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Randy West

It was a massive orgasm that just kept spewing out the hot white liquid. By the time I had finished Tessa’s hand was soaked in my cum. Tessa kept softly stroking me rubbing the cum all over my cock and balls. She leaned over and kissed me, forcing her tongue into my mouth.

We both cleaned up and went to bed since Tessa had to be at the hospital for six thirty for an operation that was scheduled for seven in the morning. Since it was Friday, it was my light day at the gym. I covered the mornings and Amber would come in at two in the afternoon and close up. It was a good schedule for me, and I had another guy I had hired to close on weekends for me. It cut the profit margin down a bit, but it did free up a lot of my time.

I worked out the next morning early and showered then went into my office to clean up some paperwork. It was about noon when Tessa called me and informed me that Tai was asking to see me. I told her I would come over when I left the gym this evening. Tessa also did mention that she was horny as fuck, and I had to laugh at her comment. Tessa was becoming quite the animal in the bedroom.

That evening I drove to the hospital and went up to the pediatric floor. I went down to the nurse’s station and saw one familiar face and two other nurses. Alyssa, I had met before, but she introduced me to Ryleigh and Vanessa.

"This is Dr. Williamson’s significant other.", she mentioned to the two other ladies.

"Ladies, it’s very nice to meet you.", I said, shaking both of their soft hands.

"Ok, where did Dr. Williamson find you?", Ryleigh asked.

"Actually, she came into my gym and asked me to train her about a year ago.", I answered.

"Your gym?", she asked confused.

"Yes, I own Powerhouse Fitness in town.", I stated.

"Oh……. Ok, I get it now.", she replied.

Thankfully just about that time, Tessa got off the elevator and walked towards us. She kissed me quickly on the lips and stepped back.

"I have to make rounds, but you can go sit with Tai if you would like.", Tessa urged.

"Sure thing…...", I answered turning and walking away.

I walked down the hall and took a right entering Tai’s room. She was sitting up in bed and coloring in a large book. She looked up and saw me, a smile spreading across her face.

"Chwis…… Chwis come here.", she shouted.

"I’m coming baby.", I laughed.

I walked across the room and she began to show me the pages she had colored. For only being three years of age, she had done a remarkable job. For the most part everything was within the large black line and her choice of colors was spot on. I praised her for what she had done, and she gave me a quick hug. She then set the book on the side and retrieved an IPAD which was on the bed next to her.

"Look what Doctor T let me use.", she stated.

"Wow, Doctor T must like you a lot to let you use her IPAD.", I remarked.

"Yea…... she is the best doctor in the world. But she couldn’t save momma and papa. They went to heaven with my grandma.", she explained.

"I’m really sorry about that Tai.", I said softly.

"Yea…... me too.", she answered, not looking up from the IPAD.

Most of the bruising was gone from Tai’s face and the large bandage had been roved from her head. It had been replaced with a smaller version that covered the stitches in the side of her head. She still had the three casts on but was in hardly any pain anymore. I was watching her play a cartoon game well a woman came in dressed in a business suit. She walked over to the bed and stopped looking at me.

"How are you today……... you are?’’, she asked.

"I’m Chris Williams……… I’m Dr. Williamson’s boyfriend.", I stated.

"Oh yes, she mentioned you. I’m Jennifer Wilson from CPS here to check up on this little one.", she stated.

"Nice to meet you ma’am. Would you like me to leave while you visit.", I asked.

"Noooooooo Chwis……... you stay.", Tai protested.

"Well, it’s official. You have to stay.", Jennifer remarked, laughing.

Jennifer Wilson asked Tai a number of questions regarding how she was feeling both physically and emotionally. I found it odd that you would ask a three-year-old girl how she was emotionally feeling after her whole family had just been ripped away from her. But Tai handled it well telling Jennifer that she knew everyone was in heaven watching over her. Thankfully just about that time Tessa walked in coming off her rounds.

"Dr. T , Chwis is here……. Chwis is here.", Tai shouted.

"Wow, so he is. I told Chris you wanted to see him, so he came right over.", Tessa laughed.

"Yep he’s, my friend.", Tai said.

"Jennifer, remember the conversation we had about someone’s future?", Tessa asked.

"Yes…….", Jennifer answered.

"I’m want to start the process right away.", Tessa confided.

"Oh my………. Well, I am going to need a lot of information from you. I can put together the packet and get it to you. Since you’re very familiar with the child, I can fast track a few things. But you will be fully investigated going all the way back to when you were a juvenile.", Jennifer advised.

"That’s not a problem Jennifer and just so you know Chris will be around as well. He has agreed to help me.", Tessa stated.

"Oh, how wonderful. The same will go for you Chris, you will be checked out thoroughly.", she advised.

"Not a problem ma’am.", I stated.

"Good then, I’ll get back to you shortly Dr. Williamson.", Jennifer promised walking out.

"So, we’re going to do this?", I said, smiling at Tessa.

"Yes, the two of us together.", she winked.

That Friday night Tessa and I laid in bed almost all night talking about the massive changes that were heading our way. We would no longer have the luxury of privacy and would have to be dressed at all times. We would have to schedule sex around Tai bedtimes and be less vocal. Then we started talking about where to live. Tessa wanted to be closer to her parents in case we needed them to help out. Tessa’s condo was too small and my home was not much closer although would be a better fit.

Secondly and more important to me was I wanted to talk to Tessa’s parents. I did not want to just start living together without them knowing first. Tessa was surprised to hear me express that, but she seemed to understand. Since it was Friday night, we agreed to tell her parents exactly what was happening at dinner on Sunday. We would go a little early before everyone got there and explain it to them. It had to be close to two in the morning when we went to sleep. We both got up early and went to the gym for our workouts. I always trained better when Tessa was with me and vice versa. We pushed each other hard. In a very short time, Tessa had become my best friend. As I was watching her do squats it suddenly dawned on me that I had not thought of Lexie once in several weeks. Tessa was on my mind all day, every day.

We both showered and we went back to my place to try to figure out the details of having Tai with us. We spent a lazy day and went to bed early to prepare for Sunday. Tessa had told her mother we were coming early because she had some news, she wanted to share with them. Of course, her mother tried to pry it out of her, but Tessa remained silent.

We arrived right after ten and walked in through the side door to the kitchen which was unlocked. We walked through the kitchen to the family room where both Beth and Bill were sitting watching the television. We both greeted them in our own way and then sat down.

"You two look like the cat that swallowed the canary.", Beth Williamson said.

I could not help but laugh because my mother used that phrase the whole time, I was a child. Every time I thought I was getting away with something my mom knew.

"See I knew it.", Beth laughed, pointing at me.

"No ma’am that’s not it. My mother used to say that to me.", I replied.

"Ok so spill it…… God, you’re killing me.", Beth demanded.

"Tessa, are you pregnant?", Bill asked.

"Uh …… um, sort of…. I guess.", Tessa mumbled.

"How can you be sort of pregnant?’, he asked.

"Chris, you want to tell them about what you want to do?", Tessa asked, nervously.

"Sure Tessa. I wanted to talk to you before doing anything that involved Tessa and I. A lot has happened in the last few weeks and we thought it was best to talk to the two of you before doing anything. I want to ask your permission to move in with Tessa. We are not sure where yet, but I do not want to do that without your permission.", I stated.

Bill looked over at Beth and then to Tessa. He could see his daughter was nervous, but I think he was more surprised that I was asking for his permission rather than just doing it.

"Son, my daughter is a beautiful and extremely intelligent woman. If she sees fit to live with you then I have no objections. The fact that you came here today to ask me tells me a lot about your character.", Bill replied.

"Thank you, sir. And you’re right about Tessa. That’s why I love her.", I answered.

"Ok…. Now tell me about the baby.", Beth gushed.

"I’m going to let Tessa handle this part. It’s her idea.", I stated.

"Before I start let me say this. I love Chris with all of my heart. He is the kindest, sweetest man I know other than you daddy. I feel so secure when he is around and he is my best friend.", she claimed, grabbing my hand.

"The two of you do make a lovely couple baby. We’re so happy for you.", Beth explained.

"Thanks mom…… now to the baby. Please hear me out before any questions. Several weeks ago, I had a small child brought in the emergency room. She had been in a horrific automobile accident which claimed the life of her parents and grandmother. She was in critical condition and we were extremely worried the first two days. However, she has made tremendous strides and despite needing future surgeries for multiple broken bones she will be fine.", Tessa started.

"Now comes the tricky part. She is Vietnamese but born in this country. She has no other family in this country and trying to search abroad is a nightmare. But honestly none of that matters. Just like I have fallen in love with Chris, I have fallen in love with her.", she continued.

"So, I discussed it with Chris and he has decided to help me. I have applied to the state for custody of Tai Nguyen and hopefully maybe adopt her one day. Being with me she will get the care she needs and I can take care of future operations.", Tessa finished.

Beth looked over at her husband and honestly they both looked somewhat confused. However, to be fair Tessa and I had just dropped a bomb on them. First our admission of love and moving in together then followed up by taking custody of a small child.

"So, you’re not pregnant.", Beth asked.

"No mom, I’m not pregnant.", Tessa giggled.

"Oh……", Beth said, almost disappointed.

"So obviously you two have thought this out carefully. Being responsible for a young girl’s life is quite the undertaking. In addition, with her being Vietnamese the oddities that will accompany that decision. Then both of you work so you will need help with her during work hours.", Bill advised.

"Dad, we both make good money. I can hire a sitter during the day.", Tessa explained.

"No, I want to help out. At least sometimes…….", Beth protested.

"Oh God……... another girl to spoil.", Bill laughed.

"God damn right.", Beth replied.

"Do you want to see a picture of Tai?’, Tessa offered.

"Yes, we do.", Beth squealed.

Tessa pulled her phone from her jean pocket and opened her photos. She walked across the room and showed several to her mom. I could see tears come to Beth’s eyes immediately.

"Oh my god……. Show your father.", Beth said, trying to compose herself.

"She’s a beautiful young girl.", Bill commented.

"You have to meet her……... she has quite the personality.", I laughed.

"Does she know her parents are dead?", Beth asked.

"Yes, she says they’re in heaven.", Tessa admitted.

"Does she know that she is going to be with the two of you?", Bill asked.

"No dad, not yet. She loves Chris to death, but we just decided to make sure we could get her before telling her anything. That way if it falls through, we don’t heap more on her tiny shoulders.", Tessa explained.


Tai was moved out of ICU into a private room on the same floor. Beth and Bill wanted to come meet her, but we decided not to introduce them until we were sure that the custody had gone through. The other thing we were still discussing was trying to figure out how to get closer to Tessa’s parents’ home. Two weeks later, we were summoned to Child Protective Services for a meeting with Jennifer Wilson and her superiors. We arrived early but were immediately shown into the conference room.

About ten minutes later, Jennifer Wilson, two other women and a man appeared carrying stacks of folders. Everyone was introduced and Jennifer started off the meeting.

"Thank you for coming, Tessa and Chris. First let me start off by saying that this department really appreciates the generous offer that you have made on the behalf of the Nguyen child. With that said, let me turn it over to Ron Hiller our security advisor.", Jennifer stated.

"Good morning, I’m Ron Hiller the security advisor for Child Protective Services. I am responsible for the background checks into the both of you. First, Ms. Williamson, I checked with NCIC, your college tran***********s and your medical training. Finally, we spoke to the administrator at the hospital where you work. Everything came back fine with no exceptions to speak of.", he started.

"Mr. Williams, when doing your background check a few things came up where we need to have further discussion. Would you like to do this in private?", he offered.

"No sir, I have nothing to hide.", I stated.

"A few years ago, you were involved in an incident with a female police officer. You apparently stopped to help her with a situation.", he stated.

"Yes sir.", I answered.

"You were given a commendation from the Police Union, correct?", he asked.

"Yes sir.", I answered.

"And just recently you were the Light Heavy Weight Champion in the MMA Circuit. Is that correct?", he asked.

"Yes sir.", I replied.

"Are you still fighting?", he inquired.

"No sir,", I answered.

"Do you plan to possibly fight again?", he asked.

"No sir.", I responded.

"You have been out of the country several times in the past few years. South America I believe, is that correct?’, he inquired.

"Yes sir, I went several times to Brazil. That’s where my MMA trainer resides. I worked out there with him for several months at a time then flew back to Vegas to fight.", I explained.

"Ok, that pretty much answers everything I have. You’re good to go, Mr. Williams.", he smiled.

"Great, then all we have left are the formal papers that we can have ready in a few weeks. Chris and Tessa, it looks like you’re going to have a little one to take care of.", Jennifer smiled.

Tessa was extremely excited when I dropped her off at the hospital. But we decided to not say anything to Tai yet until it was official. I was on the way home when I got a call from my representative at the bank my mother used to work at. I still used them for all my banking needs. He mentioned that he needed me to come in and sign some papers. Since I was close to the bank, I told him I would be right over.

I had bought annuities of one million dollars each when I inherited the money from Mrs. Gardener. Each annuity paid about twenty thousand dollars a month in interest. I had just been banking that money for years and it had built into quite a sum in an interest-bearing checking account.

It was time to rollover the annuities for another four years. As I began to sign each one, I was struck with an idea. I asked if I decided to not roll one over what would be the consequences tax wise. I was told I had ninety days to reinvest the money, or I would be taxed at the going rate. I then asked would real estate be considered an investment. Since I had never formally bought a home, it would be considered an investment. However, if I did buy a home and sell the house, I was living in now I would incur taxes even though it had belonged to my mother.

I told him to hold one annuity for now and I would get back to him. As I left, I called Bill Williamson on his cell phone and he answered quickly. I informed him that Tessa wanted to get a place much closer to him and his wife. I asked him if he knew of any opportunities in his immediate area. He in fact informed me that a house just around the corner from him was going up for sale. He said it had been updated a few years ago and was in move in condition. He said it was probably about four thousand square feet but would probably list for nine hundred thousand. He told me he knew the owner and could call him immediately. I agreed and hung up.

About an hour later, he called me back and informed me that we could look at the place tonight. I agreed and told him that we would be there at seven o’clock. Tessa got home about six and I told her not to change. We left immediately but she was very confused as to what was going on. As we pulled into the neighborhood, she became more confused. I pulled up to the house on Junius Street and parked.

"What are we doing, Chris?", she asked.

"Maybe buying a house.", I replied.

"What ……?", she shouted.

"Don’t get your panties bunched up…... come on.", I laughed.

The owner opened the door and recognized Tessa and invited us in. The home was a Prairie style home that had been built in 1920 or so. It had all of the oversized casings and moldings painted in brilliant while. All the ceilings were ten feet with beams running through most room. The color pattern was gray and white which gave it a very modern style look. The huge kitchen had been completely updated in a gourmet cooking experience. There was a sub-zero refrigerator and a stand-alone sub-zero freezer as well. There were two large ovens and a sixty-inch gas stove. There was a huge formal dining room that could easily fit at least twenty people.

There were four huge bedrooms and four bathrooms as well. There was a nice-sized office that would accommodate Tessa’s needs. They even had a home theatre room with a large 80-inch tv and six theatre seats with surround sound. There was a nice size back patio with an oversized jacuzzi under the cover. This home had everything you could ask for.

The owner informed us that in the next week the home would be listed for sale, and he was asking eight hundred thousand dollars. However, if I would be interested, we could work on the price since he didn’t need to pay a realtor’s commission which was close to fifty thousand dollars. He left the room so Tessa and I could talk for a few minutes.

"So, what do you think baby?", I asked.

"Tim, what would the monthly note be?", Tessa asked.

"Nothing, we are paying cash.", I advised.

"Chris, I have maybe two hundred thousand saved but it won’t buy this.", she laughed.

"I have the money in hand Tessa.", I replied, rubbing her back.

"Wait, you have eight hundred thousand dollars cash?", she asked.

"Yes, and much more than that. I’ll explain everything to you later. Do you want it…… it’s as close as I think we are going to get to your parents.", I asked.

"Oh my god, Chris…… I don’t know what to say.", she stated, tears running down her cheeks.

I called the owner back in and told him we were seriously considering his offer. I asked him about some of the furniture and perhaps if it could stay in the sale. He told me since time was a factor for him, all the furniture was available except for the bedroom suites.

I loved the home theatre, the office and the dining room so that fit in well with me. He would leave the living room and patio furniture as well. With that said, I offered him eight hundred thousand for the home with all the furniture, fixtures and window coverings. He thought about it for several seconds and extended his hand stating we had a deal.

We exchanged phone numbers and left promising to finalize everything quickly. We drove around the corner to give Tessa’s parents the good news. I pulled into Tessa’s parents’ driveway and turned off the car.

"God, I want to fuck you so bad right now.", Tessa giggled.

"Whoa, where did that come from?", I laughed.

"Come here……...", she commanded, pulling me toward her.

She placed her lips on mine and pushed her tongue into my mouth. I immediately knew she was not lying about wanting to be fucked. She reached out and grabbed my hand and placed it between her legs. She was wearing medical scrubs, so I had easy access to her pussy. I rubbed my hand firmly on her as she pushed herself against me.

"Fuck, I need to cum.", she moaned.

"Uh, that will have to wait.", I laughed.

"Fuck……… Tessa shouted in frustration.

I got out and went around and opened her door and she stepped out. We went in through the side door and found her mother in the kitchen cooking. Beth insisted we stay for dinner since it was just about ready. Several minutes later, we sat down with Tessa’s parents at the dinning room table.

"Chris, tell them………", Tessa giggled.

"Tell us what?", Beth asked curiously.

"We just bought the big white house around the corner.", I stated.

"No way……", Beth replied, amazed.

"Did you make a decent deal?", Bill asked.

"I think so sir. We bought the house and all the furnishings for eight hundred thousand.", I replied.

"Any idea what your note is going to be?", he asked, not looking up from his plate.

"No note, sir. I paid cash.", I replied.

"Cash……...", he said looking up.

"That’s what I said daddy.", Tessa laughed.

"Tessa, we never talked about money so maybe I need to explain, and this is as good a time as any. When I was a teenager, my next-door neighbors were Mr. and Mrs. Gardener. Mr. Gardener passed away, so my mother made a deal with Mrs. Gardener. I cut her grass every week and walked to the corner market whenever she needed something. She insisted on paying me, but my mom refused. So, we comprised with Mrs. Gardener. When I cut the grass, I received two quarters. If I went to the store for her, I got one quarter. That went on for about four years until Mrs. Gardener passed away. A few months later, I received a notice from a lawyer asking me to be present for a reading of a will.", I started.

"At the reading of the will, Mrs. Gardener had left various amounts of money to the SPCA and her church to name a few. But the shock came when the lawyer informed me, she had left me just over seven million dollars. My mother was an employee at First Bank and Trust, so she contacted their investment representative and we bought annuities. Each one paid several thousand dollars a month in interest. So now, it’s got to be quite a sum.", I continued.

"Last week, I had to roll over them over again but decided to hold one back. My banker informed me that if I reinvested the annuity into real estate before a ninety-day period was up I would avoid taxes. So that’s what we just did.", I ended.

"Sounds like your mother was a smart woman.", Bill replied.

"Yes sir, she was.", I said, thinking fondly of her.

"We did not buy the bedroom suites so Tessa, maybe you and your mom can go shopping for a few bedroom suites and one for Tai as well. We still had some money left over from the annuity for anything we need.", I stated.

"I would be happy to help.", Beth said.

A week later we were informed that we could take possession of the house and that our application had been approved for temporary custody of Tai. The timing was right because she was due to get the casts off both legs. The cast on her wrist would have to stay on for about two more weeks. Once the leg casts came off, Tai could go home. We waited until Friday night to ask Tai if she wanted to live with us.

Of course, that Friday night everyone on the fourth floor was buzzing with the news. How Tai didn’t know by now was a miracle. Everyone wanted to be present, so we played it off as having a party for Tai. She was excited and looking forward to it. I think by Friday at six o’clock the entire pediatric floor and several administrators, including Tessa’s dad, were in the room.

Tessa came in and the crowd parted slightly to allow her access to the bed. The child’s eyes lit up when she saw Tessa. Tai held out her arms indicating that we wanted her customary hug and kiss. When they were finished Tessa pulled up a chair next to mine and took Tai’s tiny hand in hers. Tears were already flowing down her cheeks and she had not even started.

"Why you sad, Doctor T?", Tai asked.

"I’m not sad, Tai. I’m very, very happy. I’m the luckiest girl in the world.", Tessa replied.

"Then don’t cry, ok?’’, Tai demanding, causing everyone to laugh.

But the moment was huge for Tessa and she could not stop crying. She finally leaned over and put her head on my shoulder. I put my arm around her shoulder and squeezed her gently. Tessa whispered in my ear to take over the conversation. I had no idea where to start.

"Tai, Doctor T is really happy right now. She’s so happy she can’t talk.", I commented, which caused everyone including Tai to laugh.

"What Doctor T was wondering is that…… um, well the hospital to going to discharge you which means you’re going to get out of here. So, what Doctor T wanted to know was where do you want to live after you leave here?’’, I asked.

"I don’t know where I am going, Chwis………", she said sadly.

"Well Tai, I want to explain something to you. I just bought a very big house that is really nice. I have asked Doctor T to move in with me and she said yes.", I explain.

"So, Doctor T is your girlfriend?", Tai asked.

"Yes, she is……", I replied.

"But Chwis, you told me I was your girlfriend.", Tai sighed.

"You are, Tai.", I replied.

"So where will I go?’, Tai asked causing Tessa to start crying again.

"Well Tai, that’s what Doctor T wanted to ask you. Would you like to come live with Doctor T and me in our new house?", I asked.

"I can live with you and Doctor T", she screamed.

"Yes, you can, if you want to.", I explained.

"Oh yes…... I want…. I want.", she said, extending her arms to Tessa.

Tessa leaned out and hugged the little girl sobbing out of happiness. Everyone in the room began clapping and cheering for Tai. Everyone started coming up and congratulating us and wishing Tai well. It took a while for the place to clear out leaving only Tessa and I with the small child.

"You’re getting your casts off Monday Tai. Two days later you can go home with us. Then you have to go with Tessa and pick out a new bedroom set. Then we have to get you new clothes too.", I promised.

"And I need toys too, Chwis.", Tai chimed in.

"Doctor Williamson you’re needed in emergency. Doctor Williamson, please report to emergency.", a female voice on the intercom stated.

"I gotta go help somebody Tai. Chris will stay with you.", Tessa stated.

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