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Michael Tanaka

I remembered arriving at this house for my wedding two days ago. I smiled, my headscarf wrapped covering my hair and swaddled about my face. I doubt anyone walking by on the streets realized I was the only futa in Saudi Arabia.

The door opened, and I grinned at the sight of Fahima.

"Oh, Nova," she said in her accented English. "What a wonderful surprise. Come in. Come in."

"Are you here alone?" I asked her as I swept in.

"My husband is at the mosque and Rizwana is visiting her mother. She does it every week on Wednesdays."

I smiled. I knew that from talking to Wahida.

"And she leaves you all alone?" I shook my head as I handed her the jar of candied dates. "Well, this is a thank you gift from me for the hospitality your husband showed me by holding my wedding here."

"Of course, of coursed," said Fahima. She took it from me and led me into her house. It had that same spicy, sandalwood scent as my own. We passed a large shelf covered in leather-bound books with titles in Arabic.

I was still learning to read and speak the language.

"I'm glad you came over," Fahima said. "I was so interested in talking with you."

"Oh?" I said as she placed the candied dates in a cupboard. She had a surprisingly Western kitchen with all manner of appliances and even an induction heat stove top. "On what."

"On futas," she said, her cheeks blushing dark.

"I had a feeling," I said, slipping my arm around hers. "Well, show me around your house and ask questions."

She nodded as she took me by the arm. She had a sweet smell about her, something flowery and delicious. Her black hair fell loose about her face. I pulled off my hijab as she led me out of the kitchen into her dining room, my blonde hair falling free.

She glanced at it, her eyes dark.

"What is it like being a futa?" she asked. "I mean, you are mostly female. Do you get periods?"

"Yes," I said. "I can even get pregnant, though I have no interest in having a man be in me."

"Not even your husband?"

"He gets to watch me play with Wahida," I said, noticing the way Fahima's breath quickened. "And he plays with her, too. She satiates us both. It's rather... delicious."

"Oh, my," she said, her cheeks darkening.

"Do you and Rizwana never please your husband at the same time? Or each other?"

"Oh, no, of course not," she moaned. "He comes to our bed separately. Technically, he should buy us each our own house, but the city is crowded."

"What a pity," I said. "To have more than one wife and not get the joy of watching one lick his seed out of the other's pussy. Poor man."

"Oh, my, that is naughty, Nova," Fahima gasped. "You would lick Talib out of Wahida?"

"Well, I would lick my own out of her," I said. "I have. She finds it wicked."

Fahima was blushing so dark now as she led me down a hallway. She turned on a light for the bathroom, then kept going, passed her husband's study. I shuddered as we reached a room with a bed in it.

"Is this what you really wanted to show me?" I asked her. "Your bed?"

She swallowed.

I stepped inside, leading her after. I turned, my hand sliding down her arm until I only gripped her hand. I pulled her after me as I backed towards the bed. I stared into her eyes, my futa-dick throbbing and aching beneath my dark, auburn dress.

"Did you bring me here so you could find out about a futa first hand?" I asked.

"You mustn't think I'm adulterous," she moaned.

"But didn't your husband's fatwa say it is not adultery to sleep with a futa?" I asked. "After all, my futa-mother slept with both of King Njam's wives. She bred them even."

"Yes," groaned Fahima. "But I should still ask his permission before—"

I kissed her.

She melted against me, her lips liquid on my mouth. My tongue thrust past her lips. She didn't resist me. She groaned and kissed me back. I loved it. I hugged her tight, pulling her against me. My futa-dick throbbed in my panties and beneath my dress, feeling her body.

She was so lush. So delicious. I had to enjoy her. I had to make love to this married beauty. She was an imam's wife. Somehow, that made it naughtier. Like fucking a reverend's wife back home. But I was Muslim now. I had converted to Islam.

This was so wild.

I turned us around as I kissed her and pushed her back to the bed. She gasped, breaking the kiss as she sank onto her dark covers. She panted, her brown eyes glossy with passion. She licked her lips as she stared up at me.

I smiled at her and winked. My fingers undid the buttons of my dress, working fast. My nipples ached, my round breasts begging to be free. I threw open my blouse, baring my tits held in my light-pink blouse.

Her eyes stared at me with such hunger as my dress fell off my body. She groaned, wiggling on the ground. She licked her lips. She was such a sweet thing. She had my heart pounding in my chest. I groaned at the sight of her.

"Aren't you just delicious?" I groaned. "Ooh, I'm going to have such a fun time with you."

She swallowed and nodded.

"Is your pussy getting soaked?" I asked as I unhooked my bra and bared my pale tits to her hungry gaze.

The Arab woman moaned, "Yes."

"Good," I purred. I smiled as her gaze lingered at my tits. They swayed as I slipped off my bra straps off my shoulders. They slid down my arms. My nipples were hard and pink.

I dropped my bra to the ground then slid my hands down my body. My touch electrified me. I groaned as I came closer and closer to my futa-dick. My cock throbbed and ached in my panties, threatening to break free.

I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my panties. I smiled as she licked her lips. Her eyes were locked on my panties, ready for the grand unveiling. She groaned, squirming her thighs together beneath her skirt.

I shoved my panties down.

Fahima groaned as my futa-dick sprang into view.

I bobbed before her, aching for her body. She stared at me with such hunger as I peeled my panties down my thighs and let them drop to my feet. My cock swayed the entire time, precum beading at the tip.

"Mmm, is this what you wanted, you naughty, married slut?" I asked.

"Yes!" Fahima groaned with throaty passion.

"Then get naked and show me how sexy you are."

Fahima moaned. She wiggled on the bed as she hiked up her baggy skirt. She showed off her shaved legs. They gleamed in the light. She looked sexy, her legs the same dusky tan as the rest of her. She pulled her dress higher and higher. I groaned as her panties came into view, a bronze silk, the crotch soaked with her excitement.

She sat up, peeling her dress over her stomach then exposing her breasts in a matching bra. They were round tits, her nipples pressing hard into the fabric. She ripped off her dress over her head, her hair spilling about her flushed face. She threw it to the floor and unsnapped her bra with an eagerness, her straps sliding off her shoulders.

"Oh, Fahima," I groaned as she unveiled her tits. They were so round and perky. Her areolas were large for a woman of her age. She was only twenty or so. They were also oval. Her nipples thrust out hard before her. "Those are beautiful tits,"

Fahima blushed. "You think so?"

"I know so," I purred. "Now show me that pussy."

Fahima groaned. She stretched out on her back again, her breasts jiggling. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties. She peeled them off slowly, thrusting her legs up into the air. The cloth slipped off her rump and exposed her shaved twat. Her slit was tight and gleamed with her juices.

Arab women, I'd learned, usually shaved their pussies. Not to look sexy and naughty like a Western woman, but because their bushes were so thick. It was for hygiene, but it made Fahima's pussy look so delicious.

I licked my tongue as I drifted to the bed. She pulled her panties off the rest of the way and lowered her legs, keeping her thighs pressed tight together. My futa-dick bobbed before me, aching for her as her eyes locked on me. She groaned, squirming. I could see the top of her tight slit vanishing between her closed thighs.

"Mmm, show me that pussy," I moaned. "Let me see it. Worship it."

"Oh, Nova," she gasped. "This is... I... I..."

"I am Allah's miracle, remember," I purred, grabbing her ankles. "Part those thighs for me. I was sent to love you."

She groaned and spread her thighs, exposing her tight slit to my hungry gaze. I groaned at the sight of her. I licked my lips as I crawled between her legs. She was so beautiful. So perfect. I trembled as I breathed in her musk. The heady scent filled my nose as I came closer and closer to her twat.

That exciting scent had my heart racing. Blood pumped hot through my veins as I came closer and closer to the imam's wife's shaved cunt. My hand reached out before me. My pointer and middle fingers framed her pussy, feeling her vulva hot with her excitement. I parted her labia, exposing her pink depths.

"Nova!" she moaned as I pressed my tongue into her twat.

She gasped as my tongue darted through her folds. I lapped up her tangy cream. Her juices coated my tongue and filled my mouth with her wonderful taste. I breathed in deeply than licked again. I savored the aroma of her.

My tongue fluttered through her folds. She gasped and moaned, her eyes wide with delight. Her thighs squeezed about my face as my tongue penetrated deeper into her. My tongue darted around. I caressed her. Loved her.

She tasted amazing.

"Nova! Nova!" she moaned, her head tossing back and forth. Her breasts jiggled, her fat nipples quivering atop them. "Oh, Nova!"

"Mmm, first time having your pussy licked?" I asked her and then took another flick through her cunt.

"Yes!" she moaned.

That was so exciting to hear to me. To know that I was the first one to give her this delight. I kept my fingers pulling apart her pussy lips so I could stroke through all her flesh. I nuzzled into her warmth, my tongue caressing her everywhere I could reach.

She gasped and moaned, trembling on the bed as my tongue darted around inside of her. I licked up her juices. I savored the flavor of her. She moaned, her tangy passion spilling into my mouth as she writhed on the bed.

"Nova!" she whimpered. "You're... you're... What is happening to me?"

"You're going to have an orgasm," I moaned. I nuzzled into her twat. You're going to explode."

She shuddered. "You mean... really? That's not a myth. Women can have those?"


I latched onto her clit. I sucked hard on her bud. She shuddered on the bed. Her body bucked and writhed as my tongue fluttered around her sensitive nub. Her breasts heaved. Her hands grabbed them, squeezing them like she kneaded to clutch onto something.

To hold onto a lifeline.

Her tangy cream stained my chin. Her fingers dug into her breasts as she moaned and gasped. Her body trembled on the bed. Her eyes fluttered. She whimpered, fingers digging into her tits. Her entire body writhed and bucked. She moaned out in delight.


I shoved my two fingers holding her pussy lips apart into her juicy twat. My futa-dick throbbed. My own pussy cream, soaking my blonde bush, dribbled down my aching shaft. I thrust in and out of her depths. I churned her up. Teased her.

Her body shuddered on the bed. She moaned and gasped. Her passion echoed around me. Her body quivered and quaked. She tightened her thighs about my head. She groaned, her mind melting beneath the blood.

"Oh, yes, yes, yes!" she gasped. "Oh, Nova! I think... I think I'm going to orgasm."

"Good!" I moaned, my fingers plunging so deep into her twat.

Her fingers dug into her tits. My pussy clenched in anticipation of her orgasm. I sucked hard on her clit while her twat tightened on my plunging digits. I reamed deep into her married cunt, stroking her, teasing her.

Her pussy convulsed around my fingers.

Fahima moaned out in rapture. She bucked on the bed as her orgasm swept through her. Tangy cream gushed out around my fingers reaming her spasming flesh. My futa-dick throbbed in envy as I ducked down and nuzzled into her folds.

I licked and lapped at her cunt. My tongue gathered her wonderful juices. I tasted the feverish heat of her first orgasm. I was so glad I had come to Saudi Arabia, that I had married Talib and Wahida. I would show so many Arab women these delights.

I would give them so much rapture.

"Nova, you're amazing!" she moaned. "You are Allah's miracle. Thank you! Thank you for coming and giving me this bliss."

I jammed my fingers deep into her convulsing twat and lifted my head. I stared at her, pussy cream dripping off my chin. "You're welcome. I just want to give you such pleasure. I have more to give."

"Your cock?" Fahima moaned, her married twat squeezing around me.

"My big, throbbing futa-cock," I moaned.

I ripped my fingers out of her twat. I rose up on her bed, kneeling on the edge. My bare feet dangled off, my toes curling. I wrapped my futa-cock up in my hand, stroking her cream up and down my shaft. Her eyes looked at me, such lust boiling in those dark depths.

"You want me, don't you," I purred.

"Yes, yes!" she moaned. "Ooh, you have to fuck me. You have to be in me. I need you, Nova."

I smiled at the wanton passion coming from the imam's youngest wife. She was so sexy. My breasts quivered as I crawled up farther between her thighs. Her hands squeezed her tits as this lust burned across her face.

I ducked my head down, my tits dangling, and sucked on her fat nipple. I reveled in the feel of it between my lips. I nursed on her delicious nipple. I loved her. This wicked heat surged through me. It was incredible to enjoy. She whimpered and squirmed.

Her hand found my futa-dick. She grasped the spongy end, her palm rubbing into it. She stroked me, massaged me. She sent such delight shooting through me. I groaned around her nipple, sucking on it with such hunger.

"Mmm, I want this, Nova," she moaned. "I want your futa-dick in me. You're so much bigger than Hoosam."

I popped my mouth off her nipple. "Mmm, are you a bit of a size queen?"

She frowned. "Size... queen?"

I grinned at her. "It means you want big dicks in your pussy."

A naughty grin crossed her lips. "I want your big dick in my pussy. Wahida is so lucky to get your cock all the time."

"Mmm, she is," I purred as she drew me closer. She pulled my cock down towards her pussy. She rubbed me into her hot folds.

I kissed her as she rubbed my cock into her shaved twat. Pleasure spilled down to my pussy. She groaned into my mouth, her tongue darting with mine. Our nipples came together, brushing and rubbing. Sparks flared through my body.

I thrust into her married pussy.

Her cunt engulfed me. I groaned into our kiss as I sank deeper and deeper into her twat. Her flesh embraced me with her silky heat. She was so wet. So juicy. The imam's wife moaned into our kiss as she squeezed her twat around me.

She broke the kiss, panting, "Yes, yes, Nova!"

"Mmm," I purred, drawing back my hips and ramming forward. "You're just such a naughty wife."

"I am," she moaned, her face twisting with delight as I plunged into her. Our breasts rubbed together, nipples brushing. Sparks flew. "Ooh, your futa-dick feels amazing in me. You're reaming me. Oh, yes, yes, you're filling me up!"

"Good," I purred. I nuzzled against her chin and then kissed her with hunger. My tongue darted into her mouth.

She groaned, her body trembling around me. This wicked heat surged through me. It was an incredible treat to enjoy. This wild passion that had me trembling in delight. I shuddered and groaned, my pussy clenching as I thrust into her, I slammed into her pussy. I filled her cunt over and over, the delight flowing down my cock to my twat.

The bed creaked like a door being open from the force of our passion. The bed rocked as I plowed into her wonderful pussy. She gripped me. Her juicy snatch held my cock, bringing me closer and closer to my eruption.

"Oh, Allah, yes," she groaned. "Oh, this is amazing."

"I know." I panted. "Oh, Allah, I know. Thank you for this blessing, Allah!"

"Thank you for your mercy!" she moaned and kissed me.

"Fahima!" a woman gasped.

Fahima stiffened beneath me. Her pussy clamped down on my futa-dick. I broke the kiss and grinned to see the older wife, Rizwana, standing in the doorway. She looked shocked, her jaw opened wide, the color fading from her face. Her hand pulled off her headscarf, unveiling her dark hair.

"What are you doing?" Rizwana asked.

"Making love to Fahima," I purred, my hips thrusting. "She wanted to experience the miracle of my futa-cock."

"I am sorry," groaned Fahima. "I'm weak. I couldn't resist. She is so beautiful. So desirable. Allah sent her to give us such pleasure."

"But... but..." Rizwana shook her head. "Does our husband know?"

"No!" gasped Fahima. "I... I... It just happened."

"Mmm, yes it did," I moaned, thrusting my hips forward, my nipples rubbing against Fahima's while her pussy gripped my futa-cock. She held me with her silky sheath, massaging me. "Oh, Fahima, yes, yes, I'm going to pump so much futa-cum in you. I might breed you."

"Oh, Allah, yes!" Fahima moaned, her pussy clenching around my girl-dick.

"Fahima!" gasped Rizwana. "Don't say that."

"She just feels so good!" groaned Fahima. "Oh, my sister-wife, you have to experience this, too. You have to feel her girl-dick in you. She's so huge. She dwarfs our husband. It's incredible."

"But... but... we need his permission." The woman licked her lips, her cheeks flushed.

I smiled at her, watching her as I reamed my futa-dick in and out of Fahima's tight, married pussy. The older imam's wife trembled. Her hands rubbed at her belly as she watched my cock vanishing into Fahima's cunt.

My dick throbbed in Fahima's amazing pussy. Her cunt groped me, driving me wild. This passion built and built in me with my every thrust into Fahima's delicious cunt. Her pussy felt amazing wrapped around me. This wondrous sheath that brought me closer and closer to exploding. I couldn't take much more of this. I was thrusting so hard. So fast.

My ovaries came closer and closer to boiling over.

"Oh, yes, yes, Fahima!" I gasped. "I'm going to cum in you. I'm going to spurt so much jizz in you."

"Yes!" Fahima moaned. "Do that! I'm going to cum again. Oh, Rizwana, you have to try this. You have to enjoy her futa-dick."

"Not... without our... husband's permission..." the older woman moaned, sounding dazed. Her tongue ran over her lips as her fingers clutched the fabric of her dress at her belly, pulling the cloth tight over her delicious breasts. They looked so big.

I thrust hard and fast into Fahima's pussy. I reveled in being in her depths. I savored it as I thrust over and over into her twat. It was a wild thrill. I savored every inch my cock moved through her sheath. I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest.

I looked down at Fahima. I could tell she was close. She was on the verge of cumming. It was such a hot delight to witness. This wicked passion built and built in her expression. I groaned, thrusting to the hilt in her depths.

"Nova!" she groaned. "Cum in me! Show Rizwana how amazing you are!"

"Yes!" I moaned and buried to the hilt in her.

My cum erupted from my ovaries. The jizz rushed out of me, spurting over and over into her depths. She gasped, her eyes widening. A moment later, her pussy joined mine in convulsing delight. Her twat spasmed and writhed around me. This wonderful heat surged through me. I groaned, my heart pounding hard in my chest.

Her pussy milked my spurting futa-cock. My cum fired into her depths over and over. I spilled in her. I groaned, stars bursting before my eyes as I unloaded so much jizz into her cunt. My pussy convulsed while her twat writhed about my cock.

"Allah's merciful blessings!" I howled as the pleasure rippled through my body. I floated on the rapture.

"Yes, yes, yes!" gasped Fahima. "Oh, Rizwana, this is amazing."

"It is... is... adultery!" she moaned.

"No, no, our husband said it himself. It is not adultery for a woman to lie with a futa! I'm lying with her! She's filling me with her miraculous cum!"

"So much cum," I groaned, shuddering through my orgasm. Then I ripped my girl-cock clear of Fahima's twat. I had spilled every drop in her. "Come here, Rizwana."

"Allah," the older woman groaned, stumbling forward, her hands clutching at the fabric of her dress like she was afraid what her hands would do if she let go.

I grabbed her elbow and pulled her close to me. She stared right at her sister-wife's juicy twat. My cum leaked out of that shaved hole, trickling down to form a wet spot in the dark blanket. I shuddered, my cock pulsing and throbbing with my excitement.

"Doesn't that look just delicious?" I said, guiding Rizwana forward until her knees brushed the bed. "My seed leaking out of your sister-wife's pussy."

Rizwana made a strangled groan, a sound of suppressed passion.

My hand slipped from her arm to her rump. I pushed her forward. She fell on her hands and knees between Fahima's spread-open thighs. I prodded her towards Fahima, pushing on the older woman's plump ass. She shuffled closer to Fahima's pussy.

"Don't you just want to taste me," I asked, my futa-dick throbbing. I mounted the bed behind the imam's first wife. My hands grabbed the fabric of her skirt. I hauled the fabric up her thighs. "Don't you want to just feast on her."

"I... I..." groaned Rizwana.

"Feast on me," whimpered Fahima. "Oh, please, do it."

I exposed a pair of gray panties, the crotch soaked by Rizwana's hot passion. I yanked her panties off her hips, rolling them off her bubbly rump. I exposed a shaved pussy. Her lips were thick, protruding out from her vulva. They were dark and engorged. A sweet musk filled my nose.

"Just eat me," groaned Fahima. "Please! Love me, my sister-wife."

"This is a sin," panted Rizwana.

The bed creaked like an opening door as I pressed my cock against the folds of her pussy. I heard footsteps. I smiled; the imam was home now. He would witness the miracle he proclaimed. I thrust my cock into Rizwana's pussy.

"Lick my seed out of Fahima's pussy as I bless your cunt with my cum!" I howled at the top of my voice.

As my cock sank into Rizwana's juicy, tight pussy, the footsteps came closer and closer. I reveled in them as I enjoyed the married cunt wrapped around my dick. My blonde hair swayed about my shoulders. My pale tits heaved as I gripped Rizwana's dusky hips.

"Feast on my seed!" I moaned.

Her head ducked down. Her pussy squeezed about my cock as she nuzzled into Fahima's pussy. The younger wife groaned. Her body shuddered as she felt her sister-wife's mouth. Rizwana licked my cum out of Fahima's pussy.

A shadow fell upon me. A man groaned.

"Yes, yes, lick my seed out of your sister-wife's pussy while I bless your cunt!" I moaned, thrusting away. I looked over my shoulder and smiled at the sight of Imam Hoosam Karimi. He stood stunned, his iron-gray beard twitching as I plowed his wife.

"This is so wrong," Rizwana moaned. "Oh, so wrong, but... but..." Her married pussy clamped about my thrusting cock. "You taste so good leaking out of her, Nova. So delicious."

"I know," I groaned, thrusting away harder. Faster. I pounded her pussy while I smiled at the imam.

He swallowed, watching with hungry eyes. He wore a tunic-like robe. His chest rose and fell as he shifted. He licked his lips as I fucked his wife while Fahima moaned and gasped. Rizwana feasted on the younger woman, devouring my cum out of Fahima's twat.

I groaned as I thrust forward with hard, fast strokes. I plowed into Rizwana cunt. I looked away from the imam and enjoyed his wife. My futa-dick throbbed in the older woman's twat. She squeezed down around me, her hips wiggling, enjoying me.

"Isn't she so huge?" moaned Fahima. "Oh, Rizwana, isn't she just so big? She stretches you out, doesn't she?"

"Uh-huh!" groaned Rizwana. "Nova's so much bigger than our husband."

He groaned behind me.

I was cuckolding the imam with my hard, bold strokes. My futa-cock buried to the hilt in Rizwana's pussy over and over. My orgasm built and built. It was so exciting. My pussy grew hotter and hotter as Rizwana feasted on my cum leaking out of Fahima's twat.

Fahima shuddered. She was climbing towards her third orgasm. Such delight burned on her face as she twisted her fat nipples. She humped against her sister-wife's face as I plowed into Rizwana's cunt. My tits heaved before me. My flesh slapped her flesh.

"I'm going to flood you with so much cum!" I moaned. "I'm going to pump my jizz into your depths."

"Yes!" whimpered Rizwana. "Do that. Flood me! Give me your blessed seed."

The imam groaned again.

"Oh, husband, you're watching us love the blessed futa!" moaned Fahima.

"What?" gasped Rizwana, her pussy tightening around my cock. She lifted her head and looked past me. "Husband!"

Her pussy convulsed around my girl-dick. Her cunt went wild as she stared at her husband watching us. Then she groaned, her body trembling while her twat writhed around my cock. She lowered her head, burying her face back into Fahima's pussy.

I groaned, thrusting hard into the older woman's writhing cunt. Her massaging flesh brought me closer and closer to exploding. I shuddered, my breasts heaving as I pumped my dick over and over into her cunt. I rammed into her again and again.

My pussy tightened.

My futa-dick ached.

"Rizwana!" I moaned.

"Cum in her so I can lick her clean!" moaned Fahima. "Oh, my husband, this is wonderful. You were right. Allah sent futas. Sent Nova!"

She came, too. She bucked on the bed as I slammed into Rizwana's spasming cunt. I couldn't hold back any longer. I groaned and threw back my head. My tits heaved before me. They bounced as my pussy convulsed.

My futa-cum erupted from my girl-dick.

Hot jizz spurted over and over into Rizwana's married cunt. Her husband watched me flood her. My pussy juices gushed down my thighs as I filled Rizwana's twat with blast after blast of my hot seed. I bathed her cunt.

"Allah, yes!" I moaned, my pleasure screaming through me.

This wild, wanton, naughty bliss rippled through my body. I swayed, gripping Rizwana's hips as the powerful orgasm surged through me. The two delights slammed into my mind. Rapture fired from my girl-dick and ecstasy flowed from my convulsing cunt.

I loved it.

"Allah be praised!" I howled in delight as I spilled the last drop of cum into the older woman's hungry pussy. She wrung me dry while moaning into Fahima's cunt.

I pulled out of her and stepped off the bed, panting. The imam stared at me with hungry eyes. Then he groaned as Fahima pulled Rizwana around. The still-clothed first wife straddled the second's head. They were feasting on each other, lost to their passion.

"Enjoy the desire I have stoked in your wives," I said, grabbing my panties and pulling them up my thighs. "Allah has given you this gift. Savor it."

He let out a strangled groan.

I dressed quickly and left, glad I could inspire such passion. That I could give such joy to those two women. I practically floated home, hardly noticing the blistering, Riyadh summer sun. I came home and found Talib.

I gave my husband a kiss on each of his whiskered cheeks. His eyes were bright.

"Are you horny, my husband?" I asked him.

"Fetch Wahida," he groaned. "I need to watch you make her cum."

I grinned, eager to spread my passion. I loved my new life. It was going perfectly.


December 23rd, 2038

"And that was the start of my troubles," I said to Adelia Tash as I recounted what happened last summer. I was on her talk show streaming live to the world. "I thought Imam Karimi was fine with what happened."

"He did pen the fatwa declaring futas to be divine gifts of Allah and no woman could commit adultery by lying with one," Adelia said, concern breaking across her face.

"It turned out the reality of the situation was more than he could handle," I said, sadness welling up inside of me. "I thought things were going great. Wahida and Fahima were both pregnant a month later and..."

To be continued...

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