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As a full time job I am a life coach in Los Angeles where I love helping people move forward with their goals. But I am also an aspiring photographer and love traveling the world and exploring new terrain where I can dive into some amazing waters and capture those magical moments. As a life coach, I truly believe that this methodology truly has the power to shift peoples lives and change behaviors in a radical way. The best thing I learned in Behavior Modeling was to practice the right things. Finding the right things and the right people to learn from was quite challenging until I focussed on results based learning. Self confidence is an important skill but shallow, egotistical self confidence is dangerous. It is also really important to know yourself, what you want to achieve and then to be true to yourself. Instead of trying to teach people how to trick others psychologically, maybe we should try to advocate that they should become the type of person who will show positive body language without even thinking about it. Seems like a bullshit business tactic that judges people on how they look instead of the content of their words. I do not know how others see me but I am happier, more relaxed, and smarter now, but I feel like I really did this and just did not know it. Boy I really like learning new things. Smile so you can feel laughter inside. I have explored, travelled, discovered and looked all over the place for wisdom. I've ventured deep into the depths of philosophy, religion and science. I have taken in so much information but somehow this was different. When you listen, you can choose to do three things: You can Ignore, you can acknowledge or you can believe. Ignorance will only keep you running from the things that you need most. Acknowledgement is observing the wisdom but letting it pass right by. It is wise, but it isn't adventurous. It is serene, but it isn't life-changing. Believe in that knowledge, embrace that wisdom. This life coach program helped me to do just that - to embrace, and I'd just like to mention that I am incredibly thankful that this man shared such divine wisdom in such a kind and understanding way. So if you are serious about this, then take the time to find someone who can help you.

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