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Patrick Ophthalmology

Then it happened, FOOD POISONING!!! Who would have thought it one bad oyster and you're stuck in bed for 4 days with nothing to do!!

The only good thing was the ship's doctor... You've always liked a man in uniform.....and he's quite the hunk!! You didn't really mind being bed bound and enjoyed flirting with Doctor Tom as you call him... telling him things like...'I love to see how big your thermometer is'... 'I wonder if I could fit it all in my mouth' he always replied 'it against medical ethics for a doctor to fraternise with his patients... I might have to resign to make you happy!!'

On the fourth day the doctor said he would allow you go back to your cabin under doctor's supervision, he would therefore insist that you attended the ship's final ball in his company... just so he could monitor your wellbeing of course!! Feeling excited you agree...

Once back to your cabin you quickly shower and change and go to the ship's boutique and buy the sliver grey figure hugging backless silk evening dress you were looking at before you fell ill!! Back in your cabin you quickly try it on and feel a thrill of anticipation... you also notice the outline of your panties and bra in the mirror.... that will never do!!

On the night of the ball you promise the doctor that you'd meet him in the ballroom, you dress, slipping the silk dress over your naked body... feeling the material stroke your tingling body, the material touching you breasts sends electric shocks through you as it strokes across your nipples...'mmmmm god this feels so bad!!' you think to yourself... with a last look at yourself in the bedroom mirror you turn and leave to go to the ballroom....

You reach the doors to the ballroom and stop... taking a deep breath you step through and stroll across to the bar to get a drink, as you walk you feel many of the men watching you... and you feel a bit smug, knowing that they're wondering who you are and if they'll be leaving with you tonight!! You notice many of the women are staring too... But you know their thinking something completely different!!

Reaching the bar you order your drink, turning you see Doctor Tom walking towards you and looking you up and down... ' you look fantastic' he whispers in your ear... and again you feel the thrill of anticipation run through your body, 'this old thing' you say with a sly smile, 'I just had nothing else to wear..... So that's what I'm wearing underneath' you quiver again as you see his eyes widen slightly at your admittance!!

All through the night Doctor Tom is the perfect gentleman... barely touching your back as you dance and always holding your chair out for you to sit... you start to think he was serious when he said he was accompanying you to the ball to monitor you!! Then towards the end of the evening he touches your thigh when you're sitting close together talking... sliding his hand up your leg under the table so no one can see... moving it closer to you bare pussy each time but never touching.... you swear you're going to stand up soon and there's going to be a damp patch on the back of your dress where your pussy juices have leaked!!

Again Doctor Tom asks you to dance and as he leads you to the floor, with his arm round your waist, he whispers in your ear that he wants to walk you to your cabin afterwards and gently squeezes your hip... you look at him and your breath catches as you see a look of pure lust in his eyes... all you can do is nod, the dance seems to finish so quickly you can't seem to catch your breath before he's walking you to the door...

As you step out in to the cool night you feel your nipples tighten and harden as the breeze brushes across the silk... Doctor Tom looks at you and apologises asking if you'd mind going past the ship's infirmary on the way to your cabin as he needs to do something in there first... again you agree, not knowing what to think or how to take this man who one minute is teasing you and the next is all business...

When you get to the infirmary he asks you to come inside with him and opens the door for you... as you step through ahead of him you see a bottle and 2 glasses on his desk... Doctor Tom is right behind you and you feel his hands stroke down your arms and across your back as he lightly kisses your neck.... the feel of his mouth on you makes you quiver and almost jump with excitement...

Again he strokes your arm but one hand has undone the bow at your neck and you feel the dress slip down your body as his other hand slides round you and gently cups your breast... lightly massaging your erect nipple.....again he kisses your neck and you feel so wanton... you jump as you feel his other hand slide down you back to you bottom and squeeze it.....

Turning round in his embrace you stand completely naked for him to gaze upon...slowly you lean forward and kiss him passionately on the lips, you feel his arms round you again this time pulling you towards him... as he crushes you against his still clothed body you feel a hardness at his groin and pull away... 'My turn to have some fun you say and slowly unbutton his shirt... kissing his exposed chest as you go, he slips the shirt off and you start to undo his trousers... he stops you and leads you into the ward area... now he lets you carry on.. You're trembling as you undo his trouser (is it nervousness or excitement?? You're not sure!) Slipping his trousers down you see his boxers and the bulge looks even bigger than it felt!! Kneeling down you slowly pull his boxer down and gasp... as his hard, thick cock appears and you see the tip glisten already with his juices you go to lean in to taste and he steps back... looking up at him you see him shake his head and he takes you hand and pulls you to your feet.....

He starts to lead you to one of the beds and you think he's going to lay you on it... as you both reach it he leans against it and pulls you in to him and kisses you hard... you can't help but respond your tongues entwining... without warning his arms are round your waist and he's lifted you up and suddenly you feel his hard, thick cock entering you pussy... forcing its way into your tight wet hole, you gasp... deeper it goes and you gasp louder, again he lifts you and again he thrusts as he lets your body lower onto his waiting cock... you feel you pussy throb with each thrust your clit is squeezed and rubbed all along the length of his cock as he pushes into you and withdraws..... You can't help it when you have your first orgasm you never felt anything like this... and cry out for him not to stop!! You feel his mouth on your nipples as he leans back and down... sucking as he thrusts into you, your pussy is squeezing harder with each thrust... And you're cries get louder each time..... Suddenly he stiffens and you feel it as his cock twitches and his hot cum floods your waiting wet pussy... now you don't care... your body orgasms again and you scream out 'Oh Fuck Yes!!!'.......

Doctor Tom turns with you still impaled on his cock and lays you on the bed... you feel him pull out as your body shakes... now there's a new sensation... his hot breath is on your stomach... his lips are lightly kissing it.. you feel ripples of pleasure run through you as he kisses downwards...now he's kissing round your pussy mound... skirting the light dusting of hair your always leave... his kisses draw near you swollen pussy lips and you open your legs ever so slightly in invitation... he moves away from them kiss down and across the lower lips and back up the other side...

again he draws closer and again you open your legs invitingly... this time he kiss over your pussy lips and a shudder of pleasure runs through you..Again he kisses round and this time he doesn't wait for your invitation he kisses up you pussy lips and as he reaches the top you feel his tongue dart inside them to find your clit... licking just once he pulls away as you moan out... now you moan in disappointment as you feel him kiss round your pussy again.... kissing up the lips and again slipping his tongue inside you longer, harder he licks your pulsing clit... this time not leaving as you moan louder...

again you feel his tongue against your clit and then suddenly he has his teeth round it and as he licks gently bites it.... your body jolts as if you've been hit by an electric shock and you start orgasming again and again as he doesn't stop licking and gently biting your throbbing hard clit...... almost without warning you feel him stop and move from you, you gasp at how quickly this man has been able to control you....

Now you feel him move up your body and as you open your eyes you see him standing close to your head... his still hard cock inches away from your face... you look up at him as you move your head slightly towards it and you see a ghost of a smile on his face... moving again you open your mouth and slide your tongue out to lick the tip of his throbbing cock... the taste of your mingled juices sends another quiver through your body.. Again you lick this time round the head and you can taste most of his cum... Slower still you encircle the head with your mouth and slowly move it down his throbbing shaft...

Taking as much as you can into your mouth before sliding back up... licking as you go you move down again faster this time and you start to suck... back up to the head and before you take it in your mouth again you slip your tongue under his foreskin and lick round.. You feel a small squirt of pre cum hit your tongue and suck harder as you again bury his cock into your mouth...

You almost take it all in and moving back up again you reach up with one of your hands and gently stroke his balls with your nails.... cupping his balls and lightly squeezing as if to force his cum out you suck harder and move you head faster up and down... you hear him groan and shake with pleasure as you move faster, stroking faster too with your nails... you hear him gasp and looking up you see he's looking down your body... you realise that without thinking about it you've started playing with your soaking hot pussy he watches mesmerized as your finger kneed and tease your clit.. and you can't help sucking his cock harder...

he can't take his eyes off your fingers as they massage your pussy covering themselves in your juices and his cum.... suddenly he stiffens and you feel his cock jerking, filling your mouth with his cum you swallow and start Cumming too... both of you moaning loud... you can't help but drink his cum as he shoots load after load into your mouth.... you collapse as he finally stops Cumming and let his cock fall from your mouth... your panting hard..

Again he moves... and again you feel him lift your legs, this time you look to see him hold them apart and almost straight up... you can't believe he's going to fuck you again...

you feel his hot cock touch your pussy you moan out...'please not yet' but he pushes in and you feel him throbbing inside you as another orgasm hits you so quickly you can't believe it... thrusting deeper into you than you thought possible he makes you cum continually until you feel his hot burning cock jerk again and then you scream out long and hard as the strongest orgasm you've ever had hits you....' Oh GOD yes fuck me, fuck me!!' you scream slowly he collapses on top of you...

Doctor Tom looks at you and with a wicked smile says 'Miss after a thorough examination I think I can give you a very clean bill of health!' and to think you though this cruise was going to be a totally wasted holiday!!!

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