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Jaron Chaffin

I vaguely remembered the reason for that pain. Last night was the first night I had experienced an orgasm… And I couldn’t even remember it. What I could recall was filthy, and made me feel sick. My mouth was sore as I licked my cracked dry lips. The salty taste of cum and blood still lingering on them.
The Florescent light flickered on and off, then on again. My eyelids closed automaticly from the brightness but I forced them open to view where I was; I wished I’d kept them closed. My eyes darted around the.. dungeon, from the looks of it, but not an old castle dungeon made as a last defence. This dungeon has another purpose altogether.
The copious amounts of tools, toys, machines around me made me shudder. I whipped my head around and began to feel my restraints tight around my wrists… tight to the table that I just realized I was tied to.. tight around my ankles that were lifted above me.
Suddenly the door sung open to my left and a tall man entered. "who are you?! Where am i!?" I shouted. His smile was his reply. He came to my side and ran his fingers over my arm giggling as he went. He lowered my legs and pain shot through me as the blood flowed to my toes. Before I knew it I was on my stomach his hand on my neck. "do you recall our fun lastnight?" I searched my brain for a reply. His fist punching into the back of my neck. "you dirty little whore. You loved sucking every inch of my cock. You loved choking down my length. The proof is still on your prick." He said as he wrapped his fingers around my limp penis. It ached but even I could feel the remains of my first orgasm on the shaft. I stared at the floor in shame.
Suddenly he parted my lips with his hard member, I shook my head in protest but he pushed it roughly past my lips and teeth into the back of my throat. He moaned deeply. "yes my fuck toy suck my cock." He picked something from the table next to me and suddenly was cropping my ass. I plunged my mouth onto his cock. Sucking in earnest, he groaned in pleasure. "yes my prize, pleasure echoes pleasure." Minute later he grabbed both hands firmly around my throat squeezing tightly while he thrust his big cock head into my throat. Repeating his thrusts a few times he moaned loudly and I felt him unload shot after shot into my sore throat while I tried to swallow it all. Chuckling as he removed his still hard cock from my mouth as I gagged. He held my face in his hand looking into my eyes and smiling.
He then disappeared behind me. I felt the hot stinging of the crop on my left ass cheek. He spoke as he whipped. "I am your master, and so you will call me. Before each sentence you will begin with MASTER, and after each sentence you will thank your master. " he then finished his statement with several incredibly well aimed strikes to my ball sack. I cried out in pain which only made him strike harder, shouting "mmmmmm you like that pet? Tell master how much you like it" I screamed at him with all the anger I could muster "fuck you! You sick fuck! Let me go!" His laughter floating past me and through the doorway. I fell asleep quickly as I was exhausted.
Next I woke to the slamming of the door to the dungeon, my new home. Just then I felt a cool blob of gel on my ass hole. "mm good morning limp dick. Today we break in your man pussy." Struck with fear I couldn’t move my body. Next I could feel my.. masters warm skin on mine. His fingers still massaging the lube onto my puckered asshole. He probed 1 finger, then 2 into my tight asshole, the feeling was more than uncomfortable, being stuffed with another man’s fingers; my master’s fingers. Master quickly withdrew and went to the sink running into a funny shaped bag.
Before I could make sense of what it was I felt his warm hands on me again, sending tingling through my body. Next my master was spreading my ass cheeks wide apart, making me call out begging for him to stop. He responded by pinching my lower back repeatedly. Between pinches he shoved a tube up my asshole, invading me once again. Without warning hot, scalding water rushes into my bowels. All my squirming and shouting resulted in was more pain. Master offered a solution to ease my pain and I listened. He raised my hips and pushed my face down onto the table. At first this hurt more, allowing the water to rush deeper, but soon, like master promised, relieved some pain as my stomach distended.
I had managed to keep fairly silent, fearing masters hand, but the cramping became unbearable. I called out to him, with a plea that surprised even me. "master please stop the water! I’ll do anything! Let me please you! Just please take it out!" with that the water stopped immediately. Masters fingers then began to massage my stomach, the sides of my hips, my groin pushing the water further and further into my body. He then removed the tube and brutally shoved in a small butt plug sealing in the water. He then brought his already firm penis to my mouth, "you will please me, you will do anything, and I’ll stop when I’m good and ready." I took his large cock head into my mouth eager to please him, hoping to bring him to orgasm and that would be that. He had other ideas. He thrust his dick half way into my throat, coated his cock with my warm saliva and then pulled out. He then headed for the door.
The water that had flowed into me settled deep into my butt; but now It needed to evacuate. I needed to expel the water, immediately. I began pushing against the plug, praying it would pop out and allow me to relieve myself. Finally after much pushing, it left my anus, the water and feces flowed freely out of me. Just then master entered. The disgusted look on his face turned to fury. He strode to my side and removed my restrains, slapped a choke chain to my neck and literally drug me through the dungeon door, up the stairs, and out into the back yard. I yelled loudly praying a neighbor would hear me, but my hopes were squashed when I saw he had no grass, no fence, no flowers… just.. sand. WHERE WERE WE? Just then he threw my limp body to the sand, stood strattling my waist he wrapped his legs around me, sitting on my back.. facing my ass. Just then my ass felt great stretching, and suddenly freezing cold jets of water squirted into my ass. I cried. He was now letting his garden hose spray gallons of cold water into me, my body could only take so much, before it began to flow out of my ass, around the water hose squirting more in; a continuous cycle.
I must have passed out because when I awoke my dick was bleeding causing me much pain and concern, as my eyes focused I could see a long, thin glass tube looking much like a thin straw, sticking out of the tip of my soft penis.
The next thing I knew he was there, touching me. He got onto his knees and sucked my balls, gurgling. I was shocked, surprised, and gasping. I closed my eyes and pretended I was back home, and this was my girl going down on me. Just then, he stopped. He wiggled the tube, and I screamed. He told me then where he got such an awful idea. "when I fought in Greneda, our captives were tortured to death, naturally. My favorite method, being this one. You see, this is glass, a weak, thin glass as you can see I have inserted into your flaccid cock. Once you harden, you will break the glass, and die. He chuckled while he circled my shaking, sobbing body. "it seems a shame our time is so short lived, but you see, I have a new, more promising subject set to arrive tomorrow. So lets finish up here." With that, he bent me over, and shoved his large cock into my asshole. My tight, swollen, dry asshole. His thrusts were anything but forgiving. My mind slipped between aware, and unaware of the onslaught. I could feel the ripping, the blood giving his thrusts lube, to thrust harder. And he did. Finally he grunted and came deep into my bowels. He pulled out and moved to my mouth making me suck it clean.. tasting the salty cum and blood made me gag. Once he was cleaned off he dropped to his knees and licked my balls again. This time, I was unable to stop my cock from raising. I cried and thought of anything that would keep me limp but there was no use, I stared at it, rising under his tongue, literally. My balls stirring, and suddenly I felt my orgasm. I could feel my release, but nothing came… it was silent when the crunching sound cut through the silence, and my penis. Instantly the blood drained from the tip of my penis, and my eyes drooped; never to open again.

(Please be gentle as this is my first story ever. But I REALLY need advice and tips, and ideas.)

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