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It was post-graduation now—college was over, and the world was their oyster. Aaron and she had rented an apartment in Bremerton and now stared out at the bay. Sure, a big flat-topped warship was in her window—a carrier, she thought—but hey it was still water. That’s all she really wanted from her first house. Aaron, of course, was the perfect man. He had been since they met biology three years ago—and had dated for two. This was their big first move together. Perhaps the move solidified the rest of her life.

It was scary.

It was exciting.

He was hot.

Her reflection glinted in the mirror before her now, as she looked over at herself. Was she hot? God, she hoped so. She had perky breasts, c-cup–so not huge, not small either, and thick hips with a round rear bumper. Her white skin was still slick from the shower, and glinted in the sun, giving her the look of a goddess. Running a hand over her belly, she felt its flat, toned muscles that barely creased her skin. It was just enough to let anyone know she worked out, but not obscene. That was enough to hold on to Aaron.

That was always in her head. Am I good enough? Who knows why—she always tried to present a self-confident look. She hated thinking she might be clingy or desperate. Running a hand through her short black hair, she tucked it behind her ears and looked back out the window.

Her phone buzzed.

She looked down at it.

Hey babe. Aaron wrote. Got a big request coming your way and bought taco bell.

Aaron loved Taco Bell. April tolerated it–but hey a quesadilla was a quesadilla, right? Big request. Her cheeks heated a bit. They were nowhere near ready to pop the question, or so she thought. Pulling her bra and thong from the bed, where she’d laid them out earlier, she pulled them over herself—and quickly adorned her body with the short shorts that threatened to let her ass spill out, and the tank top that left her midriff open to the world.

She always loved the looks these clothes bought her. Everyone from young boys to old men would jerk their heads, even if only for a moment. Needy much? Ugh. She shook the feeling from her shoulders and picked up her phone again, her thumbs dancing about the display.

Yum Yum—you can ask me anything. XOXO.

There was a moment's pause, dots gyrated beneath her sent text, and then:

I know. Love you. C U soon.

The nice thing about short hair was it didn’t take long to make it look presentable. Then she was in the kitchen, waiting for Aaron—wondering what big thing he’d ask her. Maybe he wanted to take her on a big vacation. Not that they could afford that—she’d have to say no on a practical standard. On their first date, the big goof took her over to Seattle—and at first, she thought they were super rich as they were seated in some high-top restaurant filled with the elite of the world. Or so it seemed, anyway.

Then he bought her a three-hundred-dollar meal.

It was only ex post facto that she learned that was his entire paycheck gone. He spent the rest of the month eating ramen and dry cereal. The stupid idiot. From then on, he cleared the date with her, so she could slap some sense into the boy before his starry eyes did something he couldn’t afford. It was exciting though, to see a man throw everything into one meal just to please her. Did that make her evil? Maybe a little.

The front door opened, and the blond-haired, tall, muscular frame of Aaron marched in with a wrinkly paper bag, and that grin on his face. She loved that smile, freckles, and all. Even as he attempted to grow a beard. He really shouldn’t. It kinda looked like a blond piece of fuzz got caught on his face outside.

"Hey." He smiled as he took a seat opposite her.

There was an awkward silence as they picked through the bag for their food. Aaron was adjusting his seat and playing with his hands more than usual. A sudden, dark surge crashed against her heart. What if he was breaking up with her? Her appetite jumped up and ran in fear of the thought.

"Is everything alright?" April asked.

"Yeah. Yeah." It was not terribly convincing. "Nothing bad. I guess there were things I wanted to talk about, you know. It all sounded good in my head, but here I am just stumbling over myself. Maybe we will talk about it later."

Oh no. No, that was not how this worked. She reached a hand across the table and touched his as gently as she could. "Babe. Just talk. Unless you murdered someone or cheated on me, it will be fine."

"Never." He laughed slightly.

He took a deep breath and ran a hand through his hair as if he was about to ask her to commit a crime. His gaze wandered off a bit before he settled back on her, a terrified shadow nesting in the center of his eyes, in those hazel cores. Was this the birth control talk? She’d thought about going on it, so he could enjoy her without a condom, but there was a price to pay when messing with hormones. She wouldn’t get mad. She promised herself she wouldn’t get mad. Putting on her most comforting smile, she braced for the most awkward of conversations.

"SO—I have a fetish." He laughed at himself. "I like the idea of watching someone else, you know. Fuck you."

Wait what—April misjudged this by a mile. The words sunk in. Having someone else fuck her? Like for real. Nausea swept over her again, with a little sparkling hint of something else. Fear perhaps. Wait. Was this so he didn’t feel bad about fucking someone else?

"Why?" she asked. "Are we opening up our relationship?"

"No." He raised his hands defensively. "It's just a kink. We don’t have to do it, I guess. It would be cool if maybe you tried, just once. See if you like it too."

Wouldn’t he get jealous? "That sounds awful for you."

"Yeah, maybe that’s the kink. I dunno. I like the idea is all." He shrugged. "Kinda got off to the thought of it."


"Who would I, you know." She couldn’t bring herself to finish the thought.

"Whoever. Your choice." He smiled. "That’s the kink."

April didn’t understand this at all. It was strange. It was out of nowhere, but it was Aaron asking. She’d be hard-pressed to say no to a request. Maybe if it made him happy, she could do it once, or every so often. Just enough to satisfy his kink, or whatever. Men. They were weird. She’d accepted that a while ago.

"I’ll think about it," April replied.

They ate their meal in silence, as April wondered about what this meant, where this would lead, if this was a sign something terrible was about to happen. It was just a kink. Just a weird fetish that Aaron had. She had a few of her own too—like handcuffs. Weird—she had only ever indulged once, but it felt so good, so amazing.

So, April decided she’d give this a chance.


To christen their apartment, Aaron’s father had arrived in Washington. They met him at the door. The man was built like a bull moose, his eyes the same hazel as his sons, and a smile that could ignite an entire cathedral. His bear arms sported several tattoos, including a snake coiled around his forearm, with the head printed on his thumb. His hair was gray, with a hint of blond still hanging around the center. Despite the signs, his face was wonderfully youthful, except around his eyes. Smile wore the corners down, but it made him seem more jovial. Her face flushed as warmth coiled between her thighs.

"So, you are my son’s beautiful girlfriend. How the hell did he land you?" He grinned, patting Aaron on the shoulder. "Lucky boy!"

"Dad." Aaron rolled his eyes. "Come on in. Let me show you the place."

"Of course." His dad gave April a grin.

The rest of the day was a mix of showing Aaron’s father, Ethan, around Bremerton and stopping for lunch. He paid with a cheerful grin and waved off any of his son's attempts to dissuade him. Night came in a flash, and April was excited. Her first meeting with Aaron’s father had gone so well. They got along, exchanging hilarious stories about the blond-haired boy they both loved, while Aaron stuck his hands in his pockets and tried to vanish into the sidewalk. They even liked some of the same subjects, and April and he had gone off on a tangent about Rousseau and Hobbs.

Ethan, of course, loved Rousseau.

April defended Hobbs.

Now as she lay in bed, her clothes stripped from her body, as she listened to Aaron shower, a cool comfort touched her. This was her life. This was the trajectory upon which her life would power down, like an engine of a train dragging the rest of her to her destinations. Then Ethan’s face danced across her vision, the giant smile, and that boiling warmth she felt inside her. What time had taken from the man? He’d made up for it with his monstrous personality. Knowing Aaron’s mom died in a car crash years ago, April wondered who Ethan had back home: if anyone. Then a bit of boiling moisture beaded between her legs as she imagined Ethan.

Oh god.

Wrenching her mind away from her body shuddered with embarrassment. Even though her thoughts were her own, it felt so dirty to think about them. A deep yearning ached in her now. Pulling her top off, she tossed it to the floor and gripped her breast through her bra, squeezing. An electric wave washed across her. She imagined Aaron thumbing her nibble as his hand wandered towards her panties. Undoing her tight jeans, she slipped a finger over her thong. It was already a tad bit moist. The image of Aaron faded, and Ethan came back, his grin blossoming upon his face, his fingers sliding towards her slit.

Shit. She yanked herself from the daydream and sat up, pulling her pants back up and buttoning them. She couldn’t think that way. Ugh. Poor Aaron. It was just a fantasy, though. There was no way that would happen. Unless that’s who she chose to cuckold her boyfriend with. His own father? Yikes? Even if she offered, surely Ethan would decline.

Throwing the thoughts to the wind, April rose from the bed and headed out into the kitchen for a drink of water. Pouring herself a glass, she guzzled it down, hoping it would wash away the aching between her thighs. Usually taking her mind off her imagination settled down her sex organs, but today it was just not working.

"Hey, have you seen my wallet?" Came Ethan's voice. "I must have left it in the kitchen."

A squeak escaped April’s lips as she turned.

"Oh, my." Ethan’s eyes landed on April’s chest.

It was then she noticed he was in nothing but his boxers. His belly was a little large, but not absurdly so, and his arms were thick with muscles, as was his chest. A transparent fuzz carpeted his pecks and ran down beneath his boxers like a road leading inside. The coiled around her womb boiled again, and she felt moisture rise to the surface. This wasn’t working. Not at all. The fuck April—what the hell has gotten into you. No. This is Aaron’s dad. Get your head out of the gutter.

Her chastisement landed on deaf ears—her body had other plans.

"Sorry." She whispered, slowly covering her chest.

"No, my dear. I am a dirty old man, and I apologize. Please don’t hold it against me, unless you really feel like it." He chuckled. "My wallet though, have you seen it?"

April pointed down to the table. "It’s right there."

With extreme effort, he pried his eyes away from April and saw it sitting on the end of the kitchen table, next to the fruit basket. With a shrug, he stepped forward and grabbed it, raising it in victory.

"I am terribly sorry again." He smiled. "I shouldn’t wander around your house at night."

"No, it's fine," April spoke, as her heart did a double take, demanding she do something or nothing, or both. "Wait."

Ethan stopped and looked.

"Do you, uh," she stammered and tried to stand sexily, though her efforts felt horrifyingly inadequate. "You like what you, um. See."

What the fuck was she saying? The words entered the air like the battle at Lexington, echoing around the world. The entire room shifted, and Ethan’s smile faltered for a moment as his gaze wandered around her. She could feel it penetrating her. Perhaps unconsciously, his hand gripped the front of his boxers.

"Look. You are stunning, and if you were single, we’d be doing it on the table." He flashed her his disarming grin.

"He wants it." I stammered, running a hand through my hair. "I mean, he wants me to cuckold him, and I get to choose the guy."

She was certain the bulge around his groin grew. "Oh? And you want me?"

God, she did—why, oh why she didn’t know. Was it his muscles, his grin, his personality, the taboo of it all? She did not know. With a few brief steps, he was onto her, with April pinned to the back wall. He hesitated for a moment before his hand touched her breast. First, the betrayal hit, then the shocking warmth as the man’s hand traced her chest. His thumb drifted over her nipple, and a shockwave shot through her, pulling a gasp from her lips. Ethan smiled. Arching her back, she closed her eyes and let his other hand grip her.

"You want this." His breath tickled her ear. "Because I will."

Biting her lip, April nodded. "I want this."

"Tonight, in his room." He whispered. "Don’t tell him what’s happening. I’ll start slow and see who you like it. If you want me to go the rest of the way, just tell me it's time."

Her heartbeat at a million miles per second, as if it were trying to leap from her chest into one of Ethan’s hand. April just nodded, as she couldn’t seem to keep a breath. Then Ethan planted a kiss on her bear's neck. The wet moisture sent tingles through her, and the coil around her inside pushed her nectar to the surface again.

Oh god.

"You are amazing." He said before retreating. "I’ll be there in a few."

This was really happening. Aaron wanted this kind of. He wanted her to fuck someone else in front of him. This probably wasn’t what he had in mind, but that was part of the kink, right? Oh, what if she fucked the whole thing up? What if she fucked Ethan?

What if?

Her nectar burned between her legs at the thought of feeling Ethan inside her. Watching Aaron watch her, knowing this was her choice. Walking back to her room, fear still playing a tune across her mind, she stripped her pants off her body and left them in the corner. Where would this happen? Who would she fuck? Oh god, how she wanted to fuck right now. Facepalming, she let the aching waves boil inside her.

The shower went off. A few moments later, Aaron stepped out. Her eyes fell to his cock, hanging between his legs, clean-shaven. His body was so smooth, unlike his father's which had a carpet of hair over him. She wasn’t sure if she liked that or not.

"Oh, wow." He smiled. "You look sexy."

"Hey." How did she do this? "SO, I have a bit of a surprise for you."

"Oh, baby." Aaron smiled. "I can’t wait."

She hoped so because this probably wasn’t what he had in mind a week ago when he asked her to cuckold him. It was his kink though, so be it upon him for the consequences. Right? Every adverse reaction that her mind could generate raced before her, waiting for Ethan to enter the room. Aaron sat down on the bed, and April stood up, gently moving her body around, swaying her hips. She wanted him to enjoy this, but she wanted to enjoy it too.

"Oh." Aaron smiled. "We will have to be quiet, though. Dad's sleeping."

"I’m sure he won’t mind." Her smile must have conveyed something because Aaron’s cock twitched and spoke up.

Not sure what else to do, April unclipped her bra and stepped out of her panties, running a finger across her wet slit. Aaron smiled. Leaning in, she opened her lips and met his. They exchanged a kiss. Aaron reached for her hip. She stepped back and waved a finger. Tonight, she wasn’t his. Tonight, she was Ethan’s and Aaron would have to deal with that.

"Stay." April smiled, her anxiety morphing into something else as she watched Aaron’s cock rise.

Then the door to the room creaked, and Ethan stepped in stark naked. His cock hanging, showing a bit more girth than Aaron’s did. Aaron’s mouth dropped as he covered his rising cock and darted a glance to April. Ignoring his glance, April turned her attention toward Ethan, who eyed her naked body. A hunger crept across his face, tugging at the side of his lips like a starving wolf.

"You are so fucking perfect." His hunger growled through his words. "How you landed such a thing is beyond me."

"Dad?" Aaron could barely manage a whisper. "What is happening?"

"You asked me to cuckold you." Ethan’s cock was also on the rise, peeking out through its foreskin.

"With my dad?" He sounded shocked, but Aaron’s cock stood at near full attention, and its tip was glistening in the room's light.

"You said I could choose." April met Ethan’s eyes. "I chose Ethan."

"Fuck, baby." Ethan gripped his cock and coaxed it free of its prison, its bulbous head plumbing up on an intimidating shaft—far bigger than Aaron’s.

Ethan stepped forward. I felt his cock sandwiched between his belly and mine. We lisp met. His hands wandered to April’s hips and gripped her ass. She parted and allowed his tongue to pass her teeth, dancing with her as their saliva mixed. Running hands up and down his muscled arms, April slid down between them and wrapped her tinny digits around his cock. It nearly didn’t reach. It had been two years since she’d handled anyone but Aaron’s cock in her hands. It felt girthy and new, and excitement played in her chest. Squeezing brought a groan from Ethan, and the cock swelled a bit more in her hands.

Holy shit.

Ethan broke the kiss to say. "Suck me."

Obediently, April dropped to her knees, Ethan’s engorged cock in her hands. Aaron sat on the bed; a look of shock still plastered in his eyes. But—his hand was wrapped around his own member, and he gently stroked it up and down.

He liked it.

Parting her lips yet again, she engulfed Ethan’s head. The thick taste of dry skin met her wet mouth. Saliva coated his shaft in seconds as her tongue worked around his glans. A groan from above her told her all she needed to know. He pumped his cock forward, and April received it gently, forcing as much of it into her mouth as she could.

"Your girlfriend is amazing, shit." Ethan groaned—his hand stroking my hair. "Oh, fuck."

He sped up his thrusts, and she tried to accommodate. A salty substance was touching her tongue, and his glands were crashing against the back of her throat. A sputter burst from her lips as the cock retreated, only to be thrust forward again. Ethan’s other hand fell to the back of her neck and gently settled my head back ever so slightly. A moment later, he thrust hard. His glans burst through and plunged into her throat, where he held it, grunting. Her head swum and her body threatened to puke, squeezing around Ethan’s enormous cock.

"Dad." Shouted Aaron.

Ethan gasped and then pulled free of April’s mouth. She nearly threw up as she toppled to the floor, coughing and heaving for air.

"Shit. April, you good." Aaron was worried.

Ethan’s cock glistened with her saliva. "Yeah."

Pushing herself back into a seated position, April wrapped a hand around Ethan’s cock and wrapped her mouth around it again, sucking and playing with the glans. Working the shaft with her hands, she continued to draw groans from Ethan. This wasn’t just for him. Her throat felt empty now, devoid of that massive shaft. Preparing herself and sucking in a full breath of air through her nose, April pushed forward, grabbing the back of Ethan’s ass, and pulling. He responded with a thrust of his hips. His glans broke her barrier again and sunk deep. Her tongue undulated, and her throat constricted as bile tried to work its way up her esophagus—but it was full. Instead, she tried to swallow. Her muscles rippled around his cock.

"Oh fuck. April—deep throat, that cock!" Ethan gasped. "See, she doesn’t mind."

Aaron had gripped his cock and was pumping it, as goo slid down his shaft. April held, sucking down Ethan’s dick for as long as she could before the air ran out. Tapping his hands, which were wrapped around her head, she could break free and feel the sweet relief of air.

"You are amazing." Ethan put a hand on her and pulled April to her feet.

April managed a nod, as air remained her priority for a moment. Then, without knowing why, she wrapped Ethan in a hug and they renewed their kiss. His hands wrapped around her, engulfing her in his mass, while hers traveled down his back, feeling muscles built by the might of a powerful man. This was the moment, the moment she was dreading, and anxiety pooled in her core like the bottom had just fallen out. Did she want to go farther?

God, yes.

She wanted Ethan inside her, as big as he was. She wanted to feel this bull of a man. A monstrous cock, a painful one, but it was real, thick, and masculine. She could still feel it in her throat and hear his bestial groans.

She wanted more.

Pulling from the kiss again, she said loud enough for Aaron to hear, "It's time, baby."

"April, you are the best." Ethan's illuminating grin returned.

"Time for what?" The fear in Aaron’s voice was palpable.

Worse, she loved that sound. It was evil, sure, but from the way his voice trembled, he knew what was coming. He had to. Without responding, April pushed herself up on the desk by the door, so Aaron could see her get penetrated by his father. He could see everything—that is what he wanted in the end, right? April didn’t even care anymore. Ethan positioned himself in front of her, riding up on the edge of the desk, his cock in his hand, as he stroked it. Clear fluid dripped from his tip. A droplet landed on April’s thigh as he approached.

"Your girlfriend has a perfect body." Ethan ran a hand over April’s breasts, sending a wave of pleasure coursing from her chest to her womb, which ached for him.

"Wait." Aaron gasped. "Dad, she’s not on the pill. I have condoms."

He went to the drawer by the bed and popped it open.

"We are out, babe." April realized she was going to get a raw dick today. "I was planning on making a run tomorrow."

"You’re not on the pill." Aaron pressed.

April didn’t care. "Just pull out."

"Oh, you are an angel." Ethan stroked his cock, a hunger in his eye.

"Dad!" Aaron complained.

They were done listening to complaints. April wanted this; it was her right to want this. She spread her legs for Ethan, and he moved forward, gripping her hips with one hand and guiding his cock with the other. Her slit was soaked with want as he brushed his tip against her.

"Fuck." April gasped as pleasure warped through her.

Then his liquid-oozing head pressed up against April’s opening. Arching her back, her body opened to accept it. Pressure built between her legs as Ethan gently pressed forward. Pain shot through her body, and then he popped in. A scream erupted from April’s lips as the giant cock dove inside of her. A furious fire exploded in her pussy. Her walls trembled and clenched as her body left her control.

"Oh god yes." She screamed as he thrust himself even deeper.

His head slammed up against her barriers and crashed against her, trying to break her wall. Then the hot fullness retreated and thrust in again. She felt Ethan slam against her this time, as he buried his whole massive cock inside her cunt. Her body tingled, and her hands gripped his arms. Then he began, in and out. Thrusting. The movement was like the waves of an ocean colliding against her core. It drowned the pain that traced the pleasure in a tidal wave of lust, and April bucked her hips back to accept him.

"Fuck." April moaned.

"Oh, April." Ethan gasped as he sped up. "Fuck yes."

Aaron was stroking his cock faster now, leaning back against his bed. His eyes were rolling back in his head even as he watched April get railed by his father. Her heart fluttered. She wanted more of this. Thrusting faster, Ethan grunted, his hands gripping her breasts, kneading them relentlessly in both hands. Their bodies moved in unison. Her vaginal walls clenched down around him as she felt a trembling fire push her beyond the edge of orgasm yet again, pulsating around Ethan’s bare, hot cock that boiled within her. Its texture, its size, was like an aphrodisiac, and her hips pressed back for more.

"Fuck." Ethan gasped as her orgasm passed. "You are the best fuck I’ve ever had."

The orgasm passed, and the pleasure was building again, as if each thrust filled her a little more until she released.

"God, look at her cream me." Ethan gasped.

Her slit had gone white with a foamy liquid. With each violent thrust, it seemed to build. Her body yearned for his cock, harder than anyone else before. Every time his shaft retracted, it was coated in the same stuff. She couldn’t believe her body produced that, but she didn’t care. Lying on her back, her chest heaving as pleasure rushed into her more and more with every thrust, she didn’t want it to end. She wanted this for the rest of the night. Just the unadulterated pleasure thrust into her body without stopping.

"Ethan." She gasped.

"Fuck I’m close." Ethan gasped.

"Pull out." Aaron pleaded. "Please."

"Not yet," April demanded, wrapping her legs around his. "Don’t you dare?"

She could feel another orgasm coming, and she didn’t want to miss it, no matter what. Ethan sped up, as his cock pushed her ever closer to that edge. She wanted it. So close. Her chest was heaving again, as her heart rose to match the speed.


"Not yet," April pleaded.

The thrusting didn’t stop as he obeyed her commands, pumping harder and faster. His hands gripped her shoulders now as his body tensed up. His grip on her shoulders became painful. She thrust back against him. They moved together. So close. So, fucking close. Her womb seemed to boil with pleasure—ever closing in on spilling over.

"April," Ethan whispered.

"No," she begged.

"Oh, shit." He grunted.

Ethan obeyed and thrust in again. She felt his cock jump and swell inside her. He gripped her shoulders and let out a deep groan, then searing warmth erupted inside of her, and her body tipped over the edge. She screamed, clutching Ethan as he clutched her, sharing their orgasm. After an eternity of ecstasy, the feeling faded. Aaron let out a gasp as white-hot semen burst from the tip of his cock, and ran down his hand, pooling on his belly button like a fountain.

"Fuck." April whispered.

"You are amazing." Ethan’s cock was retracting from within her.

Hot liquid spilled from her cunt, dripping down the table and pooling on the floor, as his cum ran out of her. She wasn’t on the pill, and she couldn’t find it in herself to care right now. She just lay there, letting his seed slosh about within her. Ethan, his cock still soaked by April’s cunt, gave her a smile.

"Come see me anytime." He whispered in her ear before kissing her lips. "You are amazing, and my son is so lucky."

Then he left the room.

The worst part about it was, April loved it—every second—and she wanted it again. The catch would get Aaron to agree. Though judging by his expression, that wouldn’t be too hard. His cock was still cock hard and his cum still oozed out of it.

"So? How was it?"

She didn’t get an answer. Aaron just turned over and turned out the light,

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