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Sonya Randolph

VI – The Return of Kelly

"Hi Kelly, so neat you could come over tonight and play with us," said Mary as her friend came through the door.
"John promised we’d all have a good time -- oh Mary, you guys are so neat. Thanks for inviting me back!"
Kelly confided to Mary she’d taken special care to prepare for tonight, knowing what happened the last time. Scrubbed everywhere, of course, and even bought fancy yellow transparent Olga’s because she knew they’d be on display. A thin pale yellow bikini bra under her white blouse. Tight jeans, of course, since she already knew John was a sucker for them. Open-toed sandals completed her sexy ensemble.
Mary wore a loose, crinkle-cut, multi-colored peasant-style flowing skirt that came down to her calves, and a white, off-the-shoulder blouse. "You look so Hispanic, Mary!" said Kelly excitedly. Blue eye shadow.
"Muchas gracias, mi bonita amiga. This is John’s night," she said to her friend. "And babe, you are hot."
"This is my C-F-M outfit," Kelly laughed, hugging Mary, and walked with her into the living room.
"John, look who came over!" said Mary. "Are you in a playful mood?"
He knew very well who was here, and what she had come to be part of, and that his sexy wife had invited her for an adventure with all three. And he knew it was HER turn with HER toy James…so something different and special must be in the works.
John had planned ahead. "Hi Kelly."
He put the tape in the DVD player and hit Pause. "Mary darling, would you get us some drinks?" as he turned to Kelly and gave her a chaste and gentlemanly hug. The scent of Red Door drifted to him. Mary reached over to the pair and grabbed each rear end in her hands, squeezed, and left for the kitchen.
"Oh, this is gonna be some fun," said Kelly. "I’d better go help with the drinks," she said to John, smiling sweetly.

In the kitchen, Kelly asked Mary if everything was alright between all of them and if tonight was going to be okay. Her friend reassured her that this was to be a night for John to be in charge and that both girls would be together in whatever transpired. "Mary, I am so in awe of you and John," said Kelly.
"Well, you’re a hot little tart yourself, girl. You’re dressed to kill. What’s that perfume you’ve got on?"
"It’s Red Door, my favorite."
"I like it. You know, John and I used to not talk about our sex life at all, but now that’s all changed. He told me recently that he prefers it when I just come out of the shower freshly-scrubbed, no perfume or hand lotion or anything. He likes to smell me like I am. He says THAT is really erotic."
"Ohgosh, I’m sorry, should I go shower?" Kelly apologized.
"No, no, he kinda expects it to be different with you, I think. You know, variety and the spice of life thing."
Mary looked her young friend in the eye. "You know, since we’re all being honest, I have to say that I really enjoyed doing what I did to you when you were here the last time. And everything you did with John, I loved watching."
"Mary, I liked what you did too -- I’m not a lesbo.".
Mary put her hands around the girl’s head, pulled her to her, and kissed her forehead softly. "You’re nice, and I like your taste – let’s be each other’s whores sometime." Kelly melted, shocked, but didn’t resist. She’d do anything for her friend.

The two walked with beers and cut-up veggies to the living room, some kind of new understanding established between the twenty-seven-year-old co-worker and the fiftyish wife of thirty years, the mentor and good friend. John was relaxing on the couch. He wore grey dress pants, a white shirt, oxfords.
"Kinda dressy, aren’t you?" said Kelly, teasing Mary’s husband, the man who’d fucked her the last time she was here.
"A gentleman has to maintain his image," John replied.
"And that’s MY gentleman," Mary stated firmly, with a gentle smile, "and tonight, you get to share him with me, Kelly."
The young girl’s eyes widened. Goodie.

The three drank, nibbled on crudites and chatted about their day. Each knew that Fun, with a capital F, was going to begin shortly, and all three were excited. Vivid memories blasted all three of the last time Kelly had been at the house, when John had taken his first turn at his and Mary’s new sex life. Kelly’s nude body had been positioned at one point between the two of them, the girl blowing him, while Mary to everyone’s amazement had bent the young girl over and kissed her behind, even shockingly ran her hand up between the girl’s legs to touch the wetness there. John had taken Kelly on the bed, from behind, while his wife watched and played with herself on the sidelines, as John had done a week earlier while Mary "toyed" with James.
This is odd, thought Mary. We told Kelly about James with us, but he doesn’t know about her and us.

John rose from the couch, putting a hand on Kelly’s knee as he did. She looked at Mary on the other side with her -- is that okay with you? Mary smiled, reached over and unbuttoned Kelly’s top button. That answered her question.
John came back to the couch and sat between them again, pressed Play on the remote, and instantly, Hyapatia Lee appeared on the screen in the living room.
"Oh – this is the same girl we saw the last time!" said Kelly excitedly. "She’s cute."
"Yep," said John. "Watch this."

Hyapatia walked into the living room and sat in the middle of a couch. Two huge men strode into the picture, sat beside her. Another stood over the back of the couch, watching. As Hyapatia talked, she raised her dress above her knees, revealing white panties, and slowly peeled. The men beside her watched and unzipped their trousers and pulled out big schlongs. Hyapatia lowered her dress, revealing large breasts covered by her bra. She reached back undoing the clasp as the men stroked themselves. Her breasts popped out from their constraints, and she was basically nude. The men continued to beat off, while Hyapatia stroked herself.

John said, "That looks too good to not be part of. Want to watch me, girls?" Not waiting for an answer, he undid his belt, unzipped his trousers, reached inside and pulled out a stiff penis. Kelly’s eyes were glued, and Mary watched Kelly. John stroked himself. "You two can get down here by my feet," he said, "so you can watch everything better."
They slid the coffee table that held the food and drinks away from the couch and got down beside his legs. It was a contest to look at John, versus the screen. Both were ready to pounce on his big boner inches away from them.
Kelly didn’t know that from their brainstorming session a while ago, John and Mary had decided to go with a "threesome", since they’d both had a real taste of that already. First it would be John’s turn, then Mary’s. Tonight it was for John to set the scene.
As Hyapatia continued to rub herself, opening wide for the camera, and the men beside her stroked themselves, they moaned and ahhh’d, and it was becoming increasingly difficult for the girls to pay attention to the screen with John stroking that lovely seven-incher so near. They sat at John’s knees, watched and listened as first Hyapatia started her orgasm, then the two guys beside her began squirting.
"Can I help now?" said Kelly.
"Me too!" said Mary.

"Okay, now it’s our turn," said John. As he stroked it in front of the girls, he said, "Mary, why don’t you take off my Toy’s blouse?"
"Yes sir," she replied, and reached over to unbutton her friend. John watched with pleasure as Kelly’s skimpy yellow bra appeared and she slipped off the blouse. "…a cute girl in her bra and jeans," he said, and Kelly smiled her biggest smile at him, stuck out her boobs.
"So, Kelly, does Mary’s blouse hold any treasures for you?" he teased.
She was dying to get her mouth around that cock, but she took the hint, reached over and pulled Mary’s low-cut blouse down to reveal full and pert breasts, the nipples already poked out. "Ummm, tasty, I’ll bet. Wanta try them?" he urged. He knew Mary would love this.
She looked at Mary, got a sexy smile and a nod, reached over and put her lips to the mound, sucking with pleasure. Mary looked up at John with satisfaction and shared a smile as they watched the girl suckle. Kelly moved her mouth to the other, sucked it and caressed the breast. "That’s so hot," said John, continuing his own action.
Mary lowered the top further, stood up and slid her hand underneath her colorful skirt. John watched his half-naked wife as her hand came out and to his lips. He tasted the wet fingers. "I think Kelly should do that, too," he said.
Mary relaxed again at John’s knee as Kelly rose in her bra and jeans. The girl unzipped them, drew them slowly down her hips to reveal the bright yellow thin panties. The jeans cast aside, the girl standing now before them in yellow, Kelly lowered her panties, kicking them off. Her hand snaked between her thighs, fingers sliding somewhere hidden. She stroked several times, turned, gave her fingers to John, and he sucked hard. "Oh Mary," he said.
Kelly slipped out of her bra, stood naked before John, preened, slid down beside his knee. Mary also removed her clothing, and now the two naked girls clung to John’s knees and waited for their invitation to pounce.

"Something Mary and I have learned lately," he said to both, "is you have to communicate. You really do need to tell your partner what you like, what you want, you have to negotiate, believe it or not, and if you can agree, then you’re gonna have a terrific sex life. I thought about that, so now I’m gonna give you girls a lesson on how to jack me off."
"Ahhh, I love it when you talk dirty," smiled Mary.
"I thought I knew how," said the younger girl. "You just rub it up and down."

The screen continued to play the next sequence of Hyapatia, a fancy mansion in which she was getting reamed standing up with her leg over the couch. John ordered the two naked girls to play with themselves as he instructed how to properly masturbate him.

"If I’m by myself, I’ll use some Vaseline for lubrication, but a lot of saliva is just as good, too. But if it’s with a girl – one of you, maybe – saliva is best. Saliva is sexy."
"You’ve gotta keep it wet, or else it starts to scrape and hurt. Okay?" The girls nodded. Mary already knew this. "That’s one reason why guys like blowjobs."
"Okay, so for now, why don’t you both work together to provide my favorite lubrication?" Kelly licked her fingers and rubbed them on John’s penis, taking a little longer to stroke it, thrilled to get to be part of Mary and John’s new sexual adventures again. Mary did the same, and they soon found themselves stroking his cock at the same time. John took over again, said, "That’s good, I like that. Now, one thing you need to know is there’s a difference in how you stroke it. The shaft and the head react differently."
Mary interjected, "I know! When you rub my pussy, that’s one thing, but when you rub my clit, wow! Totally freaks me out."
"I know what you mean," replied Kelly. "Guys just wanna get inside me. They forget all about that little hot button on top, and that’s where the action is for me!"
"Oh my, Kelly, you are one neat little fucker," said Mary, intending to urge the girl on, and she knew this would turn John on. And he did indeed reach down with his right hand to squeeze Mary’s tit, and put his fingers into her mouth. She sucked on them, he withdrew and put them into Kelly’s mouth. She sucked, and he raked them over her nipple. He tweaked it, and she looked up at him and pleaded, "let me suck it…" "Wait," he said.
John instructed – "I think most women think you just have to grab onto it and go up and down. That’s not it. Maybe it’s the whores who know the best – "
"I’ll be your whore," said Kelly.
"I’ll be your whore," said Mary.
He grinned and laughed, "You can both be my whore, okay?!"
"Hold the shaft and stroke up and down. That’s one way to do it. But remember, the head of my dick is the most sensitive. That’s why everyone wants a blow job. So, here’s what to do – wet your hand and put some saliva on the end of my cock. Then wet the joint between your first finger and your thumb, that lets you grab my dick at the head and start stroking it. It slides easily, and that’s where it makes me more ready to come. It’s like you’re sucking me off then. You’ve gotta keep the juice coming, so whether you’re sucking it, or just wetting it with saliva or whatever, that’s what you need to do."

All the time during this lesson, John jacked off and the girls cooperated with the lubrication. He was wet, very hot, and they strained toward him. John pushed hard on it, showing them how, and both girls marveled at how long and beautiful his cock was. Suddenly, he held still, his body went stiff, and Mary knew he was coming.
"Quick, Kelly," she instructed. Both slid up to his member, Mary grabbed it away from her husband and continued stroking as he had taught, and she took the first spurt on her lips. Tasting it with her tongue, she pushed the head over to Kelly, who took the second round in her mouth, sucking hard as her cheeks caved in. Mary pulled the cock out of Kelly’s mouth and began sucking, taking more into her mouth and swallowing. Again she gave it to her friend, who did the same.

At last depleted, John sagged into the couch, satisfied. The two girls looked up at him and licked their lips. Mary reached up to kiss him, and he complied. Kelly also came up to his mouth, shared a kiss with him. John put his arms around both of them, cupped their rears, and said, "This is the best movie I’ve watched in years."

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