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What is the best gel nail polish for diving? Every time I dive my gel nail polish peels so I've decided to test the following polishes to determine which is the best nail polish for diving and is the most water-resistant one.

I have decided to compare the following polishes from www.msobeauty.com best gel nail polishes list:

1. Gelish Waterproof - I love that this polish covers so much, as my nails often show through a thin layer of polish. I bought it a couple of years ago and I'm still loving it. I like the colors in these polishes, there are some that I would have liked if they were nuder or darker.

2. Born Pretty Waterproof - I bought this polish from the Ulta Beauty website because I saw there are other colors in this range, and I was very disappointed to find out it's a watercolor. It dries very quickly and it doesn't cover the nail as well as the Gelish one.

3. Lechat Perfect Match - This is a little bit expensive, but I can see why as it lasts so long. I have very thick cuticles so my nails are always peeling away near the cuticle line and this nail polish stops them from peeling. If you have this problem too I recommend this polish.

4. CND Shellac - I bought this nail polish a little while ago, and I loved it so much I bought another one in black! This nail polish is really fast to dry, has a very good formula, and is water-resistant. The color is beautiful and it's really easy to apply. I like how it's easy to take off with acetone.

5. DND - I like this one because it is a very water-resistant polish and the color is amazing! The formula is very smooth and easy to apply, I can definitely see myself buying this again. It is also very affordable, so if you want to purchase one you will be able to afford it.

6. Beetles - This is a little bit similar to Born Pretty, but there is no yellow on it. The formula is nice, but it takes more time to dry than the Beetles It also seems to be more matte than the Beetles polish.

7. OPI Gel Polish in Light Pink - I bought this nail polish because I wanted a light nail polish for summer, I was really disappointed to find out that it's a sheer polish. It dries pretty quickly and is easy to apply. The color is nice and it's very affordable.

8. Essie Gel Quick Dry Nail Art - I bought this polish because it's a little bit more expensive than the others, but I like the colors. It dries really quickly, but it is a little bit difficult to get off. I also liked how I got a nice color.

9. LA Girl Fast Dry Nail Art - I bought this nail polish on a whim. I was so surprised to find out this is a waterproof nail polish! This nail polish is very matte, but the formula is great. It's easy to apply and I love the color.

10. Kiara Sky - I purchased this nail polish after I purchased the LA Girl Fast Dry Nail Art one because the color was different. The formula is amazing, it's very easy to apply and it has a really good finish. The color is perfect for summer!

Which one is the best gel nail polish for diving? I hope this helps you to decide which one is the best for you. Have you tried any of these? If so, let me know what you think.

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