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Complete anonymity: how to protect your PC from snooping and viruses

Prevent spyware tracking

Quick Tips for PC

To stay safe and anonymous on the World Wide Web, you should immediately apply the following recommendations to your desktop computer:

  • Install updates

Use the automatic Windows update feature. Thus, you will always receive all the corrections for critical errors, such as Meltdown and Specter.

  • Antivirus Installation

In this article you will find an overview of the best antivirus tools for Windows. We recommend installing a paid product. As a rule, the latest technologies are not implemented in free versions.

  • Using a browser with privacy protection

To protect against tracking cookies and other tricks in the future, use a privacy-oriented browser such as Cliqz. It will save you from intrusive advertising and provide access to anonymous search.

  • VPN setup

Against information espionage, a connection through a VPN helps https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/veepn-unlimited-free-fast/majdfhpaihoncoakbjgbdhglocklcgno?hl=en. Thanks to it, you can safely access public networks, since information from your PC will be transmitted to the Internet in encrypted form.

In this regard, we will not tire of repeating: in order to protect ourselves from virus attacks, first of all, you need to install all critical Windows updates. As a rule, the system itself copes with this task: make sure that you have the correct settings set through the "Control Panel" in the "Update and Security" section.

To stay completely anonymous while browsing the Web, you need to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). In this case, your web data will be transmitted in encrypted form to the server that serves as a gateway. Even your provider will not be able to track which sites you've visited. Your security and anonymity, however, depends entirely on the VPN service provider.

Under Windows, the service offers its own software that allows you to select individual gateways. At the same time, on your smartphone, your web data is protected using a VPN.

Block browser tracking of online activity

Before using the BitBox browser, completely disable data storage

Once you have hidden your location from the provider, you should do the tracking. Almost every commercial website identifies its customers through cookies and tracking procedures. Result: if you don’t clear your browser history daily, advertising corporations can create an excellent profile of your behavior on the Web. A privacy-oriented browser such as Cliqz is capable of preventing this. Search terms in this product are anonymous; protection from tracking and blocking pop-ups save from targeted advertising.

In addition to the protection provided by the browser, the use of the anonymous Quad9 DNS server is recommended. In this case, information such as address requests and under which IP was logged in to certain addresses passes through the server completely anonymously. To be able to work through it, go to Windows in “Control Panel | Network and Internet | Network and Sharing Center | Change adapter settings | Internet Protocol Version 4. " Here for the DNS server enter the address “” and confirm the changes by clicking on “OK”.

Even more secure and anonymous, but much less convenient is the BitBox browser. It automatically starts in a virtual environment, but is not recommended for use on slower computers. Modern devices will receive a completely protected environment from any attacks. Since BitBox deletes cookies upon shutdown, the tracking tools do not have the slightest chance of success.

Fly in the ointment, present both in BitBox and in Cliqz: if you have a personalized account, for example in Gmail, these services use its content to compile your profile.

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