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It was a hot August Friday afternoon. I was sitting on my front patio as a large U-Haul truck backed into the driveway next door to me. Three men got out and one went in the house as the other two opened the back of the truck. A few minutes later they started to unload the van. One kept passing things from the truck as the other two carried things in.

I could tell they all had carrot-red hair which was on the long side. The one I could see the best had on faded cutoff jean shorts and a white tight fitted tank top. What struck was how the tank showed off his abs and the shorts his butt. His long wavy hair hung over his shoulders and hid his face except when he would wipe it out of his eyes. The other looked similar except he had on a pair of cut off sweat pants and hair back in a ponytail. Both looked extremely hot and my mind could not help but have fantasies about them! I also noticed that only two bedroom suits came out of the truck, one king sized bedroom set and one queen sized set, one office and one living room and some bar stools. Then a big grill and a smoker. After that the boxed started coming off.

I could not stop thinking about what it would be like if they happened to be gay also. So I went inside and put one of my porn videos on the big TV in the living room. I was sitting on the sofa where I could still see them out of the big picture window in there. I pushed my basketball shorts down and started to jack off to the scene. about the time a was about to explode I heard the truck door slam shut and the three men were talking and the each hugged and kissed the third on before he got in the truck and drove off. Then the two men went in the house.

I was watching a scene where three guys were going at it with a three-way kiss when the door bell rang! I quickly paused the movie, pulled my shorts up and went to answer the door. It was one of my new neighbors. The one with the jean shorts and tank. He was stunning had a chiseled face with a trimmed short beard that ran his jaw line, great full red lips and a smile that would make anyone melt. I opened the door and asked if I could help him.

He stuck out his hand and introduced himself as Paul and then explained that the brother that just left forgot to turn the utilities on so they had no electricity or water, he wondered if I would mind if he and his brother Peter could use our hose to clean off the sweat and cool down. My heart was racing. I stammered a bit then invited him in and said "I can do better than that. The two of you can use my shower, I have plenty of hot water!"

He replied that they would not want to impose and their other brother (Pierce) would be back tomorrow and fix things. I quickly told him that on Saturday the utility company would be closed so it would be Monday before their situation would be rectified. He dropped his head in disappointment. As he did I followed his head downward and got a closer look at his shorts. They were cut so high that the bottom of the pockets were showing out of the leg as well as the tip of his cut cock.

I reassured him it was no imposition. He said that was nice and that he needed to call his brother and tell to him to come over and bring their stuff. Then he looked at his phone and asked if they could also charge their phones, I nodded in agreement. He continued with his conversation and said to his brother to bring the bottle too. Then he hung up and thanked me and said that Peter would be here in five minutes.

"Have a seat (I pointed to the sofa) , can I get you something to drink? A coke or water maybe?" he returned a smile and said water would be fine. I turned to go to the kitchen and poured me a coke and his water. When I came back he was on the sofa with a big smile on his face. As he took the water he asked if he was interrupting something then winked and nodded to the TV which still had the video in freeze frame. I couldn't help but to blush and said not really. Then I reached for the remote to turn it off and put it back to TV mode. He put his hand on mine and said I didn't have to do that, he kind of liked that stuff too. Again my heart raced partly because of his touch and partly because of my fantasy. Was my wish going to come true. Then I glance down at his crotch and noticed his appendage was a bit further out and stiffer this time. I smiled and commented what would his brother think of that.

He laughed and said he and Peter were twins and shared every thing together! Including their sex life! Then he rubbed his cock and said he wouldn't mind rubbing one out too. His touch and his comments were making me hard again! Paul obviously noticed and licked his lips and squeezed my hand tighter. I stared shivering and reached out and caressed his face. The stubble felt good and and his lips were moist from him just licking them. I was about to lean in and kiss those sweet lips when the doorbell interrupted me.

It was Peter, what timing I thought as I got up and went to the door. There was Peter with a small tote bag in his hand. As he stepped in he introduced himself and gave me a big bear hug. Thank you for doing this for us he said. Paul quickly chimed in agreeing with him but changed the subject. "Peter, he has the same taste in movies as we do! Look!" Peter grinned really big and winked at his brother. Peter joined his brother on the sofa and told me what a nice place I had. I offered him an drink and he chose a coke and Paul asked if he could get one instead of his water.

When I came back with the two cokes the had their chargers out and asked where the outlet was. I pointed to the power strip by the TV. Paul took the phones and chargers to the power strip. Bend down to plug them in. As he did I could see his balls and cock in its entirety. Peter told Paul the he was showing all of his good to their new neighbor. And quickly respond the it was too late now and that we were all guys who liked guys. By then Peter has restarted the video.

I glanced over and noticed him readjusting himself, the fabric of his sweat shorts outlined his cock nicely and I could see he was rigid too. Paul said he thought is was hot seeing three guys kissing together. "Someday I would like to try that!" he said. As he came back to the sofa and reached in the bag and pulled out a bottle of bourbon. "Would you like a drink? I could use one after this long, hard day!" As he said that the rubbed his cock in front of my face.

I was not going to turn down a free drink and two hot men so I agreed. Paul opened the top and took a swig then handed me the bottle so I did the same and passed it to Peter. We laughed and Paul sat next to me pushing me into Peter so that our bodies were pressed tightly into each others sides. Peter moved his hand to my thigh and Paul did the same with my other thigh. I felt their hand slowly move up the my balls and then one touched my cock causing it to come to full attention. My eyes closed and I heard one of them say that I felt good and must like it.

There was no argument there! I did like it and quickly I was rubbing them too. I could feel Paul's skin since it was already hanging out but Peter's I had to reach under his shorts. The both were fully erect now and I would guess to be about 8-9 inches and not too thick. A perfect fit for my hands! They both leaned across me and stated to kiss. I could see their tongues lashing about. Then Peter tuned to me and forced his tongue into my mouth while Paul kissed on my neck. Then they traded and I was now kissing Paul. The both moved to where the both were kissing me and I them. It was awesome to have three tongues fighting for attention.

But then they started moving down my neck to my arm pits which the gave a thorough tongue bath. As the were doing this the lifted my tank top off and threw it across the room. Their hand were pulling my shorts down. They started sucking on my nipples which were also getting hard now. I started pulling their tank tops off too. I was playing and tweaking their nipples as they were moaning their approval. I reached over for the bottle and tool another swig of the bourbon which I accidentally (on purpose) spilled on Peter's shorts and said I guess I need to get those off and wash them. They laughed and said it was okay. But Paul told Peter to stand and take them off anyway. As he stood we bot pulled them down.

Paul was the first to take Peter's erect cock deep in his mouth, almost to the base without gagging. It was so hot those bother doing brother and the fact as to how skilled Paul was. I couldn't help myself and started licking Peter's balls. Paul's saliva was dripping into my mouth with a slight taste of bourbon. I suggested we move out to the hot tub and that I had a shelf with towels already out there.

I took each by the hand and led them out to the patio as Paul dropped his shorts along the way. We stepped in and I started sucking Paul while Peter did the same to me. I was starting to get close and stopped Peter and said not yet. Paul turned around and I started to lick his tight hole as Peter spread his cheeks for me. Then we both started taking turns on his hole. We kept trading off until we all had our holes eaten well. Peter was the first to stick a finger into Paul's ass. Then he took my finger and pushed it in with his. Then he stood and said it was his turn. So we did the same to him until the stared fingering me.

I could not take much more so I grabbed Peter by his ponytail and spun him around and pressed my 8.5 inch cock to his hole and Paul pushed him back onto it st it went in hard and fast. Peter told me to fuck him harder. So I started ramming him long and deep enjoying the warmth and tightness of his ass. Then I noticed that Paul was now under Peter and had Peter inside his ass. Paul was begging Peter to go harder and faster. Then Peter stopped and told me to fuck his brother now. We traded places as I pulled Paul's legs over my shoulders and thrust in.

Paul screamed with pleasure as a rammed in and out. Then I felt Peter press into my hole. I was being plowed by one while fucking the other. I started kissing Paul deep as Peter was kissing my neck. Our breaths became deeper and more rapid. Our rhythms faster and harder. Them Paul shouted "OH! GOD! I CAN'T STOP! I … I … I'M CUMMMMMMMING!" I felt his hole clinch tight around my cock and his hot juices hitting my belly and his. I returned the orgasm immediately with the same loud refrain. My load shot deep inside him and as I did I could feel Peter was about to do the same to me! He just left out some loud groans and he exploded into me! We were so exhausted I thin it took us several minutes to separate and untangle ourselves. I suggested we go shower and that I would fix us dinner.

As we showered another encounter was sure to cum! ….. MORE ESCAPADES TO CUM one day ...!

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