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Joshua Milligan


United States
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11 years




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I started Scuba diving in July 2011 and soon realized that I needed to Photograph the amazing things I saw. In late July I got a very cheap underwater camera and it worked a bit, but most of the photos were blurred. I then got a much better camera in September and have used it since. I use it in almost all of my Underwater Photography now.

I do Underwater Photography of anything and everything I can. I also enjoy taking photos of people underwater doing different things.

I am using a Sea & Sea DX-GE5 with a Solo 500 Photo light with a 74mm 125 Macro Lens.

I also just picked up a Canon 1100D/Rebel T3. I have an Ikelite case and a Solo Photo 500 light. I have several lens. 60mm Macro, 17-40mm Wide angle, and 18-55mm IS.

PADI Open Water - July 2011
PADI Advanced Open Water - July 2011
PADI Rescue - December 2011
PADI Master Scuba Diver - March 2012

PADI Dive Master - July 2012

PADI Emergency Oxygen - December 2011
PADI Night Diver - February 2012
PADI Peak Proformance Buoyancy - February 2012
PADI Enriched Air Nitrox - March 2012
PADI Diver Propulsion Vehicle - March 2012
PADI Deep Diver - July 2012
PADI Digital Underwater Photography - July 2012
PADI Boat Diver - July 2012

EFR Emergency Responder (First Aid, CPR, AED) - December 2011

What I look for in a Dive Operator:
I like to go to someplace with lots of stuff to take photos of. I dont like to swim along ways from point to point to find new things to shoot so busy places are a must for me. Two of my favorite places are only 60' deep but I see eels, nudi's, octo's, snakes, and all kinds of things. Thats the type of place I like to be taken, don't care if it is 10' or 130' as long as I see cool stuff without having to swim forever for it.

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