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I still hadn’t had a girlfriend and was definitely a virgin. I wasn’t too popular, but still had 4 best friends. One of those friends was Jake. Jake was fat, and like me, a virgin.
It was Jake’s idea to jack each other off when we were hanging out in my room one day, and since then, we started doing it every week or so. We had stroked each other 4 separate times, all at my house, with my mom downstairs. I didn’t like having to jerk his 5 inch cock, but the feeling of someone’s hand jerking me off made up for it. The last time Jake and I sucked each other off. I couldn’t believe my first blowjob was from a male friend, but it felt so good I didn’t care.
One day, Jake asked if I wanted to go to his house to "hangout". I told him sure and texted my mom telling her I would be at Jake’s and wouldn’t be home until dinner. She responded that was fine and we were just going to have frozen pizza since Dad was on a work trip all week.
So Jake and I headed to his place after school. When we got to his house, we ran into his mother. "Hi Paul" his mom said, "Jake, ready to go to the doctors?" "That’s today" he said. "Yes it is" she responded, "Paul; we can drop you off on the way." "Sorry man, I totally forgot" Jake told me. "That’s alright" I said, disappointed that I was going to have to jerk off by myself.
I got dropped off by Jake’s mom and saw a black car in my driveway. I didn’t recognize it and went through the front door quietly. It was dead silent in the house. Suddenly, I heard a female moan coming from upstairs. I quietly went upstairs as a male’s moan joined the females. As I peered around the corner of the staircase, I saw my parent’s bedroom door was opened. That’s when I received the biggest surprise of my life.
My mother was on her hands and knees, on her bed. On top of her fucking her doggy style was a black man. "Ohhh fuck, fuck me good" Mom moaned throwing her head back. The man pulled her brown hair and really started to pound her from behind. Mom squealed and moaned as he slammed away. "Shit my coming baby" Mom said before groaning loudly, coming all over his long black cock.
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I peered back around the corner to find my mom on her back with the black man sucking on her 34C cup tits while fucking her missionary. I stroked my cock hard as I finally got a look at the man’s cock. It was probably 8 inches and thick. "Why don’t you cum all over my tits" Mom suggested to him. "Good idea" he said back to her as he started pumping in and out of my mom again.
Mom’s pussy was bald and covered in juices and she soon came again from the pounding of his black cock. I lost control over my cock and shot my load into my hand. The black man wasn’t far behind, "ready for this" he asked, pulling his dick out and aimed it at my mother’s chest. "That’s it, shoot that black seed on my tits" Mom told him. Giant globs of cum shot out of his massive cock and all over Mom’s tits and neck. After covering her with cum, he rested and breathed heavily next to my mom.
Mom sat up, swiped her fingers through the globs of cum and looked directly at me as she put the cum in her mouth. After Mom cleaned the cum off herself she kissed the man on the mouth. I could see their tongues in each others mouths.
After the kiss, Mom spoke, "I think my son will be home soon." "When am I going to see you next" the man said rolling out of the bed. "As soon as possible" Mom said getting out of bed as well. I snuck back down the stairs and hid in the garage. A couple minutes later I heard the front door open and close.
A minute after that, I received a text from Mom. I opened it "get in the kitchen NOW." I got out of my hiding spot and walked into the house to find Mom dressed in her normal blue jeans and a conservative blue top. "How can you be cheating on d-" I started to say, before being cut off. "I saw you and Jake" Mom smirked. "W-what" I stammered. "You heard me" she said, "I have proof of you and Jake sucking each other off." I didn’t know what to say, and just stood in silence.
"I’ve been fucking Stan for months now" she confessed, "and if you even think about telling your father about it, he’ll find out he has a gay son." "Mom, I’m not gay" I whined. "The photos say otherwise" she smiled, "now let me see your phone." Mom walked over to me and I gave her my phone, "what are you doing" I asked. Mom smiled, "I need a phone number" she said writing something on a piece of paper. She folded the paper without letting me see and put it in her pocket. She gave me my phone back, "there are going to be a lot of changes around here."
She went upstairs and left me standing alone in the kitchen. I went to the living room and tried to think of a way to get out of this mess without Dad seeing the proof of my friend and I sucking each other off. Dad would disown me in a heart beat if he ever saw the pictures.
I paced back and forth and wondered what Mom was doing up in her bedroom. Suddenly, it was 6 o’clock and Mom came down the stairs and turned on the oven. "Mom" I called to her. She came into the living room in the clothes she had on earlier and asked what I wanted. "Mom please stop cheating on Dad, it isn’t fair to him" I begged. Mom just chuckled. "Honey, your father has only fucked me 4 times in the last year and I have needs that he can’t satisfy with his small cock. I tried to keep you from finding out about Stan and I, but now that you know, I wish you found out a long time ago." "Why" was all I could respond. Mom laughed and walked out the room and upstairs, "put the pizza in the oven when it’s ready" was all she said.
I was fuming at Mom’s comment but still couldn’t think of what to do. The alarm on the oven went off and Mom yelled for me to put the pizza in the oven. I did as I was told. I went to my room and ended up jerking off thinking of my mother taking that big cock up her white pussy. Just as I was about to cum, the doorbell rang. Mom yelled for me to answer it.
I tucked my hard cock up into my waistband and walked to the door. I opened the door and found one of my good friends, Tom on the other side of the doorway. "What are you doing here, man" I asked. "Tom, just go into the living room, and remember what we talked about" Mom yelled from her room.
Tom walked right past me and went into the living room and sat down….

End of Part 1

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