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Dad raised his glass, "A toast; to my wonderful family and all the joy and happiness they’ve brought me, to old friends and new, and to the future, may it bring us all happiness."

We all sat around talking until mom meandered over to Sue and asked Sue to join her. They walked out of the room as the rest of us talk to my dad.

[Sue’s Narration]

Katherine guided me into an alcove off the kitchen. The alcove was facing a garden that hid everything but the distant view of the countryside. Four comfortable chairs surrounded a low table. After being seated, Angela brought in tea and butter cookies. Katherine asked how I took my tea and served me a cup while we chatted about general topics.

"So dear, as I’m sure you’re aware, I’m trying to learn more about the beautiful young ladies my son brought home. I find one on one conversations to be the most fruitful. I hope you don’t mind?"

"Not at all, Katherine. Jay is a wonderful man that’s been through a lot. It’s only natural for you to be concerned," responded Sue.

"Tell me about yourself and how you met Jason?" asked Katherine.

"Well, my name is Susan Janine Capris, my single mother raise me, and never knew my father. Jay and I met through Heather, as Heather and I were roommates when she first met Jay, Connie, and Rachel. The funny thing is that Heather and I didn’t get along at first, but I liked Jay when I first met him. I was bummed when the girls told me he was gay."

"What attracted you to Jay?"

"Right from the beginning, it was his persona. He just made me feel at ease. Within two days of meeting him, I felt like I had known him my whole life. Most guys today have no idea how to carry on a conversation with a lady. Jay was more like talking to one of the girls. I guess that’s why we all just assumed he was gay."

"Well, dear, until yesterday, I would have bet money on my son being gay, and I’m his mother, I’m supposed to know these things," responded Katherine.

"Things happen for a reason, I guess, I mean who knows where any of us would be if not for this happy accident. Jay has been the glue that stuck us together, and I don’t see any of us girls having ever become friends if it wasn’t for Jay."

"How do you mean, dear?"

"None of us had anything in common to start. Heather and I didn’t get along, Rachel is a rocker girl, Connie is a debutant, I was a shy wallflower. Connie and Heather both grew up rich, but Connie is sweet and conservative, whereas Heather is wild and crazy. Rachel and I were middle class, but she was a preppy cheerleader, whereas I was a geeky band girl. I mean, you really couldn’t get a different group of girls together if you tried."

"How does Jay fit in?"

"I guess you could say that Jay is our focal point. He got us talking and made us realize that our differences were smaller than our similarities. Then when Connie, Heather, and I caught him with Rachel, we were stunned, and I guess a little jealous. We had spent three years not knowing the real Jay, and well, we had shared everything else, so."

"Do you know if Jay was still a virgin?" Katherine asked.

"Yes, Rachel took Jay’s virginity the morning we caught them together. Then I gave Jay my virginity a few days later."

"Oh, wow, I didn’t expect that. Were you saving yourself?"

"Not for marriage necessarily, but for the right man. I mean, I had a lot more experience than Jay. I had dated plenty, I just never went all the way. We tried to bring Jay out; we even took him to a gay bar. Some of the guys there hit on him, and he just sat there talking and oblivious."

Katherine laughed hysterically about the gay bar. "That is precious dear; I would have loved to have been a fly on that wall. I have only one other question for you, dear. Do you love him?"

"With all of my heart," I responded.

Angela came in at that point. "Kat, dinner will be ready in forty-five."

"Sue dear, would you be so kind as to inform everyone about dinner, and tell them to dress nice."

I left the kitchen and found everyone else still in the library.

[Jay’s Narration]

Thanksgiving dinner was spectacular; Angela and her crew had outdone themselves. The girls were all dressed to the nines, and dad and I put on tuxedos. It was a family black-tie event if ever there was one. We retired to the living room to talk and drink Port. The Port was delicious; it was sweet with a taste of Cinnamon and Rasberry.

My dad and Heather seemed to talk like old friends. Rachel, Sue, and Connie were chattering on with Melony and Betty. That left me talking with Mom and Angela.

"Jay, honey, how do you think this is going to work out with all these women?" mom asked.

"I don’t know mom; those four girls are my best friends. I can’t see a future without all of them in it. The friendship is old, but the sextet is new, we still have to figure it out. All I know is I want all of us to be happy," I answered.

"Do you have a favorite?" asked Angela.

"No, as I said, the four of them have been my best friends for the past three years. We hang out together; we study together, we eat together, we tend each other when we’re sick. The only thing we didn’t do together until recently, was sex, and now we do that too. They’re all equal in my eyes."

"How well do you think you know them?" asked mom.

"There is nothing I don’t know about them," I respond.

"Okay sweety, you ready to test that? LADIES!" Mom yells across the room.

"My son here claims he knows everything there is to know about each of you; I don’t believe it. Are you ladies up for a game?" Mom asked.

All the girls say yes, so mom explains her game.

"Angela is going to take the four of you in another room and ask you two questions each. She’ll write questions and answers on a card. I’m going to ask Jay the questions and see if he gets them right. Now here’s the deal, if he gets them all correct, you all get to come with us for Christmas, that is if you want to, to Switzerland. Then as a bonus, I’m going to ask each of you one question about Jason, if you get them right, Jason can spend the rest of the weekend with you in the guest wing. Deal?"

The girls all left the room, and my mom confirmed the four questions she would ask the girls. A few minutes passed before Angela, and the girls returned. Mom took the cards from Angela and had the girls sit on a couch behind me.

"Okay, sweetie, Angela asked each of them an easy question and a hard question. Are you ready?"

"Yes," I responded.

"First Question: What is Rachels middle name?"

"Marie," I respond.


"Question two: What is Heather’s dad's name?"



"Question three: What is Susan’s favorite color?"

"She doesn’t have one; she just likes pastels."

"I’m going to give you that one, but she did say one color of pastels."

"Green," I respond.

"Ow, nailed it."

"Question four: What size dress does Connie wear?"

"Six or eight depends."


"Okay, now for the hard questions. Question five: What did Connie do for her sixteenth birthday?"

"Oh, ahh… Oh, her mother hosted a sweet sixteen cotillion, and all the girls wore the old fashioned southern belle dresses. The guys all wore pre-civil war suits with tails and top hats.

"Correct, you’re doing pretty good, son."

"Question six: What date is Susan’s birthday?"

"October fourteenth."


"Question seven: What city was Heather born in?"

"She wasn’t born in a city; her mother had her in the water at lake Geneva.

"Ow, you were so close."

"WAIT, lake Genevieve."


"Okay, Last question: Rachel has a scare somewhere on her body, where is it?"

"A scare, I’ve never seen a scare anywhere on her body…"

"Not looking good, son, that trip is slipping away."

"Wait!" I exclaimed, "I remember now, she covered a scare on her wrist with the rose tattoo."

"Damn, I thought I had you!" Mom exclaimed. "Correct."

"That was good baby, I only told you about it once, the first day we met," said Rachel.

"Okay girls, I’m going to ask you four questions, anyone can answer, but you may each only answer one question," mom said.

"Question one: Where was Jason born, and what day?"

The girls all looked at one another, each shaking their heads, yes. Then Sue answered: "He was born in Monterey, California, on December 29th."


"Question two: What car did Jason drive in High School?"

"He never told us the make or model, just that it was an old four-door piece of crap he bought for six-hundred dollars," said Heather.

"hum, I don’t know girls; I think you should know the make and model. What do you think, Angela?" asked mom.

"Oh, give it to them, Kat; does Jason even know what that monstrosity was?"

"Okay, I’ll give it to you, as that’s how Jason first described it to me, but for future reference, it was a Buick Regal," mom explained.

"Question three: What significant event changed my son’s life?"

Rachel and Connie both started to answer together, then looked at each other. Ultimately Connie answered. "At his Birthday party, the three girls he thought were his best friends stabbed him in the heart. Their names were Crystal, Tiffany, and Ally. He completely changed himself and never had any friends until he met Rachel."

"Excellent Connie, I can see Jason really does confide in you, ladies," mom said. "Final Question Rachel: After the event, Jason was depressed and wouldn’t talk to anyone, including the counselor I had him see. He was cold and distant to everyone, including his family. Who was it that finally broke through to him?"

"Oh, well, I know the answer, but this is deeply personal to Jay," answered Rachel. Rachel looked at the other girls and asked, "Do you guys know this?" The girls shook their heads no. "Well, I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t answer the last question. Jay, sweetie, is it okay if I tell this story?"

"Yeah, baby, you can tell what you know," I answered.

"It was two years after the birthday party. Jay was arguing with his brother, which ended in Jay saying he hated his family and wished he was dead. Melony rushed over to him and slapped him in the face as hard as she could. It stunned Jay that his little sister would do that. She told him never to say that again, he was her big brother, and she loved him. Jay fell to his knees and cried for two days as Melony just held him. In between his bouts of crying, he and Melony would talk. They were very close after that, as Melony was his only friend."

"Okay, girls, you can move Jason into the guest suite with you, just don’t keep him in there all weekend. His family would like to spend time with him, as well," said mom.

We all sat and chatted a while longer until each of the girls started to retire for the night. Betty said her goodnight, then Mom, Dad, and Angela said goodnight. That left only Melly and me, and she came over and sat on my lap.

"So J.J., you ready to go up and ravage your ladies?" Melly asked.

"Melly, you shouldn’t be asking me about that."

"Why not, I know about sex," Melly responds. "I am eighteen, you know. Do the girls know who taught you how to kiss?"

"No, I have not told them my little sister used me for kissing practice."

"Oh, J.J., relax. We didn’t do anything wrong; it was just innocent kissing," Melly replied.

"I know, but some people would get the wrong idea," I said.

Melly planted a wet kiss on my lips and pushed her tongue in my mouth, just touching the tip of my tongue before she withdrew.

"See, just an innocent kiss." Melly smiled, hopped off my lap, and said, "Goodnight, big brother."

I got up and followed her up the stairs. Melly turned right to go to her room, and I proceeded into the guest suite. I had walked a few steps into the living area when I heard, "Hey, Stud." I turned, and there sat Heather; she was wearing a shiny black bra, shiny black panties, shiny black boots, and fishnet stockings attached to a shiny black garter.

I stood there, stunned at the vision before me, before I asked, "Where are the other girls?"

"I asked for some alone time tonight, babe, and the girls said okay," Heather responded.

She held out her hand so I could help her up. She rose from the couch and flowed right into my arms, giving me a sloppy wet kiss.

"So Babe, you want to be the Sub or the Dom tonight?" asked Heather.

"Ahh, I don’t care, baby, whatever you want," I responded.

"Jay honey, for future reference, if you leave the choice to me, I will almost always be the Dom. You need to be assertive when you want to dominate me. I’ve dressed for it already, though, so I want to be the Dom tonight. Follow me, slave."

With that, Heather sashayed past me and did a provocative runway walk to her bedroom door. She got to the door and stopped; she looked back over her shoulder and said, "Don’t make me ask twice, slave." She disappeared into the room, I picked my chin up off the floor and ran after her.

I walked into the room, and Heather was sitting on the edge of the bed. She had several objects lying on the bed around her. I recognized a large dog collar, a leather strap, a dildo, handcuffs, and then a couple of things I wasn’t sure what they were. I looked at Heather; she had a devious smile on her face, she wiggled her eyebrows and said, "I brought some toys."

Heather reached over a grabbed something that looked shiny and leather and threw it at me.

"Put these on, slave."

I looked at what she had tossed me, and it was crotchless leather underpants. I stripped and pulled the garment on, with my cock and balls hanging out the bottom. Heather then came over and put the collar around my neck. Then she put something around my cock and balls. Finally, she placed a shiny leather hood over my head that had a hole for my mouth and nose to poke through.

"Baby, I can’t see," I said.

"WHAT DID YOU CALL ME, SLAVE!" Heather screamed before smacking me on the ass with what I assumed was the leather strap.

"OW shit Heather," She smacks my ass again. "OW, I…I mean Mistress, Mistress."

"Better Slave, now, down on all fours like the dog you are."

I dropped down on all fours, and I felt her attach what I assumed was a leash to the collar. Heather guided me around the room on all fours and came to a stop. I heard what sounded like a little giggle and whispering.

"Is someone else here, Mistress?" I asked.

"Quiet, slave, I didn’t give you permission to speak," Heather admonished and smacked my ass with the strap.

I heard more whispering that I couldn’t understand except for ‘Are you sure.’

"Alright, slave, my lady in waiting has joined us, she’s dirty, you will clean her," said Heather.

"Yes, mistress."

I’m lead over to whichever girl had joined us.

"Now, slave, start with my lady's foot."

I began licking the foot in front of me. I mostly smelled deodorant soap, but there is a hint of another smell. I knew the scent but can’t tell if it's on the girl, or just in the air. I lick up to the top of the first leg almost to her pussy. I’m just about to lick to the pussy.

"Stop, slave; you aren’t to lick that cunt slave. Now clean the other leg."

"Yes, mistress." I thought I heard more giggling and a shh, but continued as I was told.

I reached the lady's pussy and began licking around the outside.

"Wait, slave. Lady, lay on the bed so my slave can clean you properly."

There was some shuffling, and Heather yanked on the leash to direct me across the room to the bed. My face was moved into position, and I began cleaning the pussy before me. I started rubbing the legs of the lady, then across her belly. I had just touched her breasts when Heather grabbed my hands, pulled them behind my back, and locked them in the handcuffs.

"No, slave, you’re not using your hands to figure out who my lady in waiting is."

Heather than smacked each of my ass cheeks with the strap again.

"Ow Heather, that hurts," I exclaim.

"WHAT DID YOU CALL ME, SLAVE!" Heather smacks my ass twice more.

"CRAP, Sunshine, sunshine, Mistress, sunshine."

"What are you blathering about, slave?"

"The safe-word Mistress."

"I didn’t hear any safe-word," Heather said as she smacked my ass again. "Now, get cleaning that cunt before I get angry."

Heather then talked next to my ear. "It sucks when you forget the safeword, but don’t worry, babe, I’d never hurt you. I’ll bet you’ll never forget the safeword again, though."

I return to eating the pussy and feel my balls being touched, and then I feel a vibration started. I had been mostly erect, but now I was becoming fully hard. The pussy I was licking was different; I had gone down on all the girls recently, and I knew for sure I wasn’t licking Sue. Her clit would have been a dead giveaway. The legs were to thin to be Connie’s, which just left Rachel. It just didn’t taste like Rach.

The lady began to moan as I worked my magic; the girls had been great teachers, and I could bring them off quickly with my tongue. This time was no different, and the lady started to shake and let out deep guttural moans after a few minutes as her orgasm peaked.

"Perfect, slave, my lady is very pleased. Now get on the bed and lay on your back. My lady wants to please herself on my slave's cock."

"Mistress, would you remove the handcuffs."

"No, slave, but I’ll move them to the front, but you are not to touch my lady, or you will be punished."

"Yes, Mistress."

My hands are freed, and I grab the lady’s tits for just a moment before Heather responds.


Heather grabbed me and flipped me on my stomach and swatted my ass six or seven times.

"Ow, Ow, Snowstorm, Snowstorm," I exclaimed"

"What are you blathering about again, slave?" and she swats me twice more. "Now, are you going behave, slave."

"Yes, Mistress."

Heather relocked the handcuffs behind my back, "Since you couldn’t behave, you have to lay on your arms, slave."

"Yes, Mistress."

Heather roughly rolled me on my back, and I felt a mouth on my cock. My momentary touch of the lady’s tits hadn’t been enough to confirm they were Rachels, but they seemed too big.

"With the vibrator on my cock, I was harder than I think I had ever been. The blowjob I was receiving seemed too light and inexperienced for Rachel, but it still felt good. Then I heard, "That’s so fucking hot, shhh," but the sound seemed too far to be Heather.

"Is someone else in here, Heather?"

"WHAT DID YOU CALL ME, SLAVE!" and the strap slapped across my leg.

"Mistress, Mistress, I’m sorry, Mistress."

"It looks like you need something to keep that defiant mouth busy, now clean my cunt, slave."

Heather sat on my face as the Lady stopped sucking me, and staddled my cock. I feel my cock enter a pussy as my tongue busied itself with Heather's pussy. The pussy seemed way to tight, and though muffled through Heather’s thighs, I thought I heard Heather say, "Just take it slow, and push through it."

It felt like to pussy was resisting my cock as more pressure was applied until finally, I felt myself slide in. It felt like when I took Sue and Brandi’s virginity, but none of the girls were virgins.

Heather pussy tasted normal, but it was hard to breathe, as she was keeping herself pressed against my mouth and nose. She finally lifted after what seemed like a minute, and I sucked in a deep breath before she pushed down again.

I doubled my efforts to get Heather off, as the pussy riding my cock started moving up and down my shaft faster. Heather continued to lift off my face so I could breathe every so often. Then the pussy on my cock started moving more quickly as I assumed the lady was close to her orgasm. In the building excitement, Heather seemed to forget about my air supply as she fucked my face to her orgasm.

Heather’s orgasm hit at almost the same instant as the lady riding my cock. Heather pulled off to the side, and I gasped for air, sucking in the copious amount juice Heather deposited in my mouth, into my lungs, which caused me a coughing fit.

As I finally stopped coughing and felt lips press to mine and a tongue push in and just touch my tongue before pulling away. Next, the handcuffs were removed, I felt another pair of lips on my mouth that I knew was Heather. I felt her unzip the hood; she lifted her mouth and removed the hood. I was going to lift and look around the room, but she pressed her mouth hard to mine just as I heard the door close.

"Sorry, babe, I didn’t mean to drown you on my girl cum," said Heather.

"Where’s that strap? I’m going to beat your ass with it," I exclaimed.

"It’s put away, babe, I didn’t hit you that hard, your ass is hardly red," replied Heather.

"Damn, Heather, that thing hurt. What’s the damn safeword?"

Heather chuckles, "It’s snowball, babe, I bet you won’t forget it next time."

"My ass stings, and who was in here with us?" I asked.

"Aww, poor baby, here, let me rub it, kiss it, and make it feel all better."

Heather pushed me over on my stomach and pulled the leather shorts down. "Ow, that’s redder then I thought it would be." She proceeded to rub my ass and planted light kisses all over.

She spent the next half hour making slow passionate love to me, and I had one of the most intense orgasms.

"See, I gave you pain, and then took it all away," Heather said.

I just smiled, the pain is forgotten, and kissed her gently. "Don’t worry sweetie," I grabbed a hand full of her ass and tapped my index finger on her puckered little hole. "This ass is going to get precisely what it deserves."

"Ow, I’m looking forward to it," Heather responded. We cuddled up together and drifted off to sleep.

I woke with just a dusk light in the window, and Sue was sucking lightly on my cock. Heather felt me stir and opened her eyes, looked at Sue for a moment, then rolled over and went back to sleep.

I reached over and pulled Sue’s back half up on the bed. She got the idea and positioned herself over me in a sixty-nine. I began licking around her labia but noticed she was already wet. So I licked open her slit and sucked her quickly enlarging clit into my mouth. She then began thrusting her clit in and out of my mouth until she came.

After calming down for a moment, Sue flipped around an slid my cock into her opening. She was still extremely tight, and it took a couple of tries before I could slip in. I thought for a minute about last night and wondered if it was Rachel, and she had just been positioned wrong. In the meantime, Sue got a steady rhythm going, but told me she didn’t think she would cum again. So don’t wait for her.

I finished in a few minutes; Sue gave me a quick but passionate kiss. She pulled on her nightshirt and left the room. I snuggled up to Heather and went back to sleep.

Connie, Rachel, and Sue came in a bit later and woke us up. Heather and I sat up for a minute, and we all gave each other a good morning kiss.

"Okay, ladies, which one of you was in here with Heather and I, last night?" I asked.

The girls all giggled, and Rachel shoves her hand under me and squeezes my ass. "How’s that ass feel this morning, baby?" The girls all giggle again as I wince a bit.

"So it was you, Rachel?" I asked.

The girls all giggle again. "It was all of them, babe," said Heather. "They wanted to watch."

"But who was your lady in waiting?" I asked.

"We’ll never tell," said Connie. "Come on, Melly just came in and told us to come to breakfast."

Heather and I get a quick shower and dressed. We walk into the kitchen, and Melly comes up behind me and smacks my ass.

"Move it along, bro," said Melly.

Melly passed by and gave me a peck on the cheek. "Morning, bro."

I caught a whiff of Melly’s perfume that brought back the memory of the previous night's activities. I also notice Melly is walking funny.

"What’s wrong with your legs, Melly?" I asked.

"Oh, I don’t know, I was doing some advanced yoga this morning and probably used a muscle I had never used before," Melly responded.

The girls all giggle, and I’m just thinking, naaaa. One of the girls must have tried on Melly’s perfume. But why would she slap my ass, she never slaps my ass.

The girls and Melly are all giving cat that ate the canary grins, and I decide to refer back to the most important rule. Never ask a question when you don’t want to know the answer.

I grabbed breakfast and went outside and sat with Mom, Dad, & Betty. The girls and Melly all sat together and are whispering and giggling like old friends.

"Melly sure seems happy this morning," said Dad.

"Yes, she does seem happy this morning," said Mom.

"If I didn’t know any better, I’d say she had sex last night," said Angela.

"Oh, that’s silly; she doesn’t even have a prospect around here," said Mom.

I stared at the girls for a moment, and a shiver ran down my spine. The girls caught my gaze, and all gave me that Cat the ate the canary grin again.

"What’s wrong, Jason, you look like you saw a ghost son?" Mom asked.

"It’s nothing, mom. You ever have a dream that seemed a little too real?" I asked.

I look away and decide to talk to mom, "So, mom, have you spoken to all the girls yet?"

"All but Heather, but your father had a pleasant conversation with her. So I’m happy with your choices of companions… Well, not happy exactly, but mollified at least. I think you're going to have a lot to deal with in those women. I’ll be sure to have a pleasant conversation with her all the same so that she doesn’t feel left out."

"How’s business, dad?"

"Business is good son, how was your visit to the Palace son?"

"It was spectacular dad, I took Connie, and she loved it."

"When do we get to meet Brandi?" asked Dad.

"I’ll invite her for Christmas, and the rest of the girls have already confirmed they would come with us for Christmas," I responded.

We spent the rest of the morning chatting. Heather and Sue went for a jog, but Melly seemed to be bonding well with the girls.

It was about an hour later I saw Heather and Sue return. Mom grabbed both of them and asked if they would like to join her in the Sauna. The girls seemed reluctant, but my mom had a way of not taking no for an answer.

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