down my back. They humped their hot cunts on my thighs, coating me in their sticky passion as Genevieve nibbled on my ear.

"Mmm, yes, yes, you like that, you naughty queen," she purred. "You like that digging around inside of you."

"I do!" I moaned, my heart thundering in my chest. "Ooh, I love it. It's incredible."

The buzzing delight rippled bliss through me. It churned me towards an orgasm so fast. I couldn't believe how swiftly my pleasure grew with that amazing toy pumping in and out of me. It caressed my inner depths while my fans danced around me.

"Look at Denice!" someone purred. I couldn't tell who said it. It was a honey-sweet voice, maybe a girl or maybe a futa.

"Oh, yes, Samantha, she's sexy," someone else said.

"I love those glittery tits!"

"You're going to cum hard!"

"You're going to win, Denice!"

"The debate club's with you!"

"Denice, I want to fuck your cunt so badly!"

"If I win!" I moaned, my pussy clenching on the vibrator. "I'll pleasure you all!"

My supporters cheered.

Their excitement surged over me as that naughty cheerleader pumped the vibrator in and out of me. The eighteen-year-old minx jammed it in me fast. She nibbled on my ear. I couldn't believe how skilled she was.

Jalila's hand slid up my torso and squeezed my heavy breast. Her hot cunt ground on my right thigh hard. I felt her clit. She kissed at my neck, licking, sucking, making me feel good as she massaged my breast.

My body was on fire. These two cheerleaders were driving me wild. My pussy clenched around the buzzing toy, drinking in the excitement of the humming passion. I whimpered, my heart thundering in my chest. I shuddered, coming closer and closer to my orgasm. I couldn't hold this off for much longer. It was swelling through me.

My eyes fluttered.

"Do it!" moaned Genevieve. "Shower my hand with your juices. Ooh, yes, yes, it's getting me so hot fucking your cunt. Can you feel it?'

"Yes!" I moaned, the eighteen-year-old cheerleader's cunt molten on my left thigh. "I'm so close."

I swayed between them. My head turned. I kissed Jalila. My supporters whooped and hollered as our lips melted together. My tongue danced with hers as the vibrator jammed deep into my depths. The buzzing teased me.

Genevieve's thumb swiped across my clit. I gasped into the kiss with Jalila. Sparks showered my cunt in rapture. Genevieve nibbled on my ear, adding little delights while Jalila's digits found my nipple. She tugged hard on it, twisting it. I gasped into her kiss as ecstasy exploded in my cunt.

I came.

My pussy convulsed around the dildo. I shook between them, my glittering tits bouncing and heaving. I groaned through the pleasure, my entire body bucking and shuddering. This wondrous rapture screamed through me. My eyes fluttered as the bliss spilled through my thoughts, melting them, making me feel amazing.

I dueled my tongue with Jalila's as the pleasure surged hot through me. The Arab cheerleader shuddered against me. Her juices flowed hot over my thigh as she whimpered into our kiss, grinding herself hard against me.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Genevieve moaned. "Oh, you're cumming, Denice! That's so hot."

I broke the kiss, my mind melting beneath the waves of rapture surging through me, and cried out, "Cum with me, Genevieve!"

I kissed her.

She shuddered. She jammed that vibrator deep in my buzzing cunt. While Jalila moaned into my ear, Genevieve trembled against me. Her juices gushed out of her pussy, bathing my thigh with her passion. Our tangy, tart, and spicy musks filled the air.

The music died.

"Welcome to this year's homecoming game!" boomed the perky voice of our college's futa-president, Ms. McTaggart. "Congratulations to our football team. You did the Rogers' Rams proud this year!"

A whoop exploded through the cafeteria as I trembled through my orgasm.

"Sharlene, you lead our team to victory!" Ms. McTaggart continued. "That was wonderful, but that's not why I'm up here. It's time to crown your homecoming queen! Will our two lovely candidates, Denice Jennings and Umeko Himura join me on stage."

Genevieve ripped the vibrator out of my cunt as she broke the kiss. "You got this!"

"Yes, you do," Jalila said, her dusky face flushed from her orgasms.

"DENICE!" cheered my fans. "DENICE!"

"UMEKO!" came from the other side of the cafeteria. "UMEKO!"







Back and forth it went as I navigated through the clapping and cheering fans. My ass was smacked and groped. My nipples pinched and twisted. My pussy stroked and caressed. Futas and girls cheered me on. They teased my body already buzzing from my orgasm.

Ginny swiped up some of my pussy cream and fed it to Candice.

Teal sucked on my nipple then grinned like the naughty futa she was.

Tanisha Read, the sexy futa football player, winked at me.

Stacie and her girlfriend clapped as I passed, a naughty smile on Stacie's lips.

Lizaveta snapped a picture at me. I blew her a kiss.

Then I was climbing on the stage from the left while a cum-splattered Umeko rose from the other side. She had jizz leaking out of her shaved pussy, spilling down her thighs as she did some last-minute campaigning. She had a flushed look to her pale-olive skin, her tits, even larger than my own, swaying before her. She had a naughty saunter to her strut.





"Aren't they beautiful?" Ms. McTaggart asked, the redheaded futa grinning at us. She ogled us. Staff and professors weren't allowed to have sex with us even though we were all adults, but they could stare at us or use us in their lessons. "Just lovely."



"Okay, okay!" the futa-principal said, waving her hands. "I know you're all excited. So... your new homecoming queen is..."

A drum roll echoed through the cafeteria.

I shuddered, my heart thundering in my chest. I stood beside Umeko, facing the sea of eager faces. A dizzy wave of exhilaration washed through me that turned into the cold caress of nervous fear. What if it wasn't me? What if I lost?

"Denice Jennings!"

The crowd erupted as I blinked. I heard my name called, but did that mean I'd won?


From the first shout of my name I realized it was true. I'd won.


My supporters were cheering loudly, clapping, screaming my name. Balloons fell from above, purple and gold, floating around me and Umeko as she clapped with a fixed smile on her face beside me.


Priscilla Tinker, the student-council president, came up to me with a gold crown set with purple gems. It was costume jewelry but I didn't care as the girl raised it up and placed it upon my head, whispering, "I voted for you, Denice."

I won!




I was homecoming queen!

A surge of exhilaration washed through me.


I couldn't stop waving to my fans as tears spilled down my cheeks.


They were all gathered before the stage, those naughty futas and wicked girls who used my lush and busty body over the last week.


All those horny delights we shared that launched me to the head of it all.

Then a new chant roared, "EAT HER PUSSY!"

It started somewhere around Tanisha, I think. Or maybe the cheerleaders nearby.




It spread through them. Ginny and Candice shouted it, along with that bitch Sharlene. The twins grinned in delight, both wearing identical, red dresses, their large tits jiggling. Stacie and Meaghan were grinning as they pumped their arms in the air.


I stared at Umeko. My rival had a fixed smile on her face. She stepped towards me, her large tits heaving before her. Normally, it was tradition for the loser to embrace the winner, but a new form of concession had formed at this school.

"Of course, she won," said Umeko. "She's the better girl. She out-slutted me so..." Umeko fell to her knees, her big tits jiggling. Her glasses reflected back the stage lights, making her eyes go opaque for a moment. "So of course I'm happy to eat her pussy.


I groaned as Umeko grabbed my hips. The Japanese girl pressed her face into my cunt. She licked and lapped through my folds. Her tongue danced through them, teasing me. I groaned at her naughty flicks and licks. She dove her tongue through my folds.


My rival sated my cunt. Her glasses brushed the edges of my thighs. I shivered as the heat of her tongue lapping through my folds rippled through me. I was buzzing from the euphoria of being queen. I patted the crown on my head, feeling it there as she took another long lick through my pussy.


"Oh, Umeko, yes!" I moaned as her tongue brushed my clit.


She licked me with more confidence. Her fingers dug into my rump. She thrust her tongue deep into me, swirling around, feasting on my cunt. I stared past my swaying breasts at her face, her eyes squeezed shut while she feasted on me.


"Wow, you are a slut," I groaned. "Ooh, you're enjoying eating my snatch, aren't you?"


She just moaned into me and licked me harder, faster. I groaned, my pussy clenching as she ate me with such gusto. She feasted on me, teasing me. The pleasure rippled through my body. My breasts heaved and bounced in the air. My hips wiggled from side to side, grinding my hot cunt across her hungry mouth.


"Oh, she's eating my pussy!" I moaned to my cheering fans. "She's got her tongue buried in my snatch!"


The roars of my fans swept through me. They lifted me up. I almost floated as Umeko feasted on me with such hunger. She ate me out with delight. With just this wanton, aching need to lick up all the juices gushing out of me.


The pleasure built and built in me. Her tongue fluttered through my folds. Her nose nuzzled against my clit. I grinned at her. I grabbed her silky, black hair. I held onto the Japanese girl's mouth and ground on her with my enthusiasm.


I rubbed my snatch on her mouth. I savored her eating me. My glittery tits heaved before me. I grinned out at my fans, blowing them kisses with my free hand as they cheered for me. The twins flashed their breasts at me, identical titties bouncing before them. Ginny was bent over the front of the stage while Candice fucked her from behind, pounding her. The redheaded girl gasped and moaned.


"I love you all!" I howled as Umeko's licking carried me higher and higher to my passion.


The cheerleaders were bouncing and giggling. They all flashed their titties at me, squeezing them and whooping. The Program was getting everyone drunk on lust tonight. We could be wild. We could let our youthful enthusiasm sweep through us.


Umeko's fingers slipped into my butt-crack.

"Oh, you naughty slut," I moaned as her digits traveled down my rump. She reached my asshole, circling it. Her tongue wiggled around inside my cunt. "Do it!"

She thrust two fingers into my asshole.

"You wicked whore!" I howled as my orgasm swelled closer and closer.


"She's also fingering my asshole!" I screamed out, those digits pumping in and out of my bowels.

The velvety pleasure melted down to my pussy. My cunt drank it in as her tongue stimulated me. I quivered on the stage, hundreds of eyes watching me coming closer and closer to cumming on her mouth. I groaned as her tongue flicked through my folds and brushed my clit.


I exploded.


My pussy convulsed. Juices gushed out of me. My bowels writhed about her fingers plunging over and over into my depths. This wicked heat rippled through me. I gasped and moaned in delight. My head tossed from side to side. My heart screamed in my chest. I whimpered and moaned. These naughty stars burst before my eyes.

Ecstasy swept over me. Amazing rapture burned through my mind. I loved it. I never wanted it to stop. I just savored this heat sweeping through me. This wonderful passion that consumed me as I came on Umeko's face.

As I bucked, the chant changed.

"DENICE!" my fans cried out. "DENICE!"

"Yes, yes, yes," I moaned. "I love you all! I'm cumming so hard on her!"


Umeko's fingers reamed my asshole. She pumped them over and over into me. It was this incredible treat. It had me shivering and shuddering. Stars burst across my eyes as her tongue licked up the juices flowing out of me.


Another orgasm burst through me. I bucked, my tits heaving. I held onto her hair as she feasted on me. She gave me such bliss. It was an incredible pleasure. The room spun around me. I was drunk and dizzy on all this wild lust.


"You're homecoming queen!" the student council vice-president boomed, holding a mic while jerking off her dick thrusting out from beneath the hem of her dress. "Isn't she beautiful?"


"But I know what we all want! We all want her to keep those promise!"

"Gangbang!" a feverish Teal moaned. She was reaching at me from the stage, the twins beside her.

"That's right!" said Leann Winthrop. The student council vice-president grinned at me. "Time to uphold those promises!"

"Yes!" I howled as my orgasm peaked through me.

I ripped my cunt from Umeko's licking mouth. I stumbled towards my fans, her fingers popping out of my asshole. My tits heaved. I was drunk, delirious from the orgasms, and eager to have such a wild time with my supporters.


The twins seized my arms and pulled me down to them. I was between them, their naked tits rubbing on my nude body. Their cocks thrust out from beneath their skirts. Futas were pressing in at me from every side.




They were all eager for me. Burning to enjoy me. I shuddered, a huge smile on my lips. I wanted this. I wanted to let them please me. I wanted to make them all happy. I fell to my knees, grabbing the twins cocks.


I stroked them both, fisted them. They were just so delicious. I leaned down and sucked on one of them. I didn't know which one was which tonight. I engulfed the one on my right. She gasped as I sucked on her cock hard. My cheeks hollowed about her cock as I fisted her futa-sister's dick.


Then I switched over and sucked on the other. I bobbed my mouth on her shaft. Even their cocks felt the same in my mouth. My tongue explored over the twin on my left, which I decided would be Shanene. Her spongy crown felt just like Danita's. Her precum tasted the same.


To make sure, I switched cocks and engulfed Danita's, savoring that salty taste of precum. They were the same.


"I have to be in you!" Teal moaned. The freshman futa lifted my hips as I loved Danita's cock. The eager slut pressed her dick against my juicy pussy.


Her dick slammed into my juicy pussy as I sucked on Danita's cock. I moaned, my grip tightening on both twins' dicks. I fisted up and down their shaft as Teal gasped out in delight, her crotch smacking into my rump.

"That's good pussy!" she moaned.

"Mmm, yes," Danita purred, her brown eyes glossy as she stared down at me.

"Suck my sister!" moaned Shanene as I fisted up and down her dick with wild strokes, matching Teal's frantic rutting in my pussy.

I switched over to Shanene's cock, sucking her shaft back into my hungry mouth. Drool ran down my chin. My big tits swayed as Teal slammed her dick into my cunt. Her crotch smacked my rump, the echo of flesh drowned out by the cheers around me.




There were cocks bobbing all around me. Futas were jerking off their dicks. A few had girlfriends stroking them, wild grins on their faces. I shuddered as I bobbed my head on Shanene's cock, fisting Danita's with feverish strokes.

My pussy grew hotter and hotter. I moaned about Danita's cock, sucking and slurping on her as Teal groaned. Her hands caressed my side as she pumped her eighteen-year-old cock in and out of my twenty-year-old cunt.

I reveled in it.




"Oh, yes, Denice!" Teal moaned.

Hot cum spurted into my pussy. I whimpered, so close to my orgasm as the younger futa erupted. She groaned and shuddered, that delicious girl-jizz filling my pussy. I whimpered about Danita's shaft.

"Thanks, you majesty!" Teal moaned.

She ripped out of me as I switched cocks. I moaned, "Who's next? Your homecumming queen is ready to please?"

I giggled before swallowing Shanene's cock. Homecumming queen. They didn't know I changed the spelling, but I did.

I felt so wicked and wanton. Teal's cum trickled down my thighs, running out of my juicy pussy. Hands grabbed me, fingernails biting into my hip. A cock nuzzled at my cunt and then rammed into me, thrusting hard.

"Fuck her, Samantha!" moaned Teal, her voice breathy.

"Yes!" gasped Samantha, another freshman using my cunt.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" gasped Danita as I fisted her shaft. "Danita, I'm going to cum!"

I blinked, realizing that I wasn't sucking on Shanene's cock. I had them backward. But I didn't care. I sucked hard on the dick in my mouth as the real Shanene's futa-dick erupted. Her hot cum splattered my cheek as I sucked hard on her twin's dick.

"Me, too!" Danita moaned, her breasts heaving above me. "Your majesty!"

As one twin came on my face, the other pumped her hot load into my mouth. I savored the salty treat. Jizz painted my features, running down to drip on my glitter-coated tits. I moaned in delight. My eyes fluttered, my pussy squeezing around Samantha's dick.

The thrill of making two twin futa-sisters cum shot through me. I moaned as I sucked out the last of Danita's cum, my pussy convulsing around Samantha's thrusting dick. The freshman futa gasped, pounding me harder, faster.

"I made her cum!" Samantha shouted. "I made our queen cum!"




Danita popped her cock out of my mouth. "You did!" I moaned. "Ooh, you wicked futa. You're churning up my cunt. Keep fucking me. Keep making me cum and—"

Samantha exploded in my cunt.

Her futa-cum fired into the depths of my writhing snatch. I gasped, my tits swaying, cum running down my face. I lapped up Shanene's jizz that I could reach with my tongue as the stars burst before my eyes, my pussy milking Samantha's girl-cock dry of all her spunk.

"That looks hot," said Tanisha. The African-American futa-beauty stepped up before me, her skirt hiked up, her big, Black dick thrusting out before her.

"So does that!" I moaned and engulfed her with my hungry mouth.

My lips slid over her ebony crown as Samantha, panting, wrenched her cock out of my pussy. More jizz ran down my naked thighs. I sucked hard on Tanisha's cock, my jaw aching from opening wide enough to swallow her.

Another futa slammed into my cunt. I had no idea whom it was. I didn't care. I just loved this dick in my mouth, my sloppy pussy squeezing down on the futa-shaft reaming me. I rocked between them, my tits swaying. I loved this.




"I love you, Denice!" the futa shouted me moaned. I knew that voice, that Russian accent.

It was the A/V nerd, Lizaveta, fucking me. After filming me all week, immortalizing my time in the Program, she was finally enjoying my cunt.

I shuddered, glad to give her some pleasure. She pumped away hard, earning this delicious thrill. She filled me with her cock again and again, slamming to the hilt in me. I sucked hard on the dick in my mouth. My lips bobbed up and down the dark girth as Lizaveta fucked me hard.

"That's good," groaned Tanisha. "Ooh, I wished I got you to suck my dick days ago."

"I know, she's awesome," a futa shouted. "Denice, I love you!"

"Your majesty!" someone else cried out. Then hot cum splattered my side.

A futa was jizzing on me as I was spit-roasted between Lizaveta and Tanisha. My body rocked back and forth as the cum splattered me. This heat swept through me. I groaned, my eyes squeezing shut. My pussy clenched around the cock fucking me. This dizzying wave of heat washed through me as I savored the treat of being cummed on.




Lizaveta slammed her cock hard into me. She churned my cunt up, driving me towards another orgasm. The nerdy futa knew how to fuck. I was shocked by how good she was. I whimpered around Tanisha's dick.

"That's it," groaned Tanisha, her hand grabbing my braid of blonde hair, holding it. "Just love my dick. Mmm, you're homecoming queen. Enjoy!"

"Homecoming queen!" a futa squealed and then hot spurts of cum bathed my other side, splattering my right tit. The jizz ran across my skin, making me tremble, driving me towards another orgasm.

"Cover her in cum!" the familiar voice of my friend, Tatyana cried. "She's your home-cum-ming queen."




Futas were jerking off around me. Their dicks were erupting. Cum was splattering me as I rocked between Tanisha's dick and Lizaveta's pounding my sloppy cunt. I shuddered every time a pearly line of futa-jizz painted my back or side. They coated me. The delight dripped off of me.

Then Umeko appeared. She had wiggled through the futas to fall down on her knees beside me. She licked and lapped at my breast, gathering the fresh jizz coating my heavy tit. She moaned with hunger as she feasted on the futa-spunk, her tongue teasing me.

"Your majesty!" my rival moaned as she licked up to my back.

I shuddered as she lapped at my spine, licking up the cum pooling in the groove. This was so wild. Shivers ran down to my cunt. I gripped Lizaveta's thrusting cock. She whimpered, burying hard into me.

Erupting into my pussy.

More hot jizz filled me. Those hot pumps into my juicy depths sent an orgasm sweeping through me. My mind melted as more bliss filled me. It was an incredible treat. A delight that I was so eager to indulge in.

"Your majesty!" Lizaveta moaned as she kept spurting hot cum in me.

"Damn!" Tanisha groaned and then her cock was spurting cum into my mouth.

That salty treat melted on my taste buds. I savored it just like Umeko was enjoying licking my cum off my back. Pleasure rippled through me. Stars burst before my eyes as two futas filled me with girl-spunk. I gulped it down. It flooded out of my pussy.

Tanisha ripped her cock from my pussy, and Lizaveta pulled out of my cunt. I trembled, my body shuddering. Jizz poured down my thighs while Umeko licked down my back towards my ass, her tongue gathering up the jizz.

"You are such a slut, Umeko!" I moaned.

"I know," she moaned. "But cum just taste so good. I never enjoyed it before this week. I was always into girls, you know, but... I love it! Futa-cum is the best!"

Then she attacked the cum pooling in my butt-crack while fresh eruptions splattered my body. One futa came in my face and coated my hair. Another was jizzing on my other breast, splatting me with the pearly treat for Umeko to collect when she finished with my asshole.

"Damn, I'm going for it!" moaned a futa I didn't know as Umeko shifted away from my ass.

The unknown futa jammed her cock not in my cunt, but right into my butt-hole, lubed by Umeko's spit. I shuddered at that hot thrust into my velvety flesh. Mu bowels gripped the futa's cock as Umeko moved around to my face. She licked and lapped at my features.




"My queen!" Umeko moaned as she cleaned me.

Then her tongue licked across my mouth and we were kissing. We were sharing my jizz as the unknown futa pounded my asshole. She thrust into me hard, fast. She fucked my bowels with passion. Her flesh slapped against my flesh. That smack of flesh on flesh echoed over the cheers.

"My queen!" another futa gasped, spurting cum onto my face. "There's something for your slut to lick up!"

I groaned it on the kiss with Umeko as hot jizz painted my lower back. Our tongues dueled, still passing jizz back and forth. I shuddered, pleasure burning in my asshole. That thick futa-dick fucked my bowels hard, sending me crashing into another orgasm.

They came fast now. I was so turned on. There was a never ending flood of futas moving around me. While the music played and couples danced, the gangbang continued. The football team showed up, fucking me hard and leaving me dripping in cum.

Umeko licked my cunt clean every few futas. She buried her face into my snatch, lapping with eager delight. Her tongue caressed my folds. She devoured every bit of spunk out of me while I moaned around another futa's dick.

Nerds and jocks all fucked me. They used me.

I ended up on my back, writhing as Umeko devoured cum off my tits.

The night was a blur of sex. I couldn't remember what happened. I just had impressions of the wild things I did. The naughty acts I accomplished. Two dicks in my pussy and asshole. Sucking from yummy cock to savory dick.

Umeko licked cum out of my asshole, moaning in delight as she did it.

Futas spurted on my tits, my belly, my ass. They coated me in cream then cheered on as Umeko lapped me clean.

I satiated all my followers. I put everything into loving them. Into making sure that they enjoyed themselves. That they were happy. They voted for me. They made me homecumming queen. I would remember this.

I would wear my crown with pride. I would savor that I had out-slutted the naughty whore licking jizz out of my pussy. My asshole. I took such thrill in that. I discovered that a woman could be gangbang and still hold herself up with dignity.

That sex was amazing.

I loved the Program. For the last week, I'd been an utter slut. I might never be this wild again, but I had a taste of uninhibited passion. I knew that I could do such wicked things and not be ashamed of myself. There was nothing wrong with my desires.

And maybe, just maybe, I'd let a group of futas gangbang me again. I could be as wild as I wanted so long as I had my little slut licking me clean.

When the dance came to an end, I marched out of the cafeteria, cum dripping down my body, with a big smile on my face. I held Umeko's hand. I led my rival into the cool night air. She stumbled along behind me, panting.

No futa had put their dick in her tonight. She'd lost.

"Where are we going, Denice?" she panted.

"Why, to my house," I said, grinning at her. "Look at all the cum on me! I need you to clean me up, don't I?"

Umeko grinned at me. We weren't rivals any longer. I'd won. She submitted to me. I discovered I didn't just like futas this week. I had learned so much about myself thanks to the Program. I hoped the four chosen next week had just as much fun and enlightenment as me.

I couldn't wait to see what they got up to.

To be continued in the next Naked in School Tale...

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