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For a minute she forgot where she was. Then she felt Kelly's soft hand covering her breast and she smiled. Kelly wasn't the only one who had a surprise that evening. Stephanie glanced over her shoulder at the gorgeous sleeping girl and gently disentangled herself from her arm and hand. Then she slid out of bed and went to her closet to retrieve her surprise----it was something wrapped in a green towel. With towel in hand, she padded quietly back into the room. Kelly had awakened and was stretching languidly on the bed with her arms over her head. It made her large breasts almost stick straight up.

Stephanie licked her lips as she looked at them. "I have a surprise for you, too, " she said quietly to Kelly.

"Ohhhhh, I like the sound of that," Kelly purred. "What is it?"

Stephanie felt her cheeks grow warm when she thought about showing her surprise to Kelly. She couldn't quite believe she had done this. "Um, well, I went to one of those adult stores and bought something. I brought it home and washed it, and it's in this towel, " she said with a touch of embarrassment, unable to meeting Kelly's eyes.

Kelly rose from the bed and went toward Stephanie. "I can't wait to see," she said gently. She kissed Stephanie on the lips, running her wet tongue over her lower lip. She took the towel from Stephanie and unrolled it. "Oh my," she gasped as she stared at the two-sided dildo. It was a purple, jelly-like material that was soft to the touch. But the dildo itself was very hard and firm. Each end was smooth and almost shiny. The middle of the shaft was ribbed around the circumference. Kelly's eyes sparkled like green fire as she looked at the long artificial penis. "Kinky girl, Steph. I love it!"

"Really?" Stephanie said with excitement.

Kelly's answer was another sensuous kiss on Stephanie's mouth. "Come on, Sweetheart, let's use it." Stephanie followed Kelly back toward the bed, forgetting her nervousness as she looked at Kelly's seductively swaying ass.

The two beautiful women climbed onto the bed and Kelly gave Stephanie one end of the dildo. She kissed her again, forcing her tongue deep into the brunette's mouth. "Are you wet enough for it?" she asked.

"I think so," Stephanie replied breathlessly. She could feel her juices spilling from her hole.

They lay facing each other as they inserted the new toy into their dripping pussies.

"Ohhhhh," Stephanie moaned. "Wow, I never... it's... I mean, David isn't..."

"You mean size matters?" Kelly said with a chuckle.

"Apparently," Stephanie said and giggled.

"Well, then, Sweetheart, I'm going to get on top, and I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked in your life, " Kelly whispered. She could barely contain her excitement as she rolled on top of Stephanie and devoured her mouth hungrily. Their tongues swirled together, their saliva mixing, as their soft breasts pressed against each other.

Stephanie could feel Kelly's large nipples pressing into her own, and they felt hot. She could barely breathe as lust consumed her. When Kelly began to move, grinding their clits together, she moaned loudly, " Oh God Kelly, that feels so good!"

Kelly could barely speak. "Ohhhhh, I... I know. I'm filling up your sweet pussy like it's never been filled before," Kelly cried as she worked the dildo deeply into Stephanie. She could hear how wet she was by the squishing sound as the dildo moved in and out.

"Yes, fuck me," Stephanie screamed.

Kelly bucked her hips feverishly, pumping the dildo into Stephanie as hard as she could. At the same time she could feel it move deeply into her own soaking hole. She could feel the ribbing massaging her vagina. She knew she would surely explode.

Stephanie had never felt anything like this. She held onto Kelly for dear life, sliding her hands down Kelly's soft back and grabbing her firm ass cheeks. Her clit felt like it was on fire. Any second, she knew she was going to go over the edge. The vibrations started deep within her belly, almost in her soul, and she felt her clit start to spasm . "Oh, God, Kelly... Oh, Goddddd!!!! I've never felt anything like this. Kelly, Kelly, I'm coming, I'm coooommminnngggg!!!!!!!!! " "Ohhhhh!!!!" Stephanie screamed as the most amazing climax she'd ever had ripped through her.

That was all it took for Kelly to let loose. She exploded in spasms as she bucked her hips furiously against Stephanie. "Oh, Yes! Yes!" she cried. "Stephhhhhh!" she screamed uncontrollably as her climax overtook her. It seemed to go on endlessly.

Stephanie's climax was almost ending, but with Kelly climaxing on top of her, she began to climax again. She dug her nails into Kelly's soft ass cheeks, gasping for breath and feeling as if she would surely expire if it went on any longer.

When they finally came back to earth, they lay there holding each other, breathing heavily, basking in their mutual afterglow.

Kelly gently rolled off Stephanie and reached down to pull the dildo from her sopping hole.

Stephanie smiled as a really naughty idea came to her. She kissed Kelly's lips. "Let's do something," she whispered, taking the dildo from Kelly's hand and gently pulling the other end out of her own vagina. She flipped it in her hand, offering the end that had just been buried deep inside of her to her lover.

"Let's lick each other's juices off of it," she said sexily.

"God, you're naughty! I love it," Kelly moaned as she put the dildo into her hot mouth and licked and sucked it. God, how she loved Stephanie's sweet taste. She licked the shiny purple surface with relish, lapping up every drop of her lover's juice.

Stephanie was doing the same, with her eyes closed, looking like she was performing oral sex.

Suddenly, Kelly was turned on again. "Oh, this makes me so horny, " she moaned. " I need to get off again, Steph. I want you to stroke the dildo on my clit and make me come." She looked at Stephanie as she spread her legs wide.

Stephanie took the dildo and spread Kelly's wet sex lips with one hand. Then she used the purple with ribbed surface to move it over her lovers swollen clit... slowly at first and then faster.

"Oh, God, YES!" Kelly moaned loudly, writhing and lifting her hips up, pressing her pussy into the dildo. Almost immediately, she began to climax again.

"Ohhhhh, Stephanie, go faster, please. I'm gonnna come sweetheart. Rub me faster. Pleassseee!"

Stephanie furiously worked the dildo over the sexy girl's clit.

Kelly's hips began to move faster and she almost jerked up off the bed as she screamed in a powerful climax. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Yesssss!!!!!" she screamed and thrashed as Stephanie worked her into an absolute frenzy. She finally fell back against the bed, breathing hard, and smiling in satisfaction.

"What about you?" she asked her lover breathlessly.

"After watching that display, I definitely need to come again," Stephanie laughed.

"Good, then sit on my face, " Kelly instructed.

Stephanie smiled with surprise. Then she giggled and threw her leg over Kelly, lowering her dripping pussy onto her opened mouth.

Immediately Kelly's tongue began to lap the wet, pink surface. Kelly loved the taste of Stephanie's juice. She lapped furiously at the hole, drinking down the sweet liquid. Her tongue moved quickly over the slit. She chewed gently on Stephanie's sex lips and then sucked the entire clit into her mouth and sucked it.

Stephanie felt her body tense. "Oh, God, Kelly! Yeah, that's it! Ohhhhh, I'm commmminnnngggg!!!" Stephanie bucked and jerked on Kelly's sticky face.

Kelly grabbed her hips tightly trying to keep her mouth on the throbbing clit.

When the last ounce of pleasure drained from Stephanie she collapsed in a heap beside Kelly.

Kelly kissed her tenderly on the mouth, sharing her own juices with her. Then she put her arm around Stephanie drawing her close in a spoon position.

They fell into an exhausted sleep.

Stephanie squinted at the morning light which was starting to trickle between the drawn blinds. Memories of her night of passionate, wild and beautiful lovemaking with Kelly flooded her. She stretched and smiled with a sigh. Suddenly, she realized she was alone in the bed. Then she heard sounds coming from the bathroom. She got up and stood next to the bed and stretched.

A moment later, Kelly came out of the bathroom carrying her overnight bag. Her wet blonde hair was pulled into a ponytail and she wore a tight pink tee shirt, jeans and tennis shoes. Stephanie noticed her breasts moving freely beneath the tight t, and looked hungrily at Kelly's always-hard nipples.

"I thought I should shower and clear out of here before your husband comes home," Kelly said. "Why don't you go take your shower and I'll let myself out." Then she gave Stephanie the sweetest of kisses and headed out the door. "I'll talk to you later, " she called over her shoulder.

Stephanie entered the bathroom and looked at the mirror. "I LOVE YOU!!!" was written on the mirror in lipstick. Stephanie stared at it and her heart began to swell. She realized in that moment that she loved Kelly too. More than she had ever loved anyone in her life. She stepped into the shower feeling warm, loved and very satisfied.


A week later, Stephanie was sitting in the living room watching television when David came in. He had a serious look on his face as he sat next to her.

"Stephanie... I... I've wanted to talk to you. I don't know how to tell you this so I will just come out and say it. I want a divorce!"

Stephanie was so startled that she opened her mouth but no words came out.

"I know it's a shock to you, but I think you know that we have not had a close relationship for a long time. I... I met someone and we are in love."

Stephanie felt her anger rising. Her face turned red.

"I'm sorry Stephanie, but I'll make it up to you. I won't contest the divorce and you can keep the house. I will pay you alimony... whatever you want. Ben... Benjamin can stay with you as long as I can visit.

Suddenly Stephanie's anger dissipated as quickly as it had come and she had to suppress a smile. It was perfect. Yet she couldn't let him know that. "This quite a shock David," she said in a measured tone. "I think you should pack your stuff and get out now."

"Uh... yes... I planned too," David said like a hurt puppy.

Stephanie watched David leave the house with several suitcases. She told him he could come back and get the rest of his clothes later... to make room for Kelly's stuff. A second later she had the phone in her hand and was dialing Kelly's number.

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