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Grady Reynolds

I’m standing behind the register talking to you as you lean on the counter. It has been a long day for the both of us. Everyone has left, leaving us to ourselves finally. I just need to lock up and we can leave for the night. I walk over to the security room to check and make sure everything is put up for the next day. I smile as I notice you come around the counter walking into the security room. No one is around, you lean down and kiss me gently as if to ask and assure that it’s ok. I shut the door since no one can enter from the outside. You kiss me again a little rougher this time. You stand back and tell me, "No one has to know but I want you. I want to feel you around me. I want to smell your sweetness and taste you."

I respond, "I won’t lie, I have wanted you for a while as well. I crave you, your touch, the feeling of you in me." I lean up to kiss you biting your lower lip some as I do. You kiss me back, adding tongue, as you move your hands up and down my body. My mind is racing with how bad I want to feel your fingers against my skin. You pull back from kissing me and smile seductively, "Tell me how bad you want me. I want to hear you beg for me." I moan in excitement, "Oh please I need your touch." I lean against the wall and pull you close to me. "I want your skin on my skin, your lips on my lips." You bring your face closer to mine as you rest your lips on my lips without actually kissing me. I feel your hands slide down my back and on to my ass, you smile feeling its firmness. You lean your head down as you start kissing my neck softly. I moan ever so quietly. You notice and begin sucking my neck, I close my eyes in pleasure. You rub your hands over my stomach lifting my shirt up, pulling it over my head. You reach back to unhook my bra and watch as it falls to the floor below us. Your hands are instantly drawn to my chest, rubbing all over my tits and playing with my nipples making them hard.

I melt at your touch, the feeling of your rough strong hands on my skin. You kiss your way down my neck to my chest. You take one of my nipples into your mouth the sensations sends waves of pleasure over my body. I moan. You move back and forth for a minute teasing my nipples with your tongue. I pull your face back up to mine and kiss you roughly pulling at your shirt. I can’t move my hands fast enough over your body feeling your warm skin at my fingertips. Your abs so hard, I run my hands up and down your abs. I lean up kissing your neck and kiss my way down your chest making my way to your abs. I pull at your belt unhooking it then unbutton and zip your pants letting them fall to the floor.

I fall onto my knees in front of you, rubbing my hand over the front of your boxers feeling your throbbing cock harden more at the touch of my hand. You let out a low moan as if to give me the go ahead. I pull your boxers down to your pants and take your shaft into my hand. I slowly work my way up and down your hard cock. I look up at you smiling, the look on your face telling me you’re enjoying this. I flick my tongue over the head of your cock. I push your cock up a little running my tongue along the underside, sucking right below the head of your cock. You moan more. I go back to the head of your cock slipping the tip just between my lips using my tongue on the tip. You grab my hair. I slide your cock a little farther into my mouth, sucking lightly on it. I slowly work up to a decent speed. You pull my hair, and then push my head down on your cock. I look up into your eyes as your cock is fully in my mouth and going slightly down the back of my throat and I moan. I feel your body tremble a little like you’re going to cum then I pull back and smile at you.

You lift me up on to the counter in the room, pulling my pants down leaving my black and red lace boy shorts. You lean down sucking on my neck again, and then kiss your way down between my tits and over my stomach. You reach just above my panties you rub your hand along the front of them, making me moan. I close my eyes feeling the pleasure. You kiss my inner thighs, teasing me, kissing everywhere but my pussy. I look down watching you as you flick your tongue on the outside of my panties. You pull my panties down to the floor and bring your mouth back to my pussy. You take in my scent like it’s a delicate flower to handle with care. You slide your tongue up and down my slit lightly making my body beg for more. You work your tongue harder, flicking it over my clit and making me moan loudly. You grab my hips as you start sucking hard on my clit. I begin breathing harder. You use your fingers to explore the inner walls of my pussy. I feel myself getting closer and closer to going over the edge. I moan again, "I’m going to cum, oh god." You finger me harder and flick you tongue over my clit furiously. I get closer then you pull back.

You lean over my body, your cock positioned right outside my pussy. You kiss me roughly. You resist sliding into me. You pull me up then bend me over the counter. I look back at you and wink. You tease me by sliding the head of your cock up and down my slit. You whisper in my ear, "Do you want this, do you want me inside you filling your hole." "Yes, oh, please feel my hole" I moan. You slide the head of your cock into me slowly. I push my hips back against you. I feel your length deep inside me as you begin to thrust in and out slowly. You reach up and grab my hair pulling my head back as you begin to thrust in and out of me faster. I’m pulled up with my back against your stomach. You move my head to the side as you bite down roughly on my neck. I moan. I pull your hand up over my tits. You slide your hand up around my neck holding it firmly against me. You thrust harder. You pull back and push me against the wall hard. You’re against me in a second. You pull my legs up around your waist as you enter me again. I moan from the position change. You bite my lip as you thrust hard into me. As you start thrusting hard, I feel the pleasure building up again. I scream, "I’m going to cum, god yes, fuck me harder, make me cum all over that hard cock." You grin and moan with me, "You want me to make you cum, god your pussy is so tight, it feels so good on my cock". I moan loudly. My body starts trembling slightly and my pussy tightens around your cock. "Oh fuck yeah, god, yes," I bite down on your neck to keep from moaning to loud. You grunt loudly, "Oh damn, I’m cumming too," you moan as your head goes back, rolling your eyes in pleasure. You unload the biggest load of your life, filling my pussy with your hot load. Shot after shot coating my insides. You thrust hard a few more times, feeling my pussy with your hot cum.

You pull back and smile at me, kissing me lightly on the lips. As you smile, you look at me and say, "Not a word to anyone, okay?" I smile, "not a word". We leave separate so no one notices and hope to be back here again in the near future.

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