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Cassandra Russell

Hanna goes to talk to Sasha. Sasha tells her that she was working on somethings for her, part of it was the burkas, when I was making the design for the burka I thought about the mark. It is on your burka and here it is on this branding iron. You are married to him you should have his mark on you like I have for Omar’s. Hanna say that she wanted his mark on her but without him having one she was not going to ask. Sasha then says " you were married on the computer so why don't we have the real wedding this week, then we can mark you". Hanna says could I change that a little? could we have a double wedding? Rose and myself? Sasha says yes we can I will get everything set up. Sasha could I see your mark? I thought it was a tattoo not a brand! Sasha takes off her burka and under garments. There it is right above my slit! Hanna looks at it, says it is blue like a tattoo? Yes that is a special lotion you put on and rub in, blue means number 1, red means number 2.

a little while later back in Steve’s room Hanna says master can I talk to you? Sure what is going on? Hanna says in this country when you get married the wife gets the husbands mark on her. Steve says Do you mean brand? Yes I do! Right above my private area. Also in this country you can marry 2 women so we can have a double wedding, you, me and rose. Then you can mark both of us. Steve says do you really think rose would want to get marked? You know I let you girls do what you want as long as it is for the group. Hanna says " like my burka" steve says I am sorry for that, you are not going to let me live that down are you? I am sorry master!

A few day later everything is set up for the wedding. Steve, Hanna and rose are going to get married legal here in this country, it will not be legal back in the USA but who knows someday it might!
all of them go into the grant ball room, stand in front of an imam he does his thing, we are now married! Steve says now we party or do I mark you. Hanna says tonight we party, tomorrow we get branded. Omar says let the party begin! They party and party most of the night until Steve can take no more, Hanna and rose help him back to their room, undress him, put him in bed. Then they get undressed get on the bed, rose says to Hanna can you teach me how you do oral sex on him, he really likes it the way you do it. Ok! First you have to clear your mind, think of nothing but getting that cock in your mouth here I will show you. Steve is laying there half pasted out, Hanna goes down takes his cock in her mouth, goes all the way down, she pulls it back out, rose you try before his cock gets real big. Rose goes over takes his cock in her mouth, it goes to the back but she is just ready to choke, Hanna goes over, tells her to close your eyes, think you will get this cock all the way in, she takes more of his cock in, she is almost choking again. Hanna say close your mind off, think you will get this cock all the way in, rose now feels his cock starting to go down her throat. Hanna says now move your neck straight so it can go down, breathe throw your nose. That's it you are doing it, now swallow! Rose does, but she almost chokes, relax Hanna says, now swallow again. This time it was easier, rose is so happy, she swallows, swallows and swallows. Steve cock has gotten bigger, it is ready to shoot! Rose swallows a few more times and he is shoot down her throat. She takes everything. The girl get in bed, pull the sheet up over them and go to sleep.

the next day they wake up, Steve says that he had way to much to drink last night, leans over and kisses Hanna, says "thanks for the sex last night", she looks at rose and smiles. He says I think it is going to be great to have 2 beautiful wives that love me and each other. They go down to the dinning room for breakfast, met up with Sasha and Omar. They have breakfast, talk about the next step (the mark) Sasha tell the girls that it does hurt but in a few days they will have a nice ownership mark. They finish eating then Sasha tell them to follow her down to the old dungeon in the basement. As they enter the room they see old racks, whips, chains and old leather masks. They girls are amazed by the things in this room, Sasha says that along time ago this was used way before Omar owned this palace. Over to the other side is a table that looks like it can rotate up and down. OK Hanna you are first, get up on the table Sasha says. We are going to strap you down so you do not move to make the mark unreadable or wrong. Omar goes over to the table takes a strap moves it over her stomach then a strap over her lower waist by her pussy. He then goes up by Hanna head, hands her a towel all wrapped up, tells her this is for in your mouth to bite into so you don't break any teeth. He now goes over to Steve with the branding iron, they go over to the mannequin, you do it this way pressing the iron into the area, hold it for 3 seconds then we will put the special lotion on her. They go over to this kettle that has a fire in it, put the iron in it and leave it to get hot, go back over to the table, Omar pulls a handle, the table stands up straight . Steve says "Hanna are you OK with this? "Yes master I am! I want your mark on me" Steve goes over to the iron, rose goes over to the towel, puts it in Hanna mouth, Steve moves in front of her, positions the iron above her pussy, asks if she is ready? Hanna shakes her head yes, Steve moves in, puts the iron on her skin, smoke comes off of it, Hanna is screaming into the towel, the smell of burning flesh, Steve pulls the iron back off of her, rose takes the lotion starts rubbing it on. Hanna has sweat on her forehead, Sasha takes the towel out of her mouth, Hanna says "that really hurt but now it is feeling better". Sasha says that is the lotion, it has the cooling effect while the blue is set in for good. They move the table back in the other position so rose can keep rubbing in the lotion without it running off. Let the lotion sit on the mark, it will harden a little to seal the wound, it has some medicine in for the pain and protect her from infection. Omar says that in a half hour Hanna will able to get up so rose can have her turn. Steve can not believe anyone would do this for him let alone his 2 wives.
An half hour later it is roses turn, she gets up on the table, the table rotates, Steve put the branding iron to her, then Hanna start putting the red lotion on her. A few hours later they are done, Sasha say they better go back to their room to relax, have something to drink and sleep. They will hurt for a few days!

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