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Parts of a Car Wheel and Axle

1. Tires
It's no surprise that your tires are the most important component of your car's wheels. The inner parts of your wheel are protected by the ring-shaped tires. They are usually made from rubber, carbon black, or other synthetic materials.

2. Rim
Many people mistakenly think the rim is the wheel. The rim is a part of the wheel. However, the wheel also includes the rim. The rim is the inner part of the tire. It is often made from strong metals like steel.

3. Hub
The hub is the center of the wheel. The metal studs at the center of the hub distinguish it. These calipers connect the hub and the rest of the wheel to the car's axle.

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4. Bearings for Wheels
The hub's main component, the wheel bearings, is what makes up the wheel's basic structure. They are the connectors between the wheel's axle and the wheel. They also carry the car's weight when they are in drive.

5. Flanges and beads
Flanges are the funny-looking edges on your tires. There are beads inside them. The flanges and beads work together to stabilize your car as it traverses different terrains. The motor's energy is transferred to the wheels by the flanges and beads.

6. Valve System
The valve system, as its name suggests, is responsible for monitoring the inflation and deflation levels of your tires. The main components of this mechanism are one of three types of valves. The best one depends on many factors, such as the brand of your vehicle.

7. Constant Velocity Joints
A car's CV joints allow it to move freely, much like your body's joints. Because CV joints connect the wheels to the transmission, this is how they work. This allows the tires to rotate fully and move.

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8. Axle's Housing
The housing of an axle is, as the name implies, where the main components are kept. The housing is usually made from sturdy metals that can withstand harsh road conditions.

9. Differential
The differential is an axle component that maintains the car's balance while the front and rear wheels rotate at different speeds.

10. Driveshafts
There are two types: the propeller shaft or the CV short drive. Although they share similar functions, both driveshafts are located in different places within the axle's housing.

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