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I would like to relate to you the story of my first sexual experience with a man.
Although I had been having fantasies for some time, I had so far never acted on any of my urges to try it in real life, so when it happened it came as a complete surprise for sure.
It was late August and I was driving home from a long work day and decided to stop at a bar for a beer or three. I parked and went in, found a seat and ordered a beer and began to drink it. And anyone that likes a cold beer knows how good it can be on a hot day in August. So I had just gotten my second when a guy down the bar a little way starts talking to me. Talking about the weather and how hot it’s been and the usual banal chit-chat. He introduces himself as Ron and continues to make small talk for awhile. After my two beers I’m starting to feel better and a little looser after a long day, the conversation starts to pick up some steam and I find myself going back to some fantasies I kept locked in my mind for such a long time.
After a little while a new guy walks in and sits at the bar next to Ron and gets himself a beer. It turns out they know each other and Ron introduces him as Danny. Pleasantries get passed around and Ron asks if he can buy me a round since I’m a first timer at the bar. I say sure and move down closer to them so we don’t have to shout across the bar and we all keep drinking and talking for about an hour when Ron asks me if I want to go out back and smoke a bowl he apparently had stashed in his pocked this whole time and I accept.
We go out back and I guess he sensed that I was nervous because he tells me not to worry, they smoke behind the bar all the time and that the owner doesn’t mind it. So we go back into a slim line of trees that hides us from anyone that we may not want to see us and he sparks up the weed. After about 5 beers and now this I’m really relaxed and feeling looser all the time.
We talk a little more and decide we should head back in before our beers can get warm. But before we can he suddenly says "hang on, I gotta piss first" and just whips his dick out and lets it fly. Usually I would have walked away and let him do his business, but this time I just stood there watching until he was finished. He looks at me and with no surprise in his voice says "were you checkin out my dick just now?" At this point I couldn’t lie about it and blurted out something like "yeah I was, I couldn’t help myself, it’s a really nice lookin cock.
I knew at this point that if he made some sort of move I wouldn’t be able to resist it, and that’s when he says, you want to shake it off for me?
I say that I would and walk the couple steps to where he was standing, and slowly reached out and grabbed his cock and started to shake it off for him. After about 30 seconds of this I can feel him start getting a little thicker, a little harder and he says that really feels good, have you ever done this before? I admit that I haven’t before and he just grins and says you should have tried it sooner, you’re a natural.
So now he is about half hard, and I just can’t help myself so as I start to stroke him, he grows harder and longer, and the next thing I know I’m stroking a thick 8 inch cock and loving every second of it. And a few minutes later I can feel that he is starting to leak a little pre-cum. So I reach out with my free hand and start to smear it around on the head of his cock with my palm. He was producing a lot of it and pretty soon I was using it as a lube while I stroked up and down the length of his fat dick, twisting my hand around it while still stroking the head in a circular motion with my palm.
I’m completely lost in what I’m doing to this guy by now and I just bent over and took the head into my mouth and started to suck him, when he pulls me back up and says we can’t do this here, would you like to go a little further into the woods? I tell him I’m his for whatever he wants from me, and so he leads me down the path to a spot where we couldn’t be seen at all and points out a tree stump and says to sit down on it. So I do and he immediately takes his cock out and starts to rub the head all over my face and cheeks, soon I can feel that he is starting to leak pre-cum again, and he begins to rub the tip on my lips and sometimes between them, just barely slipping the head in.
After a few minutes of this, I feel my lips and chin becoming coated in pre-cum. Soon after, he pulls my head back and starts to rub the shaft and head through it, totally coating himself and my lips with it. He says to me, you said you were mine for whatever right? I tell him that I am as long as he puts his cock back in my mouth. He says for now I just want you to use your tongue and clean me off with it. I started with the base and ran my tongue up then down along the underside, collecting all his pre-cum as I went. Now I could really taste it, getting as much on my tongue and my lips as I could.
After I made sure he was well cleaned, I took it upon myself to slide off of the tree stump and onto my knees, holding his cock up and starting to go to work on his balls. At first I just licked them, getting used to the texture of them against my mouth. I couldn’t resist for long though, and I started to suck them into my mouth one after the other, all the time still stroking his shaft.
He asked me to stop stroking him and to just suck his balls, so I got down really low and worked them both into my mouth, gently sucking and working my tongue between them, and I started to notice that I was starting to produce a lot of saliva, it was like my mouth was flooding with it. I was ready to suck him and I think he knew it because he pulled my head away from his balls and told me to take a quick break so I could get my breath back.
Not really wasting much time though, he brings his now semi-hard cock up to my mouth and says to just take the head and suck it while running my tongue around it. So I do as he says and I take the head between my lips and start to suck it and swirl my tongue around the tip. Starting to taste his cum again I reach up and start to stroke him into my mouth, getting more and more pre-cum, tasting it straight out of his cock this time. My mouth was starting to feel slimy inside so I decided to try taking a little more of him into my mouth, still stroking but going a little deeper on every stroke until his cock started to bump into the back of my mouth and make me start to gag a little.
Now asking him to sit down on the stump, I pulled his pants down around his ankles, got back to my knees, put my hands on his thighs bent down and found his waiting cock with my mouth. Ii started with just the head again, working my mouth and tongue to work out more of the cum I was starting to crave. Since he was only half hard again, it was easier to work more and more of his cock into me until I felt him slide into my throat. He put his hands on the back of my head, holding me in place while sliding his cock in and out of my mouth, really face fucking me. I was sucking for all I was worth now, swallowing his entire cock on every stroke, sliding it in and out while using my tongue to lick his balls whenever his cock hit bottom. I was lost in my own world, swallowing his entire length over and over as he fucked my mouth, when I felt him unbuttoning my jeans. He pushed my jeans and boxers down to my knees, all the while still sliding in and out of my mouth, when I realized he was still holding my head in his hands. Danny had arrived and it was him that had pulled my pants down. Just keep working that dick whore, he said, beginning to stroke and squeeze my ass cheeks while tracing a finger between them, finally finding my virgin asshole and starting to work its way inside me. Things went on this way for a while, Ron fucking my mouth while Danny kept working his finger, then two fingers in and out of my clutching ass.
I was in a fine ecstasy, being fucked at both ends when I felt something much larger that a finger starting to work its way between my ass cheeks. Danny’s cock, rock hard and as big as Ron’s, was sliding up and down between my cheeks. Rubbing against my hole and making me want it inside me. I used my hand to get some of my spit that had gathered on Ron’s balls, reached back and rubbed it all over the head of Danny’s hard cock and positioned it against my waiting hole.
He started slowly at first, just penetrating me with the head and pulling back out, giving me time to get used to him. He had started to give me some light smacks on my ass and asked if I thought I was ready for him. With Ron’s dick in my mouth, all I could do is nod my head while moaning in pleasure, and I felt his tip against my hole again. Here it comes whore, he said, and I felt him start to slide his cock up into my virgin no more asshole, slowly at first, then with more force as I opened up to take him.
Danny was now fucking me for all he was worth, forcing Ron’s cock down my throat with every stroke, hammering my ass with such force I thought I might pass out from the pleasure of it all. Here I was, behind a bar I had never been to and being fucked hard at both ends and loving every second of it. They used me as their little fuck toy, taking turns in my mouth and ass. We finally wound up with me back on my knees, Ron and Danny stroking their cocks and taking turns in my mouth I was sucking Danny’s cock when I felt him tense up, he grabbed the back of my head and forced most of himself into my mouth, and shot what felt like a gallon of hot come into my hungry mouth. I swallowed as much as I could but there was just too much of it to handle. Ron got back behind me and shoved his cock all the way into my ass in one hard stroke, fucking me harder and harder until he just couldn’t stop himself from cumming. He tensed up, grabbed me by the hips and buried himself inside of me, and filled my ass with so much come it was still running out of me when I got home that night.

So that is the story of how I headed down the road to becoming a dirty cock/cum whore.
I have had many more experiences since then, and if anyone wants to hear them, just let me know.

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