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Elijah Raghavendra

I would definitely need to rehydrate for what I imagined would be in store for us over the next several hours. I didn’t plan on getting much sleep in case this was a one time thing. I hoped it wasn’t.

After returning, I placed my hands back on her shoulders from behind and directed her into the bathroom across from her bedroom and flipped on the light. She was a cum covered mess and needed to be cleaned up.

"Start the shower, cold water ONLY.", I commanded.

She whined slightly while bending over to turn the cold water on, so I immediately slapped her perfect skinny ass, which was still red from our recent spanking session. "Quit complaining and get the fuck IN!", I gave her another slap for good measure.

Her shower was also a bathtub and I started of thinking of things to make her do to take advantage of my amazingly lucky situation. The possibilities were endless with my sister in law willingly following my every command, and admitting that she had been completely obsessed with finding any and every opportunity to get a taste of my cum over the years. This including drinking it out of used condoms when I began dating her sister (my wife) AND even having my wife drive over immediately at night after sex and licking it out of my wife’s freshly fucked pussy. The situation was like something out of my wildest fantasies, and I couldn’t shake the feeling that there would be some kind of fallout at some point, but my wife was fully complicit in the arrangement (for tonight anyway) and I wasn’t about to let the opportunity to pass me by.

"Fuck... COLD!", she hissed as she stepped in. She stood in the shower shivering and standing still with her shoulders hunched away from the spray nozzle. Her nipples were so hard from the cold water they looked like they were going to pop right off of her perky little tits. I loved watching the water run down her perfect tiny body. I reached a hand in to feel the water. It really WAS cold. I felt bad, but it was thrilling testing to see how far she would go to comply with my commands.

"You’re right... that IS cold... put your hands at your sides, turn around slowly five times, and then you’re permitted to make the water hotter." She followed my directions while gasping and shivering. When she finished her spinning and turned the hot water on she sighed and thanked me. "Now, clean all of that cum out of your hair and off of your face." I watched as she complied first with shampoo followed by face wash. Her blonde hair was medium length but looked much longer when wet. The rest of her body looked FANTASTIC with shampoo and water pouring off of it.

"Now make the water even hotter and soap up your entire body. After that, put a leg up on the side of the bathtub and masturbate while facing me. However... if you get close to cumming let me know, and stop touching yourself."

"Mmmmm... thank you for letting me make it hotter Master!" She said as she turned up the hot water and began slowly soaping up her small breasts and flat stomach, pausing at her breasts to cup them while taunting me, "I would like more of YOUR cum soon if you’re able?" She raised an eyebrow and bit her lower lip as placed a leg on the side of the tub, fully displaying her tiny shaved pussy to me for the first time. She moaned while licking her lips as she tentatively drew a finger up her little slit and then used two fingers to slowly stroke her barely exposed clit. "I need... YOUR cum more... than I... NEED to cum... in fact... one might lead to the other..." she panted and moaned as she began a steady rhythm.

I was getting hard again watching her and my balls still felt full and heavy so I didn’t think it would be a problem! The water was so warm it started steaming a bit. I closed the door to keep the bathroom warmer and stepped in with her in, but the water was at her back, and I was on the other side of the tub. She turned slightly to continue to face me and continued rubbing herself on full display to me while breathing heavily and watching my eyes, which were glued to what her fingers were doing. "I’m getting close, Ethan..." she whispered.

"I’ll take it from here." I said, "place both hands just under your breasts and pull your nipples away from your chest with each thumb and index finger."

She complied with a heavy moan followed by a whining sound as she pulled at her nipples. I sat down inside the tub and slid down until my head was right underneath her little cunt. Her breathing grew loud and quick as I gently pulled apart her lips with my thumbs. She was staring down at me while I stared up at her, pausing to torture her a bit. Finally, I placed my tongue at her perineum and applied steady slow pressure as I moved it up along her slit ending in a flicking motion at her clit.

"FuuuuuuUUUCK..." she mewled followed by a squeaking, "aaaghh!" When I hit her clit. I began repeating the process and she settled into a grunting noise followed by an exclamation each time I flicked her clit, "UUUuungghhhEE!". She tasted fucking amazing. I had a sudden urge to pull her down and impale her fully on my cock, which was hard as a rock at this point, but that would have to wait. I began stroking it with my left hand.

"Eth... nnnnghhh... Master!! I’m going to...", I quickly shifted to sucking her clit hard while flicking it with the tip of my tongue and inserted my right index finger slightly into her tiny virgin pussy and made slow circles with it. "...cuuuUUUM!!!!" She finished as she began squirting all over my finger, hand, and chin. She began screaming unintelligibly as I took 3 fingers and rubbed fast at the outside of her opening. What started as a slight drizzle gradually increased to a spraying all over my upper body. Her entire body was shaking and if I wasn’t careful she was going to slip.

I pushed myself up slightly as she sank down onto my lap with the shower spraying all over both of us. She was convulsing and making a squeaking sobbing sound as I somehow continued rubbing her. I grabbed her hair hard with my left hand pulling her head back and kissed her neck. Then I moved my mouth lower and latched onto a nipple while she grabbed both hands onto the back of my head while still panting and moaning. I slowed my rubbing as she came down, making progressively slower moaning sounds.

"I need cum master..." she murmured between moans. She had managed to find her hand to my hard cock and was beginning to stroke me. She wasn’t very good at it... but she was certainly eager enough. I slid myself to a sitting position and she straddled my shins with her ass. The water was spraying her back and head as she lowered her mouth eagerly onto my cock. She began aggressively cramming my cock into her mouth, but at this angle she would never be able to achieve fulling taking my length like she had earlier on the couch. I reached behind her head, grabbing her wet hair again and pulled her off of my cock.

"Stick out your tongue as far as you can and keep it that way.", I commanded. She smiled and did so, as the water ran in streams all over her face. I began slapping her tongue with my cock. Then I began controlling her head with my firm grip on her hair and continually slapped her forehead, her cheeks and her nose. I turned her head sideways a bit and began stroking my shaft along her open mouth before inserting my cock pushing the tip hard on the inside of her cheek stretching it. While I was doing all of this she was making satisfied humming sounds and managed to keep her tongue out. I pulled her head back and slid it back into her mouth and applied slow pressure with the tip a the back of her throat. Her humming turned to gagging noises as I began a rhythmically jamming the tip at her throat barrier.

She took her ass off of my shins, got on her knees straddling the outside of my shins and stretched her back with her ass in the air, determined to find a position that would better her chances of success. I angled my cock down pointed toward her face, curious to see how much she could take. She engulfed it and I pushed her head back down steadily until it hit her limit, at which point I kept a steady pressure. I was shocked when her throat barrier gave way and my cock slid a few more inches down her throat. Not all of the way... but improvement! Fuck... it felt amazing.

"God damn! Good girl! No need to keep your tongue out anymore." I pulled her off of my cock and she took a couple of gulps and then gave me a huge smile.

"It is getting easier! Does that feel good, master? I love the feeling when it gets into my throat!" She was completely ecstatic. "More??"

"Fuck yes!" I replied and guided her back down. After I pushed a bit, it slid back down her throat. Her eyes were open looking up at mine and she smiled around my cock. Hot! She furrowed her brow and started moving her head to the left and right, gagging slightly, trying to adjust while extending her lips in an attempt to get further down. Still 2 inches left that she couldn’t quite take yet. I pulled her back up and she gasped for air and smiled again.

"I’m getting closer! More please!" She said with glee opening her mouth again.

I slid past her throat barrier in one single motion this time. Holy shit... her throat was really getting used to my cock. She was further this time, too. Just over an inch remained. I kept providing steady pressure and she suddenly stuck out her tongue and made a gulping motion and my cock fully impaled her throat. Fuck! I was in completely ecstasy. She looked up at me and smiled with her eyes and began nodding her head up and down slightly while making continual swallowing motions working my cock around in her esophagus. I finally pulled her off. I was really fucking close to cumming.

She coughed and sputtered a bit, but looked overjoyed with her accomplishment, "I fucking DID it!", she exclaimed. "Master, it feels so GOOD! Are you close?? Will you cum down my throat this time?? I’ll miss tasting it, but I want to know what it feels like! Please?" I stroked my saliva covered cock in amusement at her giddiness.

"Uhhh... yes to all of your questions.", I laughed. "Now shut up and swallow my cock again, you tiny little cumslut!", I told her while forcing her back down as she moaned in enjoyment. For some reason it didn’t go down as easily this time. But finally there was a popping feeling as her throat gave way and she immediately began her swallowing motion again and taking me down fully. I began fucking her throat, making sure I didn’t pull back too much to slip out of her throat.

"Take. My. Fucking. Cock!", I began shouting with each thrust. "I’m going to empty my balls down your slutty little cum addict throat. Is that what you want?? I’m going to feed my cum to you as many times a day as you fucking want!" I felt my heavy balls building for a huge load. Her face was getting red. I let her up for air.

She sucked in oxygen, gasping for air. "Feed me your cum! I’m your dirty little cum slut, Master! Fuck my throat! Pump all of your tasty..." "sperm..." "straight into my throat!" She gave the tip of my cock hungry slurps in between each sentence while I stroked it.

I was more than ready to give her what she wanted. She moaned hungrily as I pushed her back down onto my cock. She must’ve made her perfect swallowing motion at the exact right time because my cock traveled almost with one fluid motion until it was completely buried into her (tight as fuck) throat. I began pumping my cock an inch or two in and out of her gullet. She extended her tongue and began lapping at my balls every time I fucked completely into her hot little mouth. My ears started ringing and I was literally getting dizzy as my balls churned.

"I’m cumming!", I shouted, holding her completely down onto my cock. "Take my load, you tiny little bitch!" I said as the first spurt of hot semen erupted directly down her throat. "Fuuuck! Fuck! Fuck!" My hips began bucking and I unleashed load after load into her esophagus. After six or seven heavy spurts I let out a long, "fuuuuuuuuuuuck!!", as she pulled off of my cock, keeping her lips latched on to the tip as I stroked the remaining pulses of cum directly into her mouth. She made moaning and mewling sounds as she collected it all gratefully. Finally, she pursed her lips as her cheeks caved in a bit while she carefully separated her lips from the tip of my cock, ending with a slurping kiss. She moaned in ecstasy as I caught my breath. That was the best blowjob I’d ever received in my life, and I knew she was just going to get better at it. Fucking mind blowing.

Kristin abruptly reached back and turned off the shower, stood up, and got out, beginning to dry off without saying a word. I was dazed but after a minute or so I recovered and slowly stood up as she handed me a towel silently.

"Are you alright?" I asked, wondering what was up. I hope I didn’t hurt her.

"Mmm hmm!" She confirmed with a musical, delighted tone.

"Okay...?" I questioned, drying off, but more curious now. I noticed her lips were still pursed a bit. Wait... did she still have my cum in her mouth?? She was moving her cheeks and lips as if she was swishing it around. I decided on a good way to find out.

"Kristin, get down on your knees and look up at me." I said. She dropped her towel at her feet, sank to her knees onto it, and looked up at me silently and raised her eyebrows questioningly. "Now show me what’s in your mouth." I chided.

She opened her lips carefully revealing a mouthful of my cum. I knew the majority went down her throat, but there was a LOT left in her mouth. "You enjoy keeping my cum in your mouth?" I asked with a smile. She nodded carefully attempting a smile with her mouth open. "I want you to gargle it." I commanded. She moaned and began carefully gargling not wanting to spill any. "Now close your mouth and swish it around your teeth. Do you enjoy the smell of it?" I asked. She began swishing it around and nodded enthusiastically with a cute smile on her face. My sister in law’s obsession with my cum was pretty much the hottest thing ever. I got an idea.

"You realize you’re going to have to swallow at some point? Before you do though, I’m going to put some in your nostrils so you can enjoy the smell for longer. Does that sound good to you?" I asked. I noticed her nipples were rock hard protruding from her tiny tits. I also noticed from this angle how puffy her areola were. She had the tightest little body and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was.

She raised her eyebrows, slowly nodded, moaned, and moved her hand down to her pussy and began slowly rubbing. "Mmm HMMM..." she confirmed. Fuck me! I loved how agreeable she was to the most depraved things I could think of! Not just agreeable, she was reveling in it. Despite her innocent appearance, I was starting to think she was more depraved than I was.

"Open your mouth.", I said. As she did, I placed two fingers in her mouth, spread them out, and massaged each side of her tongue as she licked the inside of my fingers passionately. I pulled my fingers out of her mouth and let the cum drip down a bit to the tips and then inserted them simultaneously into her nostrils just slightly as she whined approvingly. As I placed my fingers at her nose she inhaled sharply trying to draw the smell into her nostrils, and then gave a long whining moan as she slowly exhaled. Amazing.

I dipped my fingers back into her mouth and repeated this process a twice more. As I did this, she moved her left hand to her right breast and began massaging it, pulling at the puffy nipple occasionally. I noticed her right hand was rubbing her pussy faster now.

"Are you going to cum again so soon, you tiny little minx?", I asked with fascination. She made what sounded like an affirmative grunting noise. I used my fingers to scoop up some more cum out of her mouth and she gave a bit of a disappointed whine at me stealing some of it from her. I let it drip out of my cupped fingers onto her forehead just above her eyebrows and she closed her eyes in reflex as I began smearing it on her eyelids and cheeks which elicited a moan from her. I grabbed a little more and smeared it all over her nose and lips, and she squeaked in ecstasy. She was now frigging herself furiously with her fingers. Watching this entire display was making me get hard again.

"I want you to gargle again and then swallow when you cum, I’m getting hard again so I can provide you with more cum soon.", I promised. She furrowed her brow in concentration and began gargling and shivering while I heard a dripping noise on the tile floor beneath her as she began to cum. I watched with fascination as she swallowed my cum in three separate gulps, opened her mouth with a satisfied sigh, and then began making a wailing sound as she began shaking uncontrollably and spraying cum all over the floor.

"Soooo... GOOoooood!!!", She whined as she continued convulsing, licking her lips searching for remainders of the cum I had spread there. I dropped my towel and spread it out slightly anticipating her need to collapse just as she began to. She curled up into a ball on the floor and continued shaking. I stood above her looking on a bit helplessly for a minute, and then decided to go get her a drink of water. I let her know before leaving. I needed one too. She was literally dehydrating me! I also needed to pee after drinking a bunch of water earlier. I decided to hit the guest bathroom close to the kitchen and relieve myself, and then grabbed two glasses of water. I heard the shower turn on again as I did so, and returned to find her washing her face and body quickly getting all of our cum off of herself. I set the two glasses of water on her sink and grabbed her a fresh towel from a linen closet. I heard her shut off the shower as I returned and handed it to her as she stepped out with a dreamy, shy smile on her face,

She then sheepishly asked, "Ethan... are you going to fuck me?"

"Maybe after you brush your teeth..." I joked. She laughed musically, grabbed her toothbrush and began brushing. "You haven’t been enjoying what we’ve been doing enough?" I asked with a chuckle. I handed her a glass of water to drink as she finished brushing and I began drinking the other one.

"MMmm... it has been amazing! Literally several of my fantasies over the past few years coming true within a few hours." She paused her drinking. "I want to experience everything though... And it seems like you’re holding back...?"

"I’m enjoying myself... and YOU immensely." I replied. "Besides, dragging things out a bit can be fun!" I paused for a second, considering my words carefully. "I AM a bit concerned that traditional sex might be... difficult... because of our size difference... and also because... you said it is your first time?" I finished tentatively.

She looked down as she finished drying her hair and then combing it while looking in the mirror. "I think I can handle it if you go slow, Ethan. I appreciate you being so considerate. Tell me anything you want and I’ll do it.", she said, turning to me with an innocent look up she raised her eyebrows and added again, "Anything."

I stepped closer to her and bent down slightly to kiss her. She stood on her tip toes to meet my kiss. God damn she was short. I pushed her up against the wall while passionately kissing her and she moaned into my mouth, and then whispered into my ear, "Fuck me... please? I want you to slowly stretch out my tiny virgin pussy until I can take all of that huge cock."

I looked at her and replied, "Ok then. Go get into bed."

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