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Mark Hall

underneath she had a yellow panties and bra set on After I had her stand and turn so I could admire her I removed her bra and was greeted with some of the largest nipples I've ever seen as big as my finger and an inch long I took two suckling each one back-and-forth she was throwing her head back and moaning and started to grind herself against my leg I kept up the assault on her nipples until she literally had an orgasm right there standing up

Soon I laid her down and scooted to her out of her panties her clit was almost as large as her nipples and I took to sucking it enthusiastically her reaction was cataclysmic writhing on the floor underneath me well I struggled to keep control and continue the Assault on her pussy till I was sure she had battled through one large and at least a few other orgasms

After her recovery she sat up and reached over for a condom she then use the trick had only heard about, putting a condom on my cock using only her mouth

She then turned and bent over the side coach and encourage me to enter her from behind I knelt in behind her and grabbed her hips and started fucking her vigorously

She was going wild I kept it up to the best of my abilities she match my movements one on one she then pushed back and pushed me out and screamed "my ass put it in my ass now" I put the head of my cock at the entrance to her ass on what one steady push slid it all the way in to the root I then started to slowly pump in and out all she was screaming is deeper faster harder so I started to oblige until I was pounding in her ass just as hard as I was in her pussy I was starting to run out of steam when I felt myself close to orgasm and redouble my efforts till with one Bellow I thrust and came deep in her ass

I collapse down on the floor panting like I'd just rode up the Matterhorn on my bike

She turned around peeled the condom off my cock and proceeded to lick it clean

After I calmed my breathing I went forward and sat in the captains chair across from Murray and stared at the road ahead and was puttering in the back and after a little while she came forward handed me a drink and something to eat she then knelt on the floor and started resuscitating my cock with no urgency she just knelt there and kept my cock in her mouth as I sipped on the drink and ate the sandwich after a few miles I started to grow inside her mouth until it was hard again she sat up kissed me for the lips produced another condom and proceeded to climb on my lap spreading her legs and she did so until she straddled me and put my no hard cock into her pussy she proceeded to rock up-and-down as we traveled with a lot less urgency this time just slowly fucking me while I sat there watching the road pass and watching those nipples bounce up-and-down in front of me we were coming up on a semi trailer and Murray said get ready I wasn't sure what he was talking about Until he pulled up alongside and and turned it kept bouncing on my cock but grabbing her nipples and showing them to the trucker next to us The trucker then pulled on his horn long and loud and she just smiled and kept bouncing up-and-down on my cock with a little more enthusiasm now so I grabbed her hips and then Craned my head and put one of those nipples in my mouth and started sucking for all I was worth this set her off on another full-blown orgasm and eventually I popped off as well as I held her and she calm down I noticed that we were pulling into a truckers rest stop and Elsie scooted into the back to dress

She came out in a short red skirt with a white blouse that was Just thin enough to tell that she wasn't wearing a bra she slipped on some low heels then we walked across the parking lot Murray and I falling behind watching that little skirt twitch left and right

We then went to the restaurant and had a decent meal I insisted it be my treat

Elsie kept twitching her legs and rubbing my crouch to no avail I wasn't getting another erection for the next little while at any rate no matter how damn hot she looked

By the time coffee arrived and had a pouty look on her face but was still rubbing her legs together Murray asked her if it was cricket time

Her smile widened and she said oh yes ,he says go get your basket of goodies and we will be ready for you

She hopped up and almost dashed out of the restaurant Murray and I finished our coffee and headed back to the RV halfway there we past her she had what essentially was a picnic basket and she was making the rounds to all the trucks in the parking lot

Once at the RV Murray open some compartments we pulled out a small but sturdy picnic table put it off to the side pulled out the awning put down a couple of side flaps and got a couple lawn chairs we went inside to grab a beer and wait

Murray grab the small box as we headed out to sit in the lawn chairs I asked if this is kind of a funny place to set up he says we've done it many times don't worry about it

And a short while Elsie returned put her little basket down on the picnic table took off her shoes and put them underneath knelt on the bench and lay down across the table then Murray stood up opened his box pulled out some cuffs with rope and a blindfold spread her arms and tied them to the table so her ass was sticking in the air and your mouth was accessible if you stood on the other bench side of the table

Murray did this stood in front of van unzipped himself and placed his cock into her mouth she eagerly started to suck shortly a trucker by the looks of him came around the corner saw what was happening held up a little square package and said this must be the place

Murray. motion for him to put it on and the guy opened his condom and put it on his member he then walked up behind and lifted that little skirt and started to rub her ass and thighs she started wiggling it back-and-forth and moaning onto the cock she was sucking as he started to probe a little deeper once he was satisfied that she was as lubricated as possible he positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy and started to thrust pushing Elsie into Murray's cock with every thrust nobody complained about this arrangement and it kept up for a little while until Murray granted loudly pulled his cock out and proceeded to come all over Elsie's face

Just as he stepped down off of the picnic table 2 more guy showed up in a really young guy barely out of his teens with the farmers tan and a baseball hat as well as a fairly beefy black guy both of them holding up their condoms as they walk towards the picnic table

Murray motion them forward as he zipped up and sat down in his chair and grab this beer the black man unzipped his pants and pulled out a larger than normal but not huge cock covered it and unceremoniously shoved it into Elsie s mouth . She immediately started to suck still being serviced in her pussy but the other guy rocking back-and-forth taking them both in stride

Murray was sipping his beer and mention that when and if I was ready I could just get into the lineup I turn my head to see that there indeed was a line 5 more guys Elsie queuing up all standing around now watching the action . the guy in Elsie's pussy came with the Bellow pulled out and discarded his condom next was the young Farmer who is playing with her now Willing pussy he then turned to Murray and asked if her ass was ready to play too Murray leaned over flipped open his box again to grab a tube of lube threw it at the young farmer and said do it properly boy

the farmer opened the lube and started shoving some into her ass pushing more and more as he pushed 1 2 3 fingers in her ass Elsie was loving this treatment as she was squealing around the black cock in her mouth once the farmer figured she had enough he positioned himself and slowly pushed until he was balls deep in her ass and continue to squeal but never stop sucking The black cock soon he was coming and pulled out only be replaced by another trucker upfront Murray asked if I wanted another beer and off he went and came back and we proceeded to watch and take on a total of eight different truckers the young farmer taking a second turn

By this point she was fairly limp on the table and called a halt by stating enough no more for you then motioned for me to give him a hand as we untied her hands and brought her inside the RV

We lay her out on the bed disheveled and exhausted went back out and tidied up

Murray then proceeded to Rev up the RV and we headed out and we kept going until he found a trailer park and found a spot for the night

After fiddling around he closed everything off and told me that I should go sleep with Elsie and he would take the recliner that he preferred it for the most part anyway

I went back and found Elsie had undressed completely but was still lying on top of the bed it was still warm so I just crawled in and spoon behind her she purred a little and ground herself against me

The next morning I awoke to the smell of bacon and eggs Elsie was up in the kitchen making breakfast for both of us during breakfast we discussed our holiday plans and I had none other than I was going to bicycle the states for a month they then asked if I wanted to stay with them for the month they would get me back to at least my town by the end of that time I agreed because this promised to be a vacation that I would never forget that being settled Murray got back into the driver seat and Elsie proceeded to tidy up the RV

Still sipping my coffee I asked and about her adventure yesterday how she felt both physically and emotionally her replies were

That at the start of menopause she started to get uncontrollably horny all the time she had got to the point where she was wearing out Murray and dildos and it became clear that she needed more

So with the retirement in hand Murray bought the RV and said she could do whatever she'd like anywhere but her home state she then laughed and said we haven't been back to that state for three years now and when the itch got to her she loved to be used so bending over the picnic table being serviced by one man after another she said she was in utter heaven for the entire time afterwards she felt tired and satisfied but would be raring to go soon enough if I needed a morning quickie I replied that I could probably hold off until at least noon she left again and scooted me up into the passenger seat as Murray drove into a large city

Once there we navigated to a large parking lot near the downtown core

Elsie went into the back when she came out she was wearing a tan skirt the same white see-through blouse but this time she had a dark brown camisole under it nylon stockings and some mid-level shoes carrying a rather large purse she look like any secretary going to work in the downtown although her skirt might be just a little too short

One the RV was locked down we took off on a walking tour of this city the first place we went to turned out to be a clinic where Elsie insisted we all get tested Murray said that this was a great place because you get the results online in fairly short order it sounded just fine to me

We Sat and filled out the paperwork necessary and were brought into the other room one by one elsie came out with a large package in her purse and the lab tech winked at me when it was all over we proceeded to walk around until we found an outdoor café near some of the office towers

There we had an enjoyable lunch Elsie and Murray pointing out the pretty women as they passed and Elsie commenting on men now and again

After lunch we walked around and exchange district checking out different antique shops ,craft emporiums and the like we went into a used clothing store where Elsie proceeded to go clothes crazy trying on a bunch of things that caught her eye

Everything from racy little outfits to quite conservative antique clothing I noticed right away that she would never quite close the curtain to the change rooms so I parked myself close enough to have a view of her every time she would dress and undress in the change room she noticed that I was watching and up the ante starting to give me little show lifting her boobs fingering her pussy every time something was exposed

She then was trying on some vintage underwear going in and out without bothering to put her out her clothes back on just grabbing things off the shelf and trying them on she was in her garter belts and stockings putting on a very Long looking bra which he called the corselet in black she was struggling a bit low bit and motion me over To do up all the hooks on the back I proceeded to do so and when it fit very well I gave her a little squeeze right there she then turned to me flicked the curtain closed knelt down and pulled my cock out of my pants which had been more or less hard for the entire half hour she was trying on these clothes

She instantly started to suck me with deep throating action once I was to full hardness she reached down into her purse pulled out a condom and rolled it on my cock she then turned around and bent over pointing her juicy little pussy right at me

I entered her and she gasped so I immediately grab something frilly on the seat and stuffed it in her mouth grabbed her hips and started to fuck her for all I was worth in the confined space this was a quick wam Bam situation and I gave it to her for all I was worth in short order we were both coming and soon I was soft and fell out of her she turned around grab my cock pulled the condom from it and tied the end in a neat not and stuff that back in her purse as well as her mouth gag

I zipped up and took a peek out nobody else was nearby so I stepped out of the change room and let her compose herself I wandered forward and found Murray at the front distracting the clerk when I came up he gave me a wink and continued flirting with the clerk

Shortly thereafter Elsie came forward bought the corselet and a half a dozen pairs of vintage stockings and we continued out and about it had become second nature to follow a couple steps behind Elsie to watch her walk as well as watch other men as they passed by her either with the double takes or their blatant looks

We continued laughing and flirting well into the evening until we found a small Italian restaurant with Wine bottle candles checkered tablecloth the works Elsie proceeded to play footie's with both of us all during our supper when it was done and she had had more than our one glass of wine we had it on back to the RV

Murray got her started up and we left the city for a nearby Trailer Park we arrived shortly after sunset ,closed it down and Elsie grabbed Murray's hand and pulled him back into the bedroom I proceeded to get comfortable and check my email accounts

Shortly thereafter I started hearing the unmistakable sounds of sex they went at it for a little while and it sounds of it as if Murray gave a good account of himself

I awoke the next morning on the recliner to the sensation of somebody climbing in my lap Elsie was in a small purple bikini and the RV was in motion they told me that there was a nearby lake and then we're going to spend the day at the beach

We found a spot that while not on the beach was within viewing distance of it

I did not have any swimming trunks but I did have my bicycle shorts and I figure that was Good enough all attention would be on Elsie anyway so she proceeded ahead with a towel and Murray and I packed a cooler and some lawn chairs

And headed down to be near the water once we had set up and spread out her towel Elsie proceeded to do some sunbathing Murray and I lounging on the lawn chairs nearby soon enough she asked me to come over and spread some lotion on her

I was kneeling beside her rubbing some lotion when a couple of guys walk by they immediately develop erections as they were ogling her body I mentioned this to Elsie

Who sat up and waved at the men leaving her bikini top down on the blanket exposing her tits to them as she did so they turned a little red and one of them nearly tripped on his own feet but off they went she giggled over this had me do upper bikini top And pulled me along into the water once there we went up to her neck and just splashed around a little she came closer wrapped her legs and arms around me and just proceeded to arouse me with her body once I was fully hard and raring to go she kicked off swim back to shore laughing all the way I was left to paddle around in the water while my erection subsided and I could come out of the water without too much embarrassment

Once I made it out of the water and headed up to where we were parked on the beach I noticed Marie and Elsie were talking with three women all with fine figures as I approached introductions were made all around Erica Leslie and Sandy

It turns out they were on a cross-country trip as well In hope to have a little fun

We hung around for a while getting to know each other and they were invited back to our RV for A barbecue The fun and flirt and continued as we ate nibbled and started into some heavier and heavier flirtation

At one point Erica and Leslie the younger of the three disappeared in the back with Murray after Wilers little more giggling and sign going on as well as some other breathing

By this time Elsie and Sandy were actually making out with each other and clothing started to fall off each of them I sat close by to watch as first or tops than their bottoms were removed and they got into a lovely 69 and proceeded to have sex with each other until both were finally satisfied

By this time I had taken my big bathing suit off and was slowly working my cock just Idly stroking it as I watch these two women go at it

After they both had their orgasms cuddled and come down they then turned her attentions to me both on their knees in front of me sucking my cock sharing it between them back-and-forth until I was fully hard and raring to go sending turned around positioned yourself on her hands and knees and told me to fuck her Elsie grabbed a condom off the table put it on me and help guide me into her hot pussy

As I was pumping into note of Sandy else he was on my side stroking us both her tits my back my ass and kissing me now and again keeping us both very very hot

With all this attention and the stroking I had done earlier even with the condom it didn't take me too long to blow I feel that condom up and then slowly pull back and collapsed elsie was there to take the condom off of my cock and dribbled the juice all over Sandy's tits and then rubbing it in her skin hey then both proceeded to rub themselves against me until lay attained a second direction this time Sandy set on my face and Elsie set on my cock and they played with each other as they rode me

Finally they climbed off switch places until I blew my second load

I Woke up the next morning with my cock in somebody's ass it was sandy , she and Elsie were embraced in a 69 formation With me hard in sandy s ass Using there own motion to fuck back at me one fully awake I grabbed those hips and fucked like a mad man until I blew

I headed off to the bathroom to relieve myself and

The girls woke up cleaned up and headed back to their own campsites

We packed up the RV and got onto the road Murray then give me a crash course on the controls and I took a turnip driving you went back to nap and Elsie cleaned up then came forward and just a tiny little baby doll and nothing else on set down in the passenger seat and was Idalee playing with yourself as I drove heading south

She would flash truckers pull her nipples and continue playing with her self as we drove Murray popped in to check on my driving now and again but mostly relaxed in the back on this day

We drove for a day and a night in this way Murray taking over for the night shift the next afternoon we arrived it yet again a new city

Murray took over and pass by all of the truckstops and campground and continued until we found a five-star hotel we packed up a few clothes and things and proceeded inside we rented a suite and went up to change

We went to a very fancy restaurant and during dinner else he kept playing footsie's with both of us once dinner was over we went to the Jazz club next-door where we proceeded to take turns dancing with her she her getting more more bold as the night went on

We were tired back to our hotel room where else he went to the bathroom as we got comfortable stripping down to just our shorts she came out in white garter belt stockings heels and bra

We proceeded to dance in the room grinding up and basically dry humping each other as we continue this to the point where Murray it back in me upfront grinding against her for all we could

She then knelt pull down our shorts grab the cock in each end and proceeded to jerk and blow us alternately until we were all vibrating with the sexual tension

She laid down on the bed on her back pulled Murray to her pussy and got him started to eat her out then scooted till her head was over hanging over the bed and pulled me close and started to stuff my cock in her throat grabbing my ass and pulling me in deeper increasing this until I was literally resting my balls on her nose

She kept sucking and morning around my cock until I couldn't stand it no longer and I came deep in her throat she didn't even have to swallow

Murray and I've been traded places for a while I continued my assault on her engorged quit and rocked her through a few more orgasms as she continued to suck Murray for a while

This was a rousing to me so I soon developed another hard on when I motion that I had this she let go of Murray and told him to lay in the bed she moved over top and straddled him sinking his cock deep in your pussy she rocked back-and-forth a few times and then motioned me to stick it in her ass

I was looking around for a condom and found one put it on slowly pushed interests it was very full as her pussy was filled with Marie's cock so what it went in slow and easy she must've prelude in the bathroom because otherwise it would've been no way

We continue to rock back-and-forth increasing the pace me reaching forward and grabbing her nipples and giving them little tugs as we continue to assaulter from both ends

Soon we were going into frantic pace and Marie was the first one to set off the chain reaction with the Bello he grunted and came in her pussy this started Elsie vibrating from coming this vibration put me over the edge and I filled her ass

I roll over and collapsed on the bed with Elsie between us we continue to stroke and pet each other until we all fell asleep

I woke up sometime later in the dark to the feeling of my cock being sucked to hardness and heard some light snoring next to me I reached out and started to fondle LCs breasts as you continue to suck me until I was fully hard she then set up got on top and slowly started to ride me in a slow rocking motion just for the sensation not with any urgency I mumbled something about not having a condom on and she told me not to worry that my tests come back clean so she figured I was worth the risk

As a state hard she continued to rock up-and-down on my cock with a little more urgency until she popped off and started to suck on her own juices off my cock this made me twitch some more she then did produce a condom and straddled me once more this time Amy my cock back in her ass she told me it was just the perfect size for her I offer no resistance she jumped up and down on my cock now deep in her luscious ass facing me so I started to grab her nipples and manipulate them with every thrust after a while she reached her own hands down and started tugging and pulling on her quit working herself up into a lather getting more and more frantic as she brought her self closer to an orgasm I had come a few times in the last few hours so I was in no hurry I kept my cool as she irrupt into yet another orgasm crying out as she did so

Murray rolled over in his sleep said for crying out loud you'll wake the neighbors and fell back into his slumber

We giggle that that but you pulled herself off of me grab my hand and pulled me towards the bathroom once in there I learned that this was a Jacuzzi tub built for at least two and we we filled it up and got in with lots of bubbles and started to soap each other off all this rubbing and groping brought my cock back up to full hardness and once again she took it in her mouth sitting me on the edge of the tub and sucking me in deep it felt so good I didn't want to stop however I was starting to get a little raw so I pulled out and picked her up so we could trade places Her ass now sitting on the edge of the tub I dove in and started to eat her pussy sticking my tongue deep inside licking nibbling and sucking that clit until it was thick and engorged I kept this up through two orgasms until she was beating my back with her fists

Once she calm down I pulled her back into the water and brought her back to my front and started to wash her hair

Murray walked in shuffled over to us laying down and kissed Elsie on the lips and said happy anniversary dear and then moved over to use the bathroom

I spent another week and a half with them had some more fun adventures with Elsie and with others that we picked up along the road it was a summer I'll never forget

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