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It was obvious he had been masturbating as there was lotion all up and down his dick.

"Start without me?" I tease.

"I was getting warmed up for you." he smiled as he leaned into me.

I walked back to the bedroom and Tim followed me.

"Undress me." I tell him.

Tim steps up to me and unties my tie and pulls it off. Next he starts unbuttoning my shirt slowly.

Tim giggles with anticipation.

"This is so awesome!" he grins as he kisses my chest.

As he unbuttoned each button Tim would kiss and run his hands all over my chest..

Finally my shirt is off and Tim is kissing my nipples as I Kick off my shoes and press Tim down onto his knees.

Tim unbuckles my belt and unzips my pants his face only inches away. My pants fall away as Tim slowly pulls my underwear down. I notice that he is trembling with excitment. My hard dick swings out and hits Tim in the face. He puts both of his hands on it and kisses the end of it.

I step out of my pants and quickly pull off my socks. Tim is naked kneeling in front of me with both of his hands on my dick slowly stroking it. I gently pull his head closer so that the head of my dick is pressed against his lips but only for a second as Tim opens his mouth slightly and takes the head and shaft in.

"Careful with your teeth." I caution him as I start to slowly pump my dick in and out of his mouth.

"Mmm mmm." he answers.

"Use your tongue on the bottom." I instruct.

We keep at it for several minutes Tim seriously intent on giving his first blowjob.

As I look down at Tim's cute little face stuffed with my dick I feel the pressure build up.I put both of my hands on the sides of his head as I start to loose all control moaning as I shoot my load into his mouth. I spurt once then twice.

Tim pulls off my dick and looks up at me "That was awesome!"

But I'm not through as I shoot again on his lips and yet again on his cheek.

Tim quickly puts my dick back into his mouth taking the rest of my spurts of cum then using his tongue and lips milks the last of my cum out.

"God that was way cool." Tim says through his cum covered lips.

"I love your cum." he adds.

Spent. I lie down on the bed. Tim quickly jumps on top of me stradling me across my waist.

"My turn now." Tim states as he starts masturbating furiously. He sticks his tongue out trying to lick my cum off his lips as he strokes his dick but most of it just runs down his face onto his chest and neck.

I watch intently as he nears his climax.

Finally he starts moaning and shaking uncontrollably and shoots several strong shots of cum all over my chest, face, and neck.

Tim smiles "God I love to cum!"

"I love watching you cum." I reply.

Tim surprises me as he moves up and squats above my chest and starts rubbing his ass all in his cum that was on me. Once his ass is covered in his cum he gets on his knees with his head down on the bed. His pert little ass up in the air with cum smeared all over it pointed right at me.

"You can use my cum for lubrication." he says.

Well none of the cum was near his asshole but I got up behind him anyway. I couldn't resist the temptation and started to kiss and lick off all of his cum off his ass. There was a stream of cum drooling down his ass crack so I started at his asshole with my tongue and slurped my way up.

Tim just loved it .

After several minutes his ass was clean of cum so I pressed my face into his ass and started tongueing his puckered little brown star of an asshole. I was fucking his hole with my tongue sticking it in deep, then back out, then back in.

"Oh God!" Tim moans.

Tim was hard again and slowly stroking his dick as I tongued his ass.

My dick was hard as a rock so I reached into the drawer by the bed and put some lube all over my dick.

I put the tip of my dick against his asshole.

"You're not sore from yesterday are you?" I ask.

"No. Not at all. I was fingering my ass before you got home." he replies.

"Really." I respond.

"Yeah, I was pretending it was your dick in there." he coos.

I could only grin at that as I pushed my dick into his cute little ass.

Tim tilted his head back with his mouth open as my dick slid into his ass.

Soon I was buried deep into his ass his butt cheeks pressed hard against my hips. His ass was so tight I could barely keep from cumming. I paused for a moment to keep from cumming and to let him get used to my dick buried deep in his ass then slowly pulled out until just my dickhead was in his ass. Tim let out a moan of pleasure as it pulled out. Then slowly back in.

I slowly picked up the pace and soon was fucking his ass good. Tim could take it as hard as I could give it. I kissed up and down Tim's spine causing him to spasm with pleasure. I kissed his neck and nibbled on his ears. Tim turned his head so we could tongue kiss. We butt-fucked for at least 20 minutes. Tim was stroking his dick the whole time.

"I'm close to cumming." Tim gasped "Roll me over onto my back so we can watch."

"OK" I pant.

I rolled Tim over onto his back without hardly missing a stroke. Tim starts to masturbate even faster.

I match him stroke for stroke fucking his ass.

After a few minutes Tim gasps "I'm close!"

"So am I!" I answer.

"Here it cums!" Tim groans.

"Me too!" I respond.

I pull his ass tight against me so I was deep in him as I let loose a huge orgasm into Tim's ass as he simultaneously shoots off all over his belly and chest. Some of his cum actually hit his own face! Boy could he shoot off long and hard!

"Oh my God!" I pant out of breath "That was good."

"Yeahhh." Tim coos.

Tim pulls me down and kisses me on the lips and then rubs his cum-covered face against mine smearing our cum all over our faces.

We lay together with my dick still in his ass for awhile recovering from our orgasms before finally getting up and showering.

Everyday Tim had to have what he called his double-shot of cum, me cumming in his mouth and again in his ass. Tim always loved to shoot his cum on the both of us.

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