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He was starting to feel tense again and he decided that he needed to see her. He pulled out his phone and her card and sent a text to the number. "Hey Atchira it's David I'm feeling very stressed out and I need your help to get a release again." A few minutes later his phone vibrated with a message "Of course David I think I know just what you need. It's hot yoga day tomorrow and I think that that's just the thing you need :). Come by my house tomorrow at 1:00 and I'll take care of you."
David didn't need to get asked twice and the next day he was at Atchira's door ringing the doorbell. Atchira answered the door wearing a white t shirt that showed her 36 Cs held inside a black bra, and a pair of tight black yoga pants. She smiled and gave David a hug and welcomed him in. She lead him into the living room and said "okay now it will be the same charge as last time so if you can get that out while I go and get our matts then we'll start." David reached into his wallet to get Atchira her money and as she walked out of the room David got a view of her perfect tight ass. "God bless the man who invented yoga pants" David thought to himself.
Atchira returned with two yoga matts and laid them out on the floor. She turned to David and said "let's start with child's pose." David had been to yoga before she he knew some of the basic moves. Atchira had put her matt in front of David's so as she laid down David got a better view of her ass. With an impressive thrust Atchira went from her knees onto her feet and was bent at the waist holding her ankles with her hands. With her head between her legs she looked back at David and said "do you like what you see?" David was getting very hard and said "you are so beautiful Atchira." Atchira smiled and slowly pulled her chest back up.
She then told David that they were going to breathe in and reach for the sky. As David breathed in and reached up his 8 inch cock which was now fully erect was sticking through the top of his shorts. Atchira noticed it and her eyes gleamed and she licked her lips. David breathed in and as he reached up Atchira grabbed his shorts, ripped them down, and dove onto his cock like it would save her life. She grasped the back of his hips and proceeded to suck him with no hands. She was trying very hard to take him all in but his member was just too long. She went as deep as she could gagged, and then took him out of her mouth to spit on the head, and jerk him to make sure he was well lubed. "Holy fuck your cock is big! I love it."
David smiled know that this small beautiful woman loved sucking his cock. Atchira got David to get down on his knees. She then laid down on her stomach and continued to deep throat with him occasionally taking him out in order to jerk him with both hands. David could feel the cum in his balls start to get ready and he knew he would cum soon if Atchira kept this up. So David pulled his cock out of Atchira's mouth with a loud pop and stood up. Atchira looked up with a pout face and said "awwe I was enjoying your cock."
David put his hands under her arm pits and stood her up. He then quickly spun her around and spanked her. Atchira jumped and gave out a quick "ooooh." David nelt down and pulled her pants down just below her ass and began to lick her clit. She was already getting wet and his tongue was only pushing her closer Sucked up her cum as her hips shook and she moaned in ecstasy. Once her orgasm was finished David stood up spanked her again and said "hmm you know...you still have clothes on." Atchira put her hands on her hips and said "well I'm just going to have to take them off for you." With that Atchira grasped the v of her tshirt and ripped it down the center to reveal her 36C tits. David looked at her beautiful tits and said "alright let them free" "mmmm do I want to?" "I want you to" "oh...(Laugh) what do I get for letting them free?" "you're going to find out in about two seconds."
Atchira took off her bra and within seconds David had her lying down on the matt and had his dick between her tits. Atchira pushed them together as David began thrusting his dick in between her tits. Atchira loved the sensation and cupped David's balls as he continued to tit fuck her. "Mmmm what do you have there Atchira?" "Mmmm you're balls." "yeah do you know what's in those balls?" "Mmmm some warm sweet cum." "Yeah you want some cum Atchira?" "Yes I want a moutful of your warm sweet cum. Give me that fucking cum baby. This girl is hungry feed me that cum!" David grasped his dick and began to jerk Atchira grasped his balls and took his head into her mouth. Atchira licked his sensitive head with her tongue and it sent him over the edge. His balls tightened and his dick shook as his first shot hit the back of Atchira's throat. Atchira continued to suck and jerk as shot after shot came into her mouth. With each shot David convulsed and continued until his cock stopped cumming. Atchira didn't stop and continued to suck any more cum that could come out out of David's penis. "Mmmm show me" David said. Atchira opened her mouth so David could see her mouthful of cum. Atchira swirled it around with her tongue, gargled it, then swallowed. "Mmmmm I love the taste of your cum."
"Wow are you satisfied Atchira?" "Mmm no I want more." "You want some more cum?" "Yes baby." "Alright keep sucking me, I'll get hard again, I'll fuck that sweet pussy, and then I'll give you another load how does that sound?" Atchira sucked, tit fucked, and jerked David back to his full girth and then suggested the bedroom to David as a better place to fuck. David carried her there and then tried something new. He put her back against the wall and started pounding into her. Atchira was moaning in ecstasy and started digging her finger nails into David's back "Yeah fuck me harder, fuck me harder, fuck me harder, yeah FUCK ME! Oh I’m cumming all over your dick!"
"I need to ride you, lie down on the bed." David did as he was told and Atchira began bouncing on his dick. This woman loved his cock and David loved filling her beautiful pussy with his manhood. As David felt her getting close to orgasm he grabbed her waist, held her up, and began pounding her pussy. Atchira put her hands behind her head and just let David send her over the edge.
As soon as her SECOND orgasm had finished she rubbed David’s chest and asked "mmmm there’s one more thing I want you to do baby. Can you handle it?" David nodded. "Yeah, okay." Atchira got down on her back and showed her flexibility by putting her legs behind her head. "Now I can see it go in." David rubbed the head in between her pussy lips then shoved his cock deep into her pussy. Atchira flung her head back and pushed back on his chest as he put too much of his cock into her pussy. David could feel her vaginal walls tighten and attempt to accommodate all of his girth. David placed his hands on either side of Atchira and began to thrust. Slowly at first, with long deep thrusts. Then he drove it home by increasing his speed. "AAAAH! I…always…wanted…a big one…like this!.. cum for me baby I want it all over my face!" David pulled out, Atchira rolled forward, tilted her head back, and opened her mouth just as David’s second powerful orgasm came shooting out of his cock. Even though he had cum before David’s second orgasm was more than enough to cover Atchira’s face in cum. He aimed his first two shots too go right down Atchira’s throat and then blew the rest of his seed onto her face.
Atchira sucked out some more and then kissed his very sensitive head. "wow! Next time you’re going to have to cum three times." Atchira got up and walked to the bathroom to get cleaned up. David sank into the bed and closed his eyes. Any other encounters with Atchira would certainly be…an adventure.

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